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									                                     Information Technology Solutions
                                               TouchDown for Android

                                     Manage Corporate Exchange Email
                                     While Keeping Company Data Safe
SECURITY FIRST                                                                                     S/MIME SUPPORT

TouchDown runs on the Android                                                                      TouchDown supports sending and receiving S/MIME

platform and extends the security                                                                  signed and encrypted emails, enabling authentication,

model of the platform to cover                                                                     non-repudiation   and    data   tampering    prevention.

Microsoft® Exchange data that is                                                                   Administrators can choose to enable signing on all

stored on the device by                                                                            outgoing emails, check to see if the status of the

TouchDown.                                                                                         certificate is set to revoked and prompt user for

Over-the-air transmissions and                                                                     private key before looking up certificate.

enterprise data at rest on the

devices are secured with                                                                           SD CARD
                                    PIN POLICY
industry-leading AES-256                                                                           Administrators can request to disable the SD card so
                                    TouchDown prompts the user to enter the password in
encryption.                                                                                        that TouchDown prevents users from downloading
                                    order to access the application.
                                                                                                   attachments to the SD card. Alternatively, TouchDown

CORPORATE DATA                                                                                     can encrypt downloaded attachments before storing
                                    REMOTE WIPE
SECURELY CONTAINED                                                                                 to the SD card. This prevents users or other
                                    In the event of theft or loss of a device, the administrator
The administrator can request                                                                      applications from browsing the SD card for corporate
                                    (or end user if using Microsoft® Exchange 2007 or 2010)
data to be encrypted on the                                                                        attachments. These attachments can only be opened
                                    can issue a remote wipe command. This command
device. TouchDown encrypts                                                                         from within TouchDown.
                                    removes all internal databases where email, contacts,
data fields on a field-by-field
                                    calendar and task information is stored.
basis when writing to the                                                                          REMOTE WIPE SMS CONFIRMATION
                                    TouchDown also deletes any attachments downloaded to
database. This provides a level                                                                    When a remote wipe is performed, TouchDown can
                                    the SD card and any contacts copied to the device’s
of Data at Rest encryption,                                                                        send an SMS message with a confirmation to a
                                    phone book. An additional user configurable option for full
preventing the database from                                                                       predefined SMS number.
                                    SD wipe is also provided.
being analyzed.

Employees access corporate
                                    EMAIL INITIATED DATA WIPE
email, contacts, and calendar,
                                    TouchDown allows an end user to perform a remote wipe
just as they access Outlook on
                                    by sending an email with a user-specified Kill Code in the
desktop computers at the office.
                                    subject of the email. The user can specify the Kill Code in

                                    the settings. Once a Kill Code is set, TouchDown will

                                    perform a remote wipe on receipt of the email that

                                    contains the Kill Code in the subject line, prefixed by

                                     Security Features and Benefits
                                                                                      Top Issues                 TouchDown’s Solution
TouchDown provides
                                                                                      Open S/MIME emails         TouchDown supports sending and
administrators with multiple ways                                                                                receiving S/MIME signed and
to enforce security of the data on                                                                               encrypted emails

the device. It enforces policies
                                                                                      Set and enforce policies   Corporate controlled policies using a
that are relevant to the product,
                                                                                                                 MDM, PCF file, or configuration file
and enables the administrator to

manage those policies from the                                                        Authenticate users         Application level PIN enforcement

server. Regardless of the
                                                                                      Protect data store on      Corporate data encryption on the
Android version, administrators
                                                                                      the device                 device and SD card
don’t have to worry about

uniformity with the program.                                                          Secure data if the         Remote wipe support for administrator
                                                                                      device is lost or stolen   or user-initiated wipe

                                                                                      Rely on users for          End user cannot override any security
We respond to support emails
                                                                                      security                   policy
within 24 hours on weekdays.         Corporate
Please email
                                     Configuration                                    Limitations with native
                                                                                      email client
                                                                                                                 Provides more powerful and seamless
                                                                                                                 corporate email experience

                                     CONFIGURATION FILE
                                     Administrators   can    use   the   NitroDesk    Server     Side
Founded in March 2008,
                                     Configuration feature to set security policies and application
NitroDesk has been providing         preferences for TouchDown when users connect to a
Secure Corporate Data access         Microsoft Exchange server. Administrators can control how

on Android since November            TouchDown performs when connected to the server by
                                     creating a TouchDown folder on the Internet Information
                                     Services (IIS) server that hosts Microsoft ActiveSync and
                                     placing the TDPreferences.xml file in that folder.
For more information on any of

our products or services, please
                                     PCF FILE
visit us on the Web at               Administrators can take a successfully configured device                    containing initial configuration settings and suppressions
                                     and export the settings on that device to a preferences
                                     configuration file (pcf) to send to end users to configure their
NitroDesk Headquarters
2800 156th Ave. SE, Suite 200

Bellevue, WA. 98007

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