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Why are we hesitant towards insurance claims?


It is not possible for us to be lawyer in each and every step of our life.

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									   Why are we hesitant towards insurance claims?

Reason 1: The ignorance of rules

It is not possible for us to be lawyer in each and every step of our life. It is a subject that one has to
qualify and as a result, the not so qualified lesser beings like us many a time are being left in the dark.
There is a law that the accident cannot be claimed if there is no hospitalization. You may see that there
are some extra phrases written where it has been mentioned that provided the person attains such and
such age, with these disabilities and with that working norms, it may be passable.

Your Liverpool solicitors know it, who adorns the legal system in the court room. Or worse, he may not
be aware of the rules, who feel like digging into the fat books over this wary subject? It is not the latest
Dan Brawn best seller after all and at the receiving end, you are standing helplessly.

                                        Reason 2: The ignorance of laws

                                        Be it the Liverpool or West Minister Abby, the same story is going
                                        on. If anyone met with an accident, it is really a pain to get the
                                        claims in a whisker. How to get the same? Have ever faced the
                                        trauma of car accident or the police intervention afterwards as if
                                        you are the person responsible for the culpable homicide? The
                                        same story is paving the way everywhere. The innocence and the
                                        law are strange bed fellows and yet they stay together. As your
                                        ignorance is no excuse, in the same manner, the excuse of the
                                        higher ups of your organization, responsible for the sorry state of
                                        yours, should be put under scanner as you suffer silently. Your
                                        lawyer should be aware of these facts as well.
Reason 3: Presuming the unknown facts

There are several medical claims, accident claims, and claims due to occupational hazard remains unpaid
as the case they put up fails to stand on a solid ground. We can discuss one by law for instance. RIDDER
or the act that deals with the reporting of dangerous occurrence emphatically states these facts that if
any accident happens to appear which leads to the absence for more than three days, the authority is to
report the injury to the health and safety executive at the earliest. At the same time, the claim
settlement gets jeopardized if these loose threads cannot be attached. In case of hospitalization,
amputation or death, the form F 2508 fill up is mandatory by the authorities. We are blissfully aware of
these facts. Be it the accident claims Northampton or Brookline, the same story goes on.

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