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					                      Now open for enrollment . . .
                           2010 Regional Leadership Forum (RLF)

The SIM Tri-State Chapters of [Chapter Names] will again be hosting SIM's highly successful Regional Leadership Forum leadership
development program in 2010. It will be hosted at the [Link to Location]


As a leader in IT, you know the value of strong leadership for your business in these challenging times. RLF ensures that the rising IT
professionals in your company have the building blocks and knowledge necessary to succeed.

Over the course of nine months (in six 2-day sessions and at the annual SIMposium conference), participants go through an intensive
curriculum designed to introduce new ideas and challenge traditional ways of thinking. Unlike a traditional leadership seminar, RLF is a
process during which participants learn to cultivate their own unique authentic leadership style. They won't learn the Top Ten leadership
lessons as someone else sees it—participants will discover their own leadership style.

The RLF curriculum is anchored on 30 books designed to ignite discussion and increase understanding on topics affecting today's leaders.
RLF's reading list and discussion groups are reinforced by the industry's most respected business and IT executives, who through their
personal stories speak to the best practices of today and offer guidance on issues that will impact the leaders of tomorrow. Small class size
(two parallel forums of 17 each in 2009) helps ensure a high degree of interaction among speakers and participants.

 "The RLF experience has been a life transforming event. After nine months of experiences, I feel the journey has just
     begun. RLF raises you to a new level of mental awareness that you seldom encounter in your day to day pursuit.
   More importantly, it teaches you to integrate the new learnings in your daily life. RLF learning is a tangible long-
   term investment for you and the organization. It transforms you into becoming a well-rounded leader and a better
    individual."                                                Mahesh Haryu, Senior Technology Manager, Altria

             Program Co-Lead: Michael Carleton, CIO for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and a
             graduate of the first Mid-Atlantic RLF. Prior to HHS, he was CIO of the General Services Administration.
             Mike has facilitated several RLF programs including the 2007 and 2008 New York Metro programs. His
             extensive experience as CIO and leadership facilitator make him uniquely qualified for the New York RLF.

             Program Co-Lead: Steven John, CIO of H. B. Fuller, a specialty chemical manufacturer. Prior to H. B.
             Fuller, Steven was CIO at Agriliance. He also held positions with First Health, CIGNA, and Unisource
             Network Services. In 2006 he was selected by Computerworld magazine as one of the Premier 100 IT
             Leaders. He was also presented with the 2008 Leadership award by the CIO Executive Council. Steven
             has facilitated several RLF programs including the 2009 New York Metro program.

“What the sponsoring company gains from RLF is an employee who has grown in leadership and self-awareness, who
has created a valuable network of peers, and who is thankful to their employer for investing in their future. This is the
most remarkable program I have ever encountered in my career. June Drewry , Former Global CIO, Chubb & Son

2009 Participating Companies: Air Products, Analog Devices, AT&T, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Central Hudson Gas & Electric, Chubb,
Colgate, Ford Foundation, Godiva Chocolatier, JP Morgan Chase, Kraft Foods, Memorial Sloan-Kettering, Moody’s Investor Service,
PepsiCo, Pfizer, The Rockefeller Group, Sanofi-Aventis.

2010 Schedule: February 1-2, March 15-16, May 3-4, June 28-29, August 9-10, September 13-14, and national RLF meeting at
SIMposium 2010 (October 3-5 in Atlanta).

                                Program Fee: $8,350 Base Price ($500 Discount for SIM Member Companies)

For full program information and registration, visit:

For other inquiries contact [Insert Names, email addresses and Phone Numbers Here]

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