Creating a More Elder-Friendly Healthcare Workforce by yurtgc548


									    Creating a More Elder-
Friendly Healthcare Workforce

   NY Connects Genesee Care Options
   Genesee County Office for the Aging
      Genesee Community College
    Solutions to Workforce Challenges
 Goal: “Preparing an elder-friendly aging-
  sensitive nursing workforce in the
  Genesee-Orleans –Wyoming- Livingston
 Working Together: Genesee
  Community College Nursing Program and
  the Long Term Care Task Force, under the
  leadership of NY Connects Genesee Care
  Options/OFA, work together to develop
  and implement the GCC Geriatric Clinical
      Long Term Care Task Force
 GCC’s Lifespan Nursing Course: Geriatric
  Clinical Rotation and Gundersen-Lutheran
  Respecting Choices ACP Facilitator
 Long Term Care Task Force host agencies:
  agency visits and one on one well elder
  visits with nursing students.
                Student Activities

   Well elder home visits
       Assessment, health teaching
 Community agency visits
 Respecting Choices
       Individual and group presentations
   Long Term Care
Long Term Care Task Force Actions
 Collaboration with agencies
 Well elder client enrollment and
 Americorps Member
 Data Collection and Analysis
       Well elder surveys
       Student pre and post tests
    Creating a More Elder Friendly Workforce
Change in Student Perceptions towards Older Adults
Surveys & Testimonials
   Surveys and testimonials from RN Students
    validate the change in attitude and knowledge
    regarding their work with older adults.
   Students particularly surprised by the range of
    community and home based support services
    available. Most only vaguely aware of prior to this
   Many stated that their perceptions of older adults
    changed and they would be more favorable in
    working with older adults in their nursing career.
 193 RN Students complete Geriatric
  Clinical Rotation August ’08 through
  December ’09
 Awareness of resources
 Perceptions of the well elder
 Value of ACP
 Health needs of older adults
 Collaboration within the community
Future – Sustainability of Initiative
 Curriculum development completed
 Working relationships with agencies
  established and ongoing
 Involvement and recruitment of well
 Tracking and scheduling systems in place
       Americorp Member
   Training Kit for implementation in other
    nursing programs

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