Differences by ellonnic



           Born and raised worlds apart,
            One in heat and one in cold.
         Once placed upon a collision course
        And now together their lives unfold.

       Their love is deep and easy to see,
   But friends have doubted; "How can this be?
       One loves software, one loves hair;
           One is spicy, one's a square;
           One's oblivious, one's aware;
        What a strange and baffling pair!
      Their lives are grossly worlds apart.
    So how could she become his sweetheart?"

         On the surface, there's no match.
         Their personalities clearly clash.
      But deep inside they share each beat -
        If pulled apart, they're incomplete.
      Their love has grown from many things:
         Camping, Lost, seasonal cravings,
 Walks, and laughs, and computers as play-things,
        Games, flicks, and recent offspring.
       But most important - their moral base;
       Their love of animals, God, and Race.
Their laughs and sorrows are shared and reflected,
  Their thoughts projected, exchanged, ingested.
       Two potatoes always look different -
 It's what's inside that's significant and consistent.

     Let's tell our children what we now know:
      "It's not the Dif'rences that matter so,
             But similarities you share,
      And countless ways you show you care.

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