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                                                                                                     Tariq Magazine
                                                                                                           April 2012   1
  1 Words of Wisdom
The Holy Qur’an
                                                   “And why is it that you spend not in the way
                                                   of Allah, while to Allah belongs the heritage
                                                   of the heavens and the earth? Those of you
                                                   who spent and fought before the Victory
                                                   are not equal to those who did so later. They
                                                   are greater in rank than those who spent
                                                   and fought afterwards. And to all has Allah
                                                   promised good. And Allah is Well-Aware of
                                                   what you do.”

                                                   (The Holy Qur’an, Surah Al-Hadid Ch.57:V.11)

Hadhrat Abu Hurairah [ra] relates that the Holy Prophet [saw] said:

 “A man was walking through a waterless piece of land. The sky was clouded and he heard a voice
coming from the cloud saying: ‘O cloud, irrigate the garden of so and so.’ Upon this the cloud
moved to a certain direction and rained upon a rocky plateau. The water ran through small rivulets.
The man followed a rivulet until it entered a garden and he saw the owner of the garden working
with a shovel and distributing the water to his plants. He asked the owner of the garden:

‘O servant of Allah! What is your name?’ He told him his name, which was the same that he has
heard from the cloud.

The owner of the garden then asked him, ‘O servant of Allah! Why did you ask my name?’ He
replied, I heard a voice from the cloud, saying, ‘Irrigate the garden of so and so’; May I know what
you do to your garden to become worthy of such favour.’

He said; ‘Since you have asked me, I will tell you. When the produce of this garden is ready, I give
one third of the produce away in charity, keep one third for myself and my family, and use the
remaining third in sowing and raising another crop in the garden.”

(Sahih Muslim Kitabul Zahad)

Hadhrat Asma’ bint Abu Bakr [ra] reported Allah’s Messenger [saw] saying, “Do not calculate
when spending in the way of Allah, or Allah will give you in the same manner, but spend as much
as you can”.

(Sahih Bukhari Kitabu Zakat)

                 Tariq Magazine
            2    April 2012
                                                                                   Words of Wisdom

Writings of the Promised Messiah [as]

                        Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad [as]
                              The Promised Messiah

The door to piety is a narrow one. So remember that no one can enter it by spending
useless and worthless things. The clear injunction is:

‘You can never attain righteousness until you spend out of that which you love.’

Until you spend the things which you love and are dear to you, you cannot attain the
stage of being loved. If you are not ready to bear suffering and to acquire true piety, how
can you expect to succeed? Did the disciples gain their station without doing anything?
Just look at how one has to work and toil in order to gain a worldly title, even though
it does not give true peace and satisfaction. Then how is it possible for the title of 'may
Allah be pleased with him' to be acquired with no difficulty. The truth is that it is not
possible to gain the pleasure of Allah—which is a source of true happiness—until one
does not bear momentary hardships. Allah cannot be deceived. Happy are those who
care not for pain in order to attain His pleasure, for it is only after temporary suffering
that the believer is granted the light of eternal joy and everlasting comfort.

(Tafsir Hadhrat Masih Ma‘ud [as], volume 2, p. 131)
                                                                Tariq Magazine
                                                                      April 2012    3
   2 Editorial

Dear Brothers

During these periods of hardship and difficulty we face, one must always remember
not to despair and should hold firm and tight to the rope of Allah.
                                                                                             "Nay, whoever submits
Allah states in the Holy Qur'an:                                                             himself completely
"Nay, whoever submits himself completely to Allah, while he is excellent in conduct, shall   to Allah, while he is
have his reward with his Lord. No fear shall come upon such, neither shall they grieve."     excellent in conduct,
(The Holy Qur'an Ch.2:V.113)                                                                 shall have his reward
                                                                                             with his Lord. No
It is our duty to continually strive towards righteousness and be noted for such actions
whether we are working or offering our services voluntarily. We have taken an oath           fear shall come upon
of allegiance to Allah the Almighty and His beloved the Holy Prophet [saw] to                such, neither shall they
spread the true and peaceful message of Islam.
We stand united in these difficult times, unlike other Ulema, by accepting the Bai’at
of the Imam of the age, Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad [as], and we answer and                        (The Holy Qur'an Ch.2:V.113)
submit ourselves for the sake and for the love of Allah under one voice, the voice of

So, when our beloved Khalifa requests that we make sacrifices then, as the Holy
Qur’an states, we should hear and obey these commandments completely, with true
sincerity, commitment and dedication.

Today’s precarious times call for us all to work together and tread the path of Taqwa.
Huzur Aqdas [atba] has mentioned that every Ahmadi should try and walk the
path of Taqwa, to be included amongst Mohsineen and work towards experiencing
the nearness of Allah. This alone will lead to self-reformation and enable us to save
the society within our limited spheres from disorder.

So, let us pray that we may also be amongst those that attain the nearness of Allah
and that Allah becomes our friend as stated in Hadith: ‘God Almighty becomes
their hands with which they grasp, and becomes their eyes with which they see, and
becomes their ears with which they hear and becomes their feet with which they

May Allah bless you all and remove any difficulties you may face. [ameen]

Yousaf Aftab
Editor, Tariq Magazine

                       Tariq Magazine
                 4     April 2012
   3 Islam Ahmadiyyat

Summary of Friday Sermon
Summary of Friday Sermon delivered by Hadhrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad [atba], the Head of the
Ahmadiyya Muslim Community on 16th September 2011.

Note: Alislam team takes full responsibility for any errors or miscommunication in this synopsis of the Friday Sermon

Summarising the persecution of               that has made barbarism run rampant in
Ahmadis       in    Pakistan,    Hudhur      the country (Pakistan). Our response is
[atba] said the oppression started           that we are the followers of that Messiah
when the legislative body of the country,    who has taught us principles of peace
the National Assembly, passed a bill and     and conciliation in continuation of the
declared us non-Muslims in 1974. Later,      Sunnah of his master, the Holy Prophet
taking full advantage of his dictatorship,   [saw].
Gen. Zia made the law even harsher.
Considered as insignificant, we had been     By practicing these values after coming
declared non-Muslims, were not allowed       into the Bai’at of the Messiah [as] we
to say the Kalima, were stopped from         are in fact trying to fulfil the dues of
saying Assalamo Alaikum and were not         following the Holy Prophet [saw].
allowed to do anything that would even       The courage and valour and the passion
hint that we were Muslims. Yet, we did       to look death in the eye is given to us by
not desist and continued to practice as      the champion of God who was sent by
true Muslims, therefore, he legalised for    God in this age to establish the second
us to be imprisoned for these practices      phase of Islam. It is given to us by the true
or in disobedience of his Ordinance, if      and ardent devotee of the Holy Prophet          legislation cannot harm our Community
we associated with the Seal of all the       [saw] who brought faith back down               in any way at all because God has also
Prophets [saw], he decreed the death         to earth from the Pleiades. We are thus         informed of the triumphs and of the
penalty for us. How dared we, in spite       ready for every kind of sacrifice with          successes that were granted to the other
of being so few in number, injure the        the insight that we are the followers of        Prophets. God thus revealed to the
religious sentiments of the majority by      that Imam who was told by God:‘The              Promised Messiah: ‘Good tidings to
calling ourselves Muslims?                   Messenger of God in the mantle of the           you, O My Ahmad’ (Tadhkirah, p. 466)
                                             Prophets.’ (Tadhkirah, p. 110)                  The hostile legislation, the oppression,
Hudhur [atba] said this is nothing                                                           persecution cannot stop the success
new. Thus has been the treatment of          The Promised Messiah [as] writes in             of the Community of the Promised
Pharaoh-like individuals in each age to      Brahin e Ahmadiyya:                             Messiah [as]. He was informed by God
people of God. The episode of Pharaoh-                                                       that ultimately the doors of triumph will
like oppressors continues to this day. The   ‘This revelation means that I have been         be flung open. In another place in his
Qur’an records Pharaoh as saying:‘These      bestowed a portion of the particular            book ‘Asmani Faisala’, (The Heavenly
are a small party, And they have offended    circumstances or attributes of all the          Decree) he writes:
us.’ (26: 55 – 56)                           Prophets from Adam onwards—may peace
                                             be on them—who have come into the world         ‘Allah has addressed me in these clear
When Ahmadis experience opposition,          from God Almighty, whether they are from        words: Meaning that, “I am the One Who
it only strengthens our faith, given that    among the Israelites or otherwise. There        grants victory—I shall give you victory.
the history of Prophets of God is being      has not been a single Prophet of whose          A wondrous aid will you behold. The
repeated. Without doubt we are few in        characteristics or circumstances I have not     disbelievers, i.e., those of them in whose fate
number and are insignificant in the eyes     partaken to a degree. My nature bears the       lies guidance, will fall in prostration saying,
of the world. They are not offended by us    imprint of the nature of every Prophet. This    ‘Forgive us our sins, we were in error.’
because we are committing any sin or any     is what God has told me…’
crime or indeed any kind of extremism.                                                       (The Heavenly Decree, p. 59)
Their offence is borne out of our love and   (Essence of Islam, Vol. IV, p. 81)
loyalty to God and His Messenger, our                                                        A revelation of the Promised Messiah
peaceable approach out of love for our       Hudhur [atba] explained that                    [as] is: ‘Yours is the victory and you
homeland because we do not trample           partaking some of the circumstances of          will triumph.’ (Tadhkirah, p. 606).
upon the rights of God’s creatures and       the other Prophets also entails facing          Hudhur [atba] explained that in
do not become part of the extremism          opposition. However, this opposition or

                                                                                                 Tariq Magazine
                                                                                                       April 2012      5
Islam Ahmadiyyat

the backdrop of all the adversities and       no official pro forma or document in          closed. Decent people who do not listen
hostile legislations that the Community       Pakistan for obtaining anything at all,       to the mullah and the troublemakers are
is experiencing, especially in Pakistan       to go through any officialdom that            warned about ‘consequences’. Due to their
and also in Indonesia, Malaysia and           does not contain offensiveness about          incompetence the authorities are in the
some other Muslim countries, God is           the Promised Messiah [as]. One has            clutch of the mullah and the extremists.
giving us glad tidings. Had ours been a       to sign these forms/documents and             Be it the mullah, or an opportunist
worldly community, it would have been         declare oneself to be a Muslim. Huge,         politician or any governmental worker;
forced to bend its knees before these         offensive posters are placed in shopping      whosoever is involved in this persecution
oppressors or at least adopt hypocrisy.       areas, offices and parks and thus all those   should remember that God is ‘Severe in
However, with the grace of God, not only      involved are guilty of a huge sin. Even       punishment’. This is not a tale of ancient
is the Ahmadiyya Community facing             those who are quietly condoning it all        people; rather this is a Sign of a Living
up to the persecution, rather in spite of     are also unconsciously perpetrating sin       God.
all the dire situations, it is progressing.   or perhaps decency has ceased to exist or
This alone would be sufficient proof for      perhaps there is no belief in God.            Those who oppose the Promised
a fair-minded person of its truthfulness.                                                   Messiah [as] and exceed all limits in
God states in the Qur’an: ‘Have they          By filing wrongful lawsuits against           their opposition, should remember that
not travelled in the earth and seen what      Ahmadis, people are committing                by rejecting the truth which the Holy
was the end of those before them? They        something which is certainly not liked        Prophet [saw] foretold and which
were far more powerful than these and         by God. Indeed, God states be fair and        is in the Qur’an, they are joining those
stronger in the marks they left in the        do not oppress those who have oppressed       who have a bad ending. Besides, what
earth. But Allah seized them for their        you. God states falsehood is shirk            sin are they not committing as well as
sins, and they had no protector against       (associating partners with God) and           persecuting Ahmadis? The country is
Allah.                                        He will not forget this sin. Yet, what are    embroiled in all sorts of iniquity; bribery,
                                              these people doing that we observe every      filth, moral ills, thieving, robbery, murder
That was because their Messengers came        day? Recently an Ahmadi was dragged           and mayhem. Is all this not incurring
to them with manifest Signs, but they         into a false law case of murder. When         the wrath of God? Hudhur [atba]
disbelieved; so Allah seized them. Surely     the perpetrators were told that this was      said, ‘think a little, O, negligent! It is
He is Powerful, Severe in punishment.’        wrong, they agreed that the Ahmadi            our prayer that God saves the country.’
(40: 22 – 23)                                 was innocent. They added that they            Adding, Hudhur [atba] said in
                                              had filed the case against him because        spite of all the persecution, Ahmadis
Hudhur [atba] said all the                    he was an Ahmadi. If he renounced             should make practical efforts to help,
revelations of the Promised Messiah           Ahmadiyyat and was abusive about the          borne out of sympathy, but more than
[as] that Hudhur [atba] has                   Promised Messiah [as], not only would         anything Ahmadis should pray. When
cited were not personal claims of his,        they drop the case, they would help           no one wants to know us we should
rather, these were words revealed to          him get released and would fete him           help with prayers, implore God for the
him by God, Who was with him. It              with garlands. Hudhur [atba]                  reformation of the Ummah.
is a serious issue to associate/ascribe       added, yet these are the people who are
something to God and He certainly             confirmed Muslims and Ahmadis are             God is going to grant triumph to the
does not forgive one who ascribes             non-Muslims.                                  Promised Messiah [as] as it is stated in
something wrongly to Him. As we see                                                         the Qur’an:
the signs of Divine help and support          Addressing our detractors, Hudhur
with the Promised Messiah [as], it            [atba] said ‘O opponents of                    ‘Allah has decreed: ‘Most surely I will
further strengthens our belief that just      Ahmadiyyat, fear God for Whom your            prevail, I and My Messengers.’ Verily,
as God was with him in his lifetime           wealth, your conceit and arrogance,           Allah is Powerful, Mighty.’ (58:22)
and helped him, God will do so in the         your Imamat of mosques, your political
future. Indeed, He is helping us today.       parties, your governmental power, your        Explaining, Hudhur [atba] said
As the aforementioned verse shows,            majority in numbers has no significance.      the decree of triumph is from God
God gives the opponents of Prophets           In response to all your oppressions, our      and the reasoning given for it is the
and persecutors of Divine communities         answer is the same which the Holy             Power and Might of God. In this is a
leeway for a while, but when His              Qur’an states in the verses: ‘…Surely         lesson for a believer and a non-believer
chastisement comes, no power on earth         He is Powerful, Severe in punishment.’        both, to reflect. Believer should try and
can be of any avail. Those who presume        Hudhur       [atba]         said     the      strengthen his or her belief as well as try
Ahmadis to be given a beggar’s bowl or        persecution has now spread to innocent        to take his or her connection with God
those who, God forbid, call Ahmadiyyat        Ahmadi school children who are told           to its pinnacle so that he or she becomes
a cancer have little power. The earlier       that they cannot stay in their schools        a part of the promised triumph. For the
tyrants of whom the Qur’an cites              because they are disbelievers. The only       opposite side, therein is a challenge that
examples of were much more powerful.          option given to them is to be abusive         they may try and use all their power,
The oppressors of today do not even have      about the Promised Messiah [as]. If           but God is Powerful and Mighty and
their own wealth and are forever bowing       a school headmaster or the owner of a         He has decreed to grant triumph to
to foreign powers to run their country.       private school shows some decency, he         His dear ones. Hence, all the scheming
It is cause for concern for the leaders       is told that if Ahmadi children attend        of the opponents, harassment of school
as well as the public who unconsciously       a school, they would not send their           children, harassment of Ahmadi
condones oppression. Today there is           children and would have the school            employees or business fraternity, filing

                      Tariq Magazine
                 6    April 2012
                                                                                                               Islam Ahmadiyyat

lawsuits against completely unconnected     During battle, they did not overlook the    that Being without Whose command
and innocent Ahmadis will not stop          obligatory Salaat. At one juncture due to   even a leaf cannot fall. Evil cannot
the triumph. If it was a man-made           the onslaughts of the enemy the Muslims     harm the righteous. Rather, God’s Signs
affair, no doubt their power would have     were not able to offer their Salaat         are manifested and people increase
worked, but when God has decreed: ‘…        during battle and the five Prayers were     in spiritual knowledge. Although the
Verily, Allah is Powerful, Mighty’, then    combined. The Holy Prophet [saw]            Powerful God cannot be seen from
the dearth in worldly means of the          was deeply saddened by this and said,       the naked eye, He manifests Himself
Ahmadis is of no significance. Did the      ‘damn you, may the enemy be destroyed       through His great Signs.
lack of apparatus in any of the battles     due to whom we had to combine our
fought by the Holy Prophet [saw]            five Prayers.’ Hudhur [atba]                Hudhur said if we continue to turn to
or any other battle (of Prophets) affect    explained that the Prophet [saw]            the All Powerful God with love and
the outcome of the war? Indeed, in spite    only cursed because he was not given        sincerity, none of the enemy’s ploys
of God’s assurance, Prophets of God         the opportunity to offer Salaat on time     can harm our Community. This is why
make ordinary arrangement according         although he was constantly engaged in       Hudhur [atba] had recently
to their resources, but they stress is on   silent remembrance of God. Doubtless,       especially asked for prayer, worship and
prayers. The most perfect example of        God has promised triumph, yet in order      optional fasting. The enemy is trying
this was demonstrated by our master,        to attract His grace it is most important   with all his might to attack us and our
the Holy Prophet [saw]. The battle          to be attentive towards worship. Without    most effective source is prayer. While
of Badr presents a great model of this      this, a community cannot claim to be a      the now international scale of enmity
when the Prophet [saw], in spite            Prophet’s community. Prophets of God        against us is an indication that God will
of all Divine assurances, prayed in an      come to this world to connect man with      manifest His glory more than ever, the
anxious and tender manner, as if in the     God, thus if a community does not           world of Ahmadiyyat should be attentive
throes of death. When God decrees that      practice this fundamental principle, how    that we will hold our worship most dear
He and His Messengers will prevail,         can it be part of the promised triumph?     and will greatly enhance our connection
His Messengers also absorb themselves                                                   with God. May God enable us of all to
completely in God and try to become         In his book ‘Kitab ul-Bariyyah’ the         do so.
a part of the Divine ruling. The power      Promised Messiah [as] wrote that God
of the holiness of the Holy Prophet         is Most Powerful and Mighty and one         Hudhur [atba] said he wished to
[saw] generated those Companions            who turns to Him with sincerity is never    mention a revelation of the Promised
who during the time of battle, fought       wasted. The enemy assumes to destroy        Messiah [as] that includes the words,
during the day and spent the nights in      with his ploys and has evil intent but      ‘After eleven.’ Hudhur [atba]
worship of God. By worldly standards        does he assume to contend with God?         said Ahmadis make personal inferences
the Muslims had no comparability with       Those who hatch evil plans are extremely    (about revelations) and also write to
the enemy in any of the battles but the     foolish for at the time of making their     Hudhur [atba] about them. About
power of prayers granted them success.      wicked schemes they do not remember         this specific revelation, the Promised

                                                                                            Tariq Magazine
                                                                                                  April 2012    7
Islam Ahmadiyyat

Messiah [as] said:                               transportation became available. I was           should hope for distinct, bright signs.
                                                 pondering what was the meaning of the
 ‘I do not know whether by eleven is meant       phrase: After eleven; in the revelation of       The Promised Messiah [as] was given
eleven days or eleven weeks or eleven            the Promised Messiah when I received a           a revelation in Persian that reads: ‘Your
months or eleven years. In any case a sign       message from Mirza Bashir Ahmad that             supplications have reached heaven,
in proof of my innocence will appear within      Major Bashir Ahmad, brother of Major-            then be not surprised if I should give
that period’.                                    General Nazir Ahmad was coming to see            you hopeful news. After eleven, if God
                                                 me. This was a mistake. It was not Major         so wills.’ (Tadhkirah, footnote, p. 480)
Hudhur [atba] said today is the                  Bashir Ahmad, but his brother Captain            Hudhur [atba] said here too
eleventh day of the eleventh month in            Ataullah. I described the situation to him       the subject is that of prayers. We need
the year 2011, and Ahmadis have made             and asked him whether he could make              to turn to prayers with great intensity
inferences according to their thoughts.          some arrangement for transportation and          and that is why Hudhur [atba]
Hudhur [atba] said if anything                   security. He told me that he would make          drew attention to this matter a few
is destined to happen today, it will             some arrangement the same day on his             weeks ago. Hudhur [atba] urged
definitely come to pass, [insh], but it should   return to Lahore. Accordingly, he procured       to make intense prayers, supplications
be remembered that there are many                the car of Nawab Muhammad Din and                that reach heaven and stir the heavens
revelations in which there is promise            the jeep of Mirza Mansoor Ahmad and              and we experience triumph. Hudhur
of the manifestation of God’s help and           the cars of some other friends and started       [atba] said, ‘may God enable me
succour and quality of Rahmaniyyat               for Qadian. In the meantime, next day we         and you to make greater prayers than
and the promise is for it to happen              tried to procure some transportation through     before.’
unexpectedly. It is not implausible that         an Ahmadi friend who had promised that
from today’s date, this month and this           he would arrive in Qadian between 8              Next Hudhur [atba] announced
year, the destiny starts taking shape.           and 9 a.m. with a military escort. He did        that he would lead two funeral Prayers
However, sometimes, having made                  not arrive till 10 a.m. and then it passed       in absentia after Friday Prayers. Dervish
personal inference, some weak-natured            through my mind that the phrase “eleven” in      Chaudhry Muhammad Sadiq sahib
people lose hope or become disinclined           the revelation might mean eleven o’clock and     passed away on Nov 5 after he fell over
to faith if the outcome is not according         that transportation might become available       some days ago. He was young at the time
to their conjecture. Hudhur [as] said            after 11 a.m. Mirza Bashir Ahmad was in          of the Tehrik of Dervishes by Hadhrat
this is not the way of a believer. Our           charge of all these arrangements and every       Musleh Maud [ra] but he offered
triumph is destined to take place and            few minutes I received his message that all      himself and was loyal till his last breadth.
will most certainly come to pass, in fact,       arrangements had fallen through and that         He was a sympathetic, intelligent and
it is happening. The senselessness of our        no effort had been successful. I telephoned      sincere worker. He took great care of the
opponents is a proof of this.                    to him that in view of the phrase “after         Jalsa Salana guests, going out of his way
                                                 eleven” in the revelation I was thinking         to look after them. He was a Moosi and
Hudhur [atba] said he also wanted                that some arrangement would go through           leaves behind four sons.
to relate that as regards this revelation,       after 11 a.m. I had originally thought that
Hadhrat Musleh Maud [ra] has                     the phrase had reference to a date but that I    Ahmad Yusuf sahib shaheed of Syria.
written about the difficult decision of          was now thinking that it had reference to        He passed away last month during the
migration from Qadian. He wrote:                 the hour. At five minutes past eleven I was      current riots taking place in the country.
                                                 about to lift the receiver of the telephone to   He was returning home from work
‘A study of the revelations vouchsafed to        try to find out from Mirza Nasir Ahmad           when he came in the line of cross fire.
the Promised Messiah [as] convinced me           what the situation was, but before I             He was hard of hearing and it appears
that our migration from Qadian had been          dialled his number, his call came through        did not hear any warning that may have
indicated with certainty and I decided to        that Captain Ataullah had arrived with           been given to take cover. He was born
leave Qadian, a message was sent to Lahore       transportation and we thus travelled from        in 1976 and was not married. He took
by telephone that some transport might be        Qadian to Lahore.’                               his Bai’at last year. A few members of his
arranged for, but no reply was received                                                           family had also followed him in taking
for eight or ten days and finally the reply      (Tadhkirah, p. 481)                              Bai’at. He used to take part in all Jama’at
that came was that Government was not                                                             programmes and was a most helpful
able to arrange for any transport. At that       Hudhur [atba] said the revelation                person.
time also I was studying the revelations         of ‘After eleven’ was fulfilled in another
vouchsafed to the Promised Messiah [as]          way when the rule of a (Pakistani)               May God elevate the station of the
and I found one revelation: After eleven.        dictator who wished to eliminate                 deceased.
It passed through my mind that possibly it       Ahmadiyyat was eliminated exactly after
meant that transport would be arranged           eleven years. Hudhur [atba] said
after the lunar date eleven. But days passed     prophecies and revelations are fulfilled
and the solar date 28 arrived and yet no         repeatedly and in diverse ways and we

                        Tariq Magazine
                  8     April 2012
                                                                                                                    Islam Ahmadiyyat

Islam and Chastity
By Nasir Mahmood Malik

      slam is based on the laws of nature.    men and women, or about 5% of the US
      Allah created our universe and          population, are fighting.
      provided Islam as guidance for us
      to properly and optimally benefit       According to this report, such addicts do
from His creation without getting hurt.       not get that way in one day. They begin on
Islam provides us with a system of norms      this path with easy access to risky material
and values, a code of conduct leading to      like ‘soft porn’ in magazines, movies, and
a healthy, productive and peaceful life in    internet, etc. Unrestrained, they develop
this world. A life dedicated to the pursuit   the natural urge to act out what they see
of Taqwa.                                     and thus the visuals progressively become
                                              practical experiences. Over time, those
In our secular and ‘emancipated’ society,     experiences become addictions. These
people seem to have difficulty in seeing      people lose their peace of mind, their
the significance and relevance of             jobs, their families, and their dignity.
various Islamic norms and values, like        They suffer from diseases, shame and
chastity and modesty. To this society,        guilt. They become frightened and many
Islamic norms seem antiquated and             even become suicidal.
impractical. This is partly due to a lack
of understanding of specific Islamic          Even if we consider such an addiction
teachings, but mostly it is due to the lack   as an anomaly, we commonly observe             obligations arise out of love. A cursory
of proper comprehension of the overall        how unchaste behaviour results in life         reflection on the manifestations of
objective and the philosophy of Islamic       altering consequences like unwanted            Allah’s Grace and Mercy evokes a
teachings.                                    pregnancies, infanticide in the form of        natural love of Allah. This love is called
                                              abortion or abandoned babies, premature        Taqwa. This love naturally evolves into
We live in a promiscuous society where        marriages of the unwilling and the             the love of His Creation, Mankind,
we need to continually remind ourselves       unprepared, broken families, shortened         because when one truly loves someone,
about the pivotal role chastity plays in      careers, shattered dreams, personal            one begins to love everything about that
our daily lives and how at risk we are        shame, embarrassment for the family            person. Our success lies in winning the
if we are not diligent in guarding our        and the friends and so on. These events        pleasure of Allah through the adequate
chastity.                                     are happening to individuals from all          discharge of these obligations. However,
                                              sections of society; the religious as well     the proper discharge of both these
We routinely hear and observe how             as the secular; the rich and the poor; the     obligations requires piety of mind and
dangerous it is to drink and drive. Yet,      ordinary and the powerful; the common          purity of nature, that is, chaste mind and
when people are warned about the              and the elite.                                 chaste behaviour.
dangers of drinking, they just laugh it
off thinking that they can handle it or       No wonder Islam places a high emphasis         We commonly observe that when
that nothing bad can happen to them.          and special premium on chastity. Islam         people meet their beloved, they prepare
One of the ways to get their attention        wants to protect us from any such              themselves      physically—they      wash
is to show them the mangled bodies and        nightmares by admonishing us not even          up, don good clothes, wear aromatic
vehicles after fatal accidents.               to have unchaste thoughts.                     fragrance and put on a smile. In short,
                                                                                             they do everything they can to accentuate
Similarly, it is ironic that, living in       In general, the objective of Islamic           their physical appearance and attraction.
this society, people routinely see the        teachings is to guide and enable mankind       Similarly, to fulfill our obligations to
inevitable devastating consequences of        to leading a purposeful life; the ultimate     Allah and Mankind, we need to enhance
unchaste behaviour, yet most of them do       purpose of which is to recognise, serve        not only our physical but moral and
not take chastity seriously.                  and worship our Creator. Allah says in         spiritual attraction, in part by nurturing
                                              the Holy Qur’an:                               chaste mind and chaste behaviour.
Let me share with you one NBC report
about the effects of careless behaviour.      “ I have not created the jinn and the men,     The philosophy of Islamic teachings
Sex is a biological necessity and a           but that they may worship Me.”                 is continuous improvement of our
controllable urge. However, according                                                        character, through self-restraint and
to this report, for many, the urge for        (Al-Dhariyat, Ch.51:V.57)                      discipline. Allah has endowed us with
sex is an addiction. A growing number                                                        wonderful faculties. However, it is the
of medical experts say that compulsive        To accomplish this, Islam teaches              proper use of these faculties, in the
sexual behaviour is a real disorder that      mankind its obligations to Allah, as           right measure and at the right time, that
an estimated 16 million Americans, both       well as to one-another. Both of these

                                                                                                 Tariq Magazine
                                                                                                       April 2012    9
Islam Ahmadiyyat

improves us. For example, sexual urges           has repeatedly admonished both men              be deliberate in our lifestyle and keep a
are natural and by themselves are neither        and women to guard their chastity. For          keen eye on the long term consequences
good nor bad, but proper response to             example, Allah says in the Holy Qur’an:         of our choices rather than be dazzled by
these urges is meritorious and separates                                                         their instant pleasure or be swayed by the
us from animals. The Promised Messiah,           Surely, men who submit themselves to God        vain trends around us.
[as], has succinctly explained that              and women who submit themselves to Him,
Islam wants us to progressively move             and believing men and believing women,          Loneliness and idleness are the
from our natural state, to the moral state,      and truthful men and truthful women,            two states of hearts and minds that
and ultimately to the spiritual state. It is     and steadfast men and steadfast women,          render people vulnerable to unchaste
this progression wherein lie our success,        and humble men and humble women, and            tendencies. Similarly, the company of a
peace of mind and the ultimate mercy             men who give alms and women who give            member of the opposite sex, in the veil of
and pleasure of Allah.                           alms, and men who fast and women who            darkness and seclusion from the public
                                                 fast, and men who guard their chastity and      eye, tends to incite risky behaviour.
If we look at various Islamic teachings          women who guard their chastity, and men         Therefore, we should keep ourselves
through this prism of lifelong physical,         who remember Allah much and women who           occupied with good pursuits, conduct
moral and spiritual progress, all Islamic        remember Him—Allah has prepared for all         our affairs in broad daylight in the open,
teachings and expectations become                of them forgiveness and a great reward          and avoid going out after sunset. Allah
significant and relevant. Let us study                                                           has made the night for rest and worship
the fundamental Islamic expectation of           (Al–Ahzab, Ch.33:V.36)                          not for partying and indulging in illicit
chastity through this prism.                                                                     behaviour.
                                                 In this verse, Allah has grouped the
Arabic words like iffah, ismah and ihsan         distinctive features of those men and           When we study the Hadith of the Holy
collectively describe the Islamic concept        women whom He is prepared to forgive            Prophet, [saw], we find profound
of chastity. The Promised Messiah [as]           and reward. They are submissive, truthful,      guidance to avoid risky behaviour and
explains chastity as ihsan and writes:           steadfast, humble, sacrificing and fasting      cultivate a chaste culture. For example,
                                                 believers who actively guard their chastity     the Prophet admonished:
This expression connotes the virtue that is      and continuously remember Allah. Here
related to the faculty of procreation of men     actively guarding chastity would imply          ‘Beware! Avoid sitting by the road sides.’
and women. Those men and women would             being proactive and diligent in following       The people said, ‘O Messenger of Allah!
be called chaste who refrain altogether          Islamic teachings about chastity and            We cannot avoid sitting there as we have
from illicit sex and all approaches to it, the   modesty like separation of genders,             discussions there.’ The Prophet said, ‘If you
consequences of not doing so are disgrace and    men restraining their eyes and women            insist on sitting there, then give the roads
humiliation for both parties in this world       covering their physical attractiveness, etc.    their rights.’ The people asked, ‘What are
and chastisement in the hereafter, and                                                           the rights of the road?’ He said, ‘Lowering
dishonor and grave harm for those related        If chastity is a healthy virtue, then           your gaze, refraining from harming others,
to them.1                                        unchaste behaviour is a cancerous vice.         returning greetings, and enjoining what is
                                                 And, this disease is better prevented           good and forbidding what is evil.’
Various other scholars have also                 than cured. The Islamic principle of
translated the Qur’anic phrase furuj             preventing unchaste behaviour is to             (Bukhari)
(private parts) as chastity. Thus, that          avoid the activities and the company
person would be deemed chaste who has a          that may lead to unchaste tendencies.           So, Ahmadi Muslim boys and men
clean mind and body, maintains integrity         Admonishing us to avoid any path that           should Internalise this Hadith. In today’s
and self-respect, modest appearance and          may lead us astray, Allah says:                 speak, it admonishes against hanging
composure, unquestionable behaviour,                                                             out, whether it is physically hanging
legitimate sexual relationships and has          “Follow not the footsteps of Satan.”            out on a street corner, gossiping on
nothing to hide.                                                                                 the phone, or chatting on the internet
                                                 (Al–Baqarah, Ch.2:V.209)                        because that is when you are at risk of
Explaining the significance and critical                                                         indiscretion. When you connect with
nature of chastity in his commentary             Here, the footsteps of Satan are all those      each other, connect for good purposes,
on Surah Al-Nur, Hadhrat Khalifatul              activities and temptations that may take        not for gossiping about girls or other
Masih II [ra] writes:                            us away from Allah. As Satan beckons            vain pursuits.
                                                 us to follow him, he does not expose the
Chastity as a moral virtue holds a very high     ultimate destruction he is leading to;          Similarly, the Holy Prophet [saw]
place in the code of Islamic laws that govern    rather he entices us to only take one baby      said:
relation between sexes. This Surah has           step at a time. These baby steps seem so
laid down comprehensive commandments             benign and inconsequential that we take         A man shall never be alone with a woman
to safeguard and protect it. Islam views         them mindlessly without much concern.           except that the third party between them is
even the slightest breach of these laws with     Once we take a few steps on that slippery       Satan. (Tirmidhi)
extreme disapprobation.2                         slope, Satan’s job is done and we keep
                                                 sliding towards the abyss on our own.           This Hadith warns against the risky
Given the lure of unchaste behaviour and         So, we have to be watchful to not take          behaviour and satanic inclinations if
the human propensity to fall for it, Allah       even the first step. Thus, it is necessary to   and when one visits the opposite sex in

                        Tariq Magazine
                 10     April 2012
                                                                                                                               Islam Ahmadiyyat

seclusion, whether it is on the phone,in           we not only need to take the necessary         teaches us to be in the company of the
chat rooms, or in person for any purpose.          steps, we must also take sufficient steps.     righteous, even if it is a virtual company
The keyword in this Hadith is ‘alone’              So, while avoiding satanic footsteps is        like studying the life of the Holy Prophet
and does not preclude any legitimate               necessary to be chaste, it is not sufficient   [saw], the Promised Messiah [as]
interaction for study or work in public.           to be successful in this endeavou. Allah       and other godly people, or watching
                                                   says:                                          MTA.
Addressing the pious wives of the Holy
Prophet [saw], Allah says:                         “Indeed, he truly prospers who purifies        In short, any healthy and constructive
                                                   himself.”                                      effort that can replace some risky and
You are not like any other women if you are                                                       wasteful activity will go a long way to
righteous. So, be not soft in speech, lest he in   (Al–A'la, Ch.87:V.15)                          guard our chastity. Sure it will not be
whose heart is a disease should feel tempted;                                                     easy and it will not happen overnight. It
and speak a decent speech.                         Thus we need to explore the path that          will be like trying a new food and then
                                                   leads to self-purification. This means         developing a taste for it. However, if we
(Al–Ahzab, Ch.33:V.33)                             we need to follow the footsteps of the         do so to win the pleasure of Allah, then
                                                   Holy Prophet [saw]. Today, those               Allah assures us that:
So, Ahmadi Muslim girls and women                  purifying footsteps are shown to us
should recognise their identity. If they           by the Promised Messiah [as] and               “Those who strive in Our path—We will
are righteous, they cannot be like other           his Khulafa. As Ahmadi Muslims, it is          surely guide them in Our ways.”
women. They should be modest and                   incumbent upon us to pay heed to the
decent in their appearance, conduct and            guidance provided by Hadhrat Khalifatul        (Al-Qur’an, 29:70)
demeanour. They should not behave like             Masih [atba].
other women in the use of cell phones,                                                            So, we all must strive hard and trust
chat rooms, webcams, Facebook, and                 Let us apply these steps of self               that Allah will show us the way. While
MySpace.                                           purification to preserving chastity. First,    believing men and believing women
                                                   let us be honest with ourselves and take       are equally responsible for guarding
Modern society and technology offer                stock of our lifestyles. Literally, make       their chastity, according to the Qur’anic
many conveniences but they also                    a list of how we spend our lives. Are          injunction—‘men are guardians over
entice the weak and the vulnerable to              our careers, our friends, our pass-time        women’ (Al-Qur'an, 4:35), men have the
easily fall for bad company and risky              activities conducive to preserving our         added responsibility to be guardians over
temptations. They can inconspicuously              chastity? If not, then we not only need to     their family’s chastity. They need to lead
pull the careless to uncharted waters.             stop following the satanic footsteps but       by example and set the tone for chaste
Therefore, to guard our chastity, we need          replace such activities with those that        and virtuous behaviour in their families.
to evaluate these conveniences carefully,          lead to self-purification.
avail ourselves of them responsibly and                                                           In summary, we must understand the
protect our youth from their risks.                So, we need to replace our mundane             importance of chastity in light of the
                                                   and superficial pastime activities with        overall objective and philosophy of
Chastity also comprehends a semblance              something more sublime and substantive.        Islamic teachings. We must be proactive
of truthfulness and trustworthiness.               If no such alternatives are readily            in guarding our chastity by avoiding the
Reflect upon your obligations to fellow            available then we need to be creative          ways of Satan and adopting the ways of
human beings. The first and foremost               and lead others in developing healthier        the righteous. Remember, that person
in this category is your spouse, present           activities. The preferred option should        would be deemed chaste who has a clean
spouse if you are married or future                be to promote and enable engaging              mind and body, maintains integrity and
spouse if you are single. How can you be           activities in and around the mosque.           self-respect, modest appearance and
truthful and trustworthy to your spouse                                                           composure, unquestionable behaviour,
if you are not chaste? Your chastity is the        Here the mosque does not necessarily           legitimate sexual relationships and has
best gift you can give to your spouse.             have to be a brick and mortar building.        nothing to hide. Knowing the grave
                                                   In this age, it could even be a virtual        consequences of unchaste behaviour,
Now, take this mindset further and apply           mosque. The notion is that we should           let us shun all risky temptations like
it to your obligations to Allah. How can           come together for the remembrance              poison and win the pleasure of Allah by
you be truthful and trustworthy to Allah           of Allah and the service of mankind.           purifying ourselves. May Allah enable
if you are not truthful and trustworthy to         The Holy Prophet [saw], said that              us to recognise and fulfill our role as
your spouse? How can you be pure and               believers away from the mosque should          the followers of the Promised Messiah
sincere in your worship and remembrance            feel like fish out of water.                   [as], the Saviour of this Age.
of Allah if you are not chaste? Physical
cleanliness of the clothes and the body            Individually, we should spend more             [ameen]
are the obvious requirements of the                time reading, exercising, playing sports,      1. Ahmad, Mirza Ghulam. (1979). The Philosophy
apparent Salaat, but chastity, the mental          and volunteering for the auxiliary or               of the Teachings of Islam. Islam International
                                                                                                       Publications Ltd.: London. P. 26.
and spiritual cleanliness, is the inherent         the Jama’at work or for various secular
prerequisite of the real Salaat.                   organizations. It is better to stay occupied   2. The Holy Qur’an with English translation and
                                                   than remain idle because, as they say, an           commentary, edited by Malik Ghulam Farid.
                                                                                                       (1969). Footnote #2026 (Pertaining to Al-
To be successful in achieving an objective         idle mind is a devil’s workshop. Islam              Qur’an, 24:3).

                                                                                                            Tariq Magazine
                                                                                                                  April 2012   11
Islam Ahmadiyyat

  The Perfect
By Yousaf Aftab, Muavin Sadr and Editor
Tariq Magazine

             — part i —

1. Meaning of Holy Qur’an                         Allah has set a seal on their hearts and their   they could not produce the like thereof, even
                                                  ears, and over their eyes is a covering; and     though they should help one another.
The Qur'an is the name given by God               for them is a great punishment."
Himself to the perfect book revealed to                                                            "And surely we have set forth for mankind
the Holy Prophet [saw] of Islam,                  (Al-Baqarah, Ch.2:V.2-8)                         in various ways all kinds of similitudes in
containing the final law for mankind                                                               this Qur'an, but most men would reject
(Shari’ah).                                       The Qur’an teaches, foretells and clarifies      everything but disbelief."
                                                  the past, present and future; therefore, it
The word Qur'an means a book which is             is a guidance (Huda) and revival (Ihya)          (Bani Isra'il Ch.17:V.89-90).
meant to be read. The word also means             for all mankind and all people. Its
a book or message which is meant to be            universality and perfection are manifest         Something as pure and perfect like it
conveyed and delivered to all peoples.            for all to see, understand and take benefit      can never be produced by humans. Allah
The Qur'an is the only revealed book              from.                                            [swt], the Lord of all the worlds, Creator
whose delivery or message is absolutely                                                            and Fashioner is All-aware and perfects
unrestricted; for whereas, all other books        Hadhrat Masih Maud [as] comments                 in His beauty what He desires and such
are meant for specific times and specific         on the above verse :                             is the Holy Qur’an which is a miracle for
peoples, the Qur’an is meant for all times                                                         people of all times to bear witness that
and all peoples (Ch.34:V.29).                     "It will be observed how nicely, beautifully     such a book which is pure, blessed and
                                                  and succinctly God Almighty has furnished        abundant in knowledge can never be
1.1 Perfect Book                                  the answer to the objection raised. First        produced by none other than Allah the
                                                  reference is made to the author of the Holy      Almighty Himself. The great status of
Indeed, this is a perfect book, a guidance        Qur’an and His grandeur and majesty are          the Holy Qur’an is furthermore alluded
for all mankind. Those who follow the             indicated. It is said:                           to by the Promised Messiah [as] who
Book of Allah [swt], and take heed of its                                                          writes:
signs, will be blessed with the beauties and      "I am Allah, Who knows best. That is to say,
bounties contained within it. Secrets that        I, who am All-Knowing and All-Wise,              "This is that book. That is to say, a grand
are hidden to the naked eye but revealed          Whose knowledge is not matched by the            and sublime book which derives from
to those of understanding, righteousness          knowledge of anyone else, am revealing this      Divine knowledge. It is established with
and the ones commissioned by Allah the            book."                                           regard to it that its source and spring is
Almighty to understand its secrets.                                                                the eternal being of the All-wise. By using
                                                  (Braheen Ahmadiyyah, pp. 183-187,                the word 'that', which denotes distance,
"In the name of Allah, the Gracious, the          footnote II)                                     God Almighty has indicated that this book
Merciful. Alif, Lam, Mim. This is a perfect                                                        derives from the knowledge of that Being
Book; there is no doubt in it; it is a guidance   1.2 Divinity of the Holy Qur’an                  with high attributes, who is matchless and
for the righteous, Who believe in the unseen                                                       peerless and whose perfect knowledge and
and observe prayer and spend out of what          One unique, and unparalleled, feature            profound mysteries are very far from the
We have provided for them. And who                of the Holy Qur’an is that because it is         limits of human sight."
believe in that which has been revealed to        Divine in nature, no one can produce the
thee and that which was revealed before           like of it, it is the word of Allah [swt],       (Essence of Islam, volume 1, published by
thee and they have firm faith in what is yet      and cannot be tampered with. He is the           Islam International Publications ltd, pg
to come. It is they who follow the guidance       sole Protector of its authenticity and           398, 2004)
from their Lord and it is they who shall          Governor of its word.
prosper. Those who have disbelieved - it                                                           1.3 Praise of Holy Qur’an
is equal to them whether you warn them            "If mankind and the Jinn should gather
or warn them not - they will not believe.         together to produce the like of this Qur'an,     The Promised Messiah [as] has also

                         Tariq Magazine
                 12      April 2012
                                                                                                                       Islam Ahmadiyyat

exquisitely conveyed to us the great              indeed, it is the Perfect Book! It is        company in this life and acted in conformity
praiseworthiness of the Holy Qur’an’s             guidance for the whole of mankind,           with it. It will be heralded by the second and
form and structure of its writing:                benefiting the believing and righteous       third chapters and these will plead on behalf
                                                  people who take heed of Allah Ta’la’s        of those who kept company with them."
"The body of the Qur’an is so well reasoned       message.                                     (Muslim)
that there is no room left in it for any
kind of doubt; meaning that, unlike other         The perfection of the Message (Risala)       (Riyadh-as-salihin of Imam Nawawi,
books, it is not a mere tale or story, but is     can also be recognised by studying the       Published 1980 by biddles ltd Surrey, pg
comprehensive of conclusive arguments             pure and elevated characteristics of the     185, no. 996, translated by Sir Muhammad
and reasoning, and sets forth clear proofs        one who delivered it to mankind. Of          Zafrullah Khan)
of its objects and purposes, and is in itself     all people, the best amongst them was
a miracle which operates like a sharp sword       chosen to carry out this complete and        2. Purpose of Holy Qur’an
for the removal of doubts and suspicions, and     final message, perfected over time, and
does not leave the matter of the recognition      to bear testimony to the greatness of        As stated in the previously mentioned
of God at the conjectural stage of He should      Allah [swt], the Omnipotent, as the          Ahadith the Qur’an should form a basis
be, but carries the matter to the certainty of,   Lord of Worlds and the Hereafter. That       and part of a Muslim’s life, as reading
He is. …this book has been revealed for the       most beloved person of Allah [swt] was       and pondering on the teachings of
guidance of those who, on account of their        our beloved and holy master Hadhrat          the Holy Qur’an. It is for this reason
pure interiors, sane reason, firm intelligence,   Muhammad [saw] who was charged               that we find in the greatest example of
eagerness for search of truth, right motives,     to carry out the task commissioned to        human perfection, Hadhrat Muhammad
would, in the end, arrive at a high degree        him by Allah the Almighty to unveil the      [saw], that his characteristics were
of faith and recognition of God and perfect       Holy Qur’an to mankind. Hadhrat Abu          none other than those of the Holy
righteousness."                                   Umamah [ra] relates that he heard            Qur’an. Hadhrat Ibn Abbas [ra]
                                                  the Holy Prophet [saw] say, "Keep            relates that the Holy Prophet said,
(Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. Brahin               reading the Qur’an for it will intercede     "He in whose heart there is nothing
e Ahmadiyya, Essence of Islam’ Vol. 1 pp          for its readers on the day of judgement."    of the Qur’an is like a house in ruin."
398-399, published by Islam International         (Muslim) (Riyadh-as-salihin of Imam          (Tirmidhi) (Riyadh-as-salihin of Imam
Publications ltd 2004)                            Nawawi, Published 1980 by Biddles ltd        Nawawi, Published 1980 by biddles ltd
                                                  Surrey, pg 185, no. 179, translated by Sir   Surrey, pg 186, no. 1004, translated by
The Qur’an as mentioned is such a                 Muhammad Zafrullah Khan)                     Sir Muhammad Zafrullah Khan)
perfect book, that it removes all doubt
and establishes the firm truth that is the        Futhermore, Hadhrat Nawas ibn                2.1 Reality of Holy Qur'an
Word of God and in it is manifested               Sama’an [ra] relates that he heard the
the great divinity of God. It clears any          Holy Prophet [saw] say,                      We can only discover true salvation and
misunderstandings and excels far beyond                                                        save ourselves from the ill vices of this
all other scriptures in its guidance,             "The Qur’an will be summoned on the day      world, be counted amongst the true
reasoning and comprehensiveness –                 of judgement along with those who kept it    followers of the Holy Prophet [saw],

                                                                                                   Tariq Magazine
                                                                                                         April 2012    13
Islam Ahmadiyyat

and of those righteous people that Allah          its skin."                                       2.2 Rare Pearl
talks of in Surah al-Baqarah if we instil
within our hearts the pure teachings of           (Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. Kitabul             Indeed, the Holy Qur’an is a rare and
the Holy Qur’an.                                  Bariyyah, (Qadian, Ziaul Islam Press             unique pearl. Its beauty cannot be
                                                  1898); Now printed in Ruhani Khazain             fathomed by anyone, but only by those
Its true meaning will only be felt, once          (London, 1984), Vol. 13, p. 47)                  that have a deep yearning for the truth of
the heart and mind incline towards the                                                             their Lord, who are utterly and completely
true purpose and meaning which have               In another place the Promised Messiah            immersed in His love, drawn by His love
been revealed in the Holy Qur’an. Once            [as] writes,                                     to gaining an understanding of what is
a man’s heart yearns and cries out for                                                             required from us. To be fully submerged,
help then true salvation—both spiritual           "The Holy Qur’an is a rare pearl. Its outside    like one who is completely and utterly in
and physical, of the soul, body and               is light and its inside is light and its above   love with such perfection that he goes to
mind can take place. Thereupon, our evil          is light and its below is light and there is     all ends of the world to search for His
desires can be chained and gotten rid of.         light in every word of it. It is a spiritual     love, this is the state of a true, righteous
Hadhrat Masih Maud [as] writes:                   garden whose clustered fruits are within         believer. He completely submits himself
                                                  easy reach and through which streams flow.       before Allah, his Creator and King, and
"My heart yearns every moment to kiss Thy         Every fruit of good fortune is found in it       enjoys the reading and understanding of
Book and to perform a circuit around the          and every torch is lit from it. Its light has    his Holy book the Qur’an. Hadhrat Ibn
Holy Qur’an, for it is my Ka’aba. The Holy        penetrated to my heart and I could not have      Abbas [ra] narrates
Qur’an is a casket of jewels but people are       acquired it by any other means. If there had
unaware of it."                                   been no Qur’an I would have found no             "…regarding His (Allah’s) statement ‘move
                                                  delight in life. Its beauty exceeds that of a    not your tongue concerning (the Qur’an)
(Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. Kitabul              hundred thousand Josephs. I incline towards      to make haste therewith.’ (Ch.75:V.17)
Bariyyah)                                         it with a great inclination and drink it into    And whenever Gabriel descended to Allah’s
                                                  my heart. It has nurtured me as an embryo        Apostle with Divine inspiration, Allah’s
"We are a witness and testify before the          is nurtured and it has a wonderful effect        Apostle used to move his tongue and lips,
whole world that we have found in the             on my heart. Its beauty draws me away            and that used to be hard for him, and one
Holy Qur’an the reality that leads to God.        from my soul. It has been disclosed to me        could easily recognize that he was being
We have heard the voice of God and have           in a vision that the garden of holiness is       inspired Divinely. So Allah revealed the
witnessed the signs of the mighty arm of          irrigated by the water of the Qur’an, which      verse which occurs in the Surah starting
Him Who has revealed the Qur’an. We               is a surging ocean of the water of life. He      with ‘I do swear by the day of resurrection.’
believe that He is the True God and is the        who drinks from it, comes to life and brings     (Ch.75:V.1) i.e. ‘move not your tongue
Master of the worlds. Our heart is filled         others to life".                                 concerning the (Qur'an) to make haste then
with this certainty as the ocean is filled with                                                    with. It is for Us to collect it (in your mind)
water. We, therefore, call everyone to this       (Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. Ayenae              (O Muhammad) and give you the ability to
faith and to this light on the basis of our       Kamalat-e-Islam, (Qadian, Riyadh Hind            recite it ‘by heart.’ (Ch.75:V.17-18) which
insight. We have found the true light which       Press 1893); Now printed in Ruhani               means it is for Us to collect it (in your mind
dispels all darkness and which renders the        Khazain (London, 1984), Vol.5, p 545-            and give you the ability to recite it by heart).
heart cold to all that is beside God. This is     546)                                             And when We have recited it to you (O
the only way by following which a person                                                           Muhammad) through Gabriel then follow
emerges from the grip of passion and the                                                           you its recital (Ch.75:V.18) means ‘when
darkness of the ego as a snake comes out of                                                        We reveal it (the Qur’an) to you, listen to

                         Tariq Magazine
                 14      April 2012
                                                                                                                            Islam Ahmadiyyat

it, for then it is for Us to explain it to you     Ha Mim; By this perspicuous Book, We            2.4 Reformation through the
(Ch.75:V.19 ) i.e. it is for Us to explain it      have made it a Qur’an in clear, eloquent        Holy Qur’an
through your tongue. So when Gabriel came          language that you may understand. And,
to him, Allah’s Apostle would listen to him        surely, it is safe with Us in the Mother of     The Holy Qur’an reforms, cleanses and
attentively, and as soon as Gabriel left, he       the Book, exalted and full of wisdom.           purifies them of all ill vices by following
would recite the revelations, as Allah had                                                         the guidance manifested in the Holy
promised him".                                     (The Holy Qur'an Ch.43:V.2-5)                   Qur’an.

(Bukhari)                                          Furthermore, Hadhrat ‘Abdullah bin              "Therein are the everlasting teachings." (Al-
                                                   Mas’ud [ra] narrates that, ‘the Prophet         Bayyinah, Ch.98:V.4)
As a garden is nourished and kept by its           (saw) said to me, ‘recite the Qur’an to
keeper to allow the flourishing of crops           me', I said to him, 'shall I recite it to       "And hold fast, all together, by the rope of
and flowers to provide sustenance and              you while it has been revealed to you?'         Allah and be not divided; and remember
beauty for its inhabitants, the Qur’an             He said, ‘I like to hear it from another        the favour of Allah which He bestowed
also provides light, illumination of heart,        person.’"(Bukhari)                              upon you when you were enemies and
and sustenance for the true seekers of                                                             He united your hearts in love, so that by
truth and knowledge. Surely Allah [swt]            In a related Hadith Hadhrat ‘Aisha              His grace you became as brothers; and
has stated:                                        [ra] relates that the Holy Prophet              you were on the brink of a pit of fire and
                                                   [saw] said, "He who recites the                 He saved you from it. Thus does Allah
"And this is a Book which We have revealed,        Qur’an fluently will be in the company          explain to you His commandments that
full of blessings, to fulfil that which preceded   of the noble and virtuous; and he who           you may be guided.
it, and to enable thee to warn the Mother of       recites the Qur’an haltingly and with
towns and those around her. And those, who         difficulty will have a double reward."          "And let there be among you a body of men
believe in the Hereafter, believe therein and      (Bukhari) (Riyadh-as-salihin of Imam            who should invite to goodness, and enjoin
they keep a watch over their Prayers."             Nawawi, Published 1980 by biddles ltd           equity and forbid evil. And it is they who
                                                   Surrey, pg 185, no. 998, translated by Sir      shall prosper." (Al-Imran, Ch.3:V.104-5)
(Al-An`am, Ch.6:V.93)                              Muhammad Zafrullah Khan)
                                                                                                   All this can only be achieved through the
In a related Hadith Hadhrat Abu Musa               2.3 Everlasting Beauty                          examples of the Holy Prophet [saw];
Ash’ari [ra] relates to us that the Holy                                                           he was the complete man, perfect in all
Prophet [saw] said:                                Its beauty cannot be imagined, it is            his human attributes, commissioned by
                                                   of such magnificence that the beauty            Allah the Almighty to revive mankind
"the case of a believer who recites the Qur’an     of Hadhrat Joseph [as] pales in                 through Islam and its perfect book,
is that of fruit which is fragrant and             comparison to its beauty. Its guidance          the Holy Qur’an. He was the best of
delicious; and the case of a believer who does     is so bewildering that only those               mankind, the one whom practiced what
not recite the Qur’an is that of fruit which       commissioned by Allah the Almighty              he preached and preached what he
has no fragrance but is sweet to the taste;        with insight can understand its deeper          practiced and was the defender of Allah
and the case of a hypocrite who recites the        and hidden treasures.                           the Almighty, the Holy Qur’an and
Qur’an is that of fruit which is fragrant but                                                      Islam. He was the walking and talking
tastes bitter; and the case of a hypocrite who     "This is, indeed, a noble Qur'an, In a well-    embodiment of the Holy Qur’an and
does not recite the Qur’an is that of fruit        preserved Book."                                certainly adhered to the commandment
which has no fragrance and tastes bitter."                                                         of Allah [swt],
                                                   (The Holy Qur'an Ch.56:V.78-9)
(Bukhari)                                                                                          "And this is a Book which We have sent
                                                   Its commandments are such that cannot           down; it is full of blessings. So follow it, and
The Holy Qur’an fills the bosoms of                be tampered with, and are everlasting           guard against sin that you may be shown
the believer with such sustenance that             so that generations and generations can         mercy."
it spiritually enlightens one’s soul and           take heed of the message of Allah.
body, illuminates the heart, ridding it of                                                         (Al-An`am, Ch.6:V.156)
any ill feeling and purifies the soul of any       "Allah has sent down the best Message in the
moral or spiritual defect.                         form of a Book, whose verses are mutually
                                                   supporting and repeated in diverse forms at
This is indeed is perfection and there             which do creep the skins of those who fear      To be continued in Tariq Magazine
is no doubt in it, it awakens the dead,            their Lord; then their skins and their hearts   Volume 16, Issue 4...
it quickens and sharpens the righteous.            soften to the remembrance of Allah. Such is
It provides mankind a moral and                    the guidance of Allah. He guides therewith
spiritual code of conduct. It is therefore         whom He pleases. And he whom Allah
incumbent on each believing person to              adjudges astray - he shall have no guide."
generate such a deep love for the Holy
Qur’an that they yearn to both recite and          (Al-Zukhruf, Ch.39:V.24)
hear its blessed verses.

In support of this Allah [swt] has stated:

                                                                                                       Tariq Magazine
                                                                                                             April 2012      15
Islam Ahmadiyyat

The Life and
                                                                                             Sixth part of the English rendering of Hadhrat
                                                                                             Mirza Bashir Ahmad’s [ra] magnus opus,
                                                                                             “Seerat Khatamun Nabiyyin”, an outstanding

Character of
                                                                                             biography on the life of the Founder of Islam,
                                                                                             the Holy Prophet Muhammad [saw].

 the Seal of
                                                                                             Translated from Urdu by Ayyaz Mahmood

the Prophets
By Hadhrat Mirza Bashir Ahmad [ra]

          — part vi —

                                            the fourth year of his Prophethood and          was very sagacious. He responded, “By
Dar Arqam — The                             worked in it until the end of his sixth year.   God, the way you have consoled me with
                                            Historians record that the last person          this statement, none has done the like of
First Centre for the                        to accept Islam in the Dar Arqam was            it.” After that, he never again expressed
                                            Hadhrat ‘Umar [ra], the acceptance of           grief for his brother’s demise in this way.2
Propagation of Islam                        whom strengthened the Muslims to the
                                            extent that they left the Dar Arqam and         Another individual to believe in this era
Perhaps during these days, the Holy         began to preach openly.1                        was ‘Abdullah bin Umm Maktum [ra]
Prophet [saw] thought that a centre                                                         who was blind and was among the
for the propagation of Islam should be      Those who accepted Islam in Dar Arqam           relatives of Hadhrat Khadijah [ra_ha].
established in Makkah, where Muslims        are counted amongst the pioneers.               There is an interesting narration about
could gather without any hindrance to       Among these, the most renowned are:             him that once when the Holy Prophet
offer their prayers, etc., and where the    Mus‘ab bin ‘Umair [ra], from the Banu           [saw] was fervently preaching to an
propagation of Islam could formally yet     ‘Abd al-Dar. He was very handsome and           honoured chieftain named Walid bin
quietly take place with peace and calm.     striking and held very dear by his family.      Mughirah, ‘Abdullah bin Umm Maktum
For this purpose, a location was required   This is the same young, noble man who           [ra] quickly came to the Holy Prophet
that could serve as a headquarters.         was sent as a missionary to Yathrib (now        [saw] and wanted to ask about a
                                            Madinah) prior to the migration and             religious matter. But in his eagerness, he
Thus, the Holy Prophet [saw]                through whom Islam spread in Madinah.           did not notice the gathering and the task
selected the house of a new Muslim          Then there was Zaid bin Al-Khattab              in which the Holy Prophet [saw]
named Arqam bin Abi Arqam [ra],             [ra], the elder brother of Hadhrat              was occupied, and ignored etiquettes
situated at the foot of Mount Safa.         ‘Umar [ra]. He was martyred in the              of a gathering of the Holy Prophet
Thereafter, the Muslims would gather        Battle of Yamamah after the death of the        [saw]. Under the circumstances, the
here, and it was here that they would       Holy Prophet [saw]. Hadhrat ‘Umar               Holy Prophet [saw] disliked his
offer their Salaat (Prayer). It is here     [ra] was very grieved by his demise.            interruption, and his face showed signs
that seekers of truth would come and        Hence, during his reign as Caliph when          of displeasure. It was due to the nobility
where the Holy Prophet [saw] would          some person recited an elegy before him         of his character that the Holy Prophet
preach the religion of Islam to them. It    in remembrance of his brother, he said,         [saw] did not say anything to him;
was for this reason that this house has     “If I could write such verses, I would also     rather, he turned away from him and
found reverence in the history of Islam,    have written an elegy in remembrance of         continued his discourse with Walid.
and is renowned by the name, Dar-ul-        my brother.” That person responded, “O          ‘Abdullah bin Umm Maktum [ra]
Islam.                                      Amirul-Mu’minin! (i.e. commander of             remained oblivious to his mistake, but
                                            the faithful) The blessed death endowed         he was saddened by this inattention
The Holy Prophet [saw] worked               to your brother is such that had my             and he thought that perhaps the Holy
in the Dar Arqam for approximately          brother received the like of it, I would        Prophet [saw] preferred Walid, on
three years. In other words, the Prophet    never lament or write an elegy for him”.        account of his highest status, over his
[saw] made it his headquarters in           The disposition of Hadhrat ‘Umar [ra]           modest self. This speculation, however,

                     Tariq Magazine
               16    April 2012
                                                                                                                 Islam Ahmadiyyat

was completely false and unfounded,          was Suhaib bin Sinan [ra] who was            Therefore, it was Suhaib who led the
because at the time, the question was not    generally known as Suhaib the Roman          funeral prayer of Hadhrat ‘Umar [ra].
of rich or poor, rather the Holy Prophet     [ra].                                        Perhaps during or around the same era,
[saw] was engaged in preaching to                                                         Abu Musa al-Ash‘ari [ra] also became
someone who received little opportunity      However, in actuality he was not Roman;      Muslim. Abu Musa [ra] lived in
to listen to such words, and bin Umm         rather, when his father was sent by the      Yemen and was astonishingly melodious.
Maktum [ra] on the other hand had            Sovereign of Iran as an employee, he was     So much so that in one instance the Holy
the luxury of his company more often.        captured by the Byzantines and made a        Prophet [saw] said, “Abu Musa has
For this reason, the Holy Prophet            slave. For some time he remained among       received a portion of David’s melody.”
[saw] did not desire giving up such          them as a slave after which he was finally   This was the same Abu Musa who was
an opportunity and disliked bin Umm          purchased by ‘Abdullah bin Jad‘an al-        appointed an arbitrator between Hadhrat
Maktum's [ra] interruption, which            Quraishi, a Makkan chieftain, and            ‘Ali [ra] and Amir Mu‘awiyah during
in fact was against the etiquette of the     set free. When Suhaib [ra] became            the caliphate of Hadhrat ‘Ali [ra].
gathering as well. Nonetheless, the          Muslim the Holy Prophet [saw] said
level of the noble character of the Holy     as a positive presage, “This is our first    Opposition of the Quraish and its
Prophet [saw] was such that when             Roman fruit”. Suhaib [ra] was such           Causes
he was informed of bin Umm Maktum            a devotee to the company of the Holy         As mentioned above, prior to the era
[ra]’s heartfelt sadness and a Qur’anic      Prophet [saw] that after the Prophet         of entering the Dar Arqam, public
revelation was also revealed regarding       [saw] had migrated to Madinah, he            preaching had begun and the name of
it, the Holy Prophet [saw] greatly           set out to migrate to Madinah; when          Islam began to take on popularity in the
consoled him and spread his blessed          the Quraish stopped him and said, “You       streets of Makkah. Until now the Quraish
mantle, and sat him upon it, as per the      came unto us as a poor slave, and now        were quiet to some extent, but now, even
custom of the Arabs (Ch.80:Vs.2-10).         you have become rich in our midst;           they began to worry that perhaps this
                                             thus, we shall not permit you to go.”        ‘disease’ would spread further, and the
Then, among those who became Muslim          He responded, “Take the entirety of          plant of Islam might take firm root in
in that era was Ja‘far bin Abi Talib         my wealth, but let me go.” The Quraish       Makkan soil. For this reason, they turned
[ra] who was the biological brother          permitted him to leave on this condition.    their attention to Islam and attempted
of Hadhrat ‘Ali [ra] and was a close         When the Holy Prophet [saw] was              to halt its propagation forcefully. What
relative of the Holy Prophet [saw].          informed of this, with great happiness       were the causes of this opposition? We
With regards to Hadhrat Ja‘far [ra],         he remarked, “Suhaib has made a very         need not write too much in this regard,
historians write that he greatly resembled   beneficial trade indeed.” When Hadhrat       for all Divine religions established in
the Holy Prophet [saw] in his                ‘Umar [ra] was fatally wounded during        the world face opposition, the reason
physical attributes and character. Then      his caliphate, he appointed Suhaib           being that such religions unquestionably
there was ‘Ammar bin Yasir [ra] who          [ra] in his place (who was present at        possess attributes as are unknown to
was from the Muzhaj tribe and lived in       the time) as the Imamus-Salaat (leader       the people of that time. Actually, these
Makkah with his father Yasir [ra] and        of the Congregational Prayer).               attributes are taken by the existing
mother Samiyyah [ra_ha]. Then there                                                       society an inevitable death for their

                                                                                              Tariq Magazine
                                                                                                    April 2012   17
Islam Ahmadiyyat

current habits, beliefs and ideologies. In         worship of Allah the Exalted alone.           desired to debase them and keep them
actuality, the rise of Prophets occurs in          They would turn to these idols for            downtrodden. In stark contrast, with
such eras when the people of the world             all their needs. When Islam came, its         respect to rights, Islam dispelled all
have strayed from the path upon which              principle foundation was the unity of         such distinctions, developed a universal
Allah the Exalted wished that they tread,          God; its clear commandment was not            brotherhood, and brought both master
and they consider their current false path         to bow one’s head before any human,           and slave in the same row before God
to be the correct one. As such, whenever           tree, rock or star, etc., rather:             the Almighty. For the chieftains of the
a new Prophet comes, and invites people                                                          Quraish, this was no less than a cup of
to the right path, the world rejects his        “Prostrate thyselves before that Being           death.
invitation, thinking it fictitious, and         alone (Allah), who hath created them.”
prepares to oppose it. Hence, Allah the         (Ch.41:V.38)                                     Many people of influence and wealth
Exalted states in the Holy Qur’an:                                                               existed among the Quraish. Despite the
                                                Furthermore, the words used to describe          fact that the Holy Prophet [saw]
“Alas for mankind! There comes not a            the idols of the Quraish in the Holy             belonged to a noble dynasty, he possessed
messenger to them but they mock at him”         Qur’an appeared to the Quraish very              neither. In other words, due to his
(Ch.36:V.31)                                    insulting, for they were declared the fuel       reclusive disposition, he was not among
                                                of hell. For example, it is mentioned:           the chieftains of the Quraish, nor was
Then, the strange thing is that it is                                                            he distinct in terms of his money and
usually those who are considered of high        “O Ye People! Surely you and your idols          wealth. In this case, to act in obedience
status that tend to be the most fervent in      which you worship are the fuel of Hell.”         to the Holy Prophet [saw], for the
opposition. Thus, Allah the Exalted says:       (Ch.21:V.99)                                     leaders of the Quraish, was a sacrifice of
                                                                                                 such magnitude as they were not at all
“The custom of Allah is that in every town it   These statements emblazoned a fire               ready to make. It is for this reason that
is the great ones who break ties with Allah,    among the Quraish, and they stood up             they would say:
in opposition of the Messenger, and become      united to obliterate Islam.
the instigators of disorder and corruption.”                                                     “Why has not this Qur’an been sent down
(Ch.6:V.124)                                    With the exception of idolatry, the              to some great man of Makkah or Taif ?”
                                                customs and morals of the Arabs have             (Ch.43:V.32)
Thus, when Abraham [as] was sent,               been mentioned in the beginning
the distinguished people of his nation          of this book. The arena of adultery,             In addition to these causes, another reason
took hold of him and cast him into a            alcohol, gambling, pillaging, murder, and        was that between the various tribes of the
fire. When Moses [as] came, he was              unlawful gains was ever rampant. Islam,          Quraish, there existed extreme hostility
also made to confront violence and              on the other hand, condemned such                and enmity. As such the remaining
contention from the most powerful of            things. As such, by accepting Islam, they        tribes were in no way prepared to accept
his people. When the Messiah [as]’s             were compelled to adopt a new way of             the superiority of the tribe of the Holy
turn came, the scholars of his nation and       life, and the Quraish were not prepared          Prophet [saw] over their own. The
Pharisees put him on the cross. When            for this in the least. Similar was the case      tribes of the Banu Umaiyyah and Banu
Krishna [as] was sent to India, his             with ritualism, which had become part            Makhzum particularly harboured great
nation stood up to annihilate him. Would        of the Arab religion. Islam, on the other        enmity against the Banu Hashim. For
then the chief of the Prophets be exempt        hand, prohibited and crushed all vile,           this reason, these two tribes were most
from this custom? Rather, his opposition        immoral, and irreligious rituals.                fervent in their opposition to Islam.
was to be proportionally equivalent to
the magnitude of his mission. Since             To honour the traditions of their
the Holy Prophet [saw] was raised               ancestors and follow them, whether right
in an era when darkness was especially          or wrong, was a part of the Arab religion.
prevalent and it was inevitable that            For this reason, they insisted:                  1. * Sharhul-‘Allamatiz-Zarqani ‘alal-Mawahibil-
                                                                                                      Ladunniyyah, by Muhammad bin ‘Abdul-Baqi
upon the advent of light, the armies of                                                               Az-Zarqani, Volume 2, pp. 8-9, Babu Islamil-
darkness would contend their utmost;            “Nay, we will follow that wherein we                  Faruq [ra], Darul-Kutubil-‘Ilmayyah,
                                                                                                      Beirut, Lebanon, First Edition (1996)
so it happened as such—in comparison            found our fathers.” (Ch.2:V.171)
to all the Prophets of the past, the Holy                                                          * Tarikhul-Khamis, by Husain bin Muhammad
                                                                                                     bin Hasan Dyar Bakri, Part 1, p. 296, Dhikru
Prophet [saw] was faced with the                However, Islam declared God-given                    Islami ‘Umarra, Muwassasatu Sha‘ban, Beirut
most opposition. The primary causes as          intellect an arbitrator between truth
                                                                                                 2. Usdul-Ghabah, Vol.2, pp. 146-147, Babu Zaid
they appear for this opposition are as          and falsehood, and with regards to their             bin Al-Khattab, Darul-Fikr, Beirut (2003)
follows:                                        idolatrous ancestors, it clearly said:

1 The people of the Quraish were                “Shall they then follow their fathers, even if
  idolaters of the highest degree. The          they had no sense at all and no guidance?”
  honour and love of idols had become           (Ch.2:V.171)
  so impressed in their hearts that
  to hear even a word against them              The Quraish were a very arrogant
  was unbearable. These wrongdoers              people. These people thought of no
  had placed hundreds of idols in the           one like unto themselves. As far as
  Ka‘bah, which had been built for the          slaves were concerned, they especially

                        Tariq Magazine
                18      April 2012
   4 News & Events
Hertfordshire Region Khidmat-e-Khalq
By Mohammed Bashiruddin, Regional Nazim Khidmat-e-Khalq

          n Sunday 2nd October 2011          Zayyad Rathore, Kashan Rathore, Tahir      Qaid Milton Keynes Nabeel Ahmad
          Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya         Iqbal, Sami Kamal, Abdul Rauf, Munir       Sahib and Regional Khidmat-e-Khalq
          Hertfordshire was called upon      Akbar, Shaheed Sheikh, Shazhad Azher,      Secretary Mohammed Bashiruddin
          by their old friends from          Nabeel Chaudary, Salem Nizami, Farhan      went to arrange lunch for the Khuddam,
Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research to           Saleem, Sagheer Ahmad, Basharat Ur         which was sponsored by the organisers.
assist with the Bananaman Chase held         Rahman, Mobeen Ahmad, Salman
in Willen Lake, Milton Keynes.               Ahmad and Abdul Rahman.                    The day ended with Regional Qaid
                                                                                        Sahib thanking all Khuddam who
[alhamd] Hertfordshire Khuddam came out      On the day we met with the organisers,     took part in the event. The organisers
in good numbers to volunteer for the         Nicki Sharp and Matt Sharp who were        presented a medal to all Khuddam as
charity run; there were 20 Khuddam           more than happy to see all of us all       a token of appreciation and for the
altogether who took part on the day.         prepared and in position well before       hard work they put in to make the
The event was scheduled to start at          the start time. All Khuddam were taken     event successful. Nicki Sharp, who is
10.30am, so all of the Khuddam were          and dropped off at various different       sports event coordinator for Leukaemia
under instruction to arrive for 8.30am, to   points along the route. Duties included    and Lymphoma Research, later sent
ensure that they were at their designated    marshalling and serving water to the       a message stating “ I just wanted to
marshalling station in time for the start    participants. Duty started for us when     say a huge thank you to everyone who
of the race.                                 the first adult race started at 10.30am.   came down and volunteered at the
                                                                                        Bananaman Chase event. It was a great
Khuddam from Watford, Luton,                 Khuddam conducted all duties in a very     day and the feedback from the runners
Cambridge, Milton Keynes and                 professional manner and the work was       has been fantastic, especially about
Stevenage took part in this event; the       appreciated by not just the organisers     how encouraging all the marshals and
names of whom are as follows:                but the participants as well. After the    volunteers were around the route and at
                                             adult race there was a short break then    the finish. So thank you again! Without
Abdul Aziz Choudry (Regional                 everyone went back to their points to      your help events like this just would not
Qaid    Hertfordshire), Mohammed             assist with the children’s race which      be possible.”
Bashiruddin, Nayyar Ali, Zubair Ahmed,       started at 1.30pm and lasted an hour.

                                                                                            Tariq Magazine
                                                                                                  April 2012   19
News & Events

Tahir Regional Tabligh Stall at
Kingston Upon Thames
Andreas Abdul Rehman Kafizas,Regional Nazim Tabligh, Tahir Region

          Tabligh stall was held on          very professional look as well as help in      only interested in receiving literature but
          Kingston high street on 19th       further promoting the Jama’at’s message        also in visiting the Baitul Futuh Mosque.
          November 2011 by Majlis            of peace and love. We are constantly           Some contacts seemed highly interested
          Khuddamul Ahmadiyya Tahir          looking for ways to improve and in future,     in our stance of Islam and by the Grace
Region. We had recently improved the         a picture of the Promised Messiah [as],        of Allah; we even had one lady contact
look of the stall, the variety and quality   posters, banners (Love for All, Hatred         who was already considering becoming a
of the books presented as well as serving    for None) will be made and presented           Muslim. All praise belongs to Allah that
tea and coffee to interested members         on these stalls, [insh]. In summary, several   she was guided to Jama’at Ahmadiyya.
of the public. Our specific uniform          healthy discussions with members of            May Allah continue to guide us and our
(black jacket and cap with “Love for All,    the general public were held with our          contacts, as well as bless our efforts.
Hatred for None” in white) worn by all       Regional Tabligh team. We made more
team members also continued to give a        than 10 contacts today, who were not           [ameen]

By Rizwan Raja, Regional Qaid East Region

          s part of a new initiative from MKA East Region’s         Note card and pens were left on each attendees chair so as to
          Ta'leem department, a Ta'leem Lecture was held on         take notes and to write down any questions for anonymous
          the multi-faceted subject of Jihad on Sunday 2nd          submission. This provided a liberating environment for the
          October 2011.                                             youth to learn.

Attended by around 70 Khuddam, the lecture was delivered by         Questions were traditional, contemporary and even about the
Ataul Mujeeb Rashid Sahib, Imam of London Mosque. Imam              structure and practices of Jama'at.
Sahib eloquently discussed the various misinterpretations of
Jihad to dispel myths about Islam and terrorism and to also         The overwhelmingly positive feedback received about the
educate Muslim youth about the teachings of their faith.            entire event has cemented plans for the region to hold bi-
                                                                    monthly Ta'leem lectures.
This was followed by a lively and magnificently participated
question and answer session which was left open in subject,         [insh] may future events be as successful.
much to the delight of the attendees.

                      Tariq Magazine
               20     April 2012
                                                                                                             News & Events

Two new Mosques Inaugurated by
World Muslim Leader in London
By Abid Khan

Note: Ahmadiyya international press and media team takes full responsibility for any errors or miscommunication in this
synopsis of the press release

         he Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama'at
         is pleased to announce that
         on 4th March 2012, its world
         leader, the Fifth Khalifa,
Hadhrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad
[atba] inaugurated the new Baitul
Aman Mosque in Middlesex. This was
the third in a series of mosques being
opened by His Holiness in the UK this

The opening of the Mosque was also
attended by a number of local dignitaries
and guests, including John McDonnell,
MP for Hayes & Harlington and Virendra
Sharma, MP for Ealing Southall.

Upon arriving at the premises, His
Holiness officially inaugurated the
mosque by unveiling a commemorative
plaque and offering a silent prayer

        he Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama'at
        is pleased to announce that on
        24 February 2012, its world
        leader, Hadhrat Mirza Masroor
Ahmad [atba] inaugurated the
new Baitul Wahid Mosque in Feltham,
London. The mosque was officially
opened by His Holiness as he led the
Friday Prayers at the Mosque with a
sermon that was broadcast live across the
world on MTA International.

This was followed by a formal evening
reception attended by a number of dig-
nitaries and guests, including Mary Ma-
cleod MP, Seema Malhotra MP, Councillor
Amrit Mann and Lord Eric Avebury.

                                                                                         Tariq Magazine
                                                                                               April 2012   21
News & Events

Press Release - Muslim Leader Calls
for Jihad Against Extremism and
London, 30th December 2011 - Note: Ahmadiyya international press and media team takes full responsibility for any
errors or miscommunication in this synopsis of the press release

The Annual Convention ( Jalsa Salana)         the Muslim world was today ravaged by          peaceful and humanitarian activities of
of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama'at in            sectarianism and internal discord. Only        the Ahmadiyya community in India.
India concluded on 28th December              the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama'at could
in Qadian with a powerful and faith           claim to be united and this unity was          In response to such opposition, His
inspiring address by the World Head of        derived through its system of Khilafat.        Holiness said:
the community, Hadhrat Mirza Masroor
Ahmad, who addressed the event from           His Holiness reminded the audience that        “Ahmadi Muslims can never, and will
the Baitul Futuh Mosque in London via         the well-being of the future was being         never, stop worshipping the One God and
satellite. The Jalsa attracted over 17,000    put at risk by the jealousies of today. The    following the practice of the Holy Prophet
people from around the world in Qadian,       unjust policies and practices of world         Muhammad [saw]. However I say to
whilst over 4,000 gathered in London          powers were fuelling extremism and             those who believe in justice and equality,
for the concluding session.                   terrorism. In this regard His Holiness         that if you yield to the extremists for the
                                              said:                                          sake of apparent political benefit then your
Hadhrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad                                                                  country will no doubt become immersed in
began his address by reminding the            “True peace and true justice cannot be         strife. If you allow such groups to spread
audience that the conventions held            found anywhere in the world today. Instead     then it will lead to nothing but a moral
by the Ahmadiyya community were               worldly desires have increased beyond all      decline.”
distinguished from others, because they       limits. The wealth of others is looked at
were exclusively designed to enhance the      with envy and jealousy by people and by        His Holiness concluded by saying that
religious and spiritual development of        governments.                                   there remained hope and this hope was
those who took part.                                                                         based upon the teachings of the Holy
                                              "In today’s world governments claim that       Prophet Muhammad [saw] which
He said that this year thousands of           they are fighting wars for the sake of peace   were of peace, brotherhood and mutual
Ahmadi Muslims from Pakistan had              and to save mankind from cruelty. Such         love. To achieve these aims, throughout
travelled for the event in an effort to       claims are totally wrong and deceitful.        his life the Holy Prophet [saw] made
lessen the sense of deprivation they felt                                                    sacrifice after sacrifice and in this era it
due to the fact that Ahmadi Muslims           "The aims of such governments are simply       is the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama'at who
were not permitted to host such               to serve their own vested interests and to     continue to follow in his footsteps. His
conventions in Pakistan due to the anti-      capture the wealth of other nations. Thus      Holiness said that all Ahmadi Muslims
Ahmadiyya laws that continued to exist.       in the name of justice the blood of mankind    must therefore understand their
                                              is being spilled and in reaction to such       responsibilities.
His Holiness spoke repeatedly about the       injustice more and more terrorist groups are
state of the world, which he said stood       emerging.”                                     His Holiness said:
on the brink of disaster and destruction
due to the lack of justice and equality       The Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim               “Is it enough for us to simply call ourselves
within society. He said that at such a        Jama'at also used his address to counsel       Ahmadi Muslims? Will this be enough
crucial time, it was the task of Ahmadi       against all forms of extremism. He said        to develop peace in the world? No! To
Muslims throughout the world to guide         that any form of extremism had to be           achieve peace we must first understand the
mankind towards salvation. He said:           outlawed, otherwise the consequences           pain that the Holy Prophet Muhammad
                                              would be grave.                                [saw] felt for all of mankind. Our every
“Today it is the responsibility of every                                                     act and our every effort should be towards
Ahmadi Muslim to protect the world            Referring to India specifically, he said       ending all forms of cruelty. By developing
from destruction. This is because we have     that even though the country claimed           true justice we must do Jihad against cruelty
pledged allegiance to the Promised Messiah,   to be secular, some Muslim extremists          itself. Our Jihad will not be conducted by
Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian          had penetrated the country and were            any weapons or might but simply through
[as] and by doing so we have sworn that       already poisoning the society with their       our prayers for all of humanity. This is the
we will always strive for the betterment of   acts. He said that the Ahmadi Muslims          only way that peace and love can develop
all humanity.”                                of India were already being targeted           in society.”
                                              and that the extremists were trying to
His Holiness continued by saying that         influence the government to stop the           End

                       Tariq Magazine
                22     April 2012
                                                                                                                News & Events

Ahmadiyya Career and Job Fair
Organised by London Region Jama'at

Report by: Syed Nasir Gilani, Regional Nazim Sanat-O-Tijarat, Tahir Region

         he Careers event was inaugurated    banking were held, with representation
         by Siobhain McDonagh (Local         from:
         MP for Morden & Mitcham) at
         around 11 am with a delay due       • UCAS
to adverse weather conditions on Sunday      • Classic accountancy
20 November 2011 in Nasir Hall, Baitul
                                             • Kiss Driving instructors’
Futuh Mosque.
                                             In addition to the stalls and presentations,
Key note speakers were Siobhain              1:1 career advice was given to individual
McDonagh, Mansoor Shah Sahib and             members of the Jama’at and introduced
Naseer Dean Sahib. All three addressed       to the exhibitors.
the audience with a particular emphasis
on searching for job opportunities and       In a separate hall during the day, a rolling
broadening their career choice. Siobhain     30 minutes presentation was held for the
was very pleased to see that the London      participants by the main exhibitors. In
Region Jama’at had organised this event      total 11 presentations were presented
and wished everyone all the best.            during the day.

Following the inauguration the career        In the afternoon a special "Business
and jobs fair was split into 3 events.       Forum" meeting was held in which
                                             members from successful businesses
In the main hall was a career and job        spoke about how they started their
fair in which we had a total of 40 stalls    businesses and some best practices etc.
(including Jama’at stalls).
                                             Refreshments were also provided
Lajna were allowed to visit the hall first   throughout the day, with breakfast and
whereas all the men remained seated in       lunch served to all in attendance.
Nasir Hall to listen to the presentation.
                                             In total 1,000 participants registered
Main exhibitors were as follows:             and visited the event. To help encourage
                                             women in the morning session, the main
Education: Career Training                   halls were given exclusively to women.
                                             In the afternoon it was open to everyone
• Cambridge University                       except for Lajna.
• Historical Royal Palaces
                                             Lajna were encouraged to attend a
• Learning Direct                            repeated session in Nasir Hall in the
• Birbeck University                         afternoon.
• Olympics 2012 Jobs
                                             The event was concluded by Amir UK
• Exchange group (apprenticeships)
                                             Rafiq Ahmad Hayat Sahib at 4 pm.
• Roehampton University
• Merton Council                             Finally I would like to express my
• Synergy Network systems                    gratitude for the support given by
                                             Majlis     Khuddamul       Ahmadiyya.
• Kingston University
                                             Please remember Majlis Khuddamul
• British Army & Navy                        Ahmadiyya in your special prayers.
• Private Tuition
• South Thames College                       May Allah enable us to achieve high
                                             standards of moral values and fulfill the
• Police
                                             desires of our beloved Huzur Aqdas
A number of specialist career stalls for     [atba] in the best possible way.
graduates in Medicine, Engineering,
Research, Finance and investment             [ameen]

                                                                                            Tariq Magazine
                                                                                                  April 2012   23
                                19th February 2012
Badminton Tournament Pictures        Milton Keynes

         Tariq Magazine
    24   April 2012
Tariq Magazine
      April 2012   25
Activities carried out by MKA UK in

   Local Ijtema - Sports               Khidmat-e-Khalq

        Horse riding                              Tabligh Stall

           Local Ijtema - Tug of War                      Tabligh Stall -

            Tariq Magazine
      26    April 2012
                   Tabligh Stall                        Peace conference

                                   MKA National Hike group photo

- Holy Qur'an Exhibition                    Local Ijtema - Atfal Tug of war

                                                          Tariq Magazine
                                                                April 2012   27
   5 Articles

The system of financial sacrifice in the
time of the Holy Prophet Muhammad
[saw] and in the time of the Promised
Messiah [as]
By Qaasid Ahmed, Jamia student UK

          he     purpose     of    Islam       “He it is Who has sent His messenger, with       of history we find that prior to the battle
          has     unfortunately     been       guidance and the religion of truth, that He      of Tabook there was very little wealth left
          underestimated by not only           may make it prevail over all other religions”.   in the treasury-Baitul Maal. The Prophet
          non-Muslims but Muslims                                                               Muhammad [saw] announced that
alike. Today the spiritual progeny of the      (Al-Fath Ch.48:V.29).                            they had very little financial backing for
Holy Prophet Muhammad [saw]                                                                     this expedition and that contributions
attempt to pay due attention to the            It says here that Islam was to conquer           of all sorts were required. What was the
worship of Allah and His remembrance           the hearts of men through its beautiful          reaction of the believers at that time?
(i.e. the rights of Allah) but one basic       teachings and extinguish all other false         Did they turn a deaf ear? No, they gave
command, which concerns i.e. the rights        doctrines throughout the world. This             all that they saw before them.
of man, has been ignored and that is:          task of completing the propagation of
                                               guidance was specifically assigned to the        There is one instance of a companion,
“Convey to the people what has been            Promised Messiah’s [as] era.                     Hadhrat Abu Aqeel [ra]. When
revealed to thee from thy Lord,”                                                                he heard this announcement he
                                               We Ahmadi Muslims should be                      immediately sought to take up a job
(Al-Ma’idah, Ch.5:V.68)                        fully aware of the immense volume                watering fields in return for a few dates.
                                               of missionary work which each and                When he received his earning he left
It is only due to the great mercy of Allah     every Ahmadi is working towards in               some of the dates at home as a provision
that the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at              propagating the true Islam. We are thus          for his wife and children till he got back
is free from such criticisms. The most         fully aware of all the monetary support          from the expedition and offered the rest
obedient servant of the Holy Prophet           which goes towards this very purpose             in the way of Allah.
[saw], Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam                    and it does not require a detailed
Ahmad, the Promised Messiah and                explanation. We work towards building            Muslims would search their houses
Mahdi [as] established the revival             mosques, mission-houses, guesthouses,            for anything which they could offer
of Islam which, after 122 years, is still      schools, hospitals and offices - whereby         for the sake of this journey. When the
growing and spreading today. One of            this work of promulgating the message            companions would offer their humble
the founding factors of it still being         becomes an organised effort.                     contributions in a very zealous manner
alive is the immense effort it puts in to                                                       the Munafiqeen (hypocrites) would
conveying the true and final message of        During the time of the Holy Prophet              mockingly say, “Is this the wealth with
Allah to all of mankind as per the verse       Muhammad [saw] we find that there                which they wish to overtake Caesar?”
mentioned above. During the initial era        were many expeditions for which the              Regarding such people God Almighty
of Islam - mainly looking at the blessed       Prophet Muhammad [saw] would                     sent down the verse:
era of the Holy Prophet Muhammad               collect monetary contributions, aside
[saw] and the Khulafa-ar-Rashideen             from the obligation of paying Zakat.             “Those who find fault with such of the
we are aware that Islam spread far and                                                          believers as give alms of their own free
wide throughout the Middle East and            The first example that comes to mind is          will and with such as find nothing to give
parts of Africa. Yet the promise made in       when the Prophet Muhammad [saw]                  save the earnings of their toil. They thus
the following verse was yet to be fulfilled:   would collect money for the funding of           deride them. Allah shall requite them for
                                               battles. When we flick through the pages         their derision, and for them is a grievous

                       Tariq Magazine
                28     April 2012

punishment”.                                   left anything for his house, he replied      areas. In the time of Hadhrat Umar
                                               half of his wealth. When Hadhrat Abu         [ra] approximately 4,000 mosques
(Al-Taubah Ch.9:V.79)                          Bakr [ra] arrived he brought all of his      had been erected. What’s more is that
                                               wealth to the Holy Prophet [saw]             in almost each and every mosque there
Even at that time the Muslims were             and upon being asked whether he had          was an appointed Imam and Muezzin
mocked and laughed at due to their             left anything for his household, he said     who all now received a set income. It
financial sacrifices.                          that he had left for them Allah and His      is impossible to consider for even one
                                               Prophet’s name [saw].                        second that this was all done without
People hundreds of miles away instantly                                                     monetary contributions.
responded to this call. A group from           (Sunan At Tirmidhi Kitaabul Munaaqib)
Yemen arrived for the service of Islam                                                      Aside from this in the time of Hadhrat
however they possessed very little means       It should always be remembered that          Umar [ra] every Muslim soldier -
for the journey. They told the Prophet         as time goes by the methods used to          whether active or not - would receive
[saw] of their problem and the                 adapt Islam into the modern age will         a set income and their family members
Prophet [saw] also replied that he too         always be different, though the purpose      would also receive allowances, much like
had very little to provide them. Hearing       always stays the same. Today, we do not      the Waqfeen-e-Zindagi (life devotees) in
this response they were overcome with          defend ourselves by the sword. This is       this day and age who have sacrificed their
emotion due to their immense desire to         an established and understood fact and       lives for the sake of Islam Ahmadiyyat
partake in this expedition. Commending         although the purpose of Islam has not        and its propagation.
such an amazing example, Allah the             moved an inch away from what it was
Almighty states in the Holy Qur'an:            1,400 years ago its requirements are         There are many instances where the
                                               much different today, hence the different    Holy Prophet [saw] would suddenly
“Nor (is there any blame) against those        means that need to be adapted. We use        call for funds to be collected and it was
to whom, when they come to see that thou       our expenses for a much broader and vast     done. No one from among the faithful
shouldst mount them, thou didst say, ‘I        range of reasons. From building mosques      would complain, “Why are we being
cannot find whereon I can mount you;’ they     (for the benefit of God’s worshippers        compelled to give what we already lack?”
turned back, their eyes overflowing with       all around the world) to sustaining our      or “What’s the point of joining this
tears, out of grief that they could not find   missionary force, financial contributions    movement if we are to become broke?”
what they might spend”.                        are pivotal factors for keeping the spirit   These were all issues which made no
                                               of Islam alive.                              difference to them. They were aware
(Al-Taubah Ch 9:V.92)                                                                       that they had performed the Bai’at on
                                               In the time of the Prophet Muhammad          certain conditions. However leaving
Hadhrat Umar [ra] thought of this              [saw] we find that there were more           these conditions aside they were aware
expedition as a great opportunity to           than 30 mosques in use with Imams            of the literal meaning of Bai’at - to sell
overtake his peer in righteous acts,           and Muezzin appointed for the purpose        oneself - and they sold themselves as
Hadhrat Abu Bakr [ra] and therefore            of leading the prayer in congregation.       well as their belongings for Islam!
he brought a huge portion of his assets        The Imams would also take care of
and gave it to the Holy Prophet [saw].         the spiritual health of the Muslims of       As the companions of the Prophet
Upon being questioned whether he had           the time in their respective allocated       Muhammad [saw] were not so

                                                                                                Tariq Magazine
                                                                                                      April 2012   29

       …we see schemes for the construction of
       Minaratul Masih, the expansion of mosques etc.
 None of the companions ever complained and neither
 did they ever question whether the scheme had
 anything to do with the propagation of Islam.

wealthy, similarly there were simple and       gold coins and eventually when he             it is evident from the time of Hadhrat
not so wealthy companions in the time          had enough to present, the Promised           Muhammad [saw] and his rightly
of his servant, Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam           Messiah [as] had already passed away.         guided Khulafa that monetary funds
Ahmad Sahib [as]. As a matter of fact                                                        were acquired for the sake of Allah’s
their financial sacrifices in such destitute   One day, after the death of Huzur [as]        message to reach all ears.
conditions bears witness to how much           he took these coins with him to Huzur’s
they were in love with their beloved           [as] house. He knocked on the door            Today we have a handful of people
master and also their one ultimate             and Hadhrat Amma Jan [ra_ha] - the            who brand Ahmadiyyat in Islam a cult
purpose. Had they considered this              noble wife of the Promised Messiah            simply because we are obliged to offer
sacrifice to be a waste then they surely       [as] - opened the door. After offering        financial sacrifice. However they should
would have shunned it simply because           Salaam Hadhrat Munshi Sahib [ra]              remember there is a difference between
there was no pressure upon them to not         began to cry profusely and would not          the definitions of being ‘obliged’ and
do so. In fact, from a worldly perspective,    stop. He wept so much that Hadhrat            being ‘forced’. I can speak on my own
there was more pressure on them to leave       Amma Jan [ra_ha] asked the reason for         behalf and say that I have never felt the
Islam (and Ahmadiyyat for that matter).        his weeping. He said that all his life he     need to complain about the financial
They wholeheartedly offered all they had       had the burning desire to offer some gold     system of the Jama’at, rather I pray for
and their sacrifices are a part of that seed   coins to the Promised Messiah [as] as         the strength of it because I am aware of
which was sown.                                the other companions had. However he          its purpose.
                                               had not the means to do so and as he
During the time of the Promised                saved up for this purpose Huzur [as]          We, the passionate Khuddam of our
Messiah [as], schemes were at times            passed away. He said that because Huzur       beloved Khalifatul Masih [atba],
announced very suddenly and the                [as] was no longer here to receive this       follow in the footsteps of Hadhrat
companions would respond most swiftly.         humble contribution he would like to          Munshi Arore Khan Sahib [ra]
For instance we see schemes for the            offer it to Hadhrat Amma Jan [ra_ha].         who, despite possessing a very meagre
construction of Minaratul Masih, the                                                         amount of wealth, never made a sound of
expansion of mosques etc. None of              Such was the zeal and love of the             complaint regarding his income and gave
the companions ever complained and             companions for their cause. Such was          all he had due to the love and sincerity
neither did they ever question whether         the love of the companions for their          in his heart for his cause. If people like
the scheme had anything to do with the         master. It is extraordinary how the           Hadhrat Munshi Sahib [ra] can offer
propagation of Islam.                          contributions of the Promised Messiah’s       all in the way of Allah then it is absurd
                                               [as] companions parallel that of the          to hear complaints from those people
There is a very touching incident of a         Holy Prophet’s [saw] companions.              living in the West and those who have
companion of the Promised Messiah                                                            sufficient means of living.
[as]. Hadhrat Munshi Arore Khan                May Allah enable us all to follow in
Sahib [ra] was a very devout Ahmadi            the footsteps of such extraordinarily         We are those Khuddam who are ready
and servant of the Promised Messiah            submissive beings. [ameen].                   to sacrifice our life, wealth, time and
[as]. He was very regular in paying the                                                      honour for the sake of our faith, country
financial contributions prescribed for an      As I mentioned at the start of this article   and nation. May Allah enable us to
Ahmadi and would make the effort of            that there are some Muslims who have          understand the essence of this covenant
being in the presence of the Promised          underestimated the task assigned to           and grant us the strength to fulfil it in
Messiah [as] as much as possible.              Islam i.e. the recitation of God’s message    the best manner.
Some companions at that time would             to all human beings. First of all, logic
offer gold coins to the Promised Messiah       does not accept how this mission can          [ameen].
[as] and this was something which he           be possible without monetary funding
always desired to do. He began collecting      raised by Muslims themselves. Secondly

                       Tariq Magazine
                30     April 2012

Why do we have to pay Chanda?
By Abdul Quddus, Qaid Majlis Jamia UK

           n Ahmadi Muslim is neither           [saw]. So the Promised Messiah                first Ramadhan. The question that arises
           forced nor compelled to pay          [as] established a community who              here is where is that money spent? By the
           Chandajaat. The fact of the          desired and vowed to bring Islam back         grace of God Almighty the Ahmadiyya
           matter is that any mission,          into its former glory and to safeguard        Community can account for the money
organisation or religion has certain            the reverence of the Prophet [saw].           that they collect and has collected that
commitments that are made by its                The community members felt obliged            is why many non-Ahmadi Muslims
followers to show their allegiance. For         to set a certain monthly contribution in      entrust their Zakat to the community.
example the fundamentals of Islam are           order for them to become Mujahideen
to believe in the unity of God, all Divine      of a new nature. This represents the          Where is the Chanda being spent?
scriptures, the angels, the Prophets, the       humble beginnings of Chandajaat.              As mentioned above that during the time
Day of Resurrection and the Divine              When Islam teaches that tlleryhere            of the Holy Prophet [saw], apart
Decree. However, no Muslim is enforced          is no compulsion in religion, then            from Zakat, many other financial systems
to believe in the above, but they choose        everything surrounding and included           and taxes were instituted in order to fulfil
to do so. Similarly, every Ahmadi Muslim        in religion cannot be compelled upon          the need of propagating Islam. Similarly,
chooses and desires to help propagate           a believer. One who associates himself        in this age the Promised Messiah and
Islam through financial contribution and        with the Promised Messiah [as] is             Mahdi [as] was commissioned by God
sacrifice.                                      in actual fact pledging his support and       Almighty to establish a community
                                                assistance to him, which in reality is        that will bring the faith back from the
If we take a look at the time of the Holy       supporting and assisting Islam, and           Pleiades. In order to do so many schemes
Prophet [saw] we find that apart                according to the Qur’anic injunction,         were needed to spread and maintain the
from Zakat, there were many occasions           that believers are told that you cannot       perfect teachings of Islam. To carry out
where the Prophet [saw] appealed                achieve the highest of virtue until           the task of propagation the Promised
for not just physical and financial             you spend out what is dear to you, the        Messiah [as] was Divinely guided to
sacrifices from his companions but also         community members are using their             distribute it into five main branches.
other material goods, this is especially        wealth, time, honour, life and everything
evident at the time of expeditions. Now         that is dear to them in serving the           The first and foremost is the writing and
putting this into perspective, it should        renaissance of Islam.                         publication of such Divinely inspired
be remembered, fifteen centuries ago an                                                       books that serve as a champion of
expedition was not just for a few days,         Now the allegation that is raised by those    Islam at its time of great turmoil and
but it stretched for weeks and months.          envious of us is very contradictory. They     instability. Therefore, we see that the
The cost to sustain and equip a soldier for     claim that the Ahmadiyya Community            best book to defend Islam is the Holy
such a time period was not an easy task.        has created innovations in Islam by           Qur’an; consequently the community
So the question which naturally arises          adding Chandajaat, this statement is          has circulated many copies of the Qur’an
here is how was the funding done for such       totally wrong. We should see what             and has also translated it into over 70
missions? Was it through the system of          their actions are. They are continuously      languages. Furthermore, the Promised
Zakat or other sources of contribution?         trying to raise funds for their television    Messiah [as] himself wrote over 80
The answer is straightforward. Most             channels, their Madrassas, mosques and        books in which he presented Islam’s
definitely there were special schemes           all their activities. Where is the funding    pristine teachings and also proved its
launched by the Holy Prophet [saw]              coming from to run all these? Is it falling   dominance over all other faiths.
to raise money, artillery, transport etc. for   from the sky or is money growing on
these journeys and we see great examples        trees?                                        The second means of propagating Islam
of this by companions.                                                                        that Huzur [as] has mentioned is the
                                                Another allegation that they levy             publication of leaflets and literature in
Now in this day and age, faith had              against the community is that we do           order to establish the truth of the Islamic
ascended to the Pleiades, and to return         not emphasise the importance of Zakat.        belief over all other faiths. We see that
it back upon the face of the earth was          However, this is absolutely untrue and        this is being undertaken at this very time.
an immense responsibility and required          deeply contradictory to their actions.        The ‘leaflet’ campaign within the United
great effort. Therefore, God Almighty           If you see that on the receipts issued        Kingdom is very active and Hadhrat
commissioned the Promised Messiah               by the community, the first row is            Khalifatul Masih V [atba] has
[as] for this task, to champion Islam           solely dedicated to Zakat, proving the        instructed the Jama’at to spread the
at its time of turmoil and instability.         importance and significance of it. At         message of Islam to the population of
On all frontiers, Islam was and is              least the Ahmadi Community is not             the UK. This campaign is not just limited
confronted with opposition, threatening         like Islamic states that are ruled by such    to our borders but also the very same
its teachings, beliefs, ideologies and the      governments that forcefully withdraw          campaign is dynamic in the USA and
perfect character of the Holy Prophet           Zakat from bank accounts on the eve of        also Bangladesh.

                                                                                                  Tariq Magazine
                                                                                                        April 2012   31

The third means that the Promised              even the basic requirements needed           answer these. This again is something
Messiah [as] has mentioned relates to          monetary funds. This practice is being       that requires monetary funds and has
the visitors who come and investigate          continued even today. For example to         many overhead expenses.
the Jama’at and seek the truth. In history     propagate Islam, symposiums, seminars,
we find that when the Holy Prophet             conventions etc are organised all over       The fifth means that the Imam of
[saw] was instructed by God                    the world by the community, resulting in     the time has mentioned is that God
Almighty to preach the message of Islam,       the education of many non-Muslims, to        Almighty Himself guides people towards
our beloved master organised a feast           learn understand and eventually accept       the right faith. We can all bear witness
and invited all his close relations. After     the true teachings of Islam.                 to this as Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih V
the meal, Huzur [saw] announced                                                             [atba] continuously mentions
his Prophethood and presented the              The      fourth    means     relates    to   such converts who were guided by God
message of Islam, but the message fell         correspondence with inquirers, truth         either through revelation, truthful dreams
on deaf ears. The point to remember            seekers and opponents. As it has been        or any other sort of Divine inspiration
is that a sacrifice was made in order to       mentioned earlier the Holy Prophet           towards Ahmadiyyat, the true Islam.
host this event. Similarly, in this age we     [saw] invited many monarchs to               Now, taking this into account we have
see that the Promised Messiah [as]             join Islam through letters. Similarly, the   to understand that these people who
was also directed by God to preach the         Promised Messiah [as] communicated           come into the fold of Ahmadiyyat, need
renaissance of Islam, resulting in many        using the same means. In contemporary        to be taken care of, deserve to receive
people visiting Qadian. Again, we find         times this practice has evolved and          the best moral and spiritual upbringing,
that the influx of people was so profound      written communication not just involves      therefore the community spends much
that huge financial sacrifice was needed.      letters, but also e-mails and faxes. We      effort and funds in doing this very task,
The Promised Messiah [as] writes in            see today that the Khalifa of the time       either through building missions and
his book ‘Victory of Islam’ that in the last   [atba] receives thousands of                 mosques across the world or by training
seven years approximately sixty thousand       letters in many languages each day and       individuals to become missionaries and
guests visited him. To host them with          there are teams dedicated to reply and       teachers.

                       Tariq Magazine
                32     April 2012

Why do we sometimes combine Prayers?
By Farooq Mahmood, Muavin Sadr MKA UK

           llah has enjoined upon                “… and has laid no hardship upon you in        UK, Europe, Canada and USA days
           Muslims to perform prayers            religion;” (Al-Hajj 22:79)                     are very short. The time span between
           at their due times. The Holy                                                         Zuhr and Asr prayers is too little.
           Qur’an declares:                      Islam allows Muslims to offer combined         It is quite difficult for congregants
                                                 Zuhr and Asr prayers and combined              to come to the mosque for prayers
“Verily prayer is enjoined on the believers to   Maghrib and Ishaa Prayers in some              for both these prayers in quick suc-
be performed at fixed hours."                    special situations. This concession is         cession. So in order to alleviate this
                                                 available both for individual as well as       hardship, these two prayers may be
(Al-Nisa 4:104)                                  for congregational prayers.                    combined. Similarly nights are quite
                                                                                                short in these countries during sum-
We Muslims therefore are required                The circumstances in which combined            mer months. Ishaa time is close to
to offer our five obligatory prayers at          Zuhr and Asr, and combined Maghrib             midnight during these months. If the
specified times. Five daily prayers cannot       and Ishaa prayers may be offered are           congregants come to the mosque to
be omitted under any circumstances. It is        discussed below. Fajr prayer cannot be         offer Ishaa prayer at midnight, they
also required of Muslims to participate          combined with any other prayer. The            will not get sufficient time to sleep
in congregational prayers in the mosque.         obvious reason appears to be that the          nor will it be convenient for the non-
So normally one should offer all of one’s        timings of no other prayer overlap with        Muslim neighbours. People may miss
prayers at appointed times in the mosque.        those of Fajr prayer.                          their jobs or students my find it dif-
But Islam is a religion that provides for                                                       ficult to attend college or school the
all different situations and it caters for all   Conditions for combined                        following morning. Those offering
human requirements.                              prayers:                                       tahajjud prayers would find it even
                                                                                                more difficult to get up on time. Islam
Islam is the most practical religion             Some of the circumstances when                 allows convenience and flexibilty in
that allows concessions in most of its           combined prayers may be offered are            such situations.
obligatory requirements. Offering of             given hereunder:
prayer is compulsory. But if one is unwell                                                   Tradition of the Holy Prophet
one may offer prayers at home. Likewise          a. During Hajj, combined Zuhr and           [saw]
if due to illness one cannot stand in               Asr prayers are offered at 'Arafat and
prayers, one is allowed to offer prayers            combined Maghrib and Ishaa prayers       Hadhrat Ibn Abbas [ra] reports:
sitting or even lying if so required by a           at muzdalifah
condition or illness. Fasting is obligatory                                                  "When the Messenger of Allah [saw]
for all adult Muslims but there are              b. During conditions of extreme danger      was a traveller, he combined the Zuhr and
exceptions for those who are ill and for                                                     Asr prayers. He also combined the Maghrib
those who are undertaking a journey.             c. When travelling                          and Ishaa prayers."
Similar is the situation in the case of
many other religious obligations.                d. During periods of rain                   (Bukhari, Taqsiru's-Salaat,)

There may be circumstances when it is            e. Due to illness                           "The Messenger of Allah [saw] delayed
not possible or it is most inconvenient to                                                   the Zuhr prayer and performed it during
say all five prayers separately on the fixed     f. Due to extreme cold or excessive         the time of the Asr prayer by combining
hours. Islam, being a religion of ease and          snowfall                                 them if he had set out before the sun moved
tolerance, permits the performance of                                                        westwards. If the sun had moved westward
some obligatory prayers to be combined           g. Due to muddy conditions and dark-        and the time for the Zuhr prayer was due,
in order to eliminate the problems or               ness                                     he performed both the Zuhr and Asr prayers
impracticalities that may exist in some                                                      and then set out."
situations.                                      h. Due to any important religious gath-
                                                    ering or when people are busy in         (Bukhari, Taqsiru's-Salaat, ; Muslim,
The Holy Qur’an states:                             some other important religious en-       Musafirin, ; Abu Dawud, Salaat, ; Nasai,
                                                    gagement, making it very difficult for   Mawaqit.)
“Allah burdens not any soul beyond its              them to congregate again at a later
capacity” (Al-Baqarah 2:287)                        time.                                    Hadhrat Mu'adh reports that while
                                                                                             the Prophet was at Tabuk and the sun
Allah Almighty also says:                        i. Due to long and short days: During       had passed the meridian, the Prophet
                                                    winter in some western countries like    [saw] combined the Zuhr and Asr

                                                                                                 Tariq Magazine
                                                                                                       April 2012   33

       … no Nawaafil may be offered after
       performing combined Zuhr and Asr prayers
 until sunset. This is because it is not permissible
 to offer Nawaafil after Asr prayers are offered and
 before the sun has set.

prayers before he started his journey.     Hadhrat Ibn Abbas [ra] was asked,            followed by all the congregants.
If he started his journey before the sun
passed its meridian, he would delay the    “So, why did he do that?” He answered        Writings of the Promised
Zuhr prayer until the time when he         that he (the Prophet [saw]) wanted           Messiah [as]:
stopped for the Asr prayer. He would do    to remove hardship and troubles off his
likewise for the Maghrib prayer. If the    Ummah.                                       The Promised Messiah [as] laid great
sun set before he began his journey, he                                                 emphasis on saying prayers on time.
would combine the Maghrib and Ishaa        (Sahih Muslim, Kitab al-Salaat,; Sunan       However he said that Allah knows that
prayers (at that time). If he began a      Tirmidhi)                                    man is weak. So Allah has allowed the
journey before the sun had set, he would                                                concession to combine prayers sometimes
then combine them at the time of Ishaa.    In the version of Abdullah Ibn Shaqiq        (in special circumstances). (“Malfoozat”,
(Abu Dawud and Tirmidhi.)                  [ra], it was stated in the above referred    Vol. 1, 1984, London edition; page 6).`
                                           hadith that Hadhrat Ibn Abbas [ra]
It is recorded in Bukhari that the         one day delivered a sermon in the            The Promised Messiah [as] has also
Holy Prophet [saw] combined the            afternoon until the sun set and the stars    stated that the concessions available in
Maghrib and Ishaa prayers on a rainy       began to appear in the sky, so people        Islam should be availed of. He says that
night. Imam Muslim records:                kept saying: “The prayer! The prayer!” And   people like employees in service are so
                                           a man from the tribe of Tamim walked         much absorbed in their worldly affairs
"The Messenger of Allah combined Zuhr      towards him and said vehemently: “The        that they quite often leave out obligatory
and Asr and then Maghrib and Ishaa in      prayer! The prayer!” Ibn Abbas [ra]          prayers. So due to this compelling
Medinah without there being any danger     replied:“Are you going to teach me the       reason, it would be permissible for them
or rain.”                                  Sunnah? What a fool you are!” Then he        to combine Zuhr prayer with Asr and
                                           said: “I've seen the Messenger of Allah      Maghrib prayer with Ishaa. (ibid, page
The Prophet [saw] prayed in                [ra] combine Zuhr and Asr, and Maghrib       265)
Madinah, while residing there, not         and Ishaa.” The narrator, Abdullah Ibn
travelling, seven Raka'at of Maghrib       Shaqiq [ra], went on to say:                 The Promised Messiah [as] has said that
and Ishaa combined, and eight Raka'at                                                   no Sunnah prayers are to be offered when
of Zuhr and Asr combined. (Ahmad ibn       “I felt uneasy, so I went to Abu Hurayrah    any two prayers are being combined.
Hanbal, al-Musnad)                         [ra] and asked him about that and he         This is the practice he regularly followed.
                                           confirmed the validity of what Ibn Abbas     However Vitr of the Ishaa prayers are
The Holy Prophet [saw] prayed Zuhr         [ra] said.”                                  offered even if Maghrib and Ishaa
and Asr in combination and Maghrib                                                      prayers are combined. When Maghrib
and Ishaa in combination without a         (Sahih Muslim)                               and Ishaa prayers are combined, one may,
reason for fear or travel.                                                              if one so likes, offer Nawaafil (voluntary
                                           It is stated in Fiqah Ahmadiyya (i.e.,       prayers). However no Nawaafil may be
(Malik ibn Anas, al-Muwatta')              Ahmadiyya Jurisprudence) that the            offered after performing combined Zuhr
                                           Imam (i.e., the person leading the           and Asr prayers until sunset. This is so
Hadhrat Ibn ‘Abbas [ra] reported,          prayers) and the congregants may decide      because it is not permissible to offer
                                           whether prayers at some particular           Nawaafil after Asr prayers are offered
“The Messenger of Allah [saw]              occasion should be combined or not.          and before the sun has set. However
combined Zuhr and Asr, and Maghrib and     The Imam should normally agree to            when combined Jumu’ah and Asr prayers
Ishaa in Madinah under no circumstances    the advice rendered by a majority of the     are offered, the Sunnah prayers before
of fear or rain.”                          congregants. However whatever decision       Friday prayers are not abandoned. These
                                           the Imam takes in this regard should be      should be offered. These Sunnah in fact

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               34    April 2012

are in the nature of Jumu’ah Nawaafil.       Messiah [as] would join as one of the              only. We have greatest regard for each and
(Fiqah Ahmadiyya, Part I, Urdu, page         congregants.                                       every letter and word uttered by the Holy
187)                                                                                            Prophet [saw]. ”
                                             Once in the year 1901, the Promised
Jalsa Salana (Annual Conven-                 Messiah [as] had to combine prayers                ((a) Malfoozat, Volume 1, page 446,
tion)                                        for a period extending over two months.            published by Nizarat Isha’at, Rabwah, (b)
                                             The Promised Messiah [as] explained                Fiqah Ahmadiyya, Urdu, Part I, page 185)
Jama’at Ahmadiyya holds Jalsa Salana’at      the fulfilment of the prophecy about
very year. People come from far and          combining of prayers as below:                     As stated earlier, prayers are combined at
wide. Many of them are travellers. They                                                         Jalsa Salana'at and other large important
live for a few days at temporary abodes.     “Look! I also avail of the concessions             religious gatherings organised by the
Many of the local participants are busy      (available in Islam). It is over two months        Jama’at such as Khuddam Ijtema'at and
in multifarious Jalsa duties. Many of the    now that we have been combining prayers.           other gatherings where the schedule is
locals play host to guests coming from       This is because of (my) illness and also because   very tight. This concession is availed of in
outside. They look after their guests        I have been extremely busy in writing the          accordance with the facility available in
at their homes or elsewhere. In these        tafseer (interpretation) of Surah Fatiha.          Islam. This is also a great manifestation
circumstances it becomes difficult and       The combining of prayers also fulfils the          of the fulfilment of the prophecy of the
most inconvenient for them all to gather     prophecy in the Hadith which says, “tujmao         Holy Prophet [saw] that “prayers will
for all five prayers at a mosque or at the   lahoo asSalaato”. (This hadith means, “For         be combined for the Promised Messiah.”
Jalsa Gah (i.e., the jalsa venue). This is   his sake prayers will be combined”.) This
why in light of the facility provided by     Hadith also shows that the Masih-e-Maud            Today, we are blessed with the institution
Allah Almighty and then shown to us          will not lead prayers but the prayers will be      of Khilafat. We observe on a regular
through the practice of the Holy Prophet     led by someone else who would lead prayer          basis that our beloved Imam Hadhrat
[saw] combined Zuhr and Asr and              on behalf of the Promised Messiah. The             Khalifatul Masih [atba] avoids
combined Maghrib and Ishaa prayers are       same thing happens now. Prayers are not            combining prayers wherever it is not
offered at such gatherings.                  combined when I cannot come for prayers            necessary, but when there is a pressing
                                             due to severe illness. The wording of the          need then he too combines the prayers.
Prophecy about Masih–e-Maud                  Hadith indicates that it is for his affection      We have the blessed practice of the
                                             (for the Promised Messiah [as]) that               Khalifa of the time before our eyes who
The Holy Prophet [saw] prophesied            the Holy Prophet [saw] has said that               is Divinely guided. His practice is in
many signs about the coming of the           (prayers will be combined) for the sake of the     total submission to gain Allah’s pleasure
Promised Messiah [as]. One of the            Promised Messiah [as]. It is important             and in light of the Sunnah of the Holy
signs given was “Prayers will be combined    that we have great respect and esteem for the      Prophet [saw].
for him.” (Masnad Ahmad, page 290,           prophecies of the Holy Prophet [saw].
ch2) This sign has come true many times      We should not disregard them. It would be a        May we all tread on the path of
and still continues to come true. During     great sin to look upon them contemptuously.        righteousness and may our prayers be
the lifetime of the Promised Messiah         God has created the circumstances that             accepted by Allah.
[as], sometimes prayers were combined        combined prayers have been offered (by us)
for weeks together. The prayers were         for such a long time. It would not have been       [ameen]
led by someone else and the Promised         a sign if it had happened for a day or two

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Comparative Religious Teachings on
War and Peace
Written by Hadrat Mirza Bashir-ud-Din Mahmud Ahmad, Khalifatul Masih II [ra]

Taken from

Teachings of Judaism and                         Of the three verses the last two
Christianity about War                           contradict the first. If Jesus came for
                                                 war, why did he teach about turning
…The question arises - Can it ever be            the other cheek? It seems we have
right to fight for a faith? Let us, therefore,   either to admit a contradiction in the
turn to this question.                           New Testament, or we have to explain
                                                 one of the contradictory teachings in a
The teaching of religion on the subject          suitable manner. We are not concerned
of war takes different forms… Moses is           here with the question whether turning
commanded to enter the land of Canaan            the other cheek can ever be practicable.
by force, to defeat its population and           We are concerned only to point out
to settle his own people in it (Deut.            that, throughout their long history, no
20:10-18). In spite of this teaching in          Christian people have ever hesitated to
the Book of Moses, and in spite of its           make war. When Christians first attained
reinforcement by practical example of            to power in Rome, they took part in wars
the Prophets Joshua, David and others,           both defensive and aggressive. They are
Jews and Christians continue to hold             dominant powers in the world today,
their Prophets in reverence and to regard        and they continue to take part in wars
their books as the Books of God.                 both defensive and aggressive. Only now          Hadrat Mirza Bashir-ud-Din Mahmud Ahmad
                                                                                                           Khalifatul Masih II [ra]
                                                 the side which wins is canonized by the
At the end of the Mosaic tradition, we           rest of the Christian world. Their victory    suffered in wars. They were made saints
had Jesus who taught:                            is said to be the victory of Christian        by the Popes.
                                                 civilization. Christian civilization has
"But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil:    come to mean whatever tends to be             The Qur'an on War and Peace
but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right      dominant and successful. When two
cheek, turn to him the other also"               Christian powers go to war, each claims       The teaching of Islam is different from
                                                 to be the protector of Christian ideals.      both these teachings. It strikes a mean
(Matthew 5-39).                                  The power which wins is canonized             between the two. Islam does not teach
                                                 as the true Christian power. It is true,      aggression as did Moses. Nor does it, like
Christians have often cited this teaching        however, that from the time of Jesus          present-day (and presumably corrupt)
of Jesus and argued that Jesus preached          to our time, Christendom has been             Christianity, preach a contradiction. It
against war. But in the New Testament,           involved-and indications are that it will     does not ask us to turn the other cheek
we have passages which purport to teach          continue to remain involved-in war.           and at the same time to sell our clothes
quite the opposite. One passage, for             The practical verdict of the Christian        to buy a sword. The teaching of Islam
instance, says:                                  peoples, therefore, is that war is the real   fits into the natural instincts of man, and
                                                 teaching of the New Testament, and            promotes peace in the only possible way.
"Think not that I am come to send peace on       that turning the other cheek was either
earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword"    an opportunist teaching dictated by the       Islam forbids aggression, but it urges
                                                 helplessness of early Christians, or it is    us to fight if failure to fight jeopardizes
(Matthew 10:34).                                 meant to apply only to individuals, not       peace and promotes war. If failure to
                                                 to States and peoples.                        fight means the extirpation of free belief
And another passage says:                                                                      and of the search of truth, it is our duty
                                                 Secondly, even if we assume that Jesus        to fight. This is the teaching on which
"Then said he unto them. But now, he that        taught peace and not war, it does not         peace can ultimately be built, and this
hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise      follow that those who do not act upon         is the teaching on which the Prophet
his scrip: and he that hath no sword, let him    this teaching are not holy and honored.       based his own policies and his practice.
sell his garment, and buy one"                   For Christendom has ever revered              The Prophet suffered continuously
                                                 exponents of war such as Moses, Joshua        and consistently at Mecca but did not
(Luke 22:36).                                    and David. Not only this, the Church          fight the aggression of which he was an
                                                 itself has canonized national heroes who

                        Tariq Magazine
                 36     April 2012

       War is to be resorted to only
       for the sake of God and not
 for the sake of any selfish motives,
 not for aggrandizement or for the
 advancement of any other
innocent victim. When he escaped to              the world. God must help those who                 there is no persecution, and religion is
Medina, the enemy was out to extirpate           help to establish freedom of worship. It           professed for Allah. But if they desist, then
Islam; it was, therefore, necessary to           follows that fighting is permitted when a          remember that no hostility is allowed except
fight the enemy in defense of truth and          people have suffered long from wanton              against the aggressors."
freedom of belief.                               aggression-when the aggressor has had
                                                 no cause for aggression and he seeks to            Fighting is to be for the sake of God,
We quote below the passages in the               interfere with the religion of his victim.         not for our own sake or out of anger
Qur'an which bear on the subject of war.         The duty of the victim, if and when he             or aggrandizement, and even fighting
                                                 attains to power, is to establish religious        is to be free from excesses, for excesses
(1) In Ch.22:V.40-42 we have:                    freedom and to protect all religions and           are displeasing to God. Fighting is
                                                 all religious places. His power is to be           between parties of combatants. Assaults
"Permission to fight is given to those against   used not for his own glorification, but for        on individuals are forbidden. Aggression
whom war is made, because they have been         the care of the poor, the progress of the          against a religion is to be met by active
wronged-and Allah indeed has power to            country and the general promotion of               resistance, for such aggression is worse
help them-Those who have been driven             peace. This teaching is as unexceptionable         than bloodshed. Muslims are not to fight
out from their homes unjustly only because       as it is clear and precise. It proclaims           near the Sacred Mosque, unless an attack
they said, 'Our Lord is Allah'-And if Allah      the fact that early Muslims took to war            is first made by the enemy. Fighting near
did not repel some men by means of others,       because they were constrained to do so.            the Sacred Mosque interferes with the
there would surely have been pulled down         Aggressive wars were forbidden by Islam.           public right of pilgrimage. But if the
cloisters and churches and synagogues and        Muslims are promised political power,              enemy attacks, Muslims are free to reply,
mosques, wherein the name of Allah is            but are warned that this power must be             this being the just reward of aggression.
oft commemorated. And Allah will surely          used not for self-aggrandizement, but              But if the enemy desists, Muslims must
help one who helps Him. Allah is indeed          for the amelioration of the poor and the           desist also, and forgive and forget the
Powerful, Mighty.-Those who, if We               promotion of peace and progress.                   past. Fighting is to continue so long as
establish them in the earth, will observe                                                           religious persecution lasts and religious
Prayer and pay the Zakat and enjoin good         (2) In Ch.2:V.191-194 we have:                     freedom is not established. Religion is
and forbid evil. And with Allah rests the                                                           for God. The use of force or pressure
final issue of all affairs."                     "And fight in the cause of Allah against those     in religion is wrong. If the Kafirs desist
                                                 who fight against you, but do not transgress.      from it and make religion free, Muslims
The verse purports to say that permission        Surely, Allah loves not transgressors. And         are to desist from fighting the Kafirs.
to fight is given to the victims of              kill them wherever you meet them and drive         Arms are to be taken up against those
aggression. God is well able to help the         them out from where they have driven you           who commit excesses. When excesses
victims-those who have been driven               out; for persecution is worse than killing.        cease, fighting must cease also.
out of their homes because of their              And fight them not in, and near, the Sacred
beliefs. The permission is wise because,         Mosque until they fight you, then fight            Categorically, we may say, the verses
if God were not to repel the cruel with          them: such is the requital for the disbelievers.   teach the following rules:
the help of the righteous, there would           But if they desist, then surely Allah is Most
be no freedom of faith and worship in            Forgiving, Merciful. And fight them until          i. War is to be resorted to only for

                                                                                                        Tariq Magazine
                                                                                                              April 2012    37

   the sake of God and not for the                  the enemy who starts it.                       Allah. Surely, it is He Who is All-Hearing,
   sake of any selfish motives, not                                                                All-Knowing. And if they intend to deceive
   for aggrandizement or for the                 (3) In Ch.8:V.39-41 we have:                      thee, then surely Allah is sufficient for thee.
   advancement of any other interests.                                                             He it is Who has strengthened thee with His
                                                 "Say to those who disbelieve, if they desist,     help and with the believers."
ii. We can go to war only against one            that which is past will be forgiven them;
    who attacks us first.                        and if they return thereto, then verily the       That is to say, if in the course of a battle
                                                 example of the former people has already          the disbelievers at any time incline
iii. We can fight only those who fight           gone before them. And fight them until there      towards peace, Muslims are to accept
     against us. We cannot fight against         is no persecution and religion is wholly for      the offer at once and to make peace.
     those who take no part in warfare.          Allah. But if they desist, then surely Allah is   Muslims are to do so even at the risk of
                                                 Watchful of what they do. And if they turn        being deceived. They are to put their trust
iv. Even after the enemy has initiated           their backs, then know that Allah is your         in God. Cheating will not avail against
    the attack, it is our duty to keep           Protector. What an excellent Protector and        Muslims, who rely on the help of God.
    warfare within limits. To extend the         what an excellent Helper."                        Their victories are due not to themselves
    war, either territorially or in respect of                                                     but to God. In the darkest and most
    weapons used, is wrong.                      That is to say, wars have been forced             difficult times, God has stood by the
                                                 upon Muslims. But if the enemy desists,           Prophet and his followers. So will He
v. We are to fight only a regular army           it is the duty of Muslims to desist also,         stand by them against cheats. An offer
   charged by the enemy to fight on his          and forgive the past. But if the enemy            of peace is to be accepted. It is not to be
   side. We are not to fight others on the       does not desist and attacks Muslims               rejected on the plea that it may only be a
   enemy side.                                   again and again, then he should                   ruse with which the enemy seeks to gain
                                                 remember the fate of the enemies of               time for a fresh attack.
vi. In warfare immunity is to be afforded        earlier Prophets. Muslims are to fight,
    to all religious rites and observances.      while religious persecution lasts, and            The stress on peace in the verses is not
    If the enemy spares the places where         so long as religion is not for God and            without significance. It anticipates
    religious ceremonies are held, then          interference in religious matters is not          the peace which the Prophet signed at
    Muslims also must desist from                abandoned. When the aggressor desists,            Hudaibiya. The Prophet is warned that a
    fighting in such places.                     Muslims are to desist also. They are not          time will come when the enemy will sue
                                                 to continue the war because the enemy             for peace. The offer is not to be turned
vii.If the enemy uses a place of worship         believes in a false religion. The value of        down on the ground that the enemy
    as a base for attack, then Muslims may       beliefs and actions is well known to God          was the aggressor and had committed
    return the attack. No blame will attach      and He will reward them as He pleases.            excesses, or that he cannot be trusted.
    to them if they do so. No fighting is        Muslims have no right to meddle with              The straight path inculcated by Islam
    allowed even in the neighborhood of          another people's religion even if that            requires a Muslim to accept an offer of
    religious places. To attack religious        religion seems to them to be false. If after      peace. Both piety and policy make the
    places and to destroy them or to do          an offer of peace the enemy continues to          acceptance desirable.
    any kind of harm to them is absolutely       make war, then Muslims may be sure of
    forbidden. A religious place used            victory even though their numbers are             (5) In Ch4:V95 we have:
    as a base of operations may invite a         small. For God will help them and who
    counter-attack. The responsibility           can help better than God?                         "O ye who believe! when you go forth in the
    for any harm done to the place will                                                            cause of Allah, make proper investigation
    then rest with the enemy, not with           These verses were revealed in connection          and say not to anyone who greets you with
    Muslims.                                     with the Battle of Badr. This battle was          the greeting of peace, 'Thou art not a believer.'
                                                 the first regular fight between Muslims           You seek the goods of this life, but with Allah
viii.If the enemy realizes the danger and        and disbelievers. In it Muslims were the          are good things in plenty. Such were you
    the mistake of using a religious place       victims of unprovoked aggression. The             before this, but Allah conferred His favor
    as a base, and changes the battle-           enemy had chosen to disturb the peace             on you; so do make proper investigation.
    front, then Muslims must conform to          of Medina and of the territory around.            Surely, Allah is well aware of what you do."
    the change. The fact that the enemy          In spite of this, victory went to the
    started the attack from a religious          Muslims and important leaders of the              That is to say, when Muslims go out
    place is not to be used as an excuse for     enemy were killed. To retaliate against           for war, they are to make sure that
    attacking that place. Out of reverence       such unprovoked aggression seems                  the unreasonableness of war has been
    Muslims must change their battle-            natural, just and necessary. Yet Muslims          explained to the enemy and that he still
    front as soon as the enemy does so.          are taught to stop fighting as soon as the        wants war. Even so, if a proposal of peace
                                                 enemy ceases it. All that the enemy is            is received from an individual or a group,
ix. Fighting is to continue only so long         required to concede is freedom of belief          Muslims are not to turn it down on the
    as interference with religion and            and worship.                                      plea that it is not honest. If Muslims
    religious freedom lasts. When religion                                                         turn down proposals of peace, they will
    becomes free and interference with it        (4) In Ch.8:V62-63 we have:                       not be fighting for God, but for self-
    is no longer permitted and the enemy                                                           aggrandizement and worldly gain. Just as
    declares and begins to act accordingly,      "And if they incline towards peace, incline       religion comes from God, worldly gain
    then there is to be no war, even if it is    thou also towards it, and put thy trust in        and glory also come from Him. Killing

                        Tariq Magazine
                 38     April 2012

      The best thing, according to Islam,
 is to let off prisoners without asking for
 ransom. As this is not always possible,
 release by ransom is also provided
is not to be the aim. One whom we wish          Muslims, keep the pact and do not help            unlawful. Prisoners can be taken only
to kill today may be guided tomorrow.           the enemy against Muslims, are to have            from combatants and after a battle.
Could Muslims have become Muslims               reciprocal treatment from Muslims.
if they had not been spared? Muslims            Piety requires that Muslims should                (9) Rules for the release of prisoners are
are to abstain from killing because lives       fulfill their part of a pact in the letter as     also laid down. Thus we have:
spared may turn out to be lives guided.         well as the spirit.
God is well aware of what men do and                                                              "Then afterwards either release them as a
to what ends and with what motives they         (7) Of an enemy at war with Muslims               favor or by taking ransom-until the war
do it.                                          who wishes to study the Message of                lays down its burdens."
                                                Islam, the Qur'an orders:
The verse teaches that even after war                                                             (The Holy Qur'an Ch.47:V.5).
has begun, it is the duty of Muslims to         "And if anyone of the idolaters ask protection
satisfy themselves that the enemy is bent       of thee, grant him protection, so that he may     The best thing, according to Islam, is
upon aggression. It often happens that          hear the word of Allah: then convey him to        to let off prisoners without asking for
no aggression is intended but that out of       his place of security. That is because they are   ransom. As this is not always possible,
excitement and fear the enemy has started       a people who have no knowledge."                  release by ransom is also provided for.
preparations for war. Unless Muslims are
satisfied that an aggressive attack has         (The Holy Qur'an Ch.9:V.6).                       (10) There is provision for prisoners of
been planned by the enemy, they are                                                               war who are unable themselves to pay,
not to go to war. If it turns out, or if the    That is to say, if any of those at war with       and who have none who can or will
enemy claims, that his preparations are         Muslims seek refuge with Muslims in               pay, for their release. Often, relations
for self-defense, Muslims are to accept         order to study Islam and ponder over              are able to pay, but do not, because
the claim and desist from war. They are         its Message, they are to have refuge              they prefer to let their relations remain
not to argue that the enemy preparations        with Muslims for such time as may be              prisoners-possibly with the intention of
point to nothing but aggression; maybe          reasonably necessary for such a purpose.          misappropriating their property in their
he intended aggression, but his intention                                                         absence. This provision is contained in
has changed. Are not intentions and             (8) Of prisoners of war, the Qur'an               the Qur'an:
motives continually changing? Did not           teaches:
enemies of Islam become friends?                                                                  "And such as desire a deed of manumission
                                                "It does not behoove a Prophet that he should     from among those whom your right hands
(6) On the inviolability of treaties the        have captives until he engages in a regular       possess, write it for them, if you know any
Qur'an says clearly:                            fighting in the land. You desire the goods of     good in them; and give them out of the
                                                the world, while Allah desires for you the        wealth of Allah which He has bestowed
"Excepting those of the idolaters with whom     Hereafter. And Allah is Mighty, Wise."            upon You."
you have entered into a treaty and who have
not subsequently failed you in anything nor     (The Holy Qur'an Ch.8:V.68).                      (The Holy Qur'an Ch.24:V.34).
aided anyone against you. So fulfill to these
the treaty you have made with them till         That is to say, it does not become a              That is, those who do not deserve to be
their term. Surely, Allah loves those who are   Prophet to make prisoners of his enemy            released without ransom but who have
righteous."                                     save as a result of regular war involving         no one to pay ransom for them-if they
                                                much bloodshed. The system of making              still ask for their freedom-can obtain
(The Holy Qur'an Ch.9:V.4).                     prisoners of enemy tribes without war             it by signing an undertaking that, if
                                                and bloodshed practiced until-and even            allowed to work and earn, they will pay
Pagans, who enter into a pact with              after-the advent of Islam, is here made           their ransom. They are to be allowed to

                                                                                                      Tariq Magazine
                                                                                                            April 2012   39

do so, however, only if their competence          permitted (Bukhari and Muslim).             Turning to our own time we must say that
to work and earn is reasonably certain. If                                                    no other teaching seems able to solve the
their competence is proved, they should        ix. The least possible losses should           problem of war and peace. The teaching
even have financial help from Muslims in           be inflicted upon the enemy (Abu           of Moses is far from our conceptions of
their effort to work and earn. Individual          Dawud).                                    justice and fair play. Nor is it possible
Muslims who can afford to do so should                                                        to act upon that teaching today. The
pay; or, public subscription should be         x. When prisoners of war are put under         teaching of Jesus is impracticable and
raised to put these unfortunates on their         guard, those closely related should be      has ever been so. Never in their history
feet.                                             placed together (Abu Dawud).                have Christians tried to put this teaching
                                                                                              into practice. Only the teaching of Islam
The passages from the Qur'an which we          xi. Prisoners should live in comfort.          is practicable; one which has been both
have quoted above contain the teaching             Muslims should care more for the           preached and practiced by its exponents,
of Islam on the subject of war and peace.          comfort of their prisoners than for        and the practice of which can create and
They tell us in what circumstances,                their own (Tirmidhi).                      maintain peace in the world.
according to Islam, is it right to go to war
and what limits have to be observed by         xii.Emissaries and delegates from other        In our time, Mr. Gandhi apparently
Muslims when they make war.                        countries should be held in great          taught that even when war is forced on
                                                   respect. Any mistakes or discourtesies     us we should not go to war. We should
The Prophet's [saw] Precepts                       they commit should be ignored (Abu         not fight. But this teaching has not
about War                                          Dawud, Kitab al-Jihad).                    been put into practice at any time in
                                                                                              the history of the world. It has never
Muslim teaching, however, does not             xiii. If a Muslim commits the sin of ill-      been put in the crucible and tested. It is
consist only of precepts laid down in the          treating a prisoner of war, atonement      impossible; therefore, to say what value
Qur'an. It also includes the precepts and          is to be made by releasing the prisoner    this teaching may have in terms of war
example of the Prophet [saw]. What                 without ransom.                            and peace. Mr. Gandhi lived long enough
he did or what he taught in concrete                                                          to see the Indian Congress attain to
situations is also an essential part of the    xiv. When a Muslim takes charge of a           political independence. Yet the Congress
Islamic teaching. We append here some              prisoner of war, the latter is to be fed   Government has not disbanded either
sayings of the Prophet [saw] on the                and clothed in the same way as the         the army or the other armed forces of
subject of war and peace.                          Muslim himself (Bukhari).                  India. It is only making plans for their
                                                                                              Indianization. It also has plans for the
i. Muslims are forbidden altogether to            The Holy Prophet [saw] was so               reinstatement of those Indian officers
   mutilate the dead (Muslim).                    insistent on these rules for a fighting     who constituted themselves into the
                                                  army that he declared that whoever          Indian National Army (and who were
ii. Muslims are forbidden to resort to            did not observe these rules, would          dismissed by the British authorities)
    cheating (Muslim).                            fight not for God but for his own           during the Japanese attack on Burma
                                                  mean self (Abu Dawud).                      and India in the last stages of the recent
iii. Children are not to be killed, nor                                                       World War. Mr. Gandhi has himself,
     women (Muslim).                              Abu Bakr, the First Khalifa of Islam,       on many occasions, raised his voice
                                                  supplemented these commands of              in extenuation of crimes of violence,
iv. Priests and religious functionaries           the Prophet by some of his own. One         and urged the release of those who
    and religious leaders are not to be           of these commands appended here             committed such crimes. This shows at
    interfered with                               also constitutes part of the Muslim         least that Mr. Gandhi's teaching cannot
                                                  teaching:                                   be put into practice and that Mr. Gandhi
v. The old and decrepit and women                                                             knows it as well as all his followers.
   and children are not to be killed. The      xv. Public buildings and fruit-bearing         No practical example at least has been
   possibility of peace should always be           trees (and food crops) are not to be       offered to show the world how non-
   kept in view (Abu Dawud).                       damaged                                    violence can be applied when armed
                                                                                              disputes arise between nation and nation
vi. When Muslims enter enemy territory,        From the sayings of the Prophet                and State and State, or how non-violence
    they should not strike terror into         [saw] and the commands of the                  can prevent or stop a war. To preach a
    the general population. They should        First Khalifa of Islam it is evident that      method of stopping wars, but never to be
    permit no ill-treatment of common          Islam has instituted steps which have the      able to afford a practical illustration of
    folk (Muslim).                             effect of preventing or stopping a war or      that method indicates that the method
                                               reducing its evil. As we have said before,     is impracticable. It would, therefore,
vii.A Muslim army should not camp in a         the principles which Islam teaches are         seem that human experience and human
    place where it causes inconvenience to     not pious precepts only; they have their       wisdom point to only one method of
    the general public. When it marches        practical illustration in the example of the   preventing or stopping war; and that
    it should take care not to block the       Prophet [saw] and the early Khalifas           method was taught and practiced by the
    road nor cause discomfort to other         of Islam. As all the world knows, the          Prophet of Islam.
    wayfarers.                                 Prophet not only taught these principles;
                                               he practiced them and insisted on their
viii. No disfigurement of face is to be        observance.

                       Tariq Magazine
                40     April 2012
   6 Books of the Promised Messiah [as]
In every issue of Tariq Magazine, we reproduce introductions to some of the Books of the Promised Messiah [as] from “An Introduction
to the Hidden Treasures of Islam” compiled by Syed Hasanat Ahmad.

(The Proceedings of a Prayer Meeting)
The Book
The book gives details of a meeting that was called by the Promised Messiah [as]
on the occasion of Idul Fitr (February 2, 1900). More than a thousand Ahmadis had
gathered in Qadian from Afghanistan, Iraq and different parts of India. After the           Quick Facts
Eid prayers led by Hadrat Maulavi Hakim Nur-ud-Din in the old Idgah to the west
of Qadian, the Promised Messiah [as] delivered an impressive address. Drawing a             Title: Ro'idad-e-Jalsa-e-Du'a'
picture of the tyrannical Sikh rule in the Punjab from which the British rescued the        Title (English): The Proceedings of a
Muslims, he urged the audience, in accordance with the Islamic teachings, to pray           Prayer Meeting
for success and victory of the British in the war with South Africa. In his sermon,         Pages: 40
the Promised Messiah [as] gave an illuminating commentary on surah Al-Nas and               Volume: 15
enumerated the favours done by the British Government. The meeting ended with               Book Number: 5
a long prayer for British victory in Transval, South Africa, which certainly did not        Progressive Number: 59
go in vain; the tide of war turned in favour of the British. On account of the prayer       Language: Urdu
rendered by the Promised Messiah [as] in favour of the British Government, it               Year written: 1900
has since been called Jalsa-e-Du‘a’ (Meeting for Prayer). On February 10, 1900, the         Year printed: 1900
Promised Messiah [as] issued an appeal for funds to help the orphans, widows                Press: Diya’ul-Islam Press, Qadian
and wounded of the war, and Rs. 500 were immediately collected and sent to the
Chief Secretary to the Punjab Government and, later, the Lt. Governor thanked
the Promised Messiah [as] for this donation on behalf of the Government. (Life
of Ahmad by A.R. Dard [ra], edition of 2008, pp. 720-721)

Tiryaqul-Qulub (Panacea of the Souls)
Background                                    urging him to publish those prophecies
The Promised Messiah [as] was                 which Ilahi Bakhsh had made about
prompted to write this book when one of       the Promised Messiah [as], and an              Quick Facts
his followers, Ilahi Bakhsh, an accountant,   Ishtihar about the prophecies should
became a renegade, even though the            reach him by June 30, 1899, otherwise          Title: Tiryaqul-Qulub
Promised Messiah [as] had written a           no further correspondence would be             Title (English): Panacea of the Souls
book, Daruratul-Imam to remove some           entertained. Ilahi Bakhsh wrote a letter       Pages: 400
of his doubts and misgivings. This man,       to the Promised Messiah [as] in the            Volume: 15
with two of his friends, Munshi ‘Abdul        first week of July in which he mentioned       Book Number: 3
Haq, a pensioner, and Hafiz Muhammad          some of his prophecies against him. The        Progressive Number: 57
Yusuf of Irrigation Department, tried to      Promised Messiah [as] started writing          Language: Urdu
whip up feelings against the Promised         the book at the end of July 1899.              Year written: 1899
Messiah [as] by raising irrelevant                                                           Year printed: 1902
issues. The Promised Messiah [as],            The Book                                       Press: Diya’ul-Islam Press, Qadian
therefore, wrote to him twice and the         On August 1, 1899, the Promised
last letter was written on June 16, 1899,     Messiah [as] finished writing his

                                                                                              Tariq Magazine
                                                                                                    April 2012   41
Books of the Promised Messiah [as]

book, Tiryaqul-Qulub. In this book, the     have by no means claimed that they             would be granted to him. This revelation
Promised Messiah [as] asserted with         have exhausted the laws of nature, nor         and three other similar ones received
all emphasis at his command that: It        have they yet fully comprehended all the       in these days were beautifully written
is necessary that in this religion such     underlying principles which govern the         and hung on a wall of “Baitul Dhikr”
people are born who are true successors     complex universe around us. A miracle          on September 16, 1899. The fifth
of the Holy Prophet [saw] and               is not necessarily a breach of order, but      supplement dated November 5, 1899
prove that the Prophet is alive and well    it expresses the purpose of God, which         carried a prayer and a request to God that
with all his spiritual blessings and he     also determines the order of nature.           He might grant the Promised Messiah
did not die and it is important to show     Therefore, there is nothing irrational or      [as] a decisive sign within three years
that all spiritual blessings of his are     capricious in miracles. It is not for man      from January 1900 to December 1902,
living (Tiryaqul-Qulub, p. 5, Ruhani        to say whether God should or should not        so that the truth of his mission might
Khaza’in, vol. 15, p. 138) The Promised     interfere in the affairs of man or in the      become manifest to the world. Before
Messiah [as] further declared: God          laws of nature. All that one can say is that   closing the book, the Promised Messiah
has granted me heavenly signs and there     reason requires that a Being Who creates,      [as] made a significant observation.
is no one who can compete with me in        governs and controls the universe should       Recalling the two dynamic facets of the
this field and there is no Christian in     be able to interfere whenever there arises     Holy Prophet [saw] denoted by the
this world who can show a heavenly          a genuine occasion demanding His               names of “Muhammad” and “Ahmad,”
sign. (Tiryaqul-Qulub, p. 21, Ruhani        interference; and of this, He alone is the     he stated that the name “Muhammad”
Khaza’in, vol. 15, pp. 167-168) Let a       judge. The fact that He does sometime          speaks of the might and prowess as he
meeting be called, he suggested, for        actually interfere or that He appears          repelled the enemies who attacked Islam
this purpose at Batala, Amritsar or         to do so, is incontestably borne out by        with sword. “Ahmad,” on the other hand,
Lahore. Such claimants should then          history. Truthful witnesses have testified     denotes that facet of the Holy Prophet
pray along with the Promised Messiah        to it throughout the ages and human            [saw] wherein he is known to have
[as] that God should grant within a         observation has recorded it throughout         spread peace and amity, and these
year a magnificent and conspicuous sign     history. The present is, however, a most       qualities will be apparent when another
to the one who was really true in the       skeptical world and some people go             person will appear with the same
sight of God. The sign or miracle must      to the extreme of asserting that the           characteristics. The Promised Messiah
be superhuman and supernatural. The         writings in which miracles figure, are not     [as] has stated: Therefore, I have
notice of such a meeting should reach       “historical in the modern and scientific       decided that my followers be known as
the Promised Messiah [as] within            sense of the word.”                            Firqah Muslim Ahmadiyyah, so that the
10 days before the appointed date. It                                                      moment they hear the name Ahmad,
should not be a private letter. Let it be   A Note About the Book                          they will come to believe that this is the
a printed, and a leaflet giving the date,                                                  Firqah (sect) which has come to spread
time and place of the proposed meeting      This book was printed at the Diya’ul-          peace and amity. Therefore, I urge the
bearing the witness of 20 honourable        Islam Press and published on October,          Government to enter into the official
men to show that the writer was really      1902. On page 9 of the introduction, a         records the name of Muslim Firqah
in earnest about the matter. It should be   statement under oath given by Mirza            Ahmadiyyah (Ahmadi Muslim) in order
remembered that the Promised Messiah        Ismail Beg, says:                              to identify my followers. He chose the
[as]’s keenness on a heavenly sign was                                                     name of Ahmadi in order to reflect the
a necessary consequence of his belief in    “I printed Tiryaqul-Qulub but it remained      attributive qualities of the Holy Prophet
God. It is an essential feature of Islam    unfinished, I printed the last page and        [saw] manifested in the name of
that it presents God as a Living God.       title page in October 1902 that is how the     Ahmad. (Tiryaqul-Qulub, Supplement
Greek philosophers and the Indian           printing was completed.”                       to the book, p.4, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol.
sages “conceive God as a being of                                                          15, pp. 526-527)
static perfection abiding for ever in the   Five supplements were added to it.
fruition of His own blessedness but it      In the first supplement, 279 names of
is the Living God Whom Muslims              non-Ahmadis were published who were
worship. He has created all things and      ready to testify to the clear fulfilment of
He creates afresh even now. He is not       the Promised Messiah [as]’s prophecy
a mere mechanical kind of sovereign         about Pandit Lekh Ram. The second
detached practically from the whole         supplement contained an account of
of the Universe. He has a dominion          75 prophecies which the Promised
over everything and He controls all         Messiah [as] had made and which
things. Not a sparrow falls to the          had been fulfilled in every respect. It
ground without His command.” God’s          was this supplement which delayed
purpose and power is fully reflected and    the publication of the book. The third
regulated which constitute the familiar     supplement was a leaflet dated September
natural order in such regularities, men     27, 1899, and the fourth was another
of science observe the Laws of Nature       leaflet dated October 22, 1899. In the
which serve His purpose. But it does        last supplement, he published his own
not mean that signs and miracle cannot      revelation, which he had on September
and ought not to take place. Scientists     14, 1899, to the effect that a great sign

                     Tariq Magazine
               42    April 2012
                                                                                                  Books of the Promised Messiah [as]

Lujjatun-Nur (An Ocean of Light)
Background                                     On October 4, 1899, the Promised
Hadrat Jalal-ud-Din Shams [ra] says            Messiah [as] proposed to send a                      Quick Facts
in his introduction to the book that the       deputation of three men to Afghanistan,
Promised Messiah [as] wrote this book          Nasibain Karbala and the Laghman                     Title: Lujjatun-Nur
in Arabic in order to take his message         mountains to make further research with              Title (English): An Ocean of Light
to the pious, noble clergy and scholars        regard to the travels of Jesus in these              Pages: 140
living in the Arab countries. This book        areas. Mirza Khuda Bakhsh of Jhang,                  Volume: 16
was motivated by a vision that the             Maulavi Qutbuddin and Mian Jamal                     Book Number: 2
Promised Messiah [as] had, in which            Din of Sekhwan were selected for the                 Progressive Number: 61
he was informed that pious and righteous       expedition. A meeting was called on                  Language: Arabic (with translation in persian)
people of these countries would believe        November 12, 1899 to say farewell to the             Year written: 1900
in him and would pray for him and God          party and Hadrat Maulavi Hakim Nur-                  Year printed: 1910
will bestow so much blessings on him           ud-Din and Maulavi ‘Abdul Karim made                 Press: Diya’ul-Islam Press, Qadian
that the Kings and Emperors would              speeches. Sardar Sundar Singh read a
seek blessings from his garments. The          paper giving the reasons why he joined
Promised Messiah [as] started writing          Ahmadiyyat and changed his name to
this book in 1900. It appears that the         Fadl Haq. The Promised Messiah [as]
intention of the Promised Messiah [as]         wrote the book with the idea of giving            “God forbids that I should ever insult the
was to write many more chapters but            copies of the book to an expedition who           gentlemanly and the fair-minded among
then it seemed his attention was diverted      could distribute it among the people of           my opponents, no matter whether they be
elsewhere. In the beginning of this book,      the countries through which they would            from among the Muslims, or the Christians
he briefly described his ancestry and          pass. However, for various reasons this           or Aryas. Indeed, whenever I used strong
then he advanced arguments in support          expedition could not materialize. The             expression I have used only for those wicked
of his claim as the Promised Messiah           book is in Arabic and mainly addressed            persons, who are notorious in indulging
and Mahdi, and how he was blessed              to the people in Syria, Palestine, Iraq           in abusive language. I always speak well
with revelations. Stating the differences      and Khurasan. It gives an account of the          of others and accord them due respect and
between nations and various religions,         family of the Promised Messiah [as]               regard them as friends and brothers.”
he drew a sad picture of the decline           and also about his movement and his
of Islam and how differences among             claim. The book was also prompted by              (Lujjatun-Nur, p. 73, Ruhani Khaza’in,
Muslim scholars and saints have caused         the revelation which foretold that pious          vol. 16, p. 409)
harm to Islam and in the end he gave           people and scholars of various countries
the glad tidings that the Christian clergy     would join the movement. The Promised             Specimen of Writing
will meet their defeat at his hand. Now        Messiah [as] writes:                              I saw in a dream a group of sincere
those attacking Islam have lost hope and                                                         believers and just and righteous kings
by way of acknowledging the Divine              “My Lord had revealed to me and promised         some of whom belonged to India, some
blessings he stated all the characteristics    me that He will help me till my message           to Arabia, some to Iran and some to
of a Divine and saint are embedded             reaches the Easts and Wests of the earth. The     Syria, some to Turkey and some to other
in him. The Promised Messiah [as]              oceans of truth will be stirred till the people   regions of which I am not aware and
described the Divine blessings in the          look with wonder on the bubbles riding            God revealed to me that they will affirm
following words:                               upon its waves.”                                  my righteousness and will believe in me
                                                                                                 and will call down blessings upon me
“God, in His majesty, has granted me all       (Lujjatun-Nur, p. 72, Ruhani Khaza’in,            and will pray for me. God said to me: I
favours and loaded me with all the spiritual   vol. 16, p. 408)                                  shall bestow great blessings upon thee,
and worldly wealth. Often a man while                                                            so much so that kings will seek blessings
counting the favours becomes pensive that      The Promised Messiah [as] made it                 from thy garments and will be included
he had no son, but I never entertained this    clear repeatedly in the course of his             amongst the sincere followers. This is the
sadness, for God in His majesty has granted    books that wherever he had used strong            vision that I saw and this is the revelation
me sons.”                                      language or strong expressions, he had            that was vouchsafed to me by God the
                                               in mind only such persons of perverted            All Knowing (Lujjatun-Nur, pp. 3-4,
(Lujjatun-Nur, p. 62, Ruhani Khaza’in,         nature, who persistently indulge in               Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 16, pp. 339-340)
vol. 16, p. 398)                               abusive language. The Promised Messiah
                                               [as] says:

                                                                                                     Tariq Magazine
                                                                                                           April 2012      43
 7 Information & Announcements

Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya UK Calendar 2012

          Tariq Magazine
     44   April 2012
                                                                                                   Information & Announcements

Chanda Reference Guide
All chanda rates given below are monthly (unless otherwise stated) and are based on net income. This document is only a reference guide
and some aspects may be subject to change. Various additional appeals take place from time to time as the need arises.

Table 1: Chandas payable via Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya UK (payable to: “MKA UK”)

Chanda                 Monthly Rate          Additional Notes

Khuddam Chanda 1.00%                         Year ends Oct 31 - Unemployed and low income rate is £5pm and Student rate is

Ijtema Chanda          0.25%                 Year ends Oct 31 - Unemployed and low income rate is £1.25pm and Student rate
                                             is £0.50pm

Chanda Ta’amiraat No prescribed rate Year ends Oct 31 - Monies collected is used to pay for the MKA UK Guest House
                                     and future MKA UK buildings

Tariq Magazine         50p                   Year ends Oct 31 - Subscription for Tariq Magazine which is mailed out periodically
                                             to subscribers

Table 2: Chandas payable via Ahmadiyya Muslim Association UK (payable to: “AMA UK”)

Chanda                 Monthly Rate            Additional Notes

Zakat                  2.5%pa                  Paid on capital unused over 1 year, to purify one's wealth.

Fitrana                £1.50pa                 Payable on behalf of all including new born babies. Spent on poor people at the
                                               ocassion of Eid.

Chanda Aam             6.25%                   Paid by all members with an income.
                                               Year End: June 30th.

Wasiyyat               10% - 33%               Paid instead of Chanda Aam. Also owed on value of assets as part of one's will.
                                               Year End: June 30th.

Jalsa Salana           0.83% (1/10th of 1      Year End: June 30th
                       months income pa)

Tehrik-e-Jadid         1.67% (20% of 1         Students Recommended: £30pa
                       month paid over         Unemployed Recommended: £50pa
                       year)                   Khuddam Special Subscribers: £500 pa
                                               Year End: October 31st

Waqf-e-Jadid           No prescribed rate      Atfal Recommended Rates (Mujahid):
                                               Young: £12pa, Saf-e-Dom: £25pa, Saf-e-Awal: £50pa

                                               Khuddam Special Subscribers: £500pa
                                               Year End: December 31st

Eid Fund               £10 per Eid             Must be paid before Eid by all earning members

Fidiyya                £60 (per Ramadhan) Contribution required per day from those that can afford and are unable to keep
                                          fast in Ramadhan

Qurbani                £50 est (depends on     Contribution required from those that can afford. Can vary depending on target
                       country targeted)       country

Sadqa                  No prescribed rate      To ward off calamities & privations

                                                                                                Tariq Magazine
                                                                                                      April 2012   45
     Tariq Magazine
46   April 2012
Tariq Magazine
      April 2012   47
Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya has the honour of hosting the Jama'at Charity Challenge. A venue that holds history, beauty and
inspiration. A backdrop where London can witness the wonders of the Jama'at—The Tower Of London on 13th May 2012.

The aim is to surpass previous total's and aim to raise 200,000 for noble charities that can benefit humanity at large and by participating
in such events as Muslims we are able to fulfill the duties of our creation by serving humanity and the welfare of our society. It is
important that we all donate, contribute and participate in such events and vie with one another as the Holy Qur'an states.

The event will also commemorate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. The Promised Messiah [as] in his book 'A Gift for the Queen'
during Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee, highlighted the peace, security and freedom displayed during her reign. At the same time,
the Promised Messiah [as] invited Queen Victoria to Islam by explaining that he is Allah's vicegerent. He further explained that
Allah is One and Muhammad [saw] is his servant and messenger and all creature worship should be given up and the light of
Islam should be seen.

Hence it is paramount that we also display the beauties of Islam and promote the peaceful teachings of Islam and partake in this
blessed event. Further information about this event can be found on and methods of donations are also highlighted
on the site.

                        Tariq Magazine
                  48    April 2012
Tariq Magazine
      April 2012   49
                               A nation cannot be reformed without first reforming its youth
                               Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih II [ra]


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