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					                       THE STATUE OF LIBERTY

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The Statue of Liberty is the monument the most famous of New York City. She is
located on the Liberty Island at the south of Manhattan, next to Hudson and Ellis
Island. She was offered from France on 1886 for celebrated the centennial of the
declaration of independance of America. The Statue of Liberty is 46.5m. The
inauguration of the Statue of Liberty was celebrated the 28th October 1886 with the
president , Grover Cleveland. This statue represent a women, she's wearing a dress
and a crown with seven tips. They represent the "Seven Continents".
                      THE EMPIRE STATE BUILDING

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The Empire state building is located on the 350 Fifth Avenue. For the better part of a
century, visitors to the New York have headed straight to the Empire State Building
for the thrill of a lifetime: the journey aloft to its fabled Observatory nearly a quarter of
a mile above Fifth Avenue. Here you are treated to breathtaking panoramas across
the rooftops, avenues and byways of the New York Metropolitan areas, to as far
away as four neighboring states. The Empire state building is 381m. The Empire
state building is the tallest building after the twin tower in New York. He was
fabricated on 1931. He is open at 9.30am to midnight.
                                CENTRAL PARK

Central Park is the biggest park of the USA. He is situed on the middle of Manhattan.
He is 43hm. Central Park is the largest green space in the city of New York.
Completed in 1873 after thirteen years of construction, according to the plans of
Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux. Central Park is an oasis of greenery amid
the forest of skyscrapers in Manhattan, even if it is located north of the island where
buildings are slightly lower. With an average of 25 million visitors annually, Central
Park is the most visited park in the United States. The visit of the central park is free.
                            BROOKLYN BRIDGE

The Brooklyn Bridge in New York is one of the oldest hanging bridges of USA. It
crosses the East River to connect Manhattan Island to the borough of Brooklyn. Two
kilometers long, was opened to traffic May 24, 1883, after 14 years of work. During
this one day 1 800 vehicles and 150 300 people have borrowed. The bridge cost 18
million dollars of the time and it is estimated that 27 people were killed during
construction. Its architect, John Augustus Roebling died of an accident on site, just
days after the commencement of work. His son, Washington Augustus Roebling,
aided by his wife Emily, who will lead the project to fruition.

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