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 Title:                                Modifications to Timer-based registration in C.S0005-D

 Source:                                                                        Dan Willey
                                                                                Research In Motion
 Abstract:                             Proposes battery-saving improvements to timer-based registration in C.S0005-D.

 Recommendation:                       Discuss and adopt.

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 Current timer-based registration in C.S0005
• Registration Period sent in overhead message
   – Causes idle mobiles to register at regular intervals
• Registration counter used to time registrations
   – Reset upon successful registration
   – Timer-based registration is performed when the counter
     reaches the registration period
   – After a call, the counter is set to a pseudo-random value
        • Randomizes the registrations in case many users end calls at the
          same time      Random offset:
                                              between 0 and
        Registration period                   registration period

     Timer-based registrations   voice call            Timer-based registrations
                  Problem Associated with Data calls
• Data Applications are now being deployed
• Some data applications trigger frequent data Originations
  and Page Responses
• Frequency is often great enough that implicit registrations
  alone would satisfy the Registration Period of timer-based
• Because of the random offset after a call, unnecessary
  timer-based registrations are generated
   – Wastes the mobile’s battery
   – Wastes system capacity
      Unnecessary timer-
      based registrations   Registration period

      Data origination or
      page response
                       Proposed Solution

• Should maintain the random offset when data calls are not
• Should avoid the unnecessary timer-based registrations
  when data calls are frequent
• Proposal
   – Measure the timing of originations and page responses
       • When they are more frequent than the Registration period, do not
         apply the random offset after a call

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