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					                                                                     Kelly Rogowski

                                                      CIT 110 Section 04: Hitchcock

                                                                 December 13, 2010

                       Reflection Assignment
Excel is a Microsoft application which I will be expected to use in the future for my
career of business. Increasing my basic knowledge of spreadsheets furthered my
understanding of all the different tasks I am able to perform. An assignment which
may possibly best relate to my career path is the Loan Assignment. The
assignment was to assemble a plethora of spreadsheets that all concerned different
loans; one spreadsheet was a school loan, an auto loan, and lastly a house loan.
Different amounts, interest rates, and time periods were used in order to see the
different outcomes. Also, we were assigned to create a “loan sensitivity table”. This
table showed different loan combinations with various interest rates while using the
“what if” function. When reviewing my assignment, it is important to look at the
three different types of loans that were created. All show drastic differences in
payments, time periods, and interest rates. Also, I attempted at fixing up my loan
sensitivity table by applying conditional formatting.

As I stated previously, I chose this work because I believe Microsoft Excel is one of
the most important applications that a person in the business field will use. A ton
of different formulas were used in the loan assignment. With having the knowledge
of various formulas, you are able to do so much more with spreadsheets. I still need
to become more comfortable and confident with the different formulas. I hope to get
to a point where I can look at a spreadsheet and am able to add different formulas
when necessary. Also, when completing my portfolio senior year, I feel if I add more
meat to the project and expand some of the formulas, it would be a great asset to
have. Also, I linked this assignment to my webpage; having the webpage may also
be a great weapon to have when entering the workforce. With further development,
it would be like an online portfolio, having links to various college assignments, my
resume, and other useful tools which a company may be interested in.

One thing which I wish I could have done better is making the spreadsheet look for
presentable. Although it makes perfect sense to my fellow classmates and Professor
Hitchcock, an outsider who looks at the print-out or the actual spreadsheet may be
confused at what is trying to be accomplished. It presents at itself as somewhat
unprofessional; hopefully with time I will be able to improve this aspect of my Excel
knowledge. Although it would be nice to have more expertise with Excel, right now
I would rather solidify the knowledge that I currently possess. I want to become
automatic with Excel formulas so I am able to create a spreadsheet without
questioning which formulas fit with what numbers.

I wish in this class we were able to do more with how accountants use computers. It
would have been nice to see basic programs, databases, or spreadsheets that the
accounting field uses. Microsoft Access was a really enjoyable topic because it was
easily relatable also.

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