Bizarre Workers Compensation Cases by ProQuest


Every year, thousands of workers compensation claims are filed. While most are fairly commonplace, some could be considered downright bizarre. Despite their unusual nature, however, one must always be respectful of the fact that while a case might be bizarre in an academic sense, it was intensely real, affecting real lives and real families. So, with that mind, the following is a list of the 10 most bizarre workers compensation cases during 2011. These include: 1. Paving Worker Strikes Bowling Ball with Sledgehammer, Loses Eye and Workers Comp Claim, 2. Worker's Termination for Distributing Porn to Coworkers Does Not Disqualify Him from Continued Disability Benefits, 3. Home-Based Worker Trips Over Her Dog Sustaining Compensable Injury, 4. Employee's Tort Action Against Employer and Related Corporation Where Worker Fell from Helicopter While Hunting Deer in Mexico May Move Forward, 5. Injured Worker's Fatal Heart Attack While Holding Termination Letter Is Not Compensable.

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