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					             Institute of Physics Teacher Network: London Area
                                      Summer 2007 Newsletter
      Have you passed this round? ____□ ____□ ____□ ____□ ____□ ____□ ____□ ____□ ____□

     Regional News
                                                                           ASE Meetings
Astronomy at the                       Physics Teacher Network
                                                                           The Association for Science Education
Royal Observatory
                                      A national network to                South East Area Science &
London teachers now have an
                                      support all those who teach          CPD Conference
altogether wonderful resource for                                          Friday 29 June 2007
teaching astronomy and                physics in schools.
                                                                           University of Surrey, Guildford
astrophysics, from KS3 to A-          I work just two days a week
level.                                                                     Further details at
                                      (Tuesdays & Wednesdays) as a
The Royal Observatory at              Coordinator in London.
Greenwich has just undergone a                                                Goldsmiths Company
                                      My main aims are to
                                                                           Science for Society courses
spectacular £15 million                Establish ways for London
redevelopment - the Time and              physics teachers to              Materials Science
Space Project. New galleries and          communicate.                     Sunday 22 July to Friday 27 July 2007
                                                                           Cambridge University
an education centre opened at the      Support non-specialists
end of May. The centrepiece is a                                           This course provides an insight
                                          teaching physics at KS3 and
120-seat, state-of-the-art                                                 into the broad field of modern
                                          especially KS4.
planetarium, now the only one in                                           materials, spanning the physical
                                       Set up university and
London.                                                                    sciences, engineering and
                                          industry contacts that help
                                                                           biomedical applications. It
                                          with physics education and
                                                                           includes practical demonstrations
                                          encourage students to
                                                                           and industrial visits. There is
                                          continue studying physics.
                                                                           coverage of topics as diverse as
                                      There are over 300 secondary         gold bars, integrated circuits and
                                      schools in the London area.          drug delivery.
                                      I generally work with
                                      clusters of schools, in the          Particle Physics
                                      inner London boroughs.               Sunday 22 July to Friday 27 July 2007
                                                        Peter Campbell     Brunel University
                                        London’s IoP Network Coordinator   Learn about the history and
                                 evolution of Modern Physics
                                                                           highlighting the many aspects
                                                                           included in today's "A" level
                                     Teacher events CPD                    syllabus. An important part of the
                                                                           course is to establish and exploit
                                     NPL and A-level Physics               the interface between practising
In the Astronomy Galleries,          Friday 6th July 2007                  researchers and active teachers.
students can find out how to use     The National Physical
different techniques to explore      Laboratory, at Teddington, again      Astrophysics
the Universe and try their hand at   this year opens its doors to A-       Sunday 22 July to Friday 27 July 2007
guiding a space mission.             level Physics teachers for a day      Queen Mary University of London
                                     of lectures and tours. Only 60        For teachers of physics who have
The Time Galleries, which            places available, so book early!      a very basic astrophysical
reopened in 2006, were awarded       For details and a link to the NPL     knowledge, this course gives an
the Society for the History of       registration page:                    up-to-date overview of
Technology’s Dibner Award for       knowledge & understanding of
Excellence in Museum Exhibits.       Teacher_Support/Teachers_Netw         cosmology, galaxies, stars and
Further details:                     ork/London/page_5267.html             planets and related astronomical                                               topics. Includes opportunities to
x.html                                                                     discuss teaching approaches with
Bookings:                                               professional astronomers,
                                                                           evaluate practical      (see over)
materials and visit the Royal         Includes hands-on activities,
Observatory at Greenwich.             demonstrations, and movie clips.       The SEP Energymeter
Details and application form for      London venues and dates:               This new energy meter from
all 3 courses:                        Queen Mary, University of London       the Science Enhancement        (QMUL), Whitechapel.                   Programme enables pupils to
ion/sciencesociety.php                Thursday 28 June 2007, 10:30 &
                                                                             get hands-on experience of
                                                                             measuring energy and power
    IoP Education Group               Contact: Mrs Kate Shine
                                                                             in a wide range of school
                                      Tel: 020 7882 5051
                                                                             science experiments,
Extreme Physics             
National Science Learning Centre,
                                                                             including solar panels and
York . Mid-day Sat 22 September to
                                                     ***                     motors. It’s simple enough
mid-day Sunday 23 September                                                  for KS3 pupils to use, but
A chance for physics teachers to        Bursaries & grants                   will find many applications
learn about and experience fire-                                             at GCSE and post-16 level.
                                      IOP/PPARC School Grants
walking and board-breaking, a         Apply for grants of up to £400 at      Available from MUTR
workshop on video cameras for         any time. For details, see             (product code SEP 043),
experiments and 'cool things to     priced £28.00
do with lasers'.                      cher_support/schoolgrants/index.
Contact: Ken Zetie, Hon Sec           html
                                                     ***                                    ***

                                       Teaching resources                           Contribute
                                      Science Museum London                Please contribute items for future
                                      Big Bang!                            newsletters:
                                      The Large Hadron Collider, a 27       forthcoming events
London courses
                                      km ring buried deep underground       report of a relevant event
The programme of courses for          near Geneva, opens later this         useful teaching resources
2007/08 was not available as this     year. At its heart, beams of          a classroom activity
newsletter went to print. It may      particles will hurtle around the
                                      ring at almost the speed of light,   The next newsletter will be sent in the
be by the time you read this                                               autumn term. Please send copy by
newsletter. Check here:               enabling scientists to explore new   Friday 14th September 2007.       frontiers in our understanding of
uk/?page=5                            energy, matter, space and time.              Please get in touch
                ***                   A free exhibition about the LHC               Peter Campbell
                                      and other particle colliders            Nuffield Curriculum Centre
 Events for students                  recently opened at the Science                020 7636 4612
                                      Museum. If you cannot get    
        SciCast Physics
                                      students there in person, take
A film-making competition that
                                      them to the virtual exhibition:        The weblinks given here are
challenges students of all ages to
                                      much easier to access from
make a short film explaining a
                                      nna/bigbang/                           an electronic copy of this
principle of physics to non-
scientists, in an entertaining way.   Other virtual exhibitions:             Newsletter. Get one here:
www.planet-                        nestuff.aspx                           n/Teacher_Support/Teachers_
                                             Practical Physics               html
     IOP Schools lecture
                                      A website packed with physics          For more information on the
Light Fantastic: the Science of
                                      experiments - free apparatus,          many services available from
                                      procedures and teaching notes,         the Institute of Physics
Presented by Dr Pete Vukusic, of
                                      together with general guidance.        Education Department:
Exeter University. Basic concepts
                                      NEW pages: How science works 
and how diverse technologies
make use of light’s properties.

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