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Authoritative Sources in the Discipline of Information Technology


This paper can be used as a guide to conduct research for writing a research paper and dissertations.

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                 Authoritative Sources in the Discipline of Information Technology

       "Information technologies are systems of hardware and/or software that capture, process,

exchange, store, and/or present information, using electrical, magnetic, and/or electromagnetic

energy"(Aksoy and Laura 8). Information technology is a broader area of study. Therefore, it is

divided into certain categories, such as, Information Security, Web Development, Database, and

Networking & Communication. Each program in Information Technology (IT) offers a particular

area of expertise in either one sub-category or the other, for instance, information security

analyzes security threat to protect and prevents from any cyber attack, web develops the best way

to present information on websites, database manages any information in database server, and

networking ensures that the system is up and running to send/receive information.

       In the ever-changing field of information technology, it is crucial to stay updated with

latest trends and innovation in the industry. IT professionals and specialists are in dire need of

authoritative sources to enhance their knowledge base and further their skills. In order to identify

the most authoritative IT source, this paper explores four authorized sources in the field IT which

include: IEEE, Journal of the ACM, ACM - Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)

Digital Library, and Communication of the ACM (CACM), and identifies ACM as most

authoritative source. ACM with ACM Digital Library, JACM, and CACM is a professional

organization which aims to advance computing as science and a profession. They have extensive

readership and devotion to technological innovation. ACM certifications and readership is the

key to success in the field of Information Technology. They provide the most reliable study

material and certification exam for people who specialize in IT want to advance in their career.

                                     Professional Organization
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       IEEE or "Eye-triple-E" stands for the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

IEEE is the world's largest non-profit professional organization that is devoted to advance

technological innovation. With a record high membership of 407,541 in December 2011, IEEE

has its members in more than 160 countries ("Annual Report 2010").IEEE's mission statement is,

"to foster technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity"

("IEEE").According to IRS data on U.S. nonprofit organizations, IEEE's assets amounts to

$355,139,182 and its income amounts to $524,348,492(Gale, 2012).

       Founded in 1963, IEEE has 319 regional and 1676 local groups who promote technology

advancements. It publishes 30 percent of the world's literature in the electrical and electronics

engineering and computer science fields, and has developed nearly 900 active industry standards

(Gale, 2010).However, IEEE cited 1300 active standards .IEEE sponsors various programs to

honor achievements in the fields of education, research, industry, and service. It includes: IEEE

Award Programs, IEEE Fellow Program, IEEE Honor Ceremony, and IEEE Medal of Honor



       ACM is a leading international educational and scientific computing society; it provides

with resources that work for the progress of computing not only as a science but also as a

profession (“ACM”). They provide many resources on computing fields with many journal,

magazine and conferences. Journal of the ACM is authoritative because it is a peer-reviewed

journal that includes research papers after extensive judgment for outstanding work in a certain

field ("JACM").

       The journal is published every two months; the latest is on February 2012. The number of

people download the source is over 1.6 million. You can subscribe for this Journal by going
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directly into ACM main website, the annual non-member yearly rate is $265. All of the journals

are coming from the database of the ACM digital library. The popularity of this organization is

well known with 80,000 members ("JACM").

       Victor Vianu from University of California is a Ph.D. computer scientist and editor-in-

Chief of the Journal of Association for Computing Machinery and area editor of ACM

Transactions on Computational Logic (JACM). He has co-authored "Foundation of Databases"

with Serge Abiteboul, Richard Hull, and Addison-Wesley in 1995. With his co-authors, Vianu

was honored with Alberto O. Mendelzon Test-of-Time Award ten years before on typechecking

for XML transformation languages in 2010(ACM Sigmod).

        According to Thomson Reuters Web of Knowledge ACM Computing Surveys is ranked

highest amongst top ten journals with an Impact Factor (IF) of 7.806 in 2010 (Spinellis,

2011).Impact Factor is the most well-known measure of journal citation (Garfield, 1979).Impact

Factor of a particular year refers to average number of citations received by papers published in

previous two years of journal (Cheng et al., 285).


       ACM - Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Digital Library is ACM portal's

online access to over thirty journals and magazines in the field of computing and IT. Its complete

archives date back to 1950's. It includes ACM Special Interest Groups (SIGs) newsletters in 34
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areas of information technology and conference proceedings. George Mason University provides

access to ACM Digital Library as a core database for computer science ("ACM"). In ACM

database, you can find a lot of journal, magazines and conferences concerning about Information

Technology which published in the past. There are 300,957 full text articles, 342 audio files,

3,000+ video files, 9 magazines, 20,000 + new article each year ("ACM DL"). Digital library has

extensive study material that is easy to access. Moreover, the ACM database shows us the

number of people downloading the source which further enhances its credibility ("ACM DL").

       ACM Digital Library is recommended as core database for computer science in George

Mason University's infoguides. The digital library stores computing literature from 6,313

publishers with 245,717 titles ("ACM DL").The good thing about the ACM library is ease of use,

good resource, and availability of basic and advance search engine. The ACM is ranked on top in

Google search engine because of number of visits, and the money they have to pay for Google

every year.

                                         Trade Publication

   Communication of the ACM (CACM) is ACM's monthly flagship magazine read by more

than 85,000 computing professionals throughout the world. CACM is considered to be the most

trusted source of information in IT and computing industry as it covers latest discoveries,

innovations, and research in computer science, emerging trends in IT, and practical research

applications. CACM inspires industry leaders for their understanding of public policies,

technology implications, engineering challenges, and market trends. During its publication years

from 1958 to 2012, total publication count is 10,938. Most of its authors are either A.M. Turing

Award winners or ACM fellows ("ACM").
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  SCImago Journal & Country Rank (SJR) quartile for CACM is Q1 (highest) in all categories

which include: hardware and architecture, computer-aided design, theoretical computer science,

computer graphics, computational theory and mathematics, and software. The data is covered

between 1970 and 2011; moreover, CACM's H Index is 101.

  CACM's editor-in-Chief is Moshe Y. Vardi. He is the George Distinguish Service Professor in

Computational Engineering and Director of Ken Kennedy Institute of Informational Technology

Institute. With over 400 papers and two books, he is also a co-winner of three IBM Outstanding

Innovation Awards, and other ACM and IEEE awards (Rice University).


         In the presence of wealth of information online, it is hard to define most authoritative

resource. This research finds Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) with JACM, digital

library database, and CACM as most authoritative resource in the field of Information

Technology and computing. ACM's authority is enhanced by its continuous growth in the areas

of certifications, standards, and training. Information, trends, and research presented by ACM is

authoritative and holds prime importance for everyone in the field of Information Technology.

With their mission to be “advancing computing as a science & profession”, we can always trust


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