Market Samurai – Review – Experience of a Newbie

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					    Market Samurai – Review –
     Experience of a Newbie
                      BY: RAM GUPTA

Struggling with keywords to rank up your business on the web?
Well we may have the answerer to your dilemma.

As a newbie in the industry, I did not know the importance or relevance
of keywords. I did not understand what it means to rank high on Google,
Bing or for that matter Yahoo. All that our agency did was to create a
great looking website with flashing images and some text.

It is only after I ventured out in the MLM business, did I learn and
understand the role of Keywords for any business which uses web as a
platform to reach out to its consumers or potential prospects.

One thing that became very clear to me was the “Why” factor. Why key
words are important, what role do they play and why it is important to be
not only on the first page of the search engines but to be number one on
the page, or at best among the first three listings.
The Web being as huge or vast as an ocean, if you want to stand out to
people looking for a product in your niche, your website and its contents
must be optimized to pop up at the hit of the search phrase. This happens
if you have top ranking keywords sprinkled on your website in a
systematic manner. Your site, article or video will rank probably high if
it contains those key words which match exactly with the words that are
being searched by people.

As an amateur, I was using the free Google AdWords keywords tool. It
is an excellent tool, but it requires a lot of experience and personal
analytical capabilities to dig out solid keywords or key phrases. One had
to mull over the data and dig                    out effective key words.
Meaning thereby that                             personal skills a major role
in keyword selection. It is                      therefore time consuming
and to some extent a tiring                      process for keyword search.

Recently, after joining MLSP or My Lead System Pro, I learnt about
this automated keyword tool called Market Samurai. When I went to
their site, I was pleasantly surprised that Market Samurai offers a trial
version too. This gives you a lot of confidence in the product as the
makers are confident about the capabilities of the tool. You know that if
it did not work for you, you will simply not buy. Nothing lost.

After signing for the trial version or this keyword tool, I first watched
their video tutorials. I was amazed at the range of Market Samurai’s
capabilities. It is much more than just a keyword tool or key phrase
generator, it does a lot more.

Market Samurai searches contents relevant to your keyword. Helps in
SEO Competition – assesses the competitions strength and how to
overpower it.

Market Samurai helps build and promote a domain, teaches you how to
start monetizing your site; it promotes your content and much more.
Here, I was not just looking at a keyword tool but at a tool that could
potentially give me a great insight into the overall Internet marketing.

This keyword tool answered a lot of questions that were troubling me
on my article marketing results. Why I had a poor or low viewership.

The video tutorials are very simple to follow and understand. There are
well over 35 of them covering the total working of the tool. I will be
very honest in admitting that I did not wait for the trial period to end. On
the second day itself I bought my tool. In fact the tool acted my mentor
till I understood the operation, then it acted as a supportive colleague
and today is my obedient virtual assistant looking after a major function
in the business.
I am very happy with my decision. I now get targeted keywords in
seconds which earlier used to take hours and even days, some times. The
software searches the best Key Words or Key Phrases within the
parameter of filter values that you set. These filters are broadly for
relevancy of the keyword, traffic that it generates, how competitive is
the keyword and how valuable is the key word in terms of
commerciality. There is no room for personal guessing or analysis. The
room for error is no more a factor to worry about, unless of course you
get too adventurous with the filter values.

So far I have encountered just two areas where the tool needs to
improve. Firstly it makes your computer relatively slow as it is a heavy
program and secondly, it is erratic in giving the competitive values for
the content module. I feel these two areas are not a major deterrent
considering the overall performance of the tool.

I found the support team to be very prompt and focused. I personally
feel that Market Samurai is a must have tool for any fresh Internet
Marketer and especially those who depend on Article Marketing, video
marketing or content marketing to generate traffic to their sites. It saves
a lot of time and frustration in finding solid, high performing, gold
keywords in seconds. The price that you pay is more than recovered in
the tutorial videos itself, especially for a newbie like me.

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MAY, 2012

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