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					Natural Beauty Tips

  Sleeping on your back will prevent many wrinkles and breakouts on your face, and
even wrinkles in your cleavage area.

  Wearing clothes that are tight make you look heavier. Even a slim girl can bulge
over too-tight jeans.

  Put on a coat of clear nail polish before a colored polish to keep your nails from

 Being angry really does take away from your beauty now and will result in more
wrinkles later.

 Wearing less make-up makes you look younger.

  Vitamins and minerals are needed for health and beauty, but more is not always
better. Too much Vitamin A or Selenium can cause hair loss. There is nothing
beautiful about losing your hair.

  If you are unhappy with a hair conditioner, it will still make a great "shaving cream"
for your legs in the shower.

  When shaving, don't stretch the skin or you could cause ingrown hairs by shaving
hair off slightly under the skin.

 Drink plenty of water and get eight hours of sleep every day.

  Tighten bra straps as they stretch out, or buy a new bra when they can't tighten any
further, to keep the bosom looking young and perky.

  Instead of shaving over and over, with the hairs coming in darker and thicker each
time, try waxing. Waxing to remove hair will result in softer hairs each time and
result in permanent hair loss after a few sessions. Aussie Nad's is an all-natural
product which is easy to use.

  Sleeping on two or three pillows at a time, or putting a wedge pillow under your
regular pillow will help get rid of dark circles under your eyes.

  Exercise while dieting is a must or your skin will be too large (and saggy) for your
smaller body. It is much, much tougher to tighten skin after your body shrinks than as
you go.

  After washing your face, rinse in cold water (fair-skinned people should use cool
instead of cold) to close the pores and tighten the facial muscles.

 If you are out of quick-dry spray for nails, dip your fingers into a bowl of ice-cold
water. (Don't to touch the sides of the bowl.) Your nails will dry very quickly.

 Good posture can make you look much slimmer.
 Wearing a low heel will give you better posture than wearing flat shoes.

  Wearing very high heels too often will give you a masculine, muscular calf instead
of a feminine, rounded calf.

  Renew thick nail polish by adding a few drops of fingernail polish remover to the

  Make a nail polish bottle not get stuck closed, put a thin coat of Vaseline inside the

  Clean hair brushes occasionally with dish soap and borax. In a dishpan of very
warm water, add 1/2 cup of borax and a few drops of liquid dish soap. Swish the
brushes to stir, rinse, and let air dry. Scrub any stubborn spots with a used toothbrush.


We have all heard about just how damaging UV rays are for our skin and for our
health. Not only does the sun cause our skin to freckle and burn, but it can also cause
more serious problems for us such as speeding up the aging, or UV rays can cause
skin cancer. These are all great reasons why women have foregone lying out on the
beach for endless hours, and why many have also decided to stop visiting the tanning

So you don’t want to be pale, but you don’t want to put your health in jeopardy. What
can you do? You can choose to get sun kissed by using a bronzer on your skin. Not
sure how to do it? Not a problem. Follow these easy steps below and you will look
like a golden goddess in no time.

Choose the Right Bronzer

Your search for a healthy glow comes from finding the right bronzing product first.
One mistake that a lot of people make is that they choose a bronzer that is far too dark
for their skin tone. You do not want to make this mistake. The bronzer that you
choose should be within 2 shades darker than your current skin tone, otherwise you
will look unnaturally dark or possibly risk looking “orange”.

As a general rule, those with a fair skin tone should choose a honey-colored bronzer.
Anyone with medium skin tones should choose a rosier bronzer or a golden toned
bronzer, and those with dark complexions should focus on amber bronzers or tawny
bronzers. Just to add a few other rules, bear in mind that women with brown hair
should try to find a more orange-toned bronzer whereas blondes should choose a
pink-toned bronzing product.

Prepare your Skin
Before you put on the bronzer, you will need to properly prepare your skin. This
means that the skin should be lightly exfoliated while in the shower or while you are
washing your face, and then a moisturizer needs to be applied afterwards. Do not
apply the bronzer to your skin prior to allowing the moisturizer to dry.

Applying the Bronzer

When applying bronzer, it’s important that you choose the right brush to do it with.
You will want to choose a brush that is wide and fluffy and that has a rounded top. A
blush brush always does the trick well.

Take the brush and swirl it in the bronzer. You only want to get a little onto the brush.
Tap off any excess that there may be, or rub the brush off on a tissue, and then look at
your face in the mirror. Think about where the sun naturally hits your face first and
where you would develop a tan.

Though green tea may only seem like a new concept to some of us on the Western
side of the pond, green tea has been used for centuries by other countries that long ago
recognized its health and beautiful benefits. The benefits of green tea can be had
simply by sipping on it each morning as you take the dog for a stroll. Or you can also
enjoy the benefits of green tea by rubbing it on your skin through a body lotion or a
lip balm. There are even green tea supplements that help with your indigestion and
weight loss.

Why Green Tea is Naturally Healthy for Us

What green tea really has going for it are its antioxidant properties. Antioxidants are
important as they help protect us from the “free radicals” that we have both in our
atmosphere and in our bodies. Free radicals are naturally occurring, but they are
detrimental to our health as they can cause cancer, heart disease, and they accelerate
the aging process. Having a regular intake of antioxidants has repeatedly shown that
the numbers of free radicals are reduced. Cholesterol is reduced with regular intake of
green tea. The chance of developing any cancers and heart disease decreases. Even
those who suffer from arthritis will notice a difference shortly after they start sipping
on some green tea.

Weight Loss Benefits of Green Tea

Here’s what a lot of us are looking for: a magical cure to help us lose weight faster!
So how does green tea do this? Green tea is a natural substance that contains
ingredients that are able to flush out toxins that cause our bodies to cling on to our fat
cells, and it has the ability to speed up our metabolic rate. This means that we are
burning more fat than we would be otherwise. As an added benefit, green tea also
enhances the oxidization of our fat cells, and it provides us with more energy than
more highly caffeinated beverages.

Anti-Aging Benefits of Green Tea

A lot of things can cause for our skin to look older than we feel: pollution, smoking,
sun exposure, and diet are all popular offenders. The good news is that those fine
lines, wrinkles and sun spots can all be treated with a touch of green tea. When ever
you are on the hunt for anti aging products in the stores, make sure you do choose
ones that use green leaf extracts as this will help naturally erase any fine lines and age
spots that you may have


Who doesn’t have Vaseline sitting around in a cupboard or drawer in their washroom?
Though we don’t use it nearly as much as we should, we all own it for some reason.
But why?

What is Vaseline?

Vaseline is a product that was created in the late 19th century by a chemist named
Robert Cheesebrough. Throughout the course of his work, he observed that the
factory workers were using the rod wax to moisturize their skin and discovered that
the wax also helped speed up the healing time of any skin cuts and wounds. He took
this knowledge and made up several different batches or “lines” of products that
contained the key ingredient, petroleum jelly, and put them in vases. This is where the
“vase” in “Vaseline” originates from.

To Improve your Smile

Did you know that you can brighten your smile with just a touch of Vaseline? Take a
small amount on your finger and then rub it all over your front teeth and gums to
really make your teeth glisten. When you’re watching a beauty pageant on TV, notice
their gleaming smile – that’s all thanks to Vaseline!

To Soften your Feet

If you have rough and calloused feet, you can use Vaseline to help soften them up.
Soak your feet in a warm tub of water for up to 15 minutes, and then rub the rough
areas of skin with a pumice stone. When you are finished exfoliating the skin, take
some Vaseline and rub it into those areas. Throw on a thick pair of socks and go to
bed. When you wake up the next morning, you will notice a considerable difference in
the softness of your feet!

To Moisturize your Lips

The simplest lip gloss product that you can ever find is Vaseline. Taking a bit of
Vaseline on your finger and then rubbing it into your lip will not only hydrate your
lips, but it will give them that wet, kissable shine. You can apply Vaseline right
overtop of any lipstick you may be wearing, too.

To Style Dry Hair

Have dry hair? Then pick up a jar of Vaseline. Dab a very small amount of Vaseline
onto your fingers and style your hair as you usually would (do use it sparingly as
Vaseline can quickly make your hair go from healthy looking and shiny to greasy and
oily in seconds). The Vaseline will hold your style and your hair will feel and look
better too!

To Tame your Brows

Did you know that Vaseline can be used as a great product to hold your eyebrows in
place? Take a tiny little bit of the product and then apply it to your eyebrow area with
either an eyebrow brush or with your fingertip.

To Remove your Eye Makeup

Yes, Vaseline can also remove your eye makeup if you are ever in a pinch. Put a
small amount of Vaseline on a cloth or a towel, and then rub it gently over top of your
eye area. You should notice that all eye makeup has been removed, including your
waterproof mascara!

Sunless Tanning

Tanning is one of those things that you simply can’t go without nowadays if you want
to look good. No matter how naturally handsome you are, or how hard you’ve been
hitting the gym – darkening your skin by a few shades will always boost the effects of
your appeal dramatically. A few decades ago however, scientists began to realize the
dangers that the Sun’s UV rays hold for us.

You see, lying out on the beach under the bright Sun can do wonders for your looks,
but it can also lead to many health complications in the long run – the most serious
one being skin cancer. Also, everyone’s probably experienced the terrible effects of
overestimating your tanning timing – being unable to fall asleep at night because you
don’t know which side to turn to, the burning sensation even when putting on clothes
– these can easily deter anyone from Sun tanning.

There’s a safer alternative to lying under the Sun – tanning booths – but those don’t
really eliminate the health risks associated with UV rays. The benefits they provide
are that they’re more convenient (you don’t have to rely on the weather to get tanned),
and you can monitor your time more efficiently. But if you’re afraid of skin cancer,
you should avoid those as well.

What does that leave us? Sunless tanning is the cosmetic industry’s answer to those
problems. It involves various procedures which can alter your skin color without
exposing you to harmful UV rays.

Sunless tanning products generally work by applying chemicals to the skin, which
then cause reactions that lead to color changes. There are several kinds of sunless
tanning products, all of them with their own advantages and disadvantages.

DHA-based products are currently considered to be the best, as they can be very
efficient and completely harmless. DHA stands for dihydroxyacetone, a chemical
which interacts with the amino acids in your skin’s uppermost layer – the “horny
layer”. The reaction causes color changes in the skin, a process similar to one that is
commonly used in the food industry. The tan fades quickly though, lasting about 3-7
days. This is because the skin’s dead cells are continuously shed off, and they’re the
ones affected by DHA’s effects.

While DHA-based products are the most effective you can buy right now, there are
others which can be used to further increase the effects and make them more
prominent and/or quick-acting. There are various tanning accelerators, most often sold
in the form of pills and lotions, which are normally based on the acid tyrosine.
Tyrosine is known to stimulate your body’s natural melanin production, which in turn
boosts the tanning process.

There are other methods available too – if you need a quick fix that only lasts one day
or so, you may find the perfect solution in temporary bronzers. Those products work
by actually staining your skin, and therefore they last until they’re washed off. Be
careful though, bronzers can leave marks on your clothes, so avoid wearing light-
colored clothes after bronzing yourself.

How To Apply Posted Nail Charms

If you have ever had nail gems or jewels, then you probably know just how easy it is
to have them fall off of your fingernails. Just when you thought that there was no
better solution, it’s time to discover a way to keep your nail jewels in permanently
with posted nail charms.

What are Posted Nail Charms?

Posted nail charms are very much alike to the earring posts that you put into your
ears. A posted nail charm is made up of any choice of metal (though most of them are
14k gold or gold plated) and usually has a type of charm, jewel or gem affixed to the
top of the metal post. The post is inserted through your fingernail, and is then screwed
into place with the backing that is provided with the posted nail charm.

How do you Apply a Posted Nail Charm or Gem?

This works best for fake nails, though those with real nails may also be able to do this
as well without cracking their fingernail.

Step 1: Start off by drilling a hole right through your nail, taking care to drill the hole
from the underside of the nail rather than the topside. Drilling from the underside
ensures that you will not actually be drilling into the finger itself. You can drill by
using a small drill bit and twit it back and forth until it goes through the nail.

TIP: It may work best to slightly often the nails in warm water before attempting to
drill through them.

Step 2: Remove the two nuts from the back of the post. Once you have done that,
insert the post right through the hole that you have just created.
Step 3: To secure the post into place, put one of the nuts into the underside of the nail
and screw it onto the post. Now take the second nut and screw it on after that. This
ensures that the charm or gem will be “locked on” and that the post won’t fall out.

Step 4: Now take your nail clippers or a set of wire cutters, and cut off the excess post
if it happens to be too long (there’s a good chance that it will be). File it down if at all
necessary, and voila! You have a perfect nail charm or gem that cannot be lost.

Where can I Find Nail Charms or Gems?

The best place to look for nail charms or gems is to look online. Online definitely has
the widest variety of choices available to you and usually at the best pricing. Just
always pay attention to any shipping fees, as this is often where sellers try to make
most of their profit.

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