Client Reference Check Q&A- 3rd Party Software _Lease Management by msawaya


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									               Client Reference Check Questionnaire
                 Software Type: Lease Management / Lease Administration

3rd Party Vendor under Consideration:

Client (Company) Name:

Client (Company) Contact:

1. Which Lease Management product(s) and/or modules did you acquire from

2. How many End Users have access to the software? How many licenses did you
   acquire with the software?

3. How many Leases do you have under management? How many Units are in your

4. What type of hosting did you select (ex. Premise/onsite, or SaaS/offsite)?

5. What is your 3rd party vendor assessment process? What determined your selection
   of [Vendor] from other competing Real Estate/Lease Management software

6. What was your company’s experience with [Vendor] when going through the
   discovery, implementation and go-live phases? Was your project delivered on-time?

7. How would you consider the [Ven
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