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     Michael Soderling, MD
       Peter Yorgin, MD
1. Get ready, Set, Go, Finish
2. Review why Best Practices are needed.
3. Explore the world of short-term
   healthcare missions – how can we do it
4. Discuss some of the most controversial
   issues regarding Best Practices
    GET READY: Biblical basis for
    short-term healthcare missions
• Healing
   – Is mentioned at least 85 occasions in the Gospels.
   – Jesus’ response to John the Baptist
       • Luke 7:22 So he replied to the messengers, "Go back and report to
         John what you have seen and heard: The blind receive sight, the
         lame walk, those who have leprosy are cured, the deaf hear, the
         dead are raised, and the good news is preached to the poor.
• New Testament Church
   – Acts 5:16 Crowds gathered also from the towns around
     Jerusalem, bringing their sick and those tormented by evil spirits,
     and all of them were healed.
   – Paul
     Acts 14:9
     Acts 28:8
• So if we follow in the footsteps of Jesus and the saints…
GET READY: Going in Advance
• First, determine if your partnership with
  another Christian organization is a good fit
  – Partner must have a healthcare function so
    that there can be follow-up on patients
  – Similar perspective on the basics of the faith
  – Good pattern of communications
  – Transparency regarding financial issues
  – Think and Pray “Would this be a good long-
    term partnership?”
GET READY: Going in Advance
• Evaluate needs and resources that are available
• Logistics preparation
• Determine what God wants us collectively to do
  and how we worship together
• Determine the mode of healing
  – Physical
  – Spiritual
  – Emotional
• Determine major mode of interaction
  – Education
  – Healing though direct care
GET READY: Going in Advance
• Think in terms of ministering with/to six
  different groups
  – The people in need
  – Your partner
  – The Church
  – The governmental leaders
  – The local healthcare professionals
  – Other parachurch or Christian NGO
    GET READY: Preparation
• Prayerfully consider whether God is calling
  you to serve in this area.
  – Double confirmation
     • People immediately say – “Given your past, I
       understand why God is calling you to this area of
       the world.”
  – Prophecy
  GET READY: Team members
• Honestly consider what skills are needed for the
• Go heavy on people who are strong Christians,
  willing to give up their own will to serve the Lord.
• Look for what God provides
   – Not many physicians?
      • Good! You can do a lot with community health screening.
      • Vaccine program
    GET READY: Team members
•   Look for what God provides
    – Too many specialty physicians?
      •   Consider CME seminars or teaching village
    – Pre-med, pre-nursing students
      •   Community education
          – Carnival of Health
          – Community water purification
          – Diabetes education
    – Too many dentists?
      •   God is smiling down on you!
      GET READY: Website
• Determine if a website can be of help to
  the team
  – Mission information
  – Team application
  – Team folder
  – Team tasks
  – Team report
                   Get Ready!
• Team Selection
  – Motivation
  – Faith issues
     • Religious affiliation
     • Homogeneity in the team can be an asset.
  – Red flags?
     • Health?
     • Psychosocial?
  – Financing
  – Best fit
     • Skills
     • Servant’s heart
• Team meetings
  – Weekly for 6 weeks
  – Weekend
  – Team bonding
  – Time for prayer
  – Education
    •   SFINC
    •   About the region and people.
    •   Team structure
    •   Expectations
• Supplies
  – Medications
     • WHO Model Lists of Essential Medications
  – Buy them there
  – Buy them here
  – Team medications
     • See List on Lecture area
  – Educational Supplies
     • Presentations
     • Plays/Skits
     • Demonstration equipment
• Supplies
  – Printer
     • Ministry of pictures
  – Gifts for missionary hosts
  – Determine if you want to deposit financial
    support into host accounts
     • Companies like:
  – Set aside money for the church to purchase
             GO! Three plays
• In each of the cases you are people (Some who
  are Christians – some not) who are hosting this
• At the Team Leader’s Home
• The team is entering the country
• At the Day Clinic at a local Church
• Think about your perceptions
  – Before
  – During
  – After
• Peter: Greetings, Come on in
• Peter: I am just packing medications
• Mike: I bet those people are going to be
  real grateful for you doctors. And they get
  Jesus too.
• Peter: Yeah, they don’t have hardly
  anything. We sure can give them a these
  American medications.
• Mike: Speaking of medications, my wife
  and I asked our friends if they had some
  left-over medications in their medicine
  cabinets. We got a collection together for
  you. Hands bag to Peter.
• Peter: Thanks, we really need
  medications. You know the team has to
  pay for all of their stuff, so there isn’t extra
  money available to buy medications.
• Mike: I sure wish I was going, but I am just
  a pastor. Where you are going they don’t
  need people like me. But I can pray for
• Peter: You know, I just hope that God
  provides traveling mercies for the team
  and helps us to get all of this stuff into the
          Take-home points
• Leave the Savior complex at home
• Seek God’s will.
• Here is what I do regarding medications
  – No expired medications or medications from
    peoples medicine cabinets
  – Medications in country
  – Allow partner to purchase or provide
  – Provide medications relevant to medical
    problems that people really have in
          Take home points
• Pastors can be an essential part of the
  – Interacting with the mission partner
  – Teaching and learning from local pastors
  – Evangelism
  – Helping the pastor discipling new people who
    have come to Christ
• Churches that help support healthcare
  mission teams are a real blessing!
• Peter: Come on everybody, let’s get together as
  a group here. (group gathers – starts off real
  quiet) We need to be careful in customs. We
  have paid an inside guy to help us get through
  customs. He will “help” us with any of the
  customs officers that give us trouble about the
  medical equipment that we will be bringing in.
  Just ask for “ “ if there is a problem. Now
  remember four bags per person.
• Group member: Should we be praying?
• Peter: Yes, pray for God’s provision in
  getting the team trough customs and
  immigration. (Brief prayer)
• Mike: Passport, please.
• Mike: What is in the bag?
• Peter: Just some clothes and some team
  medications. We are here serving the
  people with our medical skills.
• Mike: Do you have a letter from our government
  approving your work in our country?
• Peter: We got an invitation from a group of like-
  minded people who are working in a remote
  village outside of the capital city.
• Mike: Do you have a letter from our government
  approving your work in our country?
• Peter: No
• Mike: Open your bag please.
• Group member: Dr, what happened after
  they detained you at the airport? Did our
  Partner Grace Incorporated get you out?
• Peter: I’d rather not talk about it. You know
  that God provides in these situations.
• Peter: It looks like you have done a great
  job setting up the clinic.
• Group member: Actually the church did all
  of the work. They were really happy to see
  us. I just wish that we had a dentist.
• Peter: How is Andy holding up?
• Group member: Good, I guess
• Peter: Who would have ever guessed that
  a Neonatologist could do such a great job
  taking care of 90 year old women! Thank
  you Jesus!
• Peter: Well now that I am here, I guess
  that we can really get down to work.
• Sees a patient in a few seconds. Hands a
  script to lady.
• Group member: Hands baggie with
  medications to lady.
• Peter: Hey, Jim I am so glad that you are
  here. (quietly) Thank so much for getting
  me out of that little customs tangle.
• Mike: Tells him how this incident with the
  government will affect their ministry in this
  creative access country.
These situations would be funny if
they were not true. Most of these
 stories are my early experiences
      with short-term mission.
• In Clinics we now look for:
  – Long term relationships – no Laos this month,
    Guatemala the next
  – The opportunity to be part of the local Christian
    doctors plans
  – A way to invite the local doctors – this gives them the
    chance to know Christ.
  – The chance to be consultants – taking a careful
    history of what the people are already being treated
  – A chance to pray with each person
  – Opportunities to screen people for hypertension,
    diabetes and obesity (the list changes depending on
• When teaching, we look for:
  – Large groups of village doctors (rural primary care
    doctors and nurses)
  – Every chance we get to get people participating in
  – Chances to go to churches to provide health
    education about a topic important to the community
  – Opportunities to host Carnivals of Health, which help
    children learn basic health tips (Thanks to Lori and
    Chris Bajkiewicz)
               Go! Surgery
• Surgical teams can be a great blessing
  – Only perform procedures that you do at home
  – Plan to do less than you normally do at home
    • Translation
    • Education takes time
  – Share your knowledge with other physicians
    • Cochlear implant project
  – Great chance for surgical CME – sharing new
• Remember that we are task oriented
• We think about what we will do
• Many cultures are more relational than
  – Think about tea-time
  – Keep coming back and keep in contact
Look for opportunities to touch people!
• Important to Debrief the team
  – Share memories of what God did, who is he
    his, etc.
  – Talk about what will be missed, what won’t
  – What shall we tell our friends, our church?
  – Start the process of thinking what next?
     •   Advocacy for the ministry partner?
     •   Return trip?
     •   Gather resources for the next team?
     •   Keep in contact with a friend?
• If you have had a medical clinic and
  hundreds of people come to Christ
  – Consider a discipling and teaching team to go
    and help the church.
  – Example:
     • Nochislan, Mexico April 2009
        – 70 member church
        – Over 380 people made professions of faith
        – Who in the church is ready to disciple that number of
• Never forget to communicate with your
  – What were the blessings of having a team
  – What were the challenges
  – How can we do this better together next time?
 Remember: God’s work
should be done God’s way

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