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									                          Business & Marketing Education Newsletter
                            New York State Education Department
                                   December 2004 Issue: 39


Registration for the two Work Based Learning Certification courses is underway. Both courses
are online from SUNY Oswego. Classes begin January 20, 2005. For more information, see or e-mail Sue Gubing at


The above named foundation has unveiled a new web site. The Insurance Education Foundation
is a nonprofit organization whose goal is to improve the understanding of insurance and its role in
society through education of teachers and students. The new "Educators" site has the most recent
information on Life, Health, Property and Auto insurance, including lesson plans, articles and
other resources for teachers. Topics also covered are Insurance Careers and Insurance Scoring.
For those of us teaching insurance, this site will provide the most current information and
resources. Visit the foundation at


More than 12 million Americans , nearly 10 percent of the workforce are self-employed. Women
and minorities reported the largest increases as reported by the Small Business Administration's
Office of Advocacy. Self-employment among women and blacks more than doubled while self-
employment among Latino's jumped 328%. For more information about the study, go to the
National Association for the Self Employed website at

Speaking of entrepreneurship, the National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship has
unveiled its new website at Find out about NFTE's history, current projects and
how you can become a NFTE certified Entrepreneurship instructor.

As I have mentioned before, each day the following websites have a real life story about a
particular entrepreneur that your students may find interesting.              Go to either or Both websites carry the same
story .


Earlier this month in an all points bulletin to our network, I encouraged business educators to
become involved with the Mock Trial Competition sponsored by the Law Youth and Citizenship
(LYC) Program and the NYS Bar Association. I have heard from many of you of your
involvement and all have given the program high accolades. Several teachers have e-mailed me
asking for past cases that have been used in the competitions. I am pleased to announce that
archived cases are available on the LYC website. Go to and scroll down and
click on Mock Trial Tournament. Scroll down to the bottom of that page and you will see the
archived cases dating back to 1996. These would obviously make perfect sense in your Business
Law classrooms.


Several of you have brought to my attention the value of the Mentor Directory and also the need
for the Mentor Directory to be updated. For newcomers to our network, the Mentor Directory is
located on my website ( and allows teachers to contact
other business teachers who are teaching the same subjects as they are. I will be contacting the
folks on the Mentor Directory in January and updating it as well.


Our curriculum meeting will be held on January 25 & 26, 2005 at Shaker High School in Latham,
New York. As you might recall, the objective of the two-day meeting this year is to take a good
hard look at our Accounting and Business Law courses and either modify or revise the content.
If you are interested in participating in this meeting and haven't yet made that known to me,
please do at your convenience. The outcome of the meeting will be shared Statewide later in the

                    HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO EVERYONE!!!


Date                    Region                  Meeting Location

        We have sent this newsletter to everyone who supplied us with their e-mail address and
others who had shared their address with the statewide BTA. If colleagues of yours are not
receiving it but would like to, please have them e-mail us their request. If you have
received this newsletter but would rather not receive future announcements, please let us
know and we will delete your name from the list.

         If you need additional information regarding the programs above, please contact our
office at 518-474-5506 or via e-mail.

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