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					Reverse Mortgage: Is It Right for YOU? +
Estate/Eldercare/Retirement Planning
                     One event 2 Seminars that will change your
life- forever
WHERE- The OU Job Board 11 Broadway NY, NY 14th Floor- BROADCAST LIVE
TIME- 11:00AM-1:30PM EST

Reverse Mortgage: Is It Right for YOU?
Presented by Carl Guzman

       How to determine if a reverse mortgage is right for you
       Pros of a reverse mortgage - Will it make life easier?
       Qualifying for a reverse mortgage
             o specific criteria and requirements
             o potential problems during the loan process
       Strategies for using the proceeds to upgrade your quality of life
       How much can be obtained from a reverse mortgage
       Reverse product choices, payments, and how they work
       How a reverse loan is paid back to the lender and who is responsible
       Tax ramifications of a reverse mortgage
       The effects of a reverse mortgage on current benefits
       Financial bailouts using a reverse mortgage
       Alternative options to taking a reverse mortgage
       ... and more

About Carl Guzman

Carl Edward Guzman has the experience and understanding to assist seniors in their pursuit of financial
information and the empathy and ability to engage family members in respect to their unique dynamic
roles in the reverse mortgage process. He is the President and founder of Greenback Capital Mortgage
Corporation, a Mortgage Broker/Banker in New York, New Jersey and Florida, celebrating its 18th
Anniversary. He is a CPA and NYS Licensed Real Estate Broker specializing in complex mortgage
solutions for seniors. Carl has closed hundreds of millions of dollars in mortgage loans and has
developed, authored, and conducted mortgage seminars through numerous universities and educational
providers. He has served as a board member of the New York Association of Mortgage Brokers and as
Chairman of the Associations Education Committee. Carl is on the board of Trustees of the Teaneck
Economic Development Corporation, serving as its treasurer. He has authored and lectured on the
course the Pros and Cons of Reverse mortgages for the New Jersey Institute for Continuing Legal
Education. Carl is frequently published and quoted in various news media, and has appeared on TV
and radio shows as well. He has also served as an arbitrator on large real estate cases for the American
Arbitration Association

Greenback Capital Mortgage Corporation
Carriage IV Office Center
Teaneck, New Jersey 07666
201-837-6400 800-594-4786

Estate/Eldercare/Retirement Planning
Presented by David Schlachter

       Introduction: why you need to plan for retirement and Medicaid qualification
       It is never too late to plan for retirement
       The pitfalls of not starting to plan for retirement and Medicaid now
       What does Medicaid provide you?
       Basic rules for qualifying for Medicaid
       Even if you have assets you can still qualify
       Retirement planning: Where do you want your assets to go, your kids or the government?
       Special needs planning: incapacity, no spouse, charity
       Brief overview of options: disability insurance, life insurance, business succession plans

About David Schlachter
David's firm is a general practice firm that also focuses its expertise into several related areas. David is licensed to practice law in
New Jersey, New York and the Federal District of New Jersey. David is also certified as a Mortgage Foreclosure Mediator in
New Jersey and specially trained by the New York State Bar Association to advocate for homeowner in foreclosure actions.
Additionally, David received Bet Din training in Hilchos Yerusha, Jewish inheritance law. Finally, David has already
published several legal articles in upstanding publications, and has several more articles pending publication. His offices are
located in Brooklyn and Manhattan, New York and in Passaic, New Jersey.      

General Number: 917-783-2555/Fax: 973-272-4167

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