Diving Headlong Into The Android Frenzy

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					Wireless Application Development has progressed from being a niche
segment to being a full fledged development arena embraced by many a
Wireless Software Service Provider Company in India and on a global
scale. The basic utility of a cellular phone of being a means to
communicate has long since been taken for granted and an inestimable
number of augmentations have been added to it to transform it into a cool
all-in-one gadget.

 The latest sensation to hit the Wireless Software Development and the
Wireless Application Design scenes is the inception and wide acceptance
of Googles open source cellular platform named Android. Since its
introduction in 2007, the hype around Android and development bolstering
the claims have steadily built up causing many an expert across the world
to sit up and take notice. The fact that an operating system for cellular
phones that allows customization and personalization to a degree never
possible before, struck a chord with application developers who had been
waiting with bated breath for such an innovation to come their way.
Running on a Linux kernel, it allows developers to design and code using
the vastly popular Java programming language and control cellular devices
via Googles indigenously developed Java libraries. As Android comes under
the Open Handset Alliance (OHA) umbrella, it effectively sets open
standard for mobile development.

 Androids complete code is available as open source under an Apache
license from Google allowing vendors to add proprietary extensions to the
code. With hardware and software features rivaling all the contemporary
cellular operating systems available; Android also boasts of never seen
before development capabilities such as a device emulator, debugging
tools, memory & performance profiling and a plugin for the Eclipse
Integrated Development Environment (IDE). With major cellular phone
manufacturers like HTC, Samsung Electronics, LG, Motorola etc going the
OHA way, the coming years are sure to witness a surge in the number of
Android capable phones being introduced in the market. Leveraging on the
numerous positives that the open source operating system promises and the
credibility that Google brings with it, Android application development
has seen a wave of innovative tools and applications being released
across the globe.

 Leading the pack of wireless software service provider companies in
India is Grey Matter India technologies Pvt Ltd, a pioneer in the field
of Wireless Application Development, Wireless Software Development,
Wireless Development Services and Wireless Application Design that
already has established commendable credibility with the development of a
slew of state-of-the-art applications for the Android platform.
Audio/Video recording applications, navigation based applications; data
transfer facilitating applications form a few of the application areas
that GMI has worked on. With the promise of leveraging the positives of
the revolutionary operating system through its extensive expertise and
the novel capabilities of next generation smartphones, GMI Technologies
proves to be the best companion for all wireless application based needs
built on the Google Android platform.

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Description: When purchasing any gadget, it is important to consider its durability and sensitivity. The same applies when it comes to choosing a mobile phone. Some phones are more sensitive than others. It has been common for some phones to break if dropped. They may retain some of their features and functionalities or may completely cease to function.