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									Tattoo Care for the Summer Months
Summer time is the peak season for new tattoos. With a few simple steps, you can help your new
tattoo heal quickly and without complications. Here are a few pointers...

First, ALWAYS follow your tattoo artist's advice over anyone else's since they are the experts, they
created it and they know their stuff!

Following, is what I've learned since entering the tattoo aftercare business, making my product, Raven
Tattoo Care, an aftercare salve for healing new tats:

~At the first sign of infection or swelling, go immediately to your doctor's office - but, thanks to
today's sterile environments, complications are rare.

~ Most important of all, keep your new tattoos clean!

~Once your bandage has been removed, do not pick at your new tattoo.

~Keep it very clean by gently washing it a couple of times a day with a mild antibacterial soap and
gently patting dry. Then apply your aftercare.

~Very important to note during the intensely hot summer months, it is best to keep a new tattoo out
of the sun! Almost everyone forgets to reapply sunscreen, and so why take the risk of burning your
new tat and ending up with a mess? Just keep it covered up completely for a minimum of 3 weeks as
this is the average complete healing period. The more you protect it at this point, the better it will heal
and look later.

~Try to stay out of water - bathtubs, hot tubs and pools for the first three weeks, these things just
impede the healing process and can damage the work you paid for!

~Don't use Vaseline, citrus products, tea tree products (or anything with unnecessary chemicals, dyes
or perfumes on your new tattoo. If you can't afford to buy the aftercare for healing it, it's better to use
nothing on it, than to potentially ruin the ink with clogged pores or rashes!). Remember, you chose
the design, endured the pain, paid for it, now don't ruin it -- protect it so you can show it off for years
to come and make your artist proud!

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