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									The painstaking wait for the iPhone to land on Verizon has finally ended!
After several years with almost monthly rumors of it happening and even
several very serious rumors the iPhone 4 is finally available for those
iPhone/Apple loving consumers to get their paws on the phone theyve been
waiting for. It took over four iPhone generations before Apple let it off
the AT&T network exclusivity and its currently only available on the two
top data providing networks. Its launching in February. You can pre order
on the 9th and wait in line on the 13th.

 Why did Apple wait so long? Nobody knows for sure, but it must have been
a sweetheart deal from ATT to entice Apple to only allow their
groundbreaking iPhone to run on their network. There was some information
recently that showed Apple making around $197 profit per iPhone. Theyve
sold over 70 Million to date, do the math on that.

 Did waiting so long hurt Apple in the long run?
 In my opinion Apple hurt themselves in the long by only doing the
exclusive deal with ATT. They hurt themselves because everybody else on
other phone networks wanted an iPhone and there was nothing even close to
the capability of the iPhone for over a year when it launched and this
left a gigantic open and easy hole for a company to fill with a viable
competitive operating system that would allow any phone manufacture to
run so they could compete with the iPhone.

 Google stepped up and created a phone OS that is basically the same as
the iOS from Apple and Google gave the Android OS to all the phone
manufactures that couldnt wait to create a phone to compete with the
iPhone. Fast forward a few years and now the Android OS has passed the
iOS in number of phones sold. If Apple would have released the iPhone on
ATT, Verizon and at least Sprint a huge percentage of everybody that has
an Android phone now would have had purchased an iPhone because there was
nothing else to choose from. Googles OS would not be the dominate cell
phone OS that it is now. Imagine if the iPhone would have launched on all
the cell phone networks, there would be multiple times more people
running around with an iPhone than there already is.

 Obviously Apple has still sold a mind blowing amount of iPhones. They
have made billions of dollars world wide and Im sure theyre not crying or
worrying too much about anything theyve done. There maybe other factors
involved that we just dont know or will never know that persuaded Apple
to only stick with ATT.

 Now that the iPhone 4 is on Verizon, the next generation Android phones
have already been announced and are actually better than the latest
generation iPhone. The iPhone 4 has a 1GHz processor and can shoot 720p
video and does not have the capability to output video to other devices.
The new Droid Bionic and Asteck phones are sporting a dual core 1GHz
processor, 1080p video recording and HDMI out to your TV. These are the
next generation smart phones and they will be coming out in the coming
spring of 2011. Will the next gen iPhone match these specs? Will the next
gen iPhone be available on Verizon?
 In the end, at least all the people stuck on Verizon for whatever reason
can now finally enjoy the iPhone 4 in all its glory. Dont forget to
pickup a Verizon iPhone 4 case.

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