Raleigh Chiropractic Doctors, Dr. Joshua McDowell And Dr. Mark Saletnik, Educate Locals About Carpal Tunnel by AndrwKar69


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									Raleigh Chiropractic Doctors, Dr. Joshua McDowell And Dr. Mark Saletnik,
Educate Locals About Carpal Tunnel

Raleigh, NC, 11-MAY-2012 - Premier Chiropractic of Raleigh, NC and
Raleigh chiropractor team members Dr. Joshua McDowell and Dr. Mark
Saletnik, D. C., are pleased to announce a variety of methods that have
been proven effective as the solution for carpal tunnel syndrome. This
condition occurs when there is excessive pressure on the median nerve.

The median nerve is the major neural pathway from the brain to the hand
and fingers. The tunnel is located on the inside of the wrist. It is
narrow enough that pressure on the nerve that runs through this area can
create painful symptoms in the forearm and wrist. The hand may become
weakened. There may be tingling and numbness in the fingers.

Chiropractic techniques are focused differently than those of physicians
and surgeons. Traditional therapy often uses painkillers to deaden the
pain. When that doesn't solve the pain, surgery may be recommended. With
the chiropractic approach, tactics are non-invasive. The doctors might
implement therapy such as massage, vertebral adjustment, hot and cold
therapy and similar tactics.

The goal of chiropractics is to provide not only therapy to reduce pain,
but education so that the pain doesn't return. The body can heal itself
if given the tools. Chiropractic philosophy says that removing the
impediments will allow self-healing.

Learn more about the philosophy of chiropractics and how it can improve
life quality without the use of invasive techniques by visiting the web
pages at http://www.premierchironc.com today. Members of the press and
others who wish further information to answer questions raised by this
specific press release are encouraged to contact the doctors at the
locations provided below.

Contact Person Name: Dr. Josh McDowell

Company Name: Premier Chiropractic

Address: 1600 Ronald Drive #103, Raleigh, NC 27609

Contact Telephone Number: (919) 850-1550

Contact Person Name: Dr. Mark Saletnik

Company Name: Premier Chiropractic

Address: 1620 Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, Suite 106, Raleigh, NC

Contact Telephone Number: (919) 250-3330

Email: info@premierchironc.com

Website: http://www.premierchironc.com/

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