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                          File transfer of critical data
                           Securely connects enterprises with their customers,
                           suppliers and partners using the Internet.

Typical Applications       Secure Transport has been developed by Valicert to permit major corporations and
                           financial institutions to:
                           • Securely move critical data between geographically dispersed offices,
  Treasury and Cash            customers, partners and suppliers over the Internet
  Management               • Replace the costly private network infrastructure required for EDI systems
                           • Reliably exchange data between back-office applications across multiple sites.

  Electronic Funds         Many customers integrate SecureTransport with existing applications and business
  Transfer (ACH,           processes. They use it to:
  SWIFT)                       • Replace costly leased lines, modem pools and VANs with the Internet
                               • Secure delivery of services to clients over a web browser
                               • Support demanding, mission-critical production processes.
  Lockbox services with        • Streamline paper, fax and phone-based processes inside and outside the
  images                           organisation

                           Leading banks, insurance companies and government departments use
  Positive pay file        SecureTransport to transparently incorporate secure data and document delivery
  delivery                 into the Web services and portals they offer to their corporate customers and
                           business partners. Major corporations also use it for communication with their
  Trust and custodial
  Trade finance                                                                             Back end Processes
                                                             Server                         & Applications
                              Web Browser
  Credit card reporting
                              Windows GUI Client        Data           Data
  Insurance claims                                    Transport

  processing                                           Security        BPR

                              Unix Client

  Brokerage position
                           MVS OS/390 Client

                           “To secure the delivery of financial transactions and highly sensitive
                           documents to our customers over the internet we selected
                           SecureTransport because it provides a confidential and guaranteed
                           solution” JP Morgan Chase
Features                                                                                Benefits

Industrial strength                                                                         Reduces Private Network costs
SecureTransport has been designed to support mission critical
applications and one client transports up to 1,000Gb of data per                            More reliable than e-mail and FTP
day via the Internet. It can also be deployed on private IP
networks                                                                                    Protects data in transit and in DMZ

Mission Critical                                                                            Transparently encrypts stored data
Secure Transport is based upon industry standard protocols FTP
and HTTP but provides reliability, increased efficiency and                                 Increases efficiency via automation
guaranteed delivery through:
   • Data integrity checks on both sides of the transfer with re-                           Provides demonstrable, quick ROI
       transmit if necessary
   • Automatic restart where a transmission fails                                           Eliminates need for paper proof of
Ease of integration
Secure access and data transfer are available with a browser, a                             Improves regulatory compliance
wide range of platform specific clients or an application using the                         Lowers Total Cost of Ownership
Secure Transport System Developer Kit (SDK). STP (Straight                                  (TCO)
Through Processing) of transactions can be delivered from client
to application.                                                                             Offers straight-through-processing
SecureTransport provides protection for the data:                                           Improves customer service
   • Encrypted whilst stored at the repository
   • By streaming data through the DMZ with no writing to disk
      en route
   • Through end-to-end encryption of the SSL connection
      between client and server.

Users can be authenticated by several means including user ID                           Other SecureSolutions Products:
and password, secure tokens, smart cards and digital
certificates.                                                                               Privawall™
                                                                                            Policy based email Security Server
Secure data delivery can be tracked and receipts are digitally                              PrivaSeal™.
signed to provide the necessary legal grade evidence for non-                               Graphical Digital Signature for
repudiation.                                                                                Electronic Documents

Existing Customers                                                                          SecureSentryPro™.
                                                                                            Token and password access control
Secure Transport is proven and extensively deployed in the US, Asia                         with “On-The-Fly” data encryption for
and Europe. There are in excess of 100 major corporations benefiting                        laptops and PC’s
from the flexibility and costs savings the product offers including:
                                                                                            Document Authority™
 Federal Reserve                           Wells Fargo                                      Web-based document sharing and
 JP Morgan Chase                           SWIFT                                            messaging
 ABN Amro                                  Deutsch Bank
 CIBC                                      Standard Chartered                               Validation Authority™
 Symantec                                  Dell                                             Digital certificate validation
 Nike                                      Sears Roebuck
                                                                                        For further details contact:
                                                                                        Secure Solutions UK Limited
Secure Transport™, Validation Authority™ and Document Authority™ are products of        78 Cannon Street
Valicert Inc. PrivaSeal™, PrivaWall™ and SecureSentryPro™ are products of Aliroo Ltd.   London EC4N 6NQ
                                                                                        Tel: 020 7266 3704

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