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					                            The Facts about is something that some users may come across but not understand. This is
actually the default IP address utilized by many routers. This is known as an IP address and
there are many others like it.

Facts about Private IP Addresses

These were invented to overcome the lack of Net IP addresses. There are many kinds of
private addresses based on the RFC 1918 definition.

The IP stands for Internet Protocol. This identification is designated for a device that is linked
to a network of computers. Every machine on the network has a distinct IP address all its own.

While the numbers vary, they are all separated into four sections. The dots are used to indicate
the separation. is an
example of this number.

The private IP address range is extensive. The numbers start from and go up to These addresses are in use and are distinct when matched up with other IP

Note that these addresses are distinct when confined to the network. For example, a computer
can be designated an address in the network. It is possible for a computer at home to have that
exact address without any conflicts.

The private IP addressees cannot be utilized for identifying a computer that isn’t in the
network. This means the IP addresses is non-routable. If the computer has to be identified,
NAT (network Address Translator) has to be used.

More about Address Spaces and NAT

The NAT were set up to meet the IP address shortage. Suppose there are six computers in the
office. All are linked to the internet. Every computer will have its own distinct network and IP
address. All the computes will be linked to a router. The router is linked to the Net.

What the NAT device will do is change the information the computers relay. This is done so
the computers can utilize an address that is acceptable for the Web. The NAT is also used for
routing data going through the network.

Other Information

Other numbers on the IP address include and As stated earlier, the
addresses have been defined by the RFC 1918. The numbers are reserved by the Internet
Assigned Numbers Authority.

Most of the time, NAT and other network devices employ this for the default IP address.
Many well known brands also use this particular IP address. One of them is Linksys. Another
one is Speedtouch.
Majority of Internet users know very little about, and in some cases it is not even
necessary. But if you are going to run a private network or a network administrator, knowing
these facts will be necessary. Although there are many other IP addresses, this is the one most
often used.


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Description: The IP addresses are used in private networks and are very important for various reasons. If you are going to set up your own network, knowing something about will be necessary. Get insights on and what it is all about.