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					A Cover Letter
• A cover letter is just as important as your resume as it
  provides addition information of your experiences and skills. It
  gives you a chance to write about detailed information as to
  why you’re qualified for the job you’re applying for; this is
  where your interest for the said organization you’re applying
  for, as well as identifies your relative experiences and skills. In
  present time, the job market can be a killer.

• You need to be reminded that your resume can be vital and
  that it is indeed substantial to your application, but a cover
  letter is more important than your resume itself! Your cover
  letter is the first impression that your employer gets and as
  they all say; the first impression lasts and always counts.
• You need an influential and powerful cover letter that will
  leave your employer stricken, in a good way. If you can strike a
  good first impression with a great cover letter, then chances
  are you might get the job you applied for.

• A cover letter should have the power to captivate your
  employer. Make it something that catches their attention and
  always make it sound professional; that way your cover letter
  along with your resume doesn’t go shooting down the trash
  bin. Although your resume is still important, it doesn’t have to
  be flawless and you need not worry sick about it if it doesn’t
  come out as perfect as you perceived it to be.
• A cover letter that is finely crafted will be enough to prove
  that you are a professional person, willing to take the offered
  job that you have applied for and that you show enthusiasm
  in being part of the team.

• Think of a cover letter as your sales letter and it’s a fact that
  most people, whom apply for a job, don’t understand this and
  often do they underestimate its powers on the employer.

• Be reminded that you’re competing against a number of
  people for the job at hand, chasing the very same job you
  have applied for. This is why you should show your desire in
  making an impressive cover letter.
• It has the power to stand out amongst so many that could
  have been passed to the same employer you have. It’s a fact
  that many people have similar cover letters, making them
  easily forgotten.

• When someone reads the same cover letter over and over,
  there is a small chance for approval; letting the chance for
  being hired slip away and out of the window. But, when you
  create a personalized cover letter, for sure you will have a high
  chance to be taken in for the job as it stands out.
• Write something impressive, something you’ve put
  your effort into. Don’t go for cover letters you might
  find on the internet because, for sure, many have
  done the same thing. You need to be unique in order
  to stand out.

• A cover letter should be something that grabs the
  employer’s attention right from the very beginning of
  the letter, up to the last.


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