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Palace Guard
                                      Bible Play
                                         Scene 1:
Wailing is heard by the audience from behind the curtains. The curtains open and
Pharaoh is kneeling in the palace (throne in the background) with his dead first-born son
in his arms. He is mourning and angry.

Pharaoh: And to think you, son, would have been Pharaoh one day – ruler of all of
Egypt. Nations would bow before you and fear you as they have done me. But alas, all
of Egypt has been driven to be the subjects of its own slaves by some unknown divinity.
I can no longer make war on Moses’ god. And now, the son of my own flesh is dead and
it is more than I can bare.
Pharaoh weeps in silence.
Knock - Palace Guard.
Pharaoh: Enter!
Enter - Palace Guard.
Palace Guard: Great one, Moses has arrived at your request – along with his brother.
Shall I send them in?
Pharaoh: Yes.
Palace Guard exits and returns with Moses and Aaron before him.
Pharaoh: Moses. You are but a curse upon us. Up! Leave my people, you and the
Israelites! Go worship the Lord as you have requested. Take your flocks and herds, as
you have said, and go. Your existence is a curse to my dominion. You are and your
people are but buckthorns among the feet of Egyptians. You are the bringer of pestilence
and death. You have killed my son when he had no harm brought to you or your people.
Your merciless and evil God kills even the innocent. Now go before your God kills us
Moses: By the power of God we have at last been delivered from the lash of Egypt.
Moses turns and sings in happiness as he departs. Aaron walks with him.
Close Curtains.

                                         Scene 2:
A family is preparing in their home for another grueling day of slavery.

Knock - Messenger.
Father opens the door.
Messenger: I bare great news: today all Israelites leave Egypt in freedom at the
command of the Pharaoh! God has set us free at last!
The family stares blankly in utter surprise
Father: What? Are you sure? Where did you hear this?
Messenger: The Pharaoh summoned Moses after his first born had died and told him to
take his people and leave Egypt. Moses himself charged me and several others to spread
this news. Oh this is a holy day! However, you must hurry! Rumors say all may be in
vane if we do not leave immediately, so pack all that you can carry and travel to the
Eastern Gate. There, together we will all leave Egypt. Now I must go. I have much
good news to spread this holy morning!
Exit messenger
Father: (In great happiness) Well you heard the news! Pack your things, all of you, and
as fast as you can! Today we are slaves no more!
Daughter: But father, not even the bread is ready for us to depart in such a hurry!
Father: We’ll have to carry them in troughs upon our shoulders. We do not have time
for ideal preparations. Just pack your things, all of you!
The family scrambles to pack everything they own. Close curtains.

                                          Scene 3:
The Israelites have gathered in vast numbers at the Eastern Gate along with their
livestock and animals burdened with all of their possessions. Many Egyptians surround
the exiting Israelites and scream profanities to them for the damage of the plagues.

Father: Today we leave Egypt, yes, but where do we go? I have packed every personal
belonging I possibly could. I am departing at the risk of losing not only my own life, but
all of my possessions and my own family. I’ll be honest, although I’m in joyful disbelief,
I cannot help but feel scared at the road that lies before us – even after the power that
God showed last night.
Israelite2: And why should we care so much about what happens to us? Moses will
lead us into the wilderness and God will lead Moses. I’m secure in that we have nothing
to fear with a divinity forging ahead before us. This exodus is clearly all part of God’s
plan! Personally, after what happened last night, after the countless deaths and the
sparing of our own lives, I cannot imagine our god abandoning us. I think you fear too
much, my friend!
Isrealite3: I’d agree with you! In my opinion, whatever happens to us would be far
better than bondage. Even if we die, we will be dying free. Never again will we shudder
at the pain of the whip on our backs. Never again will our legs be painfully sore from the
carrying of bricks for idolatrous buildings. Never again will we see our family
tormented. Never again will worry about Egyptians raiding our homes and killing our
children. Never will I second-guess the blessing of our freedom.
(Moses appears on a large rock in the distance before the Israelites)
IsraeliteWoman1: (To IsraeliteWoman2) I thought I was going to go insane last night
with all of the mourning and wailing around us! I’ve never been so frightened before in
my life …!
IsraeliteWoman2: I know exactly what you mean! I prayed all night and clung to my
sons and husband we were so scared. I didn’t get a single minute of sleep last night.
Who would
IsraeliteWoman1: Well who would have ever thought that miracles could be so life-
threatening – so morbid? Why didn’t God just breathe on Pharaoh and soften his heart
enough to let us go?
IsrealiteWoman2: Well, if you’re going to ask that, why did it take so many generations
of slavery before he heard our pleads? Who knows? I think that these questions are best
left unasked. God’s ways are not our own. Suppose that if we were set out into the
desert 200 years ago that for some reason we would have all perished. Suppose that for
some reason this is the ideal time in history for us to go free.
IsraeliteWoman1: If we were set free 200 years ago, wouldn’t God have had the power
to change events for us so that we would be successful no matter what? I mean, you
cannot complain that you are free, but at the same time, you can’t help but wonder why
took so many years of pain.
Moses: Hear me …! Listen to me, all of Israel! (silence sets in) After 400 years of
slavery, God has decided that now has come the time of our exodus. As you know
already, last night, our God brought down every single first born in Egypt. He did this so
that the Pharaoh would be forced to let us leave, or otherwise face greater consequences.
Let this be a clear sign for when we journey out into the desert this holy morning that the
Lord God will be with us. He will not lead us astray. He will not let us die. By his fist,
we shall forge directly into the desert. Our destination? The promised land of Abraham.
Now, with you, your family, and all you own, follow me! God has decided that it is time.

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