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					                     Program Information for Health Coaches
                                 Effective Date: 7/1/2010
                                    Notice of Change:

Company Name: University of Texas – UTMB Galveston

Wellness Program Name: Living Well: Make it a Priority
                       In house Program; Training for Life

Client Inbound Phone Number: 866-584-5745

Dates HQ is available: 7/1/2010 – 6/30/2011

Dates Possible to be enrolled in coaching: 7/1/2010 – 6/30/2011

HQ Incentive: none

Coaching Incentive: None

Incentives Deadline: none

Contact for incentives: NA

Eligibility requirements:
       Employee: Benefits enrolled employees
       Spouse: Benefits enrolled spouses
       Surviving Spouse: Benefits enrolled surviving spouses
       Domestic Partners: NA
       Retirees: Benefits enrolled retirees
       Dependents: Benefits enrolled dependents over 18 years
       Other: COBRA

WebMD Site for Participants:

What to call the WebMD site: Living Well Health Manager

PHM Site for Coaches:
     Username: webmduser
     Password: password1
LIP Access:
From the home page - from the top navigation: Go to Living Healthy > Lifestyle Programs
and click on the desired program link.

LIPs are not gated

Coaching Lobby Page Access: none - coaching lobby page not available

Benefit Contact: (url takes you to list of
contacts at each location)

Wellness Contact:

Protocols: High Risk

Type of Company/Background: University System

Wellness Programs
      Vendor: In-house program
      Phone: 409 772 2485
      Program Description: Provides professional, confidential counseling and
      assistance to employees and their eligible dependents. Licensed professional
      counselors and licensed clinical social workers help identify areas of concern and
      work on finding practical solutions to issues that impact personal life and/or job

       To make an appointment or to speak to a counselor, call the Employee Assistance
       office at (409) 772-2485.

       Normal office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Every
       effort is made to schedule appointments within 48 hours. In case of an
       emergency, an EAP counselor can be contacted 24 hours a day by calling (409)

       Cost: none
       Referral Tracking: y
       Warm Transfer: n

Disease Management
      Vendor: Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas – Blue Care Connections Program
      Phone: 1-800-462-3275
      Program Description:
      Voluntary, health improvement programs that can help members with cancer,
      congestive heart failure, coronary artery disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary
      disease, asthma, diabetes, metabolic syndrome (high cholesterol, high blood
      pressure and obesity) and low back pain.

      Note: A Blue Care Advisor may contact you directly via telephone or automated
      message to inform you about the condition management program and determine if
      you are interested in participating. (Program participation is voluntary.)

      These contacts are monitored and controlled by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas
      as part of UT SELECT’s health care coverage. If you decline, you will not be
      contacted again. If you decide to participate, the Blue Care Advisor will provide you
      with information about participating. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas keeps all
      contact and program information confidential and private.

      People will be referred into the Blue Care Connections Program via the WebMD HQ
      based on the following:
      Program Triggers/Conditions:
             Diabetes (type 1 and/or 2)
             Low back pain
        Cost: none
      Referral Tracking: y
      Warm Transfer: y
      IVR Options:
           1. For Blue Care Connection (BCC) please press 4
           2. If member is not enrolled with BCC please press 1
           3. For UT press 1 (this will take you directly to a Health Coordinator. Let
                them know you are a WebMD health coach and that you want to transfer a
                UT participant to a UT Nurse).
      Hours of Operation: 8:30 am – 5:00 pm CST, Monday - Friday

Fitness Centers
      Name: Alumni Field House
      Location: 215 Holiday Dr.
      Phone: 409 772 1304
      Cost: 1 year employee: $385
             1 year employee and family: $590
             6 month employee: $220
             6 month employee and family: $345
             3 month employee: $135
             3 month employee and family: $210
             1 year retiree: $135
             1 year retiree and family: $210
             1 month payroll deduction: employee: $40 employee and family: $62
             Guests: $7
     Program Description: People who can use the gym are employees and members
     of their immediate families (spouses and children up to twenty-two years of age)
     living in the same household. Family members under 16 years of age must be
     accompanied by their parent or legal guardian at all times) as well as retirees who
     are members of the retiree association.

     Indoor Amenities of the athletic facility include:

         o   Regulation basketball/volleyball courts with cushioned and banked track

         o   Two racquetball courts (reservations suggested)

         o   Expansive strength training area featuring Cybex and Hammer Strength
             machines and free weights

         o   Cardiovascular equipment including treadmills, upright and recumbent
             stationary bikes, stair climbers, elliptical trainers, arc trainers, and rowing

         o   2,000-square-foot aerobic/multipurpose room with hardwood floor and
             complete audio system. Experienced instructors lead participants through a
             weekly schedule of varied classes featuring yoga, step aerobics, cycling,
             interval training, and kickboxing.

         o   Men’s and women’s locker/dressing rooms with individual steam rooms.

         o   Therapeutic Massage area with licensed therapist available for an additional

         o   Outdoor amenities include:

         o   25-meter pool with adjacent hot tub, surrounded by a non-slip, cool deck
             surface. Access to kick boards, swim buoys, or aqua joggers.

         o   Two softball fields

         o   Seven tennis courts (three lighted)

         o   4/10-mile walking/jogging track (2.5 laps = 1 mile)

         o   Volleyball court

Employee Health Promotion and Wellness:

         o   Health Promotion/wellness center with sports medicine area

         o   Fitness consultations, body composition analysis, and equipment orientation

         o   Smoking cessation

Massage Therapists: Therapists are contract employees and schedule their own
appointments and collect fees directly from their clients. Call for appointments and
pricing information.

Jeremy Gustin, LMT can be reached by calling 409-771-7045.

John Solomon, LMT 409 750 3904

Fitness Trainers: Fitness Trainers are all certified by nationally recognized
organizations and are contract employees. Training sessions are scheduled with the
 trainers and fees are paid directly to them. Call for appointments and pricing

 John Solomon can be reached by calling 409-750-3904.

      Referral Tracking: y
      Warm Transfer: n

Fitness Center Discounts - none
      Program Description:

     Vendor: Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas
     Phone: 888-315-9473
     Program Description: The 24/7 Nurseline provides 24-hours a day / seven days a
     week access to an Audio Health Library of prerecorded information about tobacco
     cessation, as well as other basic health topics. To access the Audio Health Library,
     call the 24/7 Nurseline at (888) 315-9473
     Referral Tracking: y
     Warm Transfer: y

Pregnancy Program
     Vendor: BCBS of Texas
     Phone: 1-800-462-3275
     Program Description: Enroll in and complete the Special Beginnings Pregnancy
     Program and earn a $50 reward card from Target. Must enroll in the first trimester.
     Call the number above to enroll.
     Cost: none
     Referral Tracking: y
     Warm Transfer: y

Tobacco Cessation
     Vendor: BCBS of Texas
     Phone: 1-800-462-3275
     Program Description: Participants can enroll into tobacco cessation by calling the
     customer service number on the back of their ID card or send an email to a nurse
     through the BCBSTX site. Participants may be deemed eligible from the HQ or onsite
     health fairs as well
     Cost: none
     Referral Tracking: y
     Warm Transfer: y
        Vendor: in-house – Commit to Quit
        Phone: 409 747 5324
        Program Description: The purpose of the Commit to Quit Program is to provide a
        tailored tobacco cessation program to UTMB employees and community members.
        In addition, we provide tobacco education activities to help prevent individuals from
        ever starting to use tobacco
        Cost: none
        Referral Tracking: y
        Warm Transfer: y

Walking Pedometer Program - none
      Program Description:

Weight Loss Discounts - none
     Program Description:

Weight Loss Programs
     Vendor: BCBS of Texas
     Phone: 1-800-462-3275
     Program Description: Participants can enroll into weight management program by
     calling the customer service number on the back of their ID card or send an email to
     a nurse through the BCBSTX site. Participants may be deemed eligible from the HQ
     or onsite health fairs as well
     Cost: none
     Referral Tracking: y
     Warm Transfer: y

Wellness Screenings - none
      Program Description:

Wellness Newsletters: none

        Vendor: The University of Texas Health Science Center at Tyler
        Phone: na
       Program Description: a series of video presentations targeting the increasing "over
       Forty” population, addresses health and fitness issues that are specific to men and
       women ages 25 to 54 and older. Dr. David Di Paolo, radiologist at The University of
       Texas Health Science Center at Tyler and nationally-certified fitness trainer, hosts
       the series featuring UT Health Science Center medical professionals who inform
       viewers about the benefits of a healthy diet and active lifestyle
       Cost: none
       Referral Tracking: y
       Warm Transfer: n

Other – Training for Life Program
      Vendor: in-house
      Phone: 409 772 3689
      Program Description: Training for Life (TFL) represents the daily process that
      forms our habits, thoughts and motivation to be the person we want to be. This life
      training helps in all aspects of our lives and on many levels. Employee Health
      Promotion staff can be your coach in this life training and work with your specific
      goals to lead you through the journey. The dimensions of training involve three areas
      that are equally important and must be practiced daily. These dimensions are
      detailed below:
    Physical – physical activity in all forms helps us to create strong muscles and
      bones that enables us to perform athletically and recreationally and also makes
      every day movements easier to perform and sustain. Physical training does not have
      to be just in the gym, we can find opportunities to be physical at work, at home and
      accumulating activity is very beneficial.
    Mental– training for mental fitness helps us maintain a calm but alert state where
      complex thoughts and ideas can be fostered. Mental training can take many forms
      from reading, to doing crossword puzzles to developing new and innovative ways to
      be more productive.
    Emotional– the inability to handle everyday stressors of life can lead to many
      chronic illnesses and decrease our productivity at work and in our home life. Daily
      training in the areas of stress management and positive coping helps us deal with
      the constant emotional struggles we face. Emotional training can be as simple as
      taking a 60 second “wellness moment” where you close your eyes and focus on slow,
      rhythmical breaths, or learning a new skill such as, progressive muscle relaxation.

       Training for life allows us to become more resilient to all of life’s stressors and gives
       us strength in the mist of change and adversity. Practice or train daily in these areas
       and you will see the power of Training for Life. Contact a coach today by calling 409
       772 3689 to start your training.

       Cost: none
       Referral Tracking: y
       Warm Transfer: n
Other – Special Population Management Program and Reducing Employee
Accidents and Disability Program (R.E.A.D.I. Program)

     Vendor: M.B. Galveston Health Promotion Department
     Phone: Julie Dial, M.A. at jbdial@utmb or (409) 747-0419
     URL: na
     Cost: na
     Referral Tracking: y
     Warm Transfer: n

     Special Population Management Program
     Program Description:
     Currently, the disease management program receives patient referrals mainly from
     orthopedics, cardiology, internal medicine and oncology (mainly breast cancer
     patients). Initial reports are given to referring physician, patient, and Exercise
     Physiologist, as well as updated reports provided at follow-up visits with the
     physician to assure proper communication and integrated team efforts on the
     progress of the patient.

     The program focus includes: decreasing pain, increasing cardiovascular endurance,
     strength, range of motion and flexibility, weight control, behavior change, nutrition,
     and improving quality of life at work and home.

     Reducing Employee Accidents and Disability Program (R.E.A.D.I. Program)
     Program Description: This program helps employees with work-related injuries
     progress through the recovery process more efficiently while improving their fitness
     level. Employee Injury Management staff and the treating physician refer employees
     for the program. Once the employee is referred to R.E.A.D.I., they receive 3 months
     of personalized exercise prescription with a Wellness Specialist. The first 6 weeks
     include one-on-one sessions. Initial and final fitness assessments are conducted to
     assess employee progress. Our goal is to reduce both the impairment rating
     resulting from the individual's injury and the lost time cost of the injury.

     Fitness and Lifestyle Evaluations
     Program Description:
     Fitness Evaluation- one on one evaluation with a qualified health specialist allows
     individuals to establish realistic health & fitness goals, develop a personalized fitness
     plan, and obtain baseline data on body composition and circumference
     measurements (if desired). Health concerns such as orthopedic issues, high blood
     pressure, cholesterol, obesity, diabetes, and nutritional counseling may also be
     addressed during the consultation. Follow-up sessions are conducted approximately
     every 6 weeks to assess progress and adjust goals as necessary. To schedule a
     fitness evaluation, contact Julie Dial ( or Gerald Cleveland

     Lifestyle Evaluation- available to all UTMB Retirees, employees & their families
     include the following:
          Body Fat Analysis - Lange calipers are used to determine body fat percentage
            by measuring the subcutaneous fat.
          Circumference Measurements - baseline measurements are taken in inches
            and reassessed at later dates.
Other – Medication Resource
      Vendor: Medco
      Phone: 1-800-818-0155
      Program Description: The Medco Therapeutic Resource Centers offer
      improvements in the quality and affordability of pharmacy care for both plans and
      their members with chronic and complex medication needs. Each of the Centers
      specializes, by practice area, in the care of patients with specific chronic conditions,
      such as cancer, diabetes, or heart disease.

       The added training and concentrated experience of specialist pharmacists, who are
       better equipped to process members' prescriptions and advise members and their
       physicians on treatment-related issues, will translate into safer, more effective care.

       Members with chronic conditions can take comfort in knowing that pharmacists they
       can trust to be experts in their conditions and treatments are involved in their care,
       processing their prescriptions, and advising them and their physicians, to safeguard
       their health and lower their costs.

       The lower costs and better performance for clients is substantiated by periodic
       scorecards that measure the Centers' progress against specific performance goals.

       Members with chronic and complex medication needs are automatically enrolled

       Cost: Free
       Referral Tracking: y
       Warm Transfer: y

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