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					            Alabama Chapter
              Mobile Council

                                           April 2011

                 Our March meeting was held Tuesday, March 22nd at Ryan’s Steakhouse in
                 Tillman’s Corner. We had 25 members in attendance! Mr. Jim Cherry
opened with prayer. Guest speaker Kent Landsberg, with Mobile Fire Rescue talked about
an anti-bullying program which he is introducing in the public schools. Our next meeting will be
our Annual Spring Picnic. The picnic will be held at the Knights of Columbus Hall,
1947 Duval St., on April 26, 2011 at 11:30 a.m. We look forward to seeing you. !!!!!!!!!!!!

At the February meeting, someone asked Fred McCallum about concessions and how they
are affected with respect to U-verse. This is what we found out. Retirees do get a discount on
Uverse - but they probably don't get as much of a discount as they are currently getting. A
flyer is attached advising the concession that retirees receive on U-verse. You would need to
decide if it would be in your best interest to get rid of your POTS line, since you’re probably not
paying anything for that line or if you are, you are probably getting a 40% discount. Plus, you
need to be aware that the voice portion is VOIP and is subject to going out if there is a power

       If you’re not able to open the flyer, here are the details:

        AT&T U-verse non-management and retiree discounts include:
       ▫ 25% discount on core TV packages*
       ▫ $5.00 discount on Internet packages
       ▫ $15 discount on Voice Unlimited
       ▫ No charge on initial standard installation
       ▫ Plus more…
 AT&T U-verse TV
 U-verse TV Core Packages
 U450                                         $87.75
 U300 (Grandfathered and Active)              $63.00
 U200                                         $51.75
 U200 Latino                                  $59.25
 Basic HD ($10/mo Value)                      No Charge
 Paquete Espanol                              $7.50
 Set Top Boxes (STB)                          Up to 8 no charge **

 AT&T U-verse Internet
 Pro                                    $30.00
 Elite                                  $35.00
 Max                                    $40.00
 Max Plus                               $50.00
 Max Turbo                              $60.00

 AT&T U-verse Voice
 U-verse Voice Unlimited               $20
 U-verse Voice secondary line          $10

 Standard Installation (TV, Internet,        No Charge
 Additional Trip Charge on additional new    $55 trip charge
 services (**including additional STB’s)
 Jacks                                       Up to 2 no charge
 $3 MRC Equipment Rental Fee                 No charge

Hope this helps to answer your questions.

         Relay For Life
“Relay for Life” will be held April 15th at the University of South Alabama track. We will
be serving our famous hamburgers and hotdogs, so come on out for a good time. The
yard sale for this event has been postponed until June. Please keep looking around your
house for items. Remember, your “trash” may be some one else’s “treasure!”

Cookbook Sales
On March 19th, we sold cookbooks at the Semmes Azalea Festival. Many
thanks to Allan Trull, Virginia Mayo, Margie Judge, Jim and Betty
Cherry, Anthony Sarradet, Vivian Beverly and Larry Easterling for their
help. We plan to sell cookbooks at the Strawberry Festival in Castleberry on April 16th.
The profit from these sales will benefit Relay for Life.
                 Annual Spring Picnic!

Mark your calendar to join us for our Annual Spring Picnic on April 26th at the Knights
of Columbus on Duval Street. It’s been requested that we do hamburgers and hotdogs
again, so bring your special side dishes and join the party – this is always GREAT
fellowship and a good meal!

 Silent Auction:
               We plan to have a silent auction at our April Picnic as a fundraiser. If
               you have any items you would like to donate, please contact me or
               Virginia Mayo. We would love to have some homemade baked items to
               auction. Everyone loves sweets!! If you need the item picked up, please
              contact either of us.

We had two “Career Days on March 18th. One at Allentown Elementary School and
one at Semmes Elementary School. Many thanks to: Virginia Mayo, Bryan Dees,
Vivian Beverly, Kathryn Skipper, Scotty Lewis and Brandon Hines.

Playground Maps
 Pioneers painted a map at Lee Intermediate School in Satsuma on March 3. Thanks to
 Virginia Mayo, Allan Trull, Anthony Sarradet, Glen Thomas, Bryan Dees, Bonita
 Holt, Lance, Hope and Hayden Kelley, Mike Gillette, Larry Easterling and Shannon


  Our Chapter Project to revitalize bluebirds statewide is underway. We have received
  the bluebird houses furnished by the Chapter and are in the process of placing them at
  the Botanical Gardens. Bill Finch will be doing an article on Blue Birds soon, so be on
  the lookout for it in the Mobile Press Register. Many thanks to Ricky Rivers and
  Larry Easterling for assembling and mounting the bird houses.

Camp Blue Bird

 Our annual Spring Camp Blue Bird will April 13th, 14th and 15th. This camp will be held
 at Camp Grace in Mobile, instead of Camp Beckwith in Fairhope. The theme for this
 camp will be “Fiesta.” This will certainly be a new and challenging experience for the
                      Easter Bonnets

If you have a Bonnet, it needs to be returned to Virginia Mayo or to 2155 Old Shell Road
by Monday, April 18th. Judging will take place at 10:00 a.m. on Wednesday, April
20th. We plan to deliver the bonnets to residents of Spring Hill Manor Nursing Home on
Friday, April 22nd. Call me at 471-0419 if you need someone to pick up the bonnet.
This should be a lot of fun and I know we will have many “gorgeous” bonnets to deliver!
Thanks for your help!

Alabama Telco:
Upgrade with our Home Equity Line
Are you a homeowner in need of extra funds? Did you know your home holds many opportunities for you
financially? With our Home Equity Line of Credit, you could utilize the value of your home to make
renovations, consolidate debt, take a luxury vacation, pay for college or purchase a car.

Other benefits of a Home Equity Line:
    It typically offers a lower rate than most loans, which is why many open one to buy a car or
       consolidate other high-rate debt. Our Home Equity Line features a 3-Year Fixed Rate Option with
       a rate as low as 4.99% APR*. (After introductory period, rate converts to current rate. Rates are
       currently as low as 4.25-8.25% APR.) We also offer other rates and terms. Contact us for more
    It’s flexible, both in terms of borrowing and repaying.
    There are tax benefits. The interest paid on a HELOC is typically (depending on specific
       circumstances) deductible under federal and many state income tax laws.**

Cheaper than most credit cards, consider applying for our Home Equity Line today. Visit, stop by your local Mobile branch at 809 Downtowner Blvd. or call 1.800.874.3945 to
apply today.

*Rate based on Loan to Value and credit worthiness. After the 3-year fixed rate option, Annual Percentage Rate (APR) will vary based on the Prime Rate plus
applicable margin (as quoted in the Wall Street Journal) on the first day of the month. As of 3-23-11, the Prime Rate was 3.25%. Maximum lifetime rate on Home
Equity Line is 15.00% APR. Ask us for the current index value, margin and annual percentage rate. All rates and offers are subject to change without notice and
cannot be combined with other special promotions. Rate on the 3-year fixed option includes a .25% discount for consumer loans set up on auto pay. Rates
accurate as of 3-25-11.
**Consult a tax advisor for further information regarding the deductibility of interest and charges.

We are an Equal Housing Lender.

Family Talk –
If you would like to share family news, please e-mail Dottie Steelreath: or call 471-0419.

Congratulations to Jonathan Franklin, 15-year-old grandson of Anthony and Virginia
Sarradet. Jonathan, an 8th grade student at Cranford Burns Middle School, competed
in the Special Olympics held at St. Paul’s Episcopal School on Friday, April 1.
Representing Burns, Jonathan was able to win a third place ribbon in the 'soft ball
throw'. He made his parents, Leslie and Ray Franklin, proud by also competing in the
'50 meter dash and the 100 meter relay, where his team finished first. The display of
courage shown by all of the competitors was inspiring. Congratulations, Jonathan!!!!
            Congratulations to first time grandparents, Andy and Mary Anderson
             (Facility Technician-Schillingers Rd)! Lily Grace Anderson made a
             grand entrance on March 1, 2011, weighing 7 pounds and 1 ounce. She
             was 20 1/4 inches long! Proud parents are Ryan and Stephanie
           Anderson. Mother, father, baby, and grandparents are all doing well.

Pat Busson
Mike Cook
Jeff Davis
Rick Davis
Dewey Douglas
Faye Elder
Sam Elder
Billie Ellsworth
Barbara Johnson
Sarah Johnson
Billie Lord
Teddy Mears
Laine Parks
Rosa Pinkall
Elenor Sawyer
Joy Seale
Bob Taft
Ruth Taylor
Ruby Webb

Cindy Borders – daughter of Red Gates
Ed Cox – stepfather of Terry Wright
Bo Dean – husband of Patsy Dean
Doris Easterling – mother of Larry Easterling
Audrey Garner – wife of Earl Garner (deceased)
Loree Gump – daughter of Peggy Barnette
Barbara Horton – wife of Ed Horton
Logan Kynes – grandson of Sue Kynes
                grandson of Donald Lee
Eunice Luna – wife of J.K. Luna
Brandon Norwood, nephew of Nick Holder
Barbara Sanders – wife of Gordon Sanders
Sharon Steelreath – sister-in-law of Dottie Steelreath
Savannah Vereen – daughter of Joe Vereen
Mary Waller – sister of Fara Impastato
Jo Whitaker – wife of Henry Whitaker
Larry White – brother of Peggy Barnette & Billie Ellsworth
Monte White – brother of Peggy Barnette & Billie Ellsworth
Mrs. Viola Boggs, mother of Jim Boggs
Mrs. Maudie Lurvene Johnson, mother of Jerry Johnson.

Please keep these members in your prayers.

How to Make Contact:
President – Virginia Mayo – 649-1494
To report hours – call Juanita Wright – 471-8334
To report newsletter news – call Audrey Garner – 478-6991 or
      Dottie Steelreath – 471-0419
To subscribe, cancel subscription or change address for the newsletter – call
      Tara Carnahan – 625-0029
To contact the Benefits Services Center – 1-877-722-0020

Our next meeting will be Annual Spring Picnic on April 26th at the Knights of
Columbus on Duval Street. 11:30 a.m.
We look forward to seeing you. !!!!!!!!!!!!

Dottie Steelreath                              Audrey Garner
Newsletter Chair – Mobile Council              Lime-Lights Newsletter Chair
      WHEN:         April 26, 2011
      WHERE:        Knights of Columbus
                    1947 Duval St.

      TIME:         11:30 A.M.

 Council will furnish hamburgers and hotdogs.
   Please bring your favorite dish to share.

                                                     April 2011

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                                                                                             NURSING HOME
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                                                 May 2011

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