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					                                                    “ It takes m o re
                                                      p atience than
                                                      I tho ught to
                                                      care f o r m y
                                                      baby. But, he
                                                      is worth it. ”
Equal Opportunity Employer/Program •                                                                                       Who do you trust with                        Abuses alcohol or other drugs,
Under Titles VI and VII of the Civil Rights                                                                                                                              including marijuana
                                                                                                                           your child?
Act of 1964 (Title VI & VII), and the
                                                                                                                           Tragically, each year many children are      Uses prescription medications that
Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990
                                                                                                                           abused and die at the hands of unsafe         have bad side effects or make them
(ADA), Section 504 of the Rehabilitation
                                                                                                                           caregivers. Of course, most caregivers        drowsy
Act of 1973, the Age Discrimination Act of
1975, and Title II of the Genetic Information                                                                              give loving attention to children and        Is not trustworthy for any reason -
Nondiscrimination Act (GINA) of 2008,                                                                                      keep them safe. But sometimes we              trust your instincts
the Department prohibits discrimination in                                                                                 don’t plan ahead or think it through.        Is already stressed
admissions, programs, services, activities, or                                                                             Sometimes we are in a rush and trust         Your child is not happy to see the
employment based on race, color, religion,                                                                                 someone we should not.                        caregiver and has become anxious
sex, national origin, age, disability, genetics
                                                                                                                           Unsafe caregivers could be your               or withdrawn
and retaliation. The Department must make a
                                                                                                                           boyfriend or girlfriend. They may be         Is not open about what they did
reasonable accommodation to allow a person
                                                                                                                           a relative or a neighbor. Children are        during the time with your child
with a disability to take part in a program,
                                                                                                                           more likely to be abused or neglected by
service or activity. For example, this means                                                                                                                            The child has had multiple accidents
                                                                                                                           someone they know than from a stranger.
if necessary, the Department must provide                                                                                                                                that could have been avoided
sign language interpreters for people who                                                                                  Please consider these simple warning
                                                                                                                                                                        Your requests are not followed by
are deaf, a wheelchair accessible location, or                                                                             signs and tips before deciding on a
                                                                                                                                                                         the caregiver
enlarged print materials. It also means that the                                                                           caregiver for your child. Think before
Department will take any other reasonable                                                                                  you trust. A little planning could save a
                                                                                                                                                                       A safe caregiver:
action that allows you to take part in and                                                                                 precious child.
understand a program or activity, including                                                                                                                             Has experience caring for babies
making reasonable changes to an activity.                                                                                  Warning signs of an unsafe                    and young children
If you believe that you will not be able to                                                                                                                             Is patient and mature enough to
understand or take part in a program or                                                                                                                                  care for a fussy, overexcited or
activity because of your disability, please let                                                                             Has problems with anger or is
                                                                                                                                                                         crying baby
us know of your disability needs in advance                                                                                  severely impatient when children
if at all possible. To request this document in          W h o d o y o u t r u s t wi t h                                    have tantrums, cry or misbehave
                                                                                                                                                                        Understands that young children
                                                                                                                                                                         must always be watched
alternative format or for further information
                                                                yo u r ch i l d ?                                           Is violent and/or controlling with
                                                                                                                                                                        Will be only watching your child
about this policy, contact the UI tax office;                                                                                their partner(s) or others
TTY/TDD Services: 7-1-1. • Free language            F o r tips o n c ho o s ing a s afe c aregiver c o ntac t Childhelp:                                                 or a limited number of children
                                                              1-800-4-A-CH ILD (1-800-422-4453)                             Is physically or verbally abusive
assistance for DES services is available upon                                                                                                                            so that each child is given
                                                                    w w w . Chi l d he l p. org/M yChi l d
request. • Disponible en español en línea o en                                                                                                                           adequate attention
la oficina local.          ACY-1270APAMNA (2 -12)
                                                           Sus pec t c hild abus e? Call 1-888-SOS-CH IL D
                                                                           ( 1-888-767-2445)
 Will never shake, hit, yell at, make    General safety tips to consider:            Encourage the caregiver to put the       If all else fails, put your baby in the
  fun of, or withhold food from a                                                      crying baby down in a safe place if       crib. Make sure the child is safe.
                                           Does he/she get angry or impatient
  child as punishment                                                                  he/she is getting frustrated              Check in every five minutes or so.
                                            when your child cries or has a
 Does not abuse alcohol or drugs,                                                    Reassure the caregiver that it’s OK       It is much better to let the baby cry
  or carry a weapon, and will not                                                      to call for help if he/she can’t get      than to do something to stop the
                                           Does he/she call your child bad names
  surround a child with others who                                                     the infant to stop crying or they are     crying that may be harmful.
                                            or put down the child?
  may be drinking, using or selling                                                    feeling frustrated or stressed
                                           Does he/she think it’s funny to scare
  drugs, or carrying weapons                                                          Make your expectations very clear       Prepared by the Arizona Coordinated
                                            your child?
 Keeps your child clean and safe -                                                   If you are leaving your child with a    Prevention Campaign, a group of
                                           Does he/she scare your child by using
  accidents are infrequent                                                             caregiver in your home, make sure       professionals dedicated to the prevention of
                                            guns, knives, or other weapons?
 Is recommended to have first                                                         the caregiver has the home address      child abuse and neglect.
                                           If guns or other weapons are in the
  aid training                                                                         to provide to emergency personnel       Members:
                                            house, are they in a locked cabinet?
 Talks to you and asks questions, as                                                  in case of emergency                    Arizona Broadcasters Association; Casey
                                           Have others recommended your                                                       Family Programs; Child Crisis Center;
  necessary - your caregiver should
                                            caregiver and/or can your caregiver      Fussy child tips:                         Childhelp; Department of Economic Security;
  be able to tell you everything your
                                            provide references?                                                                Department of Health Services; Eight,
  child did and discuss any concerns                                                  Never shake the child – shaking a
                                           Have you checked your caregiver’s          baby can cause bleeding in the brain,   Arizona PBS-Educational Outreach; Phoenix
 Is aware of safe sleep practices -
                                            criminal history?                          which can injure or kill a child. It    Children’s Hospital; Prevent Child Abuse
  babies can suffocate if they sleep
                                                                                       takes only a few seconds of shaking     Arizona; Southwest Human Development.
  face down so they should always
                                          Help your caregiver:
  be placed in a crib on his/her back                                                  to seriously hurt a baby’s brain
  with no blankets, crib bumpers,          Provide your contact numbers so the       Make sure he or she isn’t hungry,
  toys, or pillows that might interfere     caregiver can call if they are feeling     wet, cold or hot                             For tips on choosing a safe
  with breathing. For information on        stressed caring for the child
                                                                                      Offer a pacifier to calm and sooth           caregiver contact Childhelp:
  Safe Sleep guidelines, see               Ensure that he/she has someone else        the baby                                     1-800-4-A-CHILD                  to call for help if the parents are                                                     (1-800- 422-4453)
                                                                                      Walk around holding the baby close
  sleeping-safely.html                      unavailable                                                                             www.Ch ildh elp .org/MyCh ild
                                                                                       to you, in your arms or in a carrier;
 Is aware of Shaken Baby Syndrome         Discuss techniques that have               try walking or singing                       Suspect child abuse?
  -                           effectively soothed the crying infant
                                                                                      Call a trusted friend, relative or           Call 1-888-SOS-CHILD
                                            in the past
                                                                                       neighbor who is able to come over            (1-888-767-2445)
                                                                                       and talk and keep you company

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