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									Miami Medical Billing Company Announces New Medical Practice

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 Guru Billers provide medical billing, practice management, medical business services in
 Miami Fl.

 Guru Billers is a full service multi-specialty medical billing and consulting business based in
 Miami Florida. The firm has over 20 years of experience of compliant medical billing submission
 with Medicare, Medicaid, private insurances, workers comp, and personal injury.

Online PR News – 11-May-2012 A physicians life is never easy and often valuable time with patients is
taken up by paperwork and managing the actual practice. Finding experts to help in these matters is time
consuming and challenging. guru billers of Miami is the answer for busy medical professionals and the
company’s new website features all the information and medical practice needs to evaluate the services in
expert billing, EHR software and practice management consultation.

With Guru Billers any medical practice can take control of the aspects of the business that often present the
biggest challenges. Even though a doctor may be uncomfortable out sourcing these services, Guru Billers is
more of a partner in making sure the practice runs efficiently. In fact they can help:

• Decrease Overall Expenses
• Improve Billing Collections
• Maximize Office Efficiency
• Enhance Reimbursement
• Increase cash flow
• Lower Administrative costs

Guru Billers achieves these things through the expert service its professionals provide. Those services

• Healthcare Technology/EHR – Guru Billers has spent countless hours researching the various solutions that
allow medical practices to become completely automated and paperless. This process led to the realization
the Ingenix Care Tracker is the best solution available for messages, appointments, practice news and
forms, online statements and payment options and prescription requests.

• medical billing /Collection – With the knowledge and experience of the ever-changing insurance industry
and its practices, Guru Billing and its staff can assist and advice any medical professional through the maze
of billing.

• Medical Practice Consulting – Guru Billing knows all aspects of the medical practice profession and
whether the issue is big or small, the firm can help. From expansion to relocation to personnel, Guru Billers
is there.

Guru Billers is never happy until clients are completely satisfied and that mission seems to be working.
Doctors all over Miami are saying things like, “I can't imagine running our practice without Guru Billers.
They're knowledgeable about all my inquiries and make every effort to help me and my staff make informed
business decisions."

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