; Unit Five Unit Five
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Unit Five Unit Five


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									    Unit Five

Listening Course (1)
    Section One
Tactics for Listening
 Part I Phonetics
 Ex. Listen and complete the dialogue, paying
  attention to the weak forms, link-ups and
 1. believe it          2. would you
 3. have a look at 4. and a large
 5. I’ll just           6. Have you
 7. or                  8. and then
     Part 2 Listening and Note-taking
 Focus:
 1. Terms used in economic report
 2. Figures and percentage
 Notes:
 stock market:
 股票市场
 the Nikkei:
 日经指数 (即 Nikkei Index, 日本东京证
  交所编制的股价指数, 是投资人研究日本
  股市的一个重要参考指数, 日经指数有不
  同系列, 最为人熟知的是 Nikkei 225)
 close:
 收盘
   the Dow Jones Industrial Average
   道琼斯工业平均指数
   The Dow Jones Industrial Average is a
    price-weighted average of 30 significant
    stocks traded on the New York Stock
    Exchange and the Nasdaq. The DJIA was
    invented by Charles Dow back in 1896.
   Often referred to as "the Dow", the DJIA is
    the oldest and single most watched index in
    the world. The DJIA includes companies
    like General Electric, Disney, Exxon and
   When the TV networks say "the market is
    up today", they are generally referring to
    the Dow.
   blue chip:
   a common stock of a nationally
    known company whose value and
    dividends(红利) are reliable;
    a stock that sells at a high price
    because of public confidence in its
    long record of steady earnings
   蓝筹股
 the Standard and Poor’s 500 index:
 标准普尔指数 the S & P’s 500 index
      An index consisting of 500 stocks chosen for
    market size, liquidity(拥有流动资产)and industry
    grouping, among other factors.
      The S&P 500 is designed to be a leading indicator
    of U.S. equities普通股and is meant to reflect the
    risk/return characteristics of the large-cap universe.
      Companies included in the index are selected by
    the S&P Index Committee, a team of analysts and
    economists at Standard & Poor's.
      The S&P 500 is a market-value weighted index -
    each stock's weight in the index is proportionate to its
    market value.
 Nasdaq:
 National Association of Securities
  Dealers Automated Quotations
 全国证券交易商自动报价系统协会
 a computerized data system to provide
  brokers with price quotations for
  securities traded over the counter
 composite:
 混合;综合
  vibrant:
 vigorous and animated
 The city is vibrant with life.
 这城市充满生机。
 bounce back:
 restore; improve
 受挫折后恢复原状
 The consumers’ confidence bounce
   Ex. Listen to some statements. Fill in the blanks
    with the correct numbers.
     5%
  1. ____; _______
     14 10.699 10 1%
 2. ___ ; ______; ___; ____;
     48    1%    2.8%
     ____; ____ ; _____
 Section Two
   Part 1 Dialogues
     Dialogue 1 Are you Ready to Order?
 Focus:
 1. Selecting information
 2. Names of dishes



               Order Form
 Table: __________________
           garlic mushrooms
 Starter: _________________
 Main course: ____________________
                 roast beef with carrots
 Drinks: _________________________
                  a glass of water
          Dialogue 2 Two 74’s
1. Understanding subjective mood
2. Recognizing the facts
 Notes:
 1. A verb is in the subjunctive mood
  when it expresses a condition which is
  doubtful or not factual.
 e.g.
 If I had known (yesterday), I would have
  done something about it.
 I didn’t know yesterday and I didn’t do
  anything about it.
 If I had seen you, I definitely would have said
 I didn’t see you, so I didn’t say hello.
 Vocabulary:


   Ex. A Listen and decide whether the following
    statements are true or false.
   1. F They were supposed to go the concert
    on Saturday evening.
   2. F The girl didn’t go to meet the boy
    because she had forgotten.
   3. T Carol: You’re too busy with your
    cycle club.
   4. F The boy didn’t phone the girl on Friday
   5. T Carol: Well, I wish you wouldn’t take
    me for granted so much.
 Ex. B. Listen again and answer the
1. What does “Two 74s” mean?
 74 probably is the number of the dish
 on the menu, presumably beef. They
 ordered the same dish—

       one medium          one rare
2. What else did they order?
 They ordered salad and coffee also.
   Part 2 Passages
         Passage 1 Instant Coffee
 This passage is about how instant
  coffee is made in a factory.
 Focus:
 1. Procedures of doing things—making
  instant coffee
   Vocabulary
    grind; ground:
    磨碎
   resulting:
    following as an effect or result
    Resulting liquid refers to the liquid
    after water is slowly passed through
    the coffee.
   evaporate:
    change into a vapor; dry up
   draw moisture away from, as by
    heating, leaving only the dry solid
   The water soon evaporated in the
   水在阳光下不久就蒸发了。
   liquor:
     液,汁水
   powder:
     粉末
   cylindrical:
   having the form of a cylinder
    圆柱的
    granulated:
   成粒的
    granule:
    tiny grain 小粒,微粒
    vacuum:真空
 Ex. Listen and choose the best answer
 1. B    2. A     3. C    4. C
 5. D    6. D     7. B    8. A
     Passage 2 Tinned Tomato Soup
 Focus:
 1. Steps of making tomato soup
 Vocabulary:


                a butter substitute made originally
                from other animal fats, but
                nowadays exclusively from
                vegetable oilsmargarine
   chop: cut
   fry: cook on a hot surface using fat
   crush: break into small pieces
   rind: peel
   stir:搅动
   boil: cook in boiling liquid
   sieve: a strainer for separating lumps from
    powdered material or grading particles
 strain: separate by passing through a
 crouton: a small piece of toasted or
 fried bread; served in soup or salads
 Ex. A Listen to the passage and choose the
    best answer
 1. B    2. D    3. A   4. C
 5. D    6. D    7. A   8. B
 Ex. B Listen the passage again and complete
    the following outline
 A. Ingredients
        onions
    a. ________
       tomatoes           700 grams
    b. _________, about _________ for_____ people
                                         4 or 6
       butter    margarine
    c. ______ or _________
   d. ______ (optional)
   e. two cloves of ______
 B. Preparation
      chop
    a. _____ the onion
   b. wash and cut ______________________
                     the tomatoes into quarters
   c. chop or crush the ______
II. Cooking
   A. __________________________________________.
       Put some butter or margarine or oil in a big saucepan
   B. Put it on __________.
                  a low heat
   C. ____ the onions and garlic gently for ____________.
       Fry                                    3 or 4 minutes
       Keep _______ everything gently while it’s frying.
   D. Put the _________ into the saucepan, and pour in
    some______—about a quarter of a liter Add plenty of
    salt        pepper       herbs
    ____ and ______, and ______ if you want to.
   E. ____ everything thoroughly, put the ___ on the
    saucepan, and bring it to the ____.
   F. Leave it to cook slowly over a low heat
      an hour or so
    (to be continued)
                               off the cooker     strain
G. When it’s ready, take it ___________ and ______ it
    carefully through a sieve.
H. Put the soup ____________________ and add more
                   back into the saucepan
    ____ if necessary.
 I. Then bring it to the boil again. Cook it gently for
    2 or 3 minutes         stirring
    ____________; keep ______ it.
J. Serve it, you can mix in some ____ if you like.
   Part 3 News
               News Item 1
 Focus:
 Korean peninsula
 Vocabulary
 disputed: subject to disagreement and
 Violate: break or act against the law
Ex. A. Listen and complete the summary
 There was no agreement on talks about
(1) ____________________ between North
     the disputed sea border
  and South Korea. Each side accused
    the other of violating the border.
(2) ____________________________
Ex. B. Listen again and decide whether the
  following statements are true or false.
1. F. N. & S. Korea had 45 minutes talk.
2. F. Take defensive action rather than
  offensive action.
3. F. Officials have met 6 times rather than 60
4. T. Each side accused the other of violating
  the border.
              News Item 2
civilian: a nonmilitary citizen
wreckage: a badly damaged object
nuclear submarine:
 Ex. A Listen and complete the news
 This news item is about an accident in
  which a US nuclear submarine hit a
  Japanese fishing boat last.
   Ex. B. Listen and fill in the blanks
 Sinking of a Japanese Fishing Boat
             A nuclear submarine hit a Japanese
 Accident: ________________________________
            fishing boat last week.
 Result of the accident:
 _________________________________________
  The Japanese fishing boat sank after being hit by
  the nuclear submarine.
 _________________________________________
 Casualty of the accident:
  A Japanese students and crew members are missing
 __________________________________________
 Number of survivors:___26
 Actions of the American Navy:
     The Navy has sent a deep-sea vehicle to the
 1. _______________________________________
    sunken wreckage;
 2._______________________________________.
     The Navy also will decide if the boat can be raised
 Action of President Bush:
 __________________________________________
  President Bush expressed his regrets at sinking the
  boat to Japanese Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori by
 __________________________________________
  telephone on Tuesday.
               News Item 3
release: prepare and issue for public
  distribution or sale
fleet: a number of warships in the navy
court: a room in which law cases can be heard
  and judged
try: 审判;审理
 Ex. Listen and complete the summary
   This news item is about the release of
    underwater pictures of the Japanese
    fishing boat sunk by an American
    submarine 9 days ago.
 Ex. B Choose the best answer
   1. B. 2. A 3. D    4. C   5. C

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