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             Project                Key                   Summary                    Issue Type     Status     Priority Resolution
1. Second Life Viewer - VWR     VWR-5193   Object permission broken: all perm reset Bug         Acknowledged   Severe Unresolved
                                           to none when buy from object directly
                                           even when full perm are set in inventory
                                           and in-world

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1. Second Life Viewer - VWR   VWR-14168 Restirct the Avatar to teleport and open   New Feature Awaiting Review   Severe   Unresolved
                                        the map window

1. Second Life Viewer - VWR   VWR-12041 Texture Options                            New Feature Awaiting Review   Severe   Unresolved

1. Second Life Viewer - VWR   VWR-13087 Add a popup to warn when teleporting       New Feature Awaiting Review   Severe   Unresolved
                                        form non-pg land to pg land.

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1. Second Life Viewer - VWR   VWR-8050   Objects show whether they have been   New Feature Awaiting Review   Major   Unresolved
                                         modified by anyone other than their

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1. Second Life Viewer - VWR   VWR-776   flexible custom permissions for estate   Meta Issue   Awaiting Review   Major   Unresolved

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1. Second Life Viewer - VWR   VWR-25525 Improvements to handling of user group Meta Issue   Awaiting Review   Major   Unresolved
                                        permissions on parcels

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1. Second Life Viewer - VWR   VWR-8089   Seperate Options for Transfer and Resell New Feature Awaiting Review    Major   Unresolved

1. Second Life Viewer - VWR   VWR-5265   No Transfer feature should not apply to   New Feature Awaiting Review   Major   Unresolved
                                         the creator so a builder can give a
                                         money-back guarantee

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1. Second Life Viewer - VWR   VWR-4495   New preference to disable/auto-decline   New Feature Awaiting Review   Major   Unresolved
                                         debit permissions by default

1. Second Life Viewer - VWR   VWR-4970   Texture UUIDs that only objects created New Feature Awaiting Review    Major   Unresolved
                                         by the uploader can use

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1. Second Life Viewer - VWR   VWR-2326   Revoke animation permissions tools   New Feature Awaiting Review   Major   Unresolved
                                         menu choice

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1. Second Life Viewer - VWR   VWR-3071   Objects Set for Sale should not default to New Feature Awaiting Review   Major   Unresolved
                                         "Show in Search"

1. Second Life Viewer - VWR   VWR-17244 Viewer 2 Beta: Please add the option for New Feature Awaiting Review      Major   Unresolved
                                        landowners to disable shared media on
                                        their parcels

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1. Second Life Viewer - VWR   VWR-10525 New Asset policy type - Allow (or not)   New Feature Awaiting Review   Major   Unresolved
                                        next owners to change the contents
                                        folder of a object

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1. Second Life Viewer - VWR   VWR-725   Bring back ability to deed no-trans   New Feature Awaiting Review   Major   Unresolved
                                        objects to group

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1. Second Life Viewer - VWR   VWR-26724 Hiding Payment Information                 New Feature Awaiting Review   Major   Unresolved

1. Second Life Viewer - VWR   VWR-15617 Edit others objects, take others objects   New Feature Awaiting Review   Major   Unresolved

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1. Second Life Viewer - VWR   VWR-3295   Need better tools in place to get rid of   New Feature Awaiting Review   Major   Unresolved
                                         Stalkers Greifers and Harrassers

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1. Second Life Viewer - VWR   VWR-11862 Mod ok texture products need full   New Feature Awaiting Review   Major   Unresolved
                                        permission to use.

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1. Second Life Viewer - VWR   VWR-744   Land owners/renters need to be able to       New Feature Acknowledged   Major   Unresolved
                                        move prims that overlap over their land
                                        borders, even if the center of the prim is
                                        on the other piece of land.

1. Second Life Viewer - VWR   VWR-180   Other group permissions broken on non- New Feature Awaiting Review      Major   Unresolved
                                        deeded, group-set land

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1. Second Life Viewer - VWR   VWR-575   Ability to reset scripts in no-mod objects   New Feature Awaiting Review   Major   Unresolved

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1. Second Life Viewer - VWR   VWR-16294 When using llDetachFromAvatar() after Bug     Acknowledged   Major   Unresolved
                                        teleport the objects still appears attached
                                        to the user but not to other residents and
                                        becomes almost impossible to detatch.

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1. Second Life Viewer - VWR   VWR-11902 No copy object will not link to a no   New Feature Awaiting Review   Major   Unresolved
                                        transfer object

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1. Second Life Viewer - VWR   VWR-26258 As a User, I want to Edit Properties for   New Feature Acknowledged   Major   Unresolved
                                        Multiple Items in Inventory in a tabbed
                                        window (like we are able to do in 1.xx

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1. Second Life Viewer - VWR   VWR-17185 Unable to Edit Properties for Multiple   Bug   Acknowledged   Major   Unresolved
                                        Items in Inventory - SL2

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1. Second Life Viewer - VWR   VWR-3387   "Safe" DEBIT_PERMISSION   New Feature Awaiting Review   Major   Unresolved

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1. Second Life Viewer - VWR   VWR-26841 uninstalling last viewer of a certain      Bug   Acknowledged   Major   Unresolved
                                        branch deletes settings for all viewers.

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1. Second Life Viewer - VWR   VWR-28902 As a land owner I want to disallow   New Feature Awaiting Review   Major   Unresolved
                                        localized feed and images

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1. Second Life Viewer - VWR   VWR-25711 Display entry permission warnings for   New Feature Awaiting Review   Minor   Unresolved
                                        inaccessible parcels

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1. Second Life Viewer - VWR   VWR-19677 Anti-Piracy Framework (aka DRM)   New Feature Awaiting Review   Minor   Unresolved

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1. Second Life Viewer - VWR   VWR-8634   Prim Permissions - make this more   New Feature Awaiting Review   Minor   Unresolved

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1. Second Life Viewer - VWR   VWR-13510 Lost permissions on deed, sell, etc   New Feature Awaiting Review   Minor   Unresolved

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1. Second Life Viewer - VWR   VWR-8049   User-settable default permissions on      New Feature Acknowledged   Minor   Unresolved
                                         creation of objects, clothing, scripts,
                                         notecards, etc.

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1. Second Life Viewer - VWR   VWR-23124 "Next Owner can: Modify" and "Copy"   Bug   Acknowledged   Minor   Unresolved
                                        permissions are active for uploaded
                                        screen-shot while default upload
                                        permittions aren't active

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1. Second Life Viewer - VWR   VWR-9230   View Content Permissions Instantly   New Feature Awaiting Review   Minor   Unresolved

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1. Second Life Viewer - VWR   VWR-11097 Provide a methode to receive clicks on   New Feature Awaiting Review   Minor   Unresolved
                                        the minimap to scripts

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1. Second Life Viewer - VWR   VWR-3344   VWR-3234 Geometry   Sub-task   Awaiting Review   Minor   Unresolved

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1. Second Life Viewer - VWR   VWR-22742 Protect the display name if that already   New Feature Awaiting Review   Minor   Unresolved

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1. Second Life Viewer - VWR   VWR-2223   Add Vehicle Entry Option to About   New Feature Awaiting Review   Minor   Unresolved

1. Second Life Viewer - VWR   VWR-3779   Add pie menu option to "revoke      New Feature Awaiting Review   Minor   Unresolved

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1. Second Life Viewer - VWR   VWR-764   New Feature -> UI -> Dialog -> Friends   New Feature Awaiting Review   Minor   Unresolved
                                        List -> Can manage my inventory

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1. Second Life Viewer - VWR   VWR-1527   Informational Message Formatting      New Feature Awaiting Review     Minor   Unresolved

1. Second Life Viewer - VWR   VWR-24379 New script ability to prevent auto-rez   New Feature Awaiting Review   Minor   Unresolved
                                        objects (read: vehicles on Linden Land)
                                        from rezzing without agent in chat range

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1. Second Life Viewer - VWR   VWR-2108   Enable creators to set                  New Feature Awaiting Review   Minor   Unresolved
                                         minimum/maximum resale price to their
                                         transferrable items.

1. Second Life Viewer - VWR   VWR-2514   Disable animation requests from objects New Feature Awaiting Review   Minor   Unresolved
                                         and scripts from everyone but friends

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1. Second Life Viewer - VWR   VWR-3406   Addition to right click context menu -   New Feature Awaiting Review   Minor   Unresolved
                                         revoke permissions

1. Second Life Viewer - VWR   VWR-11329 Improve No-Push and Bumps-Hits log        New Feature Awaiting Review   Minor   Unresolved

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1. Second Life Viewer - VWR   VWR-26480 As a resident: I would like to be able to   New Feature Awaiting Review   Minor   Unresolved
                                        view property lines when on platforms
                                        normally too high for them to be visible.

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1. Second Life Viewer - VWR   VWR-15806 Revoke Granted Mod Rights   New Feature Awaiting Review   Minor   Unresolved

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1. Second Life Viewer - VWR   VWR-16061 Lock Button for Objects in About Land   New Feature Awaiting Review   Minor   Unresolved

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1. Second Life Viewer - VWR   VWR-11479 client hosted resources                  New Feature Awaiting Review   Minor   Unresolved

1. Second Life Viewer - VWR   VWR-5147   items in content with protection of     New Feature Awaiting Review   Minor   Unresolved
                                         erasing procedure to setup by creator

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1. Second Life Viewer - VWR   VWR-13237 New Texture Perm: transfer on prim only New Feature Awaiting Review   Minor   Unresolved

1. Second Life Viewer - VWR   VWR-12120 VWR-8049 Allow residents to set default Sub-task    Awaiting Review   Minor   Unresolved
                                        permissions on prims they create

1. Second Life Viewer - VWR   VWR-12123 VWR-8049 Allow residents to set default Sub-task    Awaiting Review   Minor   Unresolved
                                        permissions on clothing/LLWearables
                                        they create
1. Second Life Viewer - VWR   VWR-12121 VWR-8049 Allow residents to set default Sub-task    Awaiting Review   Minor   Unresolved
                                        permissions on scripts they create

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1. Second Life Viewer - VWR   VWR-12122 VWR-8049 Allow residents to set default Sub-task     Awaiting Review   Minor   Unresolved
                                        permissions on notecards they create

1. Second Life Viewer - VWR   VWR-17748 Lock shared media controls to a single   New Feature Awaiting Review   Minor   Unresolved

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1. Second Life Viewer - VWR   VWR-1962   Create check box option for textures       New Feature Awaiting Review   Minor   Unresolved
                                         similiar to the 'Copy, Modify, Transfer'
                                         options currently available.

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1. Second Life Viewer - VWR   VWR-20428 Adding Shared Media Permission for      New Feature Awaiting Review   Minor   Unresolved
                                        reliable user interface

1. Second Life Viewer - VWR   VWR-11494 NEW FEATURE: "STICKY" flag for          New Feature Awaiting Review   Minor   Unresolved
                                        inventory when doing "Replace Outfit"

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1. Second Life Viewer - VWR   VWR-25712 Display entry permissions warnings for   New Feature Awaiting Review   Minor   Unresolved

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1. Second Life Viewer - VWR   VWR-9219   Mute, delete and/or return to inventory   New Feature Awaiting Review   Minor   Unresolved
                                         options on permissions dialog

1. Second Life Viewer - VWR   VWR-4437   Add dialogs when setting object "allow  New Feature Awaiting Review     Minor   Unresolved
                                         anyone to copy" and nested items cannot
                                         be copied.

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1. Second Life Viewer - VWR   VWR-4699   Replace "Release Keys" button with a   New Feature Awaiting Review   Minor   Unresolved
                                         new fly-out menu

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1. Second Life Viewer - VWR   VWR-7970   A robust viewer plug-in model that       New Feature Awaiting Review   Minor   Unresolved
                                         supports signed native code, dynamic
                                         download and installation, and hooking
                                         into numerous places in the viewer
                                         including rendering

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1. Second Life Viewer - VWR   VWR-875   A new setting in uploaded animations to New Feature Awaiting Review   Minor   Unresolved
                                        allow them to be called by UUID in script

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1. Second Life Viewer - VWR   VWR-3800   Extend use of Calling Cards for      New Feature Awaiting Review   Minor   Unresolved
                                         organizational purposes and better

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1. Second Life Viewer - VWR   VWR-13264 Add a 'set permissions' interface to         New Feature Awaiting Review   Minor   Unresolved
                                        scripts & appearance mode, to provide
                                        an intuitive interface for creators to set
                                        permissions as they go.

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1. Second Life Viewer - VWR   VWR-24465 Please make an inworld user profile   New Feature Awaiting Review   Minor   Unresolved
                                        system that is NOT web based

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1. Second Life Viewer - VWR   VWR-11832 Estate Owners (and Estate Managers?)    New Feature Awaiting Review   Minor   Unresolved
                                        need 'God' Control/Mode in there sim.

1. Second Life Viewer - VWR   VWR-7067   Will System In SL.                     New Feature Awaiting Review   Minor   Unresolved

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1. Second Life Viewer - VWR   VWR-11678 Add an OK button to all permissions   New Feature Awaiting Review   Minor   Unresolved

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1. Second Life Viewer - VWR   VWR-1750   Addition to Tools Menu - Revoke Debit   New Feature Awaiting Review   Minor   Unresolved

1. Second Life Viewer - VWR   VWR-2222   All animations (even no-modify ones)    New Feature Awaiting Review   Minor   Unresolved
                                         should be usable in gestures

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1. Second Life Viewer - VWR   VWR-9562   Add "Region Managers" to Region/Estate New Feature Awaiting Review   Minor   Unresolved
                                         menu, to allow single region

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1. Second Life Viewer - VWR   VWR-28742 Permissions (modify/copy) uncheck   Bug   Acknowledged   Minor   Unresolved

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1. Second Life Viewer - VWR   VWR-17155 Shared media access controls based on New Feature Awaiting Review    Trivial   Unresolved
                                        relationship between parcel/region and
                                        object owner

1. Second Life Viewer - VWR   VWR-13181 Set permissions option on asset upload New Feature Awaiting Review   Trivial   Unresolved
                                        window. Set permissions AND upload as
                                        one action

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1. Second Life Viewer - VWR   VWR-6796   Ask For Confirmation On Detach All   New Feature Awaiting Review   Trivial   Unresolved

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1. Second Life Viewer - VWR   VWR-13904 Builders decide if an object should be    New Feature Awaiting Review   Trivial   Unresolved
                                        rezzable or not - New option on permition

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1. Second Life Viewer - VWR   VWR-27662 We need the ability to see what huds an New Feature Awaiting Review   Unset   Unresolved
                                        Avatar is wearing

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1. Second Life Viewer - VWR                 VWR-28733 Group Roles Assigning issues   New Feature Awaiting Review   Unset   Unresolved

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     Assignee            Reporter      Created          Updated       Resolved             Affects Version/s
Dan Linden      Nicoladie Gymnast   2/28/2008 10:21   2/23/2011 20:28, v2.4.0 Release

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Unassigned   Han Poliatevska   6/17/2009 23:09   9/7/2010 12:02   v1.23 - Release

Unassigned   Maggie Mahoney     2/13/2009 4:25   9/7/2010 12:02                                         1.21

Unassigned   Cummere Mayo       4/30/2009 9:46   9/7/2010 12:02   1.23 Release Candidate, 1.23 Public

                                                                                                        66 of 640
Unassigned   seshat czeret   7/4/2008 12:09   9/7/2010 12:33   Other (please specify in issue

                                                                                                67 of 640
Unassigned   yukiko omegamu   5/18/2007 18:49   8/24/2010 9:05   1.16.0.x, Source code, 1.21 Public
                                                                 Nightly, 1.20,,, 1.21
                                                                 Release Candidate

                                                                                                           68 of 640
Unassigned   Renara Vandyke   4/15/2011 9:36   5/8/2011 8:15

                                                               69 of 640
Unassigned   Solar Legion        7/7/2008 12:54   9/7/2010 12:34

Unassigned   SunQueen Ginsberg   4/11/2007 3:53   9/7/2010 12:35

                                                                   70 of 640
Unassigned   Sindy Tsure    2/2/2008 19:23   9/7/2010 12:33

Unassigned   hulk ah       2/15/2008 15:29   9/7/2010 12:35   Source code, 1.20 Release Candidate,

                                                                                                 71 of 640
Unassigned   Nika Talaj   9/5/2007 7:24   2/27/2012 19:25   Viewer 2.0.1

                                                                           72 of 640
Unassigned   Prokofy Neva    11/13/2007 18:20   9/7/2010 12:44   1.18.5 Release Candidate

Unassigned   spinster Voom     2/25/2010 2:39   9/7/2010 11:43   Viewer 2.0 Beta

                                                                                            73 of 640
Unassigned   Henry Grumiaux   11/16/2008 8:42   9/7/2010 12:01   1.21

                                                                 74 of 640
Unassigned   Huns Valen   5/11/2007 20:52   1/22/2011 21:14   1.16.0.x

                                                                         75 of 640
Unassigned   Albatroz Hird        8/19/2011 15:08   8/24/2011 14:26   Open Development Candidates

Unassigned   MarieLouise Petrov    9/24/2009 0:07    9/7/2010 11:43

                                                                                                    76 of 640
Unassigned   Erinyse Planer   11/18/2007 7:54   2/29/2012 18:21

                                                                  77 of 640
Unassigned   EJ Hirano   2/2/2009 11:41   1/9/2011 17:02   1.21, 1.22 Release Candidate,
                                                           Snowglobe 1.2, v1.23 - Release, Viewer
                                                           2.0 Beta

                                                                                              78 of 640
Andrew Linden   Musicteacher Rampal   5/15/2007 10:55   1/29/2012 17:10

Unassigned      Haravikk Mistral       3/3/2007 11:44   9/15/2010 11:46, First Look -,
                                                                          1.20, 1.22, v2.1.1 - Release

                                                                                                                  79 of 640
Unassigned   Samm Submariner   4/30/2007 2:36   2/29/2012 18:21

                                                                  80 of 640
WorkingOnIt Linden   Madeline Kaligawa   12/5/2009 15:01   4/5/2012 11:30

                                                                            81 of 640
Unassigned   Akira Claymore   2/5/2009 12:19   3/29/2011 1:01   1.21

                                                                82 of 640
Unassigned   Sera Lok   2/14/2011 11:24   4/10/2012 10:33   SL Viewer v3.2.6

                                                                               83 of 640
WorkingOnIt Linden   Juliette Pashinin   2/24/2010 16:08   4/18/2012 14:50   Snowglobe 1.3, v1.23 - Release, Viewer
                                                                             2.0 Beta, Viewer 2.0, Viewer 2.1.0,
                                                                             Viewer 2.1.1 Beta, v2.1.1 - Release, SL
                                                                             Viewer v3.3.0

                                                                                                                 84 of 640
Unassigned   Haravikk Mistral   11/22/2007 1:13   2/29/2012 18:21   Other (please specify in issue
                                                                    description), 1.18.3 Release Candidate,
                                                                    1.18.4 Release Candidate,,
                                                                    1.18.5 Release Candidate, First Look:
                                                                    WindLight, 1.22, v2.1.1 - Release

                                                                                                         85 of 640
Mercille Linden   Dan Linden   9/2/2011 10:02   4/23/2012 11:36

                                                                  86 of 640
Unassigned   Vick Forcella   5/3/2012 1:48   5/3/2012 2:14   SL Viewer v3.2.6

                                                                                87 of 640
Unassigned   Haravikk Mistral   5/8/2011 8:02   5/8/2011 13:52

                                                                 88 of 640
Unassigned   Strife Onizuka   6/2/2010 11:59   10/13/2010 19:23

                                                                  89 of 640
Unassigned   StarSong Bright   10/19/2007 23:28   9/7/2010 12:32

                                                                   90 of 640
Unassigned   Pazako Karu   5/14/2009 12:07   1/17/2011 2:27

                                                              91 of 640
Oz Linden   seshat czeret   7/4/2008 11:53   2/29/2012 18:22   Other (please specify in issue

                                                                                                92 of 640
WorkingOnIt Linden   Valeriy ProductEngine   9/21/2010 11:32   2/22/2012 15:36   v3.2.4 - Beta 1

                                                                                                   93 of 640
Unassigned   Buffie Barmy   9/17/2008 0:33   9/7/2010 12:36

                                                              94 of 640
Unassigned   Kerik Rau   12/15/2008 11:30   2/29/2012 18:22

                                                              95 of 640
Unassigned   Haravikk Mistral   11/20/2007 6:55   9/15/2010 11:46   1.22, v2.1.1 - Release

                                                                                             96 of 640
Unassigned   Eddi Decosta   8/31/2010 22:41   9/27/2010 21:27   Development Viewer 2.1.2

                                                                                           97 of 640
Unassigned   Oryx Tempel      8/23/2007 16:56   9/7/2010 12:45

Unassigned   Squirrel Wood   12/10/2007 10:48   9/7/2010 12:33

                                                                 98 of 640
Unassigned   Sparrow Petty   5/17/2007 6:46   2/8/2011 8:14

                                                              99 of 640
Unassigned   Bloodsong Termagant    7/4/2007 4:34    9/7/2010 12:44

Unassigned   Umphrey Sachs         1/2/2011 18:48   2/29/2012 18:21   v2.3.0 - Release, v2.4.0 Release

                                                                                                         100 of 640
Unassigned   Carty Capra    8/9/2007 13:54   9/7/2010 12:44

Unassigned   Marcus Huet   9/18/2007 12:26   9/7/2010 12:43

                                                                         101 of 640
Unassigned   Gordon Wendt   11/22/2007 11:08   9/7/2010 12:44

Unassigned   Garn Conover   12/30/2008 18:09   9/7/2010 12:02

                                                                102 of 640
Unassigned   Fred Gandt   7/24/2011 16:44   8/20/2011 14:06

                                                              103 of 640
Unassigned   Sayrah Parx   10/14/2009 13:38   7/14/2011 10:47

                                                                104 of 640
Unassigned   Freecilla Kuhn   11/9/2009 16:27   9/7/2010 11:46   1.23 Release Candidate

                                                                                          105 of 640
Unassigned   TigroSpottystripes Katsu    1/9/2009 14:51   2/29/2012 18:22

Unassigned   Apopsy Hax                 2/25/2008 10:08    9/7/2010 12:36

                                                                                       106 of 640
Unassigned   Kaine Lowenstark     5/5/2009 8:35   9/7/2010 12:02

Unassigned   Soft Linden        2/19/2009 12:11   8/24/2010 9:10

Unassigned   Soft Linden        2/19/2009 12:12   8/24/2010 9:10

Unassigned   Soft Linden        2/19/2009 12:11   8/24/2010 9:10

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Unassigned   Soft Linden    2/19/2009 12:12   8/24/2010 9:10

Unassigned   Xugu Madison   2/24/2010 11:36   9/7/2010 11:46   Viewer 2.0 Beta

                                                                                 108 of 640
Unassigned   Mystik Boucher   8/1/2007 8:48   9/7/2010 12:42

                                                               109 of 640
Unassigned   Darien Caldwell   7/25/2010 15:14   2/29/2012 18:22

Unassigned   Tavek Chandler     1/11/2009 2:15    9/7/2010 12:00

                                                                   110 of 640
Unassigned   Haravikk Mistral   5/8/2011 8:14   6/10/2011 9:56

                                                                 111 of 640
Unassigned   Xugu Madison   9/16/2008 7:57   9/7/2010 12:35               1.2

Unassigned   Doran Zemlja   1/30/2008 7:24   9/7/2010 12:34

                                                                         112 of 640
Unassigned   Jacek Antonelli   2/7/2008 14:50   9/7/2010 12:34

                                                                 113 of 640
Unassigned   Edward Artaud   6/27/2008 11:26   2/29/2012 18:23

                                                                 114 of 640
Unassigned   Cracker Hax   5/27/2007 14:36   9/7/2010 12:43

                                                              115 of 640
Unassigned   Peter Stindberg   12/12/2007 3:22   9/7/2010 12:34

                                                                  116 of 640
Unassigned   seshat czeret   5/6/2009 20:47   9/7/2010 12:03

                                                               117 of 640
Unassigned   Porthos Dreddmor   1/12/2011 1:48   7/28/2011 2:29

                                                                  118 of 640
Unassigned   Hunter Trommler   1/31/2009 19:22   12/3/2010 17:04

Unassigned   AJ Shen            5/4/2008 16:35    9/7/2010 12:36

                                                                              119 of 640
Unassigned   Kaluura Boa   1/16/2009 16:32   9/7/2010 12:00

                                                              120 of 640
Unassigned   Ryu Darragh    7/14/2007 23:51   9/7/2010 12:43

Unassigned   Doris Haller   8/23/2007 14:14   9/7/2010 12:43,

                                                                                    121 of 640
Unassigned   Reacher Rau   10/5/2008 9:23   9/7/2010 12:34

                                                             122 of 640
WorkingOnIt Linden   MartinRJ Fayray   4/11/2012 0:39   4/11/2012 13:15   SL Viewer v3.3.0

                                                                                             123 of 640
Unassigned   Xugu Madison       2/24/2010 11:42   9/7/2010 11:46

Unassigned   Nekololi Woodget    5/2/2009 13:42   9/7/2010 12:03   1.20, 1.21, 1.22, 1.23 Release
                                                                   Candidate, 1.23 Public Nightly

                                                                                                    124 of 640
Unassigned   Sasha Nurmi   4/23/2008 8:24   9/7/2010 12:33

                                                             125 of 640
Unassigned   Zeev Dinzeo   6/6/2009 10:16   9/7/2010 12:00

                                                             126 of 640
Unassigned   Dillon MacMoragh   11/20/2011 19:43   11/21/2011 12:01   SL Viewer v3.2.1

                                                                                         127 of 640
Unassigned   Loralai Enyo   4/10/2012 3:14   4/11/2012 0:02   SL Viewer v3.2.6

                                                                                 128 of 640
Fix Version/s                 Component/s   Due Date Votes Watchers                Images   Original Estimate
                Permissions                              0        2 _thumb_47250.png

                                                                                                     129 of 640
Permissions, User Interface        0    0

Permissions                        2    1

Avatars, Land, Permissions, User   57   6

                                            130 of 640
Avatars, Permissions   281   33 _thumb_21578.png

                                                   131 of 640
Land, Permissions   35   8

                             132 of 640
Content Creation, Groups, Land,   2   2
Permissions, User Interface

                                          133 of 640
Permissions   4    3

Permissions   10   0

                       134 of 640
L$ (Commerce), Permissions, User   1    0

Permissions                        33   2 _thumb_14927.png

                                                             135 of 640
Avatars, Permissions   38   8

                                136 of 640
Permissions         4    1 _thumb_12741.png

Land, Permissions   61   8

                                              137 of 640
Content Creation, Permissions   17   2 _thumb_20345.png

                                                          138 of 640
Groups, Permissions   12   3

                               139 of 640
L$ (Commerce), Permissions, Source   35   5 _thumb_53482.png
Code, User Interface

Permissions                          0    1

                                                               140 of 640
Content Creation, Performance,   3   2
Permissions, User Interface

                                         141 of 640
Content Creation, Permissions   3   1

                                        142 of 640
Content Creation, Land, Permissions   162   28 _thumb_17057.png

Groups, Permissions                    5     2

                                                                  143 of 640
Content Creation, Permissions   63   13

                                          144 of 640
Avatars, Content Creation, Permissions   10   3

                                                  145 of 640
Content Creation, Permissions   20   0 _thumb_21843.png

                                                          146 of 640
Inventory, Permissions   10   11 _thumb_53013.png _thumb_49198.png

                                                                     147 of 640
Content Creation, Permissions, User   70   24 _thumb_37826.png

                                                                 148 of 640
Content Creation, L$ (Commerce),   16   4

                                            149 of 640
Permissions   1   1

                      150 of 640
Permissions   2   2 _thumb_59923.png

                                       151 of 640
Groups, Permissions, User Interface   0   1

                                              152 of 640
Permissions, Rendering, Source Code,   0   1
User Interface

                                               153 of 640
Permissions   10   2

                       154 of 640
Permissions   0   1 _thumb_24059.png

                                       155 of 640
Content Creation, Inventory, Permissions   169   43 _thumb_23706.png _thumb_21934.png
                                                    _thumb_23707.png _thumb_21228.png
                                                    _thumb_23708.png _thumb_23780.png

                                                                                        156 of 640
Permissions   0   0

                      157 of 640
Permissions   10   0 _thumb_18851.png

                                        158 of 640
Avatars, Content Creation, Permissions,   1   2
User Interface

                                                  159 of 640
Content Creation, Permissions,   0   0

                                         160 of 640
Avatars, Permissions, Source Code   0   0 _thumb_43131.png

                                                             161 of 640
Land, Permissions, Rendering   4   0

Permissions                    5   0

                                       162 of 640
Inventory, Permissions, User Interface   7   0

                                                 163 of 640
Permissions, User Interface           1   0

Content Creation, Land, Permissions   1   0

                                              164 of 640
Permissions   3   0

Permissions   1   0

                      165 of 640
Permissions                        0   0

Avatars, Land, Permissions, User   3   0

                                           166 of 640
Content Creation, Land, Navigation &       1   0
Teleporting, Permissions, User Interface

                                                   167 of 640
Content Creation, Permissions, User   0   0

                                              168 of 640
Permissions   0   0 _thumb_31168.png

                                       169 of 640
Avatars, Content Creation, Inventory,   0   0
Other/Unknown, Permissions

Permissions                             0   0

                                                170 of 640
Permissions   3   0

Permissions   0   0

Permissions   0   0

Permissions   2   0

                      171 of 640
Permissions   0   0

Permissions   1   0

                      172 of 640
Permissions   3   0

                      173 of 640
Content Creation, Permissions, Shared   3   2

Avatars, Inventory, Permissions         4   2

                                                174 of 640
Groups, Permissions, User Interface   0   1

                                              175 of 640
Permissions                              5   1

Inventory, Permissions, User Interface   8   3

                                                 176 of 640
Avatars, Permissions, User Interface   12   4

                                                177 of 640
Avatars, Communications, Content         11   9
Creation, Inventory, L$ (Commerce),
Permissions, Rendering, User Interface

                                                  178 of 640
Permissions   7   3

                      179 of 640
Avatars, Communications, Permissions,   10   1
User Interface

                                                 180 of 640
Permissions   1   1

                      181 of 640
Avatars, Communications, Groups,   44   12
Permissions, User Interface

                                             182 of 640
Land, Permissions, User Interface   7   3

Permissions                         2   1

                                            183 of 640
Permissions, User Interface   1   2

                                      184 of 640
Permissions            41   2

Avatars, Permissions   17   4

                                185 of 640
Land, Permissions   56   8

                             186 of 640
Content Creation, Inventory, Permissions   0   0

                                                   187 of 640
Permissions                              0   1

Inventory, Permissions, User Interface   2   2 _thumb_23632.png

                                                                  188 of 640
Avatars, Inventory, Permissions, User   2   1

                                                189 of 640
Permissions   97   10

                        190 of 640
Permissions, User Interface   11   3

                                       191 of 640
Groups, Permissions   0   0

                              192 of 640
Remaining Estimate   Time Spent Work Ratio   Sub-Tasks              Linked Issues
                                                         VWR-7357, SVC-14, VWR-984, VWR-
                                                         1733, VWR-8618

                                                                                           193 of 640
VWR-8624, VWR-7709

VWR-12977, MISC-2778

                       194 of 640
VWR-4199, SVC-608

                    195 of 640
VWR-1649, SVC-79, SVC-456, SVC-
541, WEB-2615, VWR-9562

                                  196 of 640
VWR-27640, VWR-7830, VWR-25526,
VWR-25711, VWR-25712

                                  197 of 640
SVC-2624, SVC-2622

                     198 of 640
SVC-2568, SVC-676, SVC-2514, VWR-
2909, VWR-5030, VWR-1919, MISC-

                                    199 of 640
VWR-13228, VWR-1750, VWR-20779

                                 200 of 640
VWR-2811, VWR-2811

VWR-22675, VWR-19326, SVC-5498

                                 201 of 640

           202 of 640
SVC-111, SVC-3720, SVC-305

                             203 of 640
204 of 640

           205 of 640
VWR-27632, VWR-4325, MISC-1416,
SVC-5473, SVC-4722, SVC-5029

                                  206 of 640
VWR-15852, SVC-473, SVC-6156, MISC-
913, VWR-9233, VWR-1486

                                 207 of 640

           208 of 640
SVC-5150, VWR-12525

                      209 of 640
SVC-2624, SVC-3709, SVC-2621, SVC-

                                     210 of 640
VWR-17185, VWR-26259, SVC-381,
WEB-3784, VWR-26642, VWR-21192,
VWR-26314, VWR-27561

                                  211 of 640
VWR-21641, VWR-21192, VWR-17530,
VWR-18725, VWR-18140, VWR-24432,
VWR-24115, VWR-26258

                                   212 of 640
VWR-4218   SVC-3758

                      213 of 640
214 of 640
215 of 640
VWR-27640, VWR-7830, VWR-25525,

                                  216 of 640
VWR-19678, VWR-19680, VWR-19681, VWR-16173, VWR-23419
VWR-19682, VWR-19684, VWR-23430

                                                        217 of 640
VWR-8624, SVC-593, VWR-5082

                              218 of 640
219 of 640
VWR-8624, VWR-12120, VWR-12121,   VWR-8624, VWR-363, VWR-22972,
VWR-12122, VWR-12123              MISC-1424, VWR-12560, VWR-8624,
                                  VWR-10854, SVC-4444, SVC-3551,
                                  SVC-3046, VWR-13181, VWR-5082

                                                                    220 of 640

           221 of 640
222 of 640

            223 of 640

           224 of 640
VWR-21053, SVC-6195

                      225 of 640
226 of 640
227 of 640
228 of 640

           229 of 640
VWR-1750, VWR-7822

                     230 of 640

            231 of 640
232 of 640
233 of 640
MISC-651, VWR-358, SVC-114, SVC-

                                   234 of 640

           235 of 640
236 of 640

            237 of 640

          238 of 640
VWR-7830, VWR-25711, VWR-25525

                                 239 of 640

VWR-2602, SVC-1476

                     240 of 640
VWR-4541, VWR-4827, VWR-4785,

                                241 of 640
242 of 640

            243 of 640
VWR-890, SVC-267, VWR-1932

                             244 of 640
245 of 640
WEB-3494, WEB-3535

                     246 of 640

          247 of 640

           248 of 640
VWR-2326, VWR-1365, VWR-3406


                               249 of 640
VWR-776, SVC-541

                   250 of 640
251 of 640
VWR-8624, VWR-8049

                     252 of 640
253 of 640
254 of 640
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        Environment                 Description                     Security Level   Progress Σ Progress   Σ Time Spent
2.4.0                 When someone buy an object rezzed in-
                      world, the permission reset to none even
                      when the next-owner permission is set
                      with MOD/COPY permission in-world,
                      AND in inventory.

                      In other words, all the permissions are
                      correctly displayed in in-world and in
                      inventory if you examine them using Edit
                      or show Property.

                      But if someone buys the object from in-
                      world, the permissions are reset back to
                      none. If you take the same rezzed object
                      with MOD/COPY perm back into
                      inventory, the permission get reset back
                      to none!

                      This happens when there are scripts
                      inside the content that does not have full
                      perm, and I know that when put back into
                      inventory, it will acquire the lowest
                      permission, so that is normal. But when I
                      change the permission of the object to
                      enable MOD perm for next-owner in
                      inventory, it is suppose to allow MOD
                      perm there after. But it does not. That is,
                      when you rez this object (with MOD
                      perm) back into the in-world, it says

                                                                                                                   257 of 640
Windows Vista   Hi, We are running an art project. In real
                life, we have a computer in the art exhibit
                room, we need to restirct the avatar to
                teleport to any other places. is there an
                easy way to dislable teleport or open the
                Map windows in second life client? these
                functions is very important for us.

                Features that would be welcomed by

                1. Ability to set permissions on bulk
                upload files at time of upload. When
                uploading multiple files, one must go in
                and set permissions on each individual
                texture - having the ability to set perms at
                upload would be very beneficial to
                numerous content creators.

                2. Ability to set resolution of photo to disk
                option and it remain at that resolution for
                more than just the first picture taken
                rather than defaulting back to previous

n/a             I'm not asking for anything fancy just a
                popup that states "you are going from a
                non-pg land to a pg land. do you wish to
                continue?" that can be turned on or off in
                user preferences?

                the advantages of this are that it would
                GREATLY reduce accidental violations of
                the TOS and Community Standards
                regarding indecency and adult content.

                                                                258 of 640
Windows XP Pro 2002 Service Pack 2,   Some content creators are wary of
Celeron 2.4 Ghz, 1 Gig RAM, GEForce   releasing items with both Modify and
7600 GS                               Transfer permissions, because those
                                      objects can then become something
                                      completely different; yet they are still
                                      listed as creator of that object.

                                      This concern would be alleviated with
                                      some sort of 'this object has been
                                      modified by someone other than the
                                      creator' mark in the properties screen of
                                      the object.

                                      At minimum, a simple line of text would
                                      probably be enough.

                                      The maximum (maintaining a complete
                                      list of changes and modifying
                                      avatars/agents) is likely to be
                                      prohibitively expensive in storage and
                                      search time.

                                      For the purpose of enabling content
                                      creators to be happier to release
                                      Modify/Transfer objects, I think it would
                                      be enough to include a 'Last modified by
                                      [agent/avatar] on [date]' line in the
                                      Properties panel.

                                                                                  259 of 640
Estate owners should be able to assign
their managers any combination of the
following permissions :

* Immunity to parcel ejects, bans, and
access lines of all types, also, cannot be
teleported home (NEW)
* Ability to reclaim land back into the
hands of the estate owner
* Ability to set land owned by the estate
owner as for sale, including sale details
* Ability to modify about land -> ban ->
deny by payment status for all parcels
* Ability to modify about land -> options
settings for all parcels
* Ability to modify about land -> objects
settings for all parcels (e.g. auto-return)
* Ability to return objects on land
(including "all objects owned by avatar
* Ability to terraform anywhere
* Ability to terraform whilst ignoring the
"terraform limit" on the sim. (NEW)

Estate / Region
* Ability to send a message to the region
* Ability to restart the region
* Ability to change agent limit / object

                                              260 of 640
*User Story*:
As a resident of Second Life, I would like
the interaction with group permissions to
be more streamlined in order to avoid
conflicts and common mistakes.

One issue that a large number of
residents in Second Life encounter day-
to-day are group permissions and the
way that interact with parcel permissions.
The most common troubles include:
- Accidentally rezzing objects with the
wrong group, causing them to fail to rez
or be auto-returned to lost and found.
- Forgetting to set the correct group
before entering group-restricted land,
resulting in bouncing off of ban-lines or
failed teleports.

The reason these issues occur is that
while Second Life supports users
belonging to multiple groups, only a
single group and its associated
permissions may be active at the same
time. This often results in a necessary
disparity between what a user expects to
happen, and what does happen, as most
users expect simply being in a group to

                                             261 of 640
This is an issue I filed once before under
the old system and I am now bringing it
over to the JIRA.

Some Content Creators make free items
that they wish to share with all of Second
Life, with as few restrictions as possible
(some prefer to prevent modification or
copying, others do not). However under
the current system if an item is marked
as being transferable it can then be
resold by another user at a profit.

This is unfair to bother the normal users
and to the Content Creators who wished
only to be able to freely share their item
with everyone.

What I propose is for the current
Transfer/Resell option to be separated
out into two new options: Transfer Only
(no resell) and Resell (the same as the
old single option). This will allow those
who actually did want others to be able to
make a little money from resales to still
do so AND will allow those who simply
wished their items to be able to remain
free and able to be given away to
everyone to do so as well.
I am a home builder and I give a 24 hour
money-back guarantee, which I think is
only right considering most are sold just
by picture. The problem is, there's no
way to take back the house because it is
no transfer. The no-transfer function
should NOT apply to returning the item to
the creator.

                                             262 of 640
The viewer should have a preference
setting that, by default, automatically
denies debit permission pop-ups. When
this happens, the user should probably
get a message saying what's happened
and which object's been blocked.

When uploading a texture, have an
option to mark that texture as
"Restricted." A "restricted" texture would
only work on objects created by the
original uploader. Scripts in other
people's objects attempting to use
restricted textures would fail.

Benefits of this proposal:

- gives texture creators more control over
who uses (abuses) their textures
- will reduce anonymous theft (since no
upload is required with this way of
- will not harm any present content that is
inworld now since only textures uploaded
as "restricted" would be affected.

This should also include a server-side
change to stop 3rd party clients from
bypassing the check.

uploadexample.jpg shows an example of
how the UI could look.

                                              263 of 640
Currently, once you grant animation
permissions to an object to animate your
avatar, it has them forever (e.g. arc hud).
You want objects that you sit on to
animate you permanently, but in the case
of an attachment owned by another
avatar, this can lead to griefing. A tools
menu choice that would allow you to
clear all animation permissions that you
have granted would be very useful in
closing this loophole. Yes, you would
have to re-grant permissions to collars,
some items that you've sat one, etc., but
that is a small price to pay if your avatar
is being animated involuntarily.

                                              264 of 640
On 1.8.5 with the new search, objects
are defaulting as "show in search" when
they have not been manually set to this
option by putting a check in the box.
They are defaulting to "show in search"
even when people haven't decided to put
them in search.

This simply has to be undone because
"show in search" MUST be opt-in, not opt-
out! The box should default to blank,
unchecked, and the owner should decide
to have it show in search for sale -- or


1. Type "Ravenglass Rentals" into the
new Search box in the upper right hand
2. Note "objects for sale" on the parcel
that the owner did not put to sale.

Currently, landowners can allow building,
running scripts, object entry etc. by
anybody, group only or nobody. We need
equivalent controls for shared media,
especially as it works on worn prims.
This will help prevent griefing and
spamming on our land.

We already have individual controls - per
viewer - for shared media, but adding a
land control will help us create safe and
pleasant environments for our visitors.

                                            265 of 640
N/A   I'd wish to request a way to instead just
      set the policies to the new owner such as
      : Next Owner can copy, mod and transfer
      add a new now: Modify contents.
      So, on the object tab will appear 4
      choices: Modify, Copy, Resell/Give away
      , Modify Contents.

      This can bring so many goodies,
      specially to protect content from thiefs.A
      example: If I don' t allow the next owner
      change the contents folder the behaviour
      on the contents folder will be the same
      as the No Modify behavior, except that
      the owner can change texture, resize
      etc.It`s enough to allow content thiefs to
      no put script's that's clone the
      content.Also there is others beneficts
      such as : put textures inside that cannot
      be dragged and drop to the inventory,
      notecards that will not open and others

      But the most important thing, the thing
      that`s rrally motivated me to request this
      feature is about to get more protection
      against content thiefs.

                                                   266 of 640
Last year I released a grenade/rocket
launcher that can operate as a turret.
The permissions are copy/notrans, so
that the person can put out as many as
they want. At the time, it was possible to
deed a no-trans object to a group. This
was a good thing, because one of the
things the rockets can do is teleport an
agent home if over your land (or over the
group's land, if deeded.) This is nice
because the turret can be used to defend
a parcel without the necessity of turning
on damage.

Sometime earlier this year, the ability to
deed a no-trans object to the group went
away. According to Rheya Linden, it "was
a bug and has now been fixed." This
breaks my turret and probably a number
of other useful things.

I would like to see the ability to deed a
notrans object brought back, either in the
form that it was before, or as a specific
permission that can be set on objects.
This should not pose any copy protection
issues, as an object that has been
deeded to a group can't be taken by
anyone, and if it is returned, it goes back

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All                          Hiding payment information. (Traduction
                             française sur le 1er commentaire)

                             Do banks reveal their customer's list?
                             Do credit agencies give their debtor's
                             No, these informations are confidential.

                             Disclosing payment information on our
                             SL and web profiles goes against
                             common sense.
                             1. It's nobody's business
                             2. It's unsafe.

                             Only the system should be able to use it.

                             LL should remove this information from
                             SL and web profiles.
                             LL should also protect their "honorable
                             residents" from any attempt from any
                             TPV or HUD to get it

1.23.4 (123908) XP, laptop   when u give your friend the permisson to
                             edit your objects, they should NOT be
                             able to take the object....
                             We did try that now...and without the
                             permission my friend couldnt take the
                             item...but with the permission to edit my
                             things she could take it...but...she gets
                             the nextowner when she
                             gave it back to me....I couldnt edit it
                             anymore....I was the creator of that

                                                                         268 of 640
When People can get around mutes, the
absue reports rarely lead to anything and
can only be sent agaisnt a single advatar
at a time, and have a rediculously limited
number of charactors, no way to send
attachments or logs, Second life has
become a stalkers paradise.

We need an abuse report system with
the ability to report MORE then one
avitar at a time, collect ALL the needed
information and evidence including logs
and attachments, and automatically goes
to BOTH linden labs AND the owners
and adminsitrators of private sims or
groups associated with the report.

People are leavign sl becuase of Linden
Lab's seeming commitment to ignroe the
problem of griefers, stalkers, and

Downgrading to major, this is a
longstanding issue and hardly warrents
critical as it is not a base performance
issue, it is more a policy issue on LL's

Raising, as this is a seriosu issue as

                                             269 of 640
CPU: Intel Core2Duo E7200          How to reproduce it.
Memory: 3583 MB
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP   1. get textures from another avatar with
Service Pack 3 (Build 2600)        permissions as shown below.
Graphics Card: GeForce 9600
GT/PCI/SSE2                        full permissions
                                   -- copy / mod / trans --

                                   lack at least one but mod
                                   -- copy / mod / no trans --
                                   -- no copy / mod / trans --
                                   -- no copy / mod / no trans --

                                   2. use them as usual.

                                   3. results

                                   Full permission version works fine as
                                   either normal texture or sculpt texture.

                                   Lack ones are listed on inventory but not
                                   appeared on texture edit dialog.
                                   Open it from inventory fine, drag it as
                                   well and now you can not drop to a
                                   texture pane on an edit panel.
                                   They are still grabbable to a object's
                                   surface, curiously. You can put them on
                                   surfaces of your new or old box object.

                                                                               270 of 640
      Many times a neighbor will have a prim
      or piece of a building that overlaps on to
      your land. The core is not on your land
      so you are left to the mercy of the prim
      owner to move it. Most of the time your
      neighbors are civil and move said object.
      Many times it is simply that they didn't
      turn on their property lines before
      building. There is the occasion where the
      neighbor is griefing you and will place a
      prim so that it is "technically" on their
      property yet it overlaps onto yours.

      We need to be able to move or delete
      any prim that crosses our borders. So
      either allow land owners permssions to
      move any object that crosses the border,
      or, probably easier, Make it so that if any
      part of the prim is on your land, it shows
      up as being on your land and then you
      can move it with the current controls.

      That means that it would appear to be on
      2 parcels at the same time through land

n/a   Parcel editing settings such as name,
      media etc. which are given to group
      members for land which is SET to group
      but not DEEDED to group do not have
      any effect.
      Again as with the set home and create
      landmark options, these options are part
      of what you are granting when you set
      your land to a group, so should take
      effect on land set to group as well as

                                                    271 of 640
All   Scripts in no-mod items cannot be reset
      by the owner.

      In most cases this is undesirable
      behaviour. Should the script crash due to
      any reason (including bugs in the script
      itself, bugs in the scripting engine, bugs
      in the SL simulator, bugs in the SL
      viewer, etc.), there is no means for the
      owner to remedy the situation by
      "rebooting" the object, and as such the
      object is permanently broken leaving to
      owner no resort but to obtain a

      See also

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CPU: AMD (Unknown model) (3006        When using the following code:
Memory: 2047 MB                       llDetachFromAvatar ();
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP
Service Pack 3 (Build 2600)           in either CHANGED_TELEPORT or
Graphics Card Vendor: NVIDIA          CHANGED_REGION with a delay of
Corporation                           around 5 seconds(to make sure it
Graphics Card: GeForce 8500           executes).
                                      on Land where rezzing is not allowed.
Second Life 1.23.5 (136262) Oct 14
2009 12:08:26 (Second Life Release)   llDetachFromAvatar () gets called and
                                      works to all avatars other than the user
                                      wearing the attachment, where it
                                      becomes almost impossible to remove
                                      the attachment(apart from having
                                      something else attach in the spot). To
                                      other residents the attachment appears
                                      to of been removed, it appears to be
                                      some kind of viewer update bug, my own
                                      client is the standard Second Life offical

                                      Full Code:


                                                                                   273 of 640
Second Life 1.22.8 (109366) Feb 1 2009   I'm sure people have ran into this
13:13:47 (Second Life Release            problem many times. But, I'm tired of
Candidate)                               running into it. The system doesn't allow
Release Notes                            you to link NO COPY items to a NO
                                         TRANSFER item. I think we seriously
You are at 222136.3, 256077.5, 21.4 in   should be able to do so. And a pop up
The Lost Furest located at               should come up too, to ask you if your               sure you want to link these parts, and it
(                    will remind you that its no copy.
Second Life Server
Release Notes

CPU: AMD (Unknown model) (2999
Memory: 2047 MB
OS Version: Microsoft Windows Vista
Service Pack 1 (Build 6001)
Graphics Card Vendor: NVIDIA
Graphics Card: GeForce 8800
OpenGL Version: 2.1.2

libcurl Version: libcurl/7.16.4
OpenSSL/0.9.7c zlib/1.2.3
J2C Decoder Version: KDU
Audio Driver Version: FMOD version
LLMozLib Version:

                                                                                     274 of 640
Second Life 3.3.1 (252229) Mar 28 2012 (I am recreating this ticket as a Feature
07:39:41 (Second Life Beta Viewer)     Request after being informed that it is
Release Notes                          technically not a bug, and am unable to
                                       edit the original JIRA at
You are at 166,762.0, 302,682.0, 821.2
in Low Prim Furniture located at       17185             , and not sure how long it will be before
(                  someone can change that...
Second Life Server     so please refer there for several useful
Retrieving...                          comments over the last year as to why
                                       this feature is very much needed for
CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU 860 @    content creators)
2.80GHz (2800.26 MHz)
Memory: 8183 MB                        While using the new V3 client, I am
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit unable to edit multiple properties at once.
Service Pack 1 (Build 7601)            Normally I could:
Graphics Card Vendor: NVIDIA           1.) Go into my inventory
Corporation                            2.) Shift + click the items
Graphics Card: GeForce GTX             3.) Right the items
275/PCI/SSE2                           4.) Select "Properties" from the window
                                       5.) Then I could edit all of the
Windows Graphics Driver Version:       permissions at once.
OpenGL Version: 3.3.0                  Now I have to do this individually, which
                                       is very time consuming. I only get this
libcurl Version: libcurl/7.21.1        permission while I have one object
OpenSSL/0.9.8q zlib/1.2.5 c-ares/1.7.1 selected. I've tried to see if I could "edit"
J2C Decoder Version: KDU v6.4.1        the items as well, but was unable to.
Audio Driver Version: FMOD version

                                                                                       275 of 640
Second Life 2.1   Hello There,

                  While using the new SL2 Beta client, I
                  am unable to edit multiple properties at
                  once. Normally I could:
                  1.) Go into my inventory
                  2.) Shift + click the items
                  3.) Right the items
                  4.) Select "Properties" from the window
                  5.) Then I could edit all of the
                  permissions at once.

                  Now I have to do this individually, which
                  is very time consuming. I only get this
                  permission while I have one object
                  selected. I've tried to see if I could "edit"
                  the items as well, but was unable to.

                                                                  276 of 640
This is a service issue as well, but the
emphasis is on the viewer.

Basically, what this does is changes the
debit-permission dialogue slightly, so that
if the user wishes to grant the debit-
permission then they may choose either
to allow:
- Unlimited debit = this is how it currently
is, the object may use llGiveMoney() to
give all money in an avatars account
before it will fail
- Limited debit = the script may pay out
no more money than has been paid into
an object

Basically with the new limited debit we
can have some assurance that a vendor
will not remove all our funds, as the worst
it can possibly do is give away L$1 for
every L$1 paid into it. This would be time
limited, for example; money that was
paid into the object one month ago will
be removed from the object's script
funds, essentially meaning that it is now
the sole possession of the owner, and
may no longer be refunded by the

                                               277 of 640
Developer   It's been said (SH-2368) that uninstalling
            a development viewer can delete all SL
            settings files, logs, etc.

            * Locate the SecondLife settings folder
            * Uninstall all viewers.
            * Verify the SecondLife settings folder
            was deleted. Delete or rename it if it's
            still present.
            * Install the current release viewer.
            * Start the viewer, but don't log in. Verify
            the SecondLife settings folder was
            * Install http://automated-builds-
            * Uninstall that 239630 viewer

            Observed: The SecondLife settings
            folder is deleted (the folder containing
            the logs folder is deleted,

                                                           278 of 640
All viewers   The feed, as is available from [
     ], allows users
              to send images to it. The user has an
              option to include location. The TOS/
              policy demands approval from the
              landowner before taking images. One of
              the suggested methods is to check
              covenant. This is however not applicable
              for mainland. Besides, it is close to
              impossible to enforce this. As the feed is
              growing in popularity so is the expected
              breach in privacy.

              As land owner I request to create two
              [ ] Disallow images.
              [ ] Disallow localized feed.

              That will give me and the users on my
              land a minimal level of privacy they can
              I am aware that these options can be
              bypassed easy, but one would have to
              do this knowingly.

              My visitors should be able to do what
              they want without fearing that pictures
              are taken.

                                                           279 of 640
*User Story*:
As a Second Life resident I would like to
be given more information about a parcel
that restricts access, and I would like to a
quick way to change my group

This is intended as an alternative to
VWR-7830. Basically the idea is that
instead of switching group automatically,
a useful hovering widget (similar to the
prim media controls) would appear on no-
access parcels when a user mouses over
the ban-lines, indicating why you cannot
enter that parcel. This widget would
include a button to switch to the correct
group (if you belong to it) and one to
display more information. Displaying
more information would either open the
land information, or (the more friendly
option) display a textual list of criteria
that restrict your access, such as:

{quote}You are *not* the land owner.
You are *not* in the correct group.
You are *not* on the access list.{quote}

Or something along those lines anyway.

                                               280 of 640
The SL permission system does a good
job of communicating some of the
content creators intentions but SL fails to
fully enforce them. It's not that there are
holes in the permissions system itself,
conceptually it's flawless, the holes exist
in the building blocks from which SL is
built. Before any DRM or content
restriction scheme can be successfully
implemented each and every one of
these flaws must be fixed.

The solutions require changes in these
categories, here are their problems:
* SL Client - Too permissive, too open
* Operating System - Not built for this
level of application security and isolation.
* Computer Hardware - With DRM the
user is not to be trusted, not even at the
hardware level. Computer hardware has
not been designed to this standard.
* Society - Too permissive, too free.
Society has the tools to break DRM.

That said several current DRM schemes
do pretty well without having them all
solved. But it should be noted that the
most widely implemented DRM schemes
have all been cracked (and recracked

                                               281 of 640
all   The current way that permissions are
      handled on prims is very cumbersome.
      TEAM. I would like to propose the

      On bulk upload (textures for example)
      allow the permissions to be set before
      the upload begins so that it is not
      necessary to go back to every item in the
      back and click all the buttons to set
      permissions to all.

      Give us a preference for the DEFAULT
      PERMISSIONS of all of our newly
      created items. I am mostly working with a
      partner these days, it would be helpful to
      me to be able to say in my preferences -
      "Ok, everything I make right now has full
      perms until I change this setting again".
      In large builds it is SO difficult to catch
      every little prim and set it. I want to just
      be able to create and not worry about
      this crap until the end when I am done.

      Add some sort of "cascadability" to
      permission setting to allow multiple items
      to change permissions at once. I realize
      you can select multiples and sometimes

                                                     282 of 640
Unrelated   Shortened summary at the end for the
            lazy readers among us.
            I am requesting the ability to, in some
            way, restore full permissions on object
            which has been sold/deeded and full
            permissions lost. For example, if Next-
            Owner permissions will remove No-
            Modify, then I will no longer have the
            ability to modify an object that I both own
            and created should it be sold/deeded.

            If I am the original creator, as well as the
            current owner, AND the last to modify a
            prim/object/script/item I should have full
            permissions on an object. If I accidentally
            deed it or just accidentally set the Next-
            Owner permissions incorrectly, I need a
            way to restore this. This need not apply
            to the entire object, but to all
            prims/scripts/other objects which confirm
            that I am both the Original Creator as
            well as the Current Owner, as to avoid
            obtaining full permissions on something
            within the object that I did not previously
            have at some point.

            If anyone knows a temporary fix of this

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Not relevent, but Windows XP Pro 2002    It would be wonderful for content
service pack 2. 2.4 Ghz Celeron. 1 Gig   creators, builders, etc; if we could set our
RAM. NVidia GeForce 7600 GS.             own default permissions. At present,
                                         objects of different types are set with
                                         Linden-determined default permissions.
                                         Notecards are set Mod/Copy/Trans, most
                                         other things are set No Mod/No

                                         Many creators always sell things
                                         Copy/No Trans or No Copy/Trans; with
                                         Mod or No Mod depending on personal
                                         choice. (There are issues there which
                                         are beside the point for this feature

                                         It would make a huge difference to the
                                         practical side of selling things if we had
                                         an Edit->Preferences->Permissions
                                         option, where we could set default
                                         permissions by category. An ASCII-Art
                                         example of what the screen might look
                                         like is included at the end of this request.

                                         As things stand, it's very easy to slip up
                                         and let something go out effectively as a
                                         freebie. With this option, we could ensure
                                         that everything we made started out with
                                         a permissions set we, personally, find

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Second Life 3.2.4 (245931) Nov 30 2011 - Launch the viewer and log in
21:49:35 (Second Life Beta Viewer)     - Click menu "Build > Upload > Set
                                       Default Upload Permissions"
                                       - In the "Default Upload Permissions"
                                       panel uncheck "Next Owner can: Modify"
                                       and "Copy"
                                       - Click OK
                                       - Take a snapshot: menu World >
                                       - In the "Snapshot Preview" panel, make
                                       sure you select the "My inventory (L$10)"
                                       radio button
                                       - Click "Save"
                                       - In the Inventory panel (which should
                                       open as soon as the snapshot is taken),
                                       select the snapshot (top one in the
                                       "Photo Album" list), right click and select
                                       Actual: "Modify" and "Copy" check-boxes
                                       of "Next Owner can" area are checked.
                                       Expected: "Modify" and "Copy" check-
                                       boxes of "Next Owner can" area are un-
                                       Note: bug reproduces in Viewer 1.23

                                                                                     285 of 640
I often need to check the permissions on
my items when they're for sale and find it
really awkward to see if they're set
correctly. It would be nice to see what
they are set to in some kind of column
before the name of the item not in
brackets after.

I have made a quick image of what it
could look like, but maybe having them
colour coded Green for Modify, Blue for
Copy and Red for Transfer and the M C
T clickable to sort everything in that order
would be nice, so if you click C all the
copiable items go to the top.

The orange dots are to show that there is
something inside that item that has the
opposite permission to what the actual
item is. In my example there is a no
modify script inside the item. It could be
a small x, but the space was too small to
show that so I made it a dot.

Although I would like this done so I can
see what I've set my items to, it would
also be useful before buying the object
too, you could instantly see what the
permissions are before you click buy,

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Not relevant.   Basically the idea is to take an existing
                viewer, the minimap, and turn it into a
                useful interface.

                STEP 1: Script requests permission to
                receive clicks on the minimap
                STEP 2: User clicks on the minimap
                STEP 3: Script receives the global (x,y)
                coordinate of where the click/drag
                occurred (dragging would be more
                difficult do to the rotation involved, but in
                that case the start and end position plus
                the rotation).


                - Personal Teleport Systems - this might
                work better then the teleport to cam
                functions currently available. Only
                downside is you have no vertical
                component so things would be slightly

                - Avatars can be selected to display
                information, attack in combat sims (no
                names, so this would be less useful), or
                a whole host of other things that could
                utilize positional selection

                                                                287 of 640
This is a sub-task of the
evaluate/improve/optimise project (VWR-

Please read it for further details, and link
any development to geometry code
related functions/classes as JIRA issues

This sub-task refers specifically to issues
of manipulating or otherwise handling
geometry, but not directly related to
If you have code related to primitive
shapes (for example that slices a sphere
in half) and are unsure where it goes
then the simplest rule would be; if it has
OpenGL functions in it then it should go
in the Rendering sub-task (VWR-3343).

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Second Life 2.1.2 (208804) Aug 31 2010 (i) *I think its very important, to protect
13:45:45 (Second Life Project Viewer)    the name already taken, cause when you
Release Notes                            take an name like* "Yann Dufaux" *The
                                         other resident can take the same name*
You are at 255,449.0, 256,499.0, 37.8 in
Morris located at                        ----              # Open your viewer in two time with -
(                    multiple.
Second Life Beta Server # Connecte your main account and your
Release Notes                            alt.
                                         # Take the same display name with your
CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU          two account.
E8400 @ 3.00GHz (3000.09 MHz)            # Observation: *You can take two time
Memory: 4095 MB                          the same display name without restriction
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit or protection message*
(Build 7600)
Graphics Card Vendor: NVIDIA
Graphics Card: GeForce 9800 GTX/9800

Windows Graphics Driver Version:
OpenGL Version: 3.2.0

libcurl Version: libcurl/7.20.1
OpenSSL/0.9.8j zlib/1.2.3
J2C Decoder Version: KDU
Audio Driver Version: FMOD version

                                                                                     289 of 640
Note: This is from the SL
Forums/Resident Answers. To see all
arguments pro and con this proposal, go

Posting this on behalf of Conan Godwin:

"To bring people up to speed - I started a
thread asking people if they thought
some sort of universal airspace was in
order. I met with fierce objections
(although the poll ended up with only
52% against and 48% in favour). Many
valid points were raised.

What if LL were to simply add a new
option to the land tab - a Yes/No Vehicle
check box. Having done some tests, I
have discovered that Ceera wasn't quite
right in her suggestion that vehicles don't
count on the prim count until they are
dismounted - they do.

Most landowners that I have spoken to
do not object to people flying harmlessly
overhead, but have had to take
Add an option to the pie menu for people
to revoke permissions on objects.

Either all at once or separate.

                                              290 of 640
Right now we have checkboxes on our
friends list:

Can see my online status
Can see me on the map
Can modify my objects

This suggestion is that following
checkbox be added:

Can manage my inventory

If this is the only checkbox checked then
selected friend could:

-view "My Inventory"
-create New Folders
-rename folders
-copy&drag items from one folder to
another (within the same inventory)
-NOT open any notecards or scripts
-NOT copy any item, even if it has copy
-NOT delete any item


-notecards from selected friend will

                                             291 of 640
any/all   This is a group of suggestions to
          reformat the blue dialogue boxes that
          appear under various circumstances.

          I: Colour Differentiation

          changing the colour of the background
          for Debit Permissions had been done. to
          expand on this concept, i suggest the
          Red = debit permissions. potentially
          Yellow = animation, control capturing,
          (and camera tracking?) permissions. not
          dangerous, but could be embarrassing.
          (also as i understand it, these
          permissions are not released, and once
          an object has permission to animate you,
          someone could grief you by animating
          you without further consent.)
          Green= given lindens or items FROM an
          Blue= scripted dialogue, as per usual.
          ???= system or parcel admin messages.
          perhaps lighter blue, or a 'system' colour
          that linden labs likes.

          II: Icon Representation
          This feature is most likely is present in
          the current code and not utilized or not
          scripted into the rezzing object.

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The current system doesn't distinguish
between resellable items and
transferrable items.
The problem is that some people collect
freebie items and sell them at their shop.
It is totally unacceptable, but not illegal
based on the current permission system.
This situation may discourage creators to
distribute their items as freebies.
By allowing creators to set
minimum/maximum price to their
transferrable product, only creators can
decide their items are free, giveable, or
For examle, if the creator set the
maximum resale price to zero, this item
will never be resold, which means this
item can only be a gift or a freebie.
If the creator set the minimum price to
the original price, it will prevent next
owners to sell the item at lower price.

The option should be activated when
"resell/give away" is checked and may
look like this:

[ x] Limit the resale price.
( ) minimum ( ) maximum ( ) exact
[_____] L$ (blank refers the original
I'd like to see a checkbox in the
Communications tab of the Preference
menu to allow you to check rather you
want to accept animation requests from
objects or people that are not on your
friends list. I think this keeps griefers
from freezing your view when they spam
you with a thousand requests trying to
perform a denial service attack.

                                              293 of 640
Any   Add a right click context option for the
      owner of an object with debit permissions
      set to revoke debit permissions, possibly
      extend this to even when owner is not
      creator since on all objects debit
      permission can be re-acquired by taking
      and re-rezzing an object.

      Do some work on the No-Push area
      button. Make it like a movelock so that
      only the individual using their keys can
      push them around... The no push
      indicator option was a complete FAIL
      since it did NOTHING except disable
      impulse and leave all other avenues

      Also improve the Bumps/Hits and
      Pushes logger... Tons of times these
      things are missed, also make an option
      for it to post in local chat

                                                  294 of 640
N/A   When far enough away from the ground
      property lines are not visible. It would be
      helpful to be able to toggle between
      seeing property lines as we are used to
      them OR property lines viewed up to any
      height. The lines would under those
      conditions either be infinitely tall sheets
      that cut through everything in there path
      or set to lay on top of any prim that they
      intersect. The latter would provide that
      we would be alerted to any intersections
      we would perhaps be otherwise unaware
      of whilst also providing full viewing of
      property lines whilst on a platform. The
      former would be more
      aggressive/invasive but would provide a
      clear "wall" showing at any height
      (without the need for an intersecting
      prim) where lines were drawn.

      If I am being a dunce and in fact this
      option already exists, please accept my
      apologies now.

                                                    295 of 640
Currently it's not possible to revoke the
mod rights that someone else has
granted you. This becomes a problem
when you need to test something and the
person is not around to revoke for you. It
is also frustrating when you have to
worry about interfering with their objects
and there's nothing you can do about it.

Currently the mod rights checkbox is
always grayed out in the friends list. It
would be great to have the ability to
revoke mod rights by being able to
uncheck the box there when you have
mod rights, and then it could go back to
being grayed out when you no longer
have mod rights.

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Hello, I have a great idea for a new Lock
on objects in the Land Tools for schools,
sandboxes and rental sims. On the left of
an av's name their is a Lock column with
and check box, once checked the av's
name is grayed out and objects of that av
can not be returned to avoid accidents
and make it faster and easier to keep a
sim clean. Only av names that are not
greyed out will then be easy to see and
their objects can be returned without
worry of mistakes. Without the Lock sim
owners with many avs that have objects
in sim have to go slowly through the
names and be careful to only return
those objects that are not meant to be
there. This eliminates returning object of
avs with similar names and save the time
of adding av to groups one by one so
they may build as well as saving an av
having their things auto returned while
they are in the middle of a complicated
build or scripting project.

                                             297 of 640
                    (I apologize if I tagged too many or too
                    little components)
                    (edit:also I'm unsure if this should be
                    VWR or actually SVC, I would have set it
                    to both is possible I guess)

                    the idea is to have the option of having
                    things like images, prims/objects, scripts
                    etc stored on the client machine,
                    avaiable only when the client is

                    there would be the need for additional
                    permissions, like "can be saved offline"
                    and "can be uploaded to agrid other than
                    the one it was created" (the actual
                    names don't really matter), but this would
                    probably make it much easier for people
                    to stay with their avatars when moving to
                    a different grid

                    this would also allow people to have stuff
                    easily back-uped (if the permissions
                    allow) as well as make the load on LL's
                    asset servers slightly smaller

                    ideally objects would be allowed to be
                    rezzed "on the ground", and be
                    temporarily used on the sim (somthing
every environment   It would be nice if the creator can setup a
                    protection for the erasing procedure
                    for some/all items in a prim/object, even
                    if the object is modifyable.

                    Sometimes a notecard or texture are
                    necessary for script functionality of the
                    The user then can not delete it by

                                                                  298 of 640
                                      A fourth perm for texture artists to use so
CPU: AMD (Unknown model) (1899        that a texture does not affect the perms
MHz)                                  of the prim it is on.
Memory: 1790 MB
OS Version: Microsoft Windows Vista   SO I could have a
Service Pack 1 (Build 6001)
Graphics Card Vendor: NVIDIA          copy
Corporation                           no mod
Graphics Card: GeForce 8200M          no transfer
G/PCI/SSE2/3DNOW!                     transfer on prim only
OpenGL Version: 2.1.2
                                      so that I could put the texture on a prim (
libcurl Version: libcurl/7.16.4       as part of copy ), NOT save it to my
OpenSSL/0.9.7c zlib/1.2.3             computer ( we turned modify off ), NOT
J2C Decoder Version: KDU              transfer as a texture (no transfer) , BUT
Audio Driver Version: FMOD version    use it on a prim and give that prim out (
3.740000                              transfer on prim only )
LLMozLib Version:
[LLMediaImplLLMozLib] - 2.01.23683    Same idea for sculpts maps, which suffer
(Mozilla GRE version                  from the same security leak
Packets Lost: 13/115038 (0.0%)
                                      This should have been added a century
                                      ago ^^


                                      As it stands with textures you have an all
                                      or nothing deal an that is a tremendous

                                                                                    299 of 640
All   It would be useful to be able to lock
      shared media controls to a single
      resident (not owner, but by UUID or
      name), to allow implementation of web-
      based vendors. So the resident touches
      the prim to start, and it loads the page
      and locks controls to them. If paid, it
      checks the currently loaded page to
      determine item to vend. If the avatar
      leaves, it removes the lock to just them,
      then clears the shared media.

                                                  300 of 640
The issue is that presently anyone may
use someones texture without
permission via LSL scripted objects.

Creating a solution is in everyone's best
interest. Less DMCA complaints and less
Support needs of residents who file
complaints and/or reports. This may also
reduce database load and thus beneficial
for every Resident. Authentic creators
become more prosperous and people will
begin creating their own textures, or
buying from the creators that do upload
into Second Life, in turn helping the

A simple solution would be to design a
new option for texture permissions,
"Allow Scripts", etc.

By default the option should remain
checked as to not harm scripts that are
already using the LSL calls with good
reason. It should be left up to the original
creator to allow use of textures through
LSL, as it is their work that is being
tarnished and devalued. Support the
amazing artists in Second Life and vote
for this feature.

                                               301 of 640
      This will be lengthy, bear with me.

      When Shared Media was first
      announced, I was excited, as I'm sure
      many were. It seemed at last our prayers
      for web on a prim had been answered.
      No longer would we be dependent on
      float text for script driven output, nor
      would we have to resort to the latest
      XYXXYXYX flavor of the week text
      system. Finally it would be possible to
      offload some work to web servers and
      seamlessly merge their web output with
      elements of scripted functionality in-
      world. However, the reality has proven to
      be a little different than that.

      While writing the next-generation web-
      enabled Secondlife game recently, I
      made every attempt to incorporate
      Shared Media into the design in a
      meaningful, user-friendly way. Only to
      find in every case I had to reject it's use,
      based on two problems with it's design
      and implementation:

      1) Viewer 2 Adoption is pretty low. (this is
      beyond the scope of this document)
      2) The Shared Media can't be counted
N/A   Would be great to have a Sticky flag
      (right click item, select "Make Sticky") so
      that when you are working with your
      inventory and replacing outfits, it's easier
      to do without detaching your facelight,
      your hair, your underwear, etc.

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*User Story*:
As a Second Life resident I would like to
see group information on teleport
dialogues, allowing me to determine if I
can teleport to a location, and quickly
switch my group if necessary.

This is really a companion for VWR-
25711. Basically when you open a
teleport dialogue, a section of it would
say something along the lines of
"Permission status... pending", possibly
in coloured (yellow?) text, while the
viewer queries the target region to
determine if you are allowed to teleport
to that location by fetching any relevant
data on access restrictions. Once that
data is fetched the text will change to a
green "okay" to indicate you're good to
go, or a red "denied", which will expand
with a description of why you can't
access that parcel.

If the reason is because you are not set
to the correct group, then a button will
appear which will allow you to
conveniently switch to the right group, or
view group-information, prior to hitting

                                             303 of 640
N/A   It would be useful if the permissions
      request dialog opened by a call to
      llRequestPermissions() provided buttons
      to mute (auto-reject all further
      permissions requests), return to
      inventory, and delete (return to inventory
      under "Trash") buttons. This means that
      if a griefing script attempts to spam
      permission requests, it can be dealt with
      from the dialog it is spamming, rather
      than the user having to reject the request
      and then separately deal with the object.

      See VWR-2602

      Basically what we'd like to see here are
      some dialogs when you set an object
      "allow anyone to copy" that notifies you
      that others may not actually be allowed
      to copy because nested items don't have
      proper permissions.

      Also, some sort of bulk permission
      changing for an object and all nested
      items (contained by root and all children,
      as well as contained by contained
      objects) to allow ease of setting objects
      "allow anyone to copy".

                                                   304 of 640
At Benjamin Linden's office hours Feb 7
2008, the idea came up of creating a fly-
out menu / submenu to replace the
"Release Keys" button. The new menu
would be similar to the "Detach Object"
and "Take Off Clothing" submenus.

- The menu would be disabled (grayed
out) when no objects have control of the
user's keys.
- When a scripted object has control, that
object would be listed in the menu.
- Subsequently selecting one of the
objects from the menu would detach that
object specifically if attached, unseat the
user if sat on, and release the controls..
- A menu item to "Release All" would be
desirable as well.

                                              305 of 640
The roadmap of the Second Life viewer
is hobbled by the fact that there are, and
increasingly will be, very diverse and
conflicting requirements from the
different user constituencies. Coupled
with the resource constraints on the part
of LL and challenges for them in vetting
and testing every prospective code patch
submitted by the community, the
prospect of a monolithic release that can
meet the needs of all users is highly
unlikely. This Jira issue attempts to put a
stake in the ground for a change in
direction that would allow the SL platform
continue to evolve without forcing LL to
make decisions as to whether they want
to address commercial or consumer

Many people internal and external to the
Lab have expressed a desire for the
Second Life Grid to become more akin to
the Web, based on open protocols, and
extensible to address a wide variety of
different uses and applications. While
common underlying protocols made this
possible, the other key factor that has
driven this, particularly in the areas of
rich user experience and interaction, has

                                              306 of 640
I am proposing a new setting on
animations that allows us to reference
the animation by ID in script (such as the
default linden animations, for example).

What this will accomplish:
1: Objects that animate avatars will no
longer need the animation within its
2: Object's animation lists may be
dynamic in nature, such as networked
animation huds that receive updated
UUID lists periodically from a server,
without having to be in the same sim to
flip inventory.
3: Assets may be protected, in the case
of professional animators who sell their
works to clients who will be using the
animation in their products. If the
agreement is broken by the client, the
animator can simply delete the original
animation and the client may no longer
use it. This would be especially handy in
the case of animators intellectual
property being given away freely without
their consent.
4: Allow animators to "rent out" their
animations by uploading the file
specifically for the renter and deleting it

                                              307 of 640
Calling cards, though often neglected,
are a great way to organize contacts in-
world. I for example use them to
organize the staff of my virtual company
into different categories. There are two
functionalisties missing though:

1) Calling cards either need to be
"given", or the person needs to be on
your friends list. It would be helpful if you
can actively "take" a calling card instead.
I don't see privacy issues here since the
profile can be retrieved anytime via
search, but maybe a calling card
"request" with the option to deny it might
be a compromise.

2) Calling cards should be copy/trans, so
that they can be embedded into
notecards. If I give a notecard to a client,
my name needs to get copied out of the
card (or the properties) and then entered
into search. An embedded Calling Card
might solve this by simply double-clicking
on it.

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Not relevent, but Windows XP Pro 2002    Add a 'set permissions' interface to
service pack 2. 2.4 Ghz Celeron. 1 Gig   scripts & appearance mode, to provide
RAM. NVidia GeForce 7600 GS.             an intuitive interface for creators to set
                                         permissions as they go.

                                         To quote Hypatia Callisto in VWR-8049:
                                         "I somehow wish that it was more
                                         obvious when building to change these
                                         sorts of settings. It just feels wrong to
                                         have it only in preferences.

                                         But that's just me complaining about the
                                         SL interface. I have come across many
                                         people who just don't realise what is
                                         lurking in there. Most of my 3d programs
                                         let me access such settings from the
                                         equivalent of the build menu, and I'd
                                         submit that might be a better place for it.
                                         Unsure if its workable though."

                                         VWR-13181 covers uploaded assets.
                                         We already have permissions in the Edit
                                         window general tab for prim-based
                                         assets. Let's make it available for

                                                                                       309 of 640
Please design a more secure, more
private profile system that completely is
inaccessible except when inworld without
any kind of links to garbage like
Facebook, LinkedIN, Twitter, or social
networking garbage. As a user I want to
be able to keep my SL seperate from my
RL and seperate from all this stupid
social networking, privacy invasion
garbage without having to keep my
profile completely blank.

A side benifit is this would GREATLY
enhance SL speed because it would not
be constnatly calling on the browser to
open (which cases lag in most machines)
or wait for the website to send back the
commands like IM, offer teleport, pay,

In addition it would greatly reduce the
risk of stalkers outside of SL finding a
person in world without first coming in
world, AND allow those with professions
that could be damaged if thier sl activities
were made public feel more secure.

                                               310 of 640
Private Estates   Private Estate Owners should have God
                  Control in there sim to an extent. They
                  should be able to modify About Land
                  settings parcels not owned by them. This
                  would be really useful in cases where the
                  parcels are being rented out, and
                  rerental time rolls around, if the parcel
                  has an auto-return on, when the EO
                  reclaims the parcel to set it for sale again
                  to the owner, the build will get returned.
                  Or if the renter has someone banned that
                  shouldn't be (most likely the Estate
                  Owner or an Estate Manager) it will allow
                  the EO to remove the banned person.

any               If planning to delete account, we can
                  have a will system where we can give
                  certain friends our possesions in our
                  inventory once our account is cancelled,
                  even if it is non trans
                  that way nothing is wasted.

                                                                 311 of 640
I'm talking especially about items in
objects' inventory but, for the sake of
consistancy, this should be implemented

Permissions dialogs should allow you to
change all permissions the way you want
and these new permissions should only
be checked and applied after you click
an "OK" or "Apply" button.

So far, every time you click a checkbox,
the whole dialog is greyed out, the
inventory of the object is reloaded and
you're finally allowed to click another
checkbox. If you have more than 3 items
in the inventory, the update of the
inventory will take a lot of time and this
makes the whole process of clicking 3
checkboxes quite painful. Needless to
speak of changing the permissions of a
row of items, I usually feel the urge to file
a Jira after the 5th item.

An "OK" button would reduce the ping-
pong in between the client and the server
to the minimum and I'm sure that content
creators would give less offensive
descriptions of the permissions...

                                                312 of 640
Any   Add functionality to Tools menu. Just ast
      there is "Stop All Animations", add
      "Revoke Debit Permissions".

      This would affect all debit permissions
      obtained by the popup menu.

      Vendors would benefit from sticky debit
      permissions that they can set via a
      debug or other preference setting(s) to
      leave debit permissions active for vendor
      gadgets they own.

      When creating / editing a gesture,
      animations for which the user does not
      have full permission do not appear in the
      list of available animations.

      This behavior should be changed to
      allow any animation to be used in a
      gesture, regardless of the animation's
      permissions. The gesture should inherit
      the permissions of the used animation.
      (E.g., if a no-transfer/no-copy animation
      is used in a gesture, the gesture should
      become no transfer/no-copy.)

                                                  313 of 640
all   This feature addition is intended to allow
      an estate's managers (EMs) to add one
      or more region managers (RMs) for a
      particular region via the
      'World>>Region/Estate' menu. RMs
      would then be able to use the many
      useful Region/Estate tools to manage
      that particular region only, including the

      Region/Estate>>Ground Textures
      Region/Estate>>Terrain (Water Height,
      Terrain raise/lower, Use Estate Sun,
      Fixed Sun)
      Region/Estate>>Region (all functions)
      Region/Estate>>Debug (all functions)

      The problem that this would solve, which
      is not currently addressed, is the

      Estate Owners wish to give land users
      access to the Region/Estate menu for a
      region or regions, but WITHOUT adding
      them as Estate Managers. Many estates
      include multiple regions per estate, and
      thus handing out EM rights is not
      appropriate in these cases, as it gives
      the user power over regions that he

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Second Life 3.3.2 (252822) Apr 3 2012     In regions with a higher latency (ping)
09:57:06 (Second Life Development)        like Europe (Germany, Austria, UK) and
Release Notes                             Asia it happens almost anytime that
                                          when you set the permissions you have
You are at 254,897.0, 261,131.0, 93.6 in to set them twice.
Selenia located at                For example: you un-check the 'modify'
(                      checkbox in the object properties, then
Second Life RC BlueSteel                  move your mouse to the 'copy' checkbox                           at normal speed and un-check that too.
Retrieving...                             Observed behaviour: the copy -
                                          checkbox checks itself.
CPU: AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 955
Processor (3214.63 MHz)                   It seems that the viewer updates the
Memory: 3328 MB                           properties the moment you change
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP          something and it gets the confirmation
Service Pack 3 (Build 2600) compatibility from the server. But if you have a higher
mode. real ver: 6.0 (Build 2900)          ping than you normally have in the USA
Graphics Card Vendor: NVIDIA              the described bug happens almost
Corporation                               everytime.
Graphics Card: GeForce GTS
450/PCI/SSE2/3DNOW!                       Video attached.

Windows Graphics Driver Version:          That bug (which already was present in
6.14.0012.8558                            1.x) was fixed in the latest 1.x viewers.
OpenGL Version: 4.2.0                     So I issue it as a regression.

libcurl Version: libcurl/7.21.1
OpenSSL/0.9.8q zlib/1.2.5 c-ares/1.7.1

                                                                                      315 of 640
All   I would like to automatically load shared
      media belonging to the owner of the
      parcel I'm on, but not on random objects
      just lying around the area (which might
      be griefer tools, for example). The ability
      to control shared media automatic
      loading based on whether the owner is:

      Region owner/estate manager
      Parcel owner/deeded group

      Would be extremely useful for both
      ensuring that I see shared media I want
      to see, but not shared media I don't...

      We now have the nice feature to set our
      default permissions for uploading
      textures and other assets. But why not
      just have Mod, Copy, and Transfer check
      boxes on the upload window itself? That
      way there won't be issues with setting
      defaults to full perm and forgetting about
      it later, we'll see the check boxes right
      there as we are setting up the upload.

                                                    316 of 640
Second Life 1.20.2 (85278) Apr 17 2008 simple and easy, just what the name of it
19:35:32 (Second Life Release          says
Candidate)                             dunno how many of you got your avatar
                                       loaded with attachments, but want to
You are at 207635.2, 245993.0, 21.1 in take of example the jacket or any other
Mixi located at                        clothing you desire, and you accidentally             hit the "Detach All" button, and then
(                     spend some time getting the attachments
Second Life Server        back on.

CPU: AMD (Unknown model) (3216           Well if you hit the "Detach All" button a
MHz)                                     pop up asking if you REALLY want to
Memory: 2544 MB                          detach all of your attachments.
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP         you can either hit the confirm button or
Service Pack 2 (Build 2600)              no button
Graphics Card Vendor: ATI Technologies
Inc.                                     and yes add that to pop ups in
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2     preference.
OpenGL Version: 2.1.7412 Release
LLMozLib Version:                        think this will save people from getting
[LLMediaImplLLMozLib] - 2.01.14635       balled and taking off theyr attachments
(Mozilla GRE version                     when they don't want it, and spend a                     while reattaching theyr stuff
Packets Lost: 0/37550 (0.0%)

                                                                                     317 of 640
Due to the fact that content creators are
facing a lot of ilegal copying of their
objects by copyboters and so far there is
nothing to prevent copybots from login
into sl, I would like to plead with Linden
Labs to creat a new option of permission
for builders. Currently we can choose if
the next owners of the objects we create
can copy/modify/transfer. My sugestion
is that we be also able to decide if the
objects we build could or not be rezzed in
world. The reason for that is that
copybots can only copy objects that are
rezzed, they can't copy anything
attached on the av. This would be an
essencial feature to protect designers
from been stollen or/and grieffed by
copyboters, ensuring us a minimal
standard to build with security. The new
option name would be "REZZ" and would
come in the building menu along with the
other permitions that already exist. We,
creators will be extremely grateful for
Linden Labs taking our request into
consideration and answearing positively
to a petition that we consider fair, viable
and essencial for our continuous
development and the development of our
business in Second Life.

                                              318 of 640
Any and all.   Due to the often rampant use of huds to
               harass residents or to cheat at in world
               contests I would like to recommend that
               we be allowed to see a list of
               attachments and huds being used by
               another avatar. Many contests or
               competitive events in world have Linden
               prizes as we all know Lindens are a real
               currency that can be converted to real
               world money. Unscrupulous individuals
               use scripts and huds every day to sway
               things in their favor and essentially steal
               this money from the event holders. Not
               only would this be illegal in most cases it
               ruins the event for all the honest
               participants. The ability to list huds and
               attachments might also go a long way
               towards reducing griefing.

               I understand this feature existed in
               viewers no longer allowed, it seems
               adding this one feature back in would be
               easy and of great benefit to all.

                                                             319 of 640
Firestorm 4.0.1 (27000) Mar 19 2012      One of My managers reported being
16:21:21 (Firestorm-Release)             unable to assing people to any roles
Release Notes                            within the group accept for Everyone and
                                         Manager, which were the two roles she
You are at 293,576.0, 286,562.0, 3,007.6 was apart of. The permissions granted
in Snowshoe located at                   were to assign users to Assigner roles.              But I find this an issue as only the
(                    owners should be able to assign people
Second Life RC BlueSteel                 to their own role when the need arises.                          But the strangest thing is that she was
Release Notes                            only able to assign people to roles she
                                         already had been added to. Which
CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2600 CPU @ makes it really frustrating that every time
3.40GHz (3392.36 MHz)                    we get a new manager we have to give
Memory: 8170 MB                          them every single role we want them to
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit be able to assign other users too. This
Service Pack 1 (Build 7601)              test was repeated both in Firestorm and
Graphics Card Vendor: NVIDIA             the Second Life Viewer.
Graphics Card: GeForce GTX

Windows Graphics Driver Version:
OpenGL Version: 4.2.0

RestrainedLove API: RLV v2.7.0 / RLVa
libcurl Version: libcurl/7.21.1

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Σ Remaining Estimate   Σ Original Estimate   Labels   Target Viewer Version   QA Status Business Unit

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build-tools, building, griefing, land,
parcel, permissions, prim, usability

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building, inventory, permissions

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feed,, mainland,,   viewer-development   Platform

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avatar, inventory, viewer   viewer-development

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                                                       3/2/2008 7:58

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