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					Coke Zero campaign

The whole campaign about the "Coke vs
Coke Zero" idea :
viral campaign for Coke Zero played to that
theme by suggesting that the company's
executives were so angry over the drinks'
similarities they were considering suing their
coworkers for "taste infringement".
•   The integrated campaign ran in a range of media:
•   Tv, poster, bus shelter, radio, prints,
    truck wrap, internet
The campaign targeted at young men and
get them involve in the interactive website
with some fun games to play such as:

-sue the friend who copy their taste

-unlock the secret of the new formula

-Fantasy Football

They even put the idea futher by
demonstrating the “stop coke zero” in the
corporate headquarter.
The Coke sue themselves because of taste
infringement was the original way to raise
awareness and curiosity of the target market.

“coca-cola has really never spoken to me in the last 15 years however
I've been taken by surprise by this fine viral idea of company foolery”

“It is not a typical Coca Cola commercial, which makes this one so
unique. I liked it, because it made fun of all these people that try to sue
each other for all kinds of stupid stuff. Way to go.”
Mal Wieder

“This is a joke, Coke is owned by the same people who make Coke
Zero. They wouldn't sue themselves.” Whitehatcrazy
• General speaking, the campaign was quite

• However, almost media were still traditional so not
  really impressive to the target market

• As the largest soft drink company and the most
  recognizable brand worldwide, Coke could have done
  more to impress young men who love new modern

• And one solution is applying new technology in the
  campaign. By doing so Coke Zero will freshen a their
  image become a fashionable brand.
Lumalive light emitting
• In the mean time, Phillips has just released their
  Lumalive light emitting technology by the end of
• Philips Lumalive is a totally new communication
  medium to convey emotions and messages.
• It creates a positive spirit and boosts the energy
• The colorful dynamic animations on textile products
  like garments makes an unexpected striking
    Philips Lumalive is
• Flexible:
 Makes the fabric come alive while retaining it’s textile look & feel
• Dynamic
 Presents animations and scrolling text on textile objects
• Full color
 Displays your message or animation in vivid colors

    This revolutionary technology can transform textiles into living-
    displays or billboards that display text, animation or visuals.
•     “Boost Products are introducing a groundbreaking concept based on Philips
      Lumalive technology, which will enable businesses to attract the attention of
      customers, clients and other target groups in an exciting, direct and distinctive
    Raymond Lentz

•     “Lumalive garments are now ready for commercialisation. …. These light
      emitting textiles make it possible to create clothing and household fabrics that
      can carry dynamic messages, graphics or multicoloured surfaces, and that can
      change their appearance to enhance a mood or situation.”
•   “We wanted to convey that in future, people will wear clothings such as
    a jacket that will display ad graphics or data information.”

•   “I can imagine having parties where everyone has one of those shirts.
    A visual explosion of colors to the beat of the sound. Changing the
    color or images depending on the size of the group, the heart beat (for
    the love birds under you), images visualizing the stress level (that one
    is for me) and many more thing come to mind.”
• Coke zero will appear as a dynamic, modern
  and full of energy brand with lumalive lighting.

• The new and impressive technology lumalive
  could also make people remember and talk
  about it. So by making people chatting about
  the cool technology, Coke zero will be in their
  conservation too. And word of mouth will work
  very well for them.
Some possible ideas
Some possible ideas that Coke could have done if they
  apply this technology in their campaign:

• Launch the product in the promotion event
     Brand and product awareness
     Product sampling
     Product demonstrations
     Product launches

   They can create dynamic full-color content, including
  text, logos, icons and animations trend-setting outfits
  for models wearing in the events.
• Info-experience
       One-2-one communication.
       ( more personal to the customers)
       Call to action

• Point-of-sale
      Sampling & Sales

  Coke zero will achieve maximum reach and
  immense impact, especially in high-end fast-moving
  environments. In-store, on the street, out clubbing,
  sports events or trade fairs, everyone is touched by
  the magic of colorful, dynamic Lumalive content.
Or they can even organise big events like
• Artistic performances
       Rock Concerts
           Fashion show
 All the outstanding features of
this revolutionary technology
make it a perfect medium for
Coke Zero to approach their
target market and to be a brand
stand out from a crowd.

Applying this technology may
cost huge amount of money but
budget is not a big problem with a
big brand like Coke.

It is really worth investing
because it will give Coke a whole
new dynamic youthful image
Lumalive technology will distribute an exciting new
communication medium in the world of brands,
promotions and events in the near future

The success of the video, placed on YouTube,
where there are over 2 million views and around
5000 ratings, shows that Philips Lumalive really can
make a difference.

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