How It Came To Be An Android Tablet PC

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					Do you want to know how came to be? If you are a techno geek then most
probably you do want to know. In fact, even if you are not then you will
also be curious how this popular device conceptualized to the point that
it becomes the most sought after product in the market nowadays.

In order for us better understand the android tablet PC; we will go back
in history, to the time when everything is just what it seems. The touch
screen feature first thought of way back in the 1800s but only patented
in 1888. Back then, it only thought of as the handwriting system only
invented in 1915.

This time, as a professional , willing to shares consumers a
brand new MOMO5 7 inch MID Android 2.3 Samsung CPU Touch Screen Tablet
PC. It is so excellent that you will do like them. Just believe me, it
will never let your dowm.

The MOMO5 7 inch MID Android 2.3 Samsung CPU Touch Screen Tablet PC is
one of the hottest tablets on the market today. Offering both value and
quality it is a great looking Android tablet that is highly functional
and easy to use.

There really is so much the Android 2.3 tablet can do including; surfing
the net, email, games, movies, e-books, music, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter
and so much more. And thanks to the large built in memory you can load it
full of multimedia for you to enjoy whenever and wherever you want.

The Tab is a superb Android 2.3 tablet computer with a highly responsive
7 inch multi-touch capacitive touchscreen that truly is a dream to use.

 The year 1956, it recognized the electric text possibility but only in
the 1980s when mouse or keyboard invented. The same year, the tablet
prototype was beginning developed the same time that computers like
desktop and laptops produced as well. The desktop is too bulky so laptops
further improved to smaller size but with the same functionality as the

However, the size of today's laptops still does not make it easy to carry
so the official birth of the android tablet PC came to be, as the demand
for it becomes obvious. In fact, there is no doubt that most people just
wants it portability, as the android is smaller than notebooks but larger
than smartphone.

In the old days, Microsoft has their own MS Android 2.2 Tablet that also
runs on Windows OS, and further improved until now perfected. The android
tablet PC of before is a far cry to the tablet of today.

Android is going to be the future there is no doubt to it as many people
would further appreciate what this device can offer them, which is
basically functionality that also require multitasking and most of all,
portability as the small sized allows anyone to carry it with ease. You
must own a tablet to feel and appreciate it even more.

There are also many features and specifications for you to have a better
understood about this kind of tablet:
 Dimension: 197mm*125mm*12mm
 Net Weight: 0.51 kg
 Size: 7.0 inch, Aspect Ratio16:9, Resolution: 800*480.
 Touch Screen: Capacitive, Multi-touch Screen
 CPU Chipset: Samsung S5PV210, built-in PowerVR SGX540
 Processor: ARM Cortex-A8 Process
 Frequency: 1GHz
 DDR2: 512 MB
 Storage: Build-in 4GB-16GB, TF card extendable 1GB-32GB
 PC Interface: MINI USB 2.0*2
 System: Android 2.3
 Flash: Support Adobe Flash 10.1
 Wifi: Built-in Wifi IEEE 802.11b/g 11Mbps to 54Mbps
 3G: External 3G by USB Dongle.
 Camera: 0.3 MP camera in the front ( 2.0 MP be optional )
 HDMI: Support
 Software: Facebook, YouTube, Android Market, Google browser, Google map,
Gmail, Skype, MSN,etc. More than 100,000 softwares are available.

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