LIST OF THINGS TO DO OR ARRANGE.

1. Make sure that the request for a web site password is checked when sending off the
application form. If the request for a website password was not ticked on the application
form, then phone or email Peter Thornhill ( at Neways to arrange for
one to be sent.

2. Arrange to have your own free front page on the Neways web site (
go into site, click on “my homepage” and follow instructions. This site address can then be
given out which is an easy, FREE way of introducing Neways to potential distributors
without the expense of having a site made. My address is: - take a look at mine and see what I mean.

3. Consider Neways-Direct online shop – see

4. Secure a cheap telephone provider such as OneTel (0800 957 5000) or Secondly there is Tele2. (0845 622 2222) or their website
Or you could try

5. Arrange Three Way Calling with your phone call provider. This can normally be bolted
onto call waiting and call minder for example, as part of a package deal. The cost is usually
about £4-5 for them all for a quarter.

6. The number of the 24 Hour, 7 Day continuous Business Opportunity Call is:-
08707127781, listen to it yourself- then 3 way prospects into it, or have the number on your
business card. This gives a presentation for you. (It is much better to get them to attend a
meeting in Binfield or give them a presentation – SuperCharge Your Future video and show
the power of one or Brian Millikan Marketing Plan (5 people)

7. Organize an AMO (Automatic Monthly Order). To obtain a form and all details go to
Neways site and click on downloads. One of these is named AMO’S.

8. As soon as possible order a pad of Distributor Applications (order number 0190GB),
a Product Training Manual ( 0272GB ) and some free Distributor Price Lists (0001GB)

9. Diary each Monday evening to be on the training conference call at 8pm. The phone
details will be on .

10. Diary all Binfield or London meetings. This is shown in the copy of Prime Time in your
starter pack, on Neways site or you can ask your upline coach.

Useful Phone Numbers:- Adam Jackson                 to follow (
                       Able Label                    0870 444 2733
                       Neways                        See Essential Guidelines Booklet
                                                     in your Starter Kit or web site.
                         Viking Direct (Stationery) 0800 424444
                         Neat Ideas (Stationery)    0800500192
                         Aireau/ Network support 01420 473383

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