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									Ten Things You Can Do to Reduce Allergy Attacks Around the House

If you are one of the unfortunate people that suffer from allergies, you know how hard it can be to manage
your symptoms and your condition. Here are some things that you can do to make your home a little bit more
livable for those in your family that suffer from allergies. They will also help you create a more aesthetic
living experience.

Get rid of your carpeting and replace it with hard wood floors or expose the hard wood floors that are
underneath the carpeting that is there now. If you need to you can strategically place throw rugs about your
home in the areas in which you need them. Hard wood floors are easy to take care of and they do not trap
allergens such as pet dander, pollen, and dust that might be causing you to have worse allergies than you
would have if you had easy to maintain hard wood floors.

Seal your windows and doorways where you may be having a pest invasion. This can also be true of pollen
entering your home. Any pollen in your home is not good for your allergies. It does not cost a lot to seal
off doorways and windows to keep pollen out, it is a great do it yourself project!

When you are out buying furnace filters pay the extra few dollars and buy the ones that are better quality.
They will trap more dirt, dust, pollen, pet dander, etc. that comes through your heating and cooling system
before it is distributed throughout your home!

When storing bed linens make sure you do so in a cedar chest or at least in a place in which they are
protected from outside elements. This will ensure they will not grab dust and allergens that you will
affected by when using them on your beds!

Get rid of those old heavy drapes and replace them with lighter and more stylish blinds. The heavy drapes can
cause you to have an allergic reaction because the attract dust and other allergens that will be disturbed
distributed any time you touch your drapes. Blinds can be wiped down, they are far easier to take care of!

If you do not have a vent in your bathroom you should think about adding one. This removes any of the mold
spores or allergens from beauty products you are using by simply turning it on when you are in the bathroom
and for a bit of time afterward.

If you find any mold growing in your home you should immediately get rid of it. This can be costly to do
if out of control but it will be well worth it to someone that is suffering from incessant allergy symptoms
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ondaily basis.
Put in a gas fireplace instead of burning wood in your home that can distribute extra pollen throughout the
house. Trees often carry extra pollen from outside. People are sometimes allergic to wood smoke as well.

Adding a central vacuuming system in your home can help by making it much easier to eliminate the dust and
dirt using a vent system.

Get rid of any water leaks you might have in your home, this creates mold in your home and like we previously
said, can be a huge project to take care of. This is very important in making your home more allergy friendly.

If you make it harder for allergens to be in your home you can make it easier for people that suffer from
to live in the home. Use these tips to start out and go one by one to see which ones will work best for

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