What is a Keylogger and how do i remove it? by suraqah


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									                  What is Keylogger and How to Remove It?
Keylogger software are applications that keep track of all the keys you hit on the keyboard.
The program can gather information or private documents you have on the computer.
However, there are many free keylogger removers that can eliminate this program.


Internet access

Search Online

The Web is the best place to look for these programs. You have two options. You can look it
up on a search engine. Or you can look for the removers on tech sites. Whichever method you
choose, you should get more than a few hits.

Read the Product Description

Study the product before downloading it. What exactly can the program do? Make sure that
your computer matches the program’s minimum system requirements. Some programs can
run on different operating systems; others are more specific (i.e., only for Windows XP).

Product Reviews

This is important as you will be able to get an idea of how effective the product really is. The
remover may have some bugs that make it incompatible with your computer.

Not all free keylogger removers are made the same way. Some are more effective than others.
You won’t get this information from the manufacturer site. You will find it in online review

Ensure that the remover is really free. Some of these apps are only free to use for a specific
period of time. Make sure the app is free to use and the updates are free as well.

How to Remove Keylogger Software

Once you have found the program, you can download and install it. Installation is pretty easy.
Usually you just have to click setup.exe. The installation will proceed automatically. Some
removal tools are based online.

You don’t have to install anything. Just go to the product’s website. It will perform the scan

If you installed the software, double click to open it. Click “scan”. After the scan, a report will
be generated. It will inform you whether the keylogger software was removed or not. If it
wasn’t removed, the reason will be specified. Some anti-keylogger apps can also remove
Trojans and worms.

Note: read the program help file before using it. This will help you configure the program.
How to Keep Keylogger Software Away

Install an antivirus program in your computer. Update the antivirus program regularly. It must
also be active any time you are on the Web.

Do not download apps from suspicious looking websites. Check your program list. If you see
an app there that you didn’t install, it is probably a malware or virus. Run the antivirus
scanner as soon as any symptoms of a virus or malware appear.

It is best if you install a free keylogger remover as soon as possible. Even if you are careful
when browsing, it is better to be safe than sorry.


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