The Marines at Desert Storm

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					                              The Marines at Desert Storm

Tough times come
People run from them in fright
Then things get worse
They just don’t know what’s right
You’ve make up your mind…
To stand up for which you believe
The support of your country…
Your friends at your side…
And the pride of your family tree

You cry out at all the pressure
The frustration remains so tight
Your objectives in mind
Careful to keep your goals in sight
To control all of the anger
The driving reason to fight
But you must keep control until the time is right

You stand up with courage
And break the earth-bound chains
Your adrenaline level is climbing
With the memory of all your pains
You release the built up anger
And cry out with all your might
At the damage he’s caused
The world’s hearts in his hands
Sadam’s crushed with all his spite

Now everything is planned
The United States has been too nice
His Nazi ways are unbearable
And now he must pay the price

Who does he think he’s dealing with
“That man must be insane”
He tested us for the last time
And now he will bear the pain

The marines have been released
Sent into battle to fight the Middle East

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