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Personal Finance Syllabus (DOC)


									        Personal Finance Course Syllabus
                                Spearfish High School
                                 Mr. Takahashi, teacher
                                       (605) 717-1212 (W)
                                        (605) 269-3914(H)

Course/Program Description

    Welcome to Mr. Takahashi’s Personal Finance Class. Personal Finance is a junior/senior
    level course designed to provide students with an introduction to skills necessary to manage
    their personal finances. Students can expect to learn what factors affect income, the
    considerations to be made in managing their personal finances, how to rationally approach
    spending and credit issues, and how to objectively look at investment options.
    Plan on 90 minutes of class time every white day with homework.

Materials/Textbook Information
The course will generally follow the Family Economics and Financial Education course “Take
Charge Of Your Finances” and materials will be provided or can be accessed online.

Course Requirements/Objectives
        1. Values
        2. Needs vs Wants
        3. Goal Setting and Life Cycle Planning
        4. Affects of Career Choices
        5. Paychecks
        6. Spending Plans
        7. Saving and Investing
        8. Major Expenditures
        9. Financial Institutions
        10. Credit
        11. Consumer Protection & Identity Theft
        12. Insurance

Student Performance Objectives and Course Requirements

This course requires active participation by the student. Students will be expected to work in
groups and actively engage themselves in discussions and activities.

Major Course Projects
   1. A Collage About Me
   2. Spending Plan
   3. Housing Comparison
   4. Shopping For An Auto Loan

Testing Policy: There will be no review during the block the test is given.
        1. All material will be off the desk except for the test material, calculator, and pencil.
        2. Cheating and sightseeing will not be tolerated and will result in a zero. Administrative
            action in accordance with school policy will follow. The teacher’s judgment will be the
            final call.
        3. In consideration of all, students are to remain silent until the last test is returned.

Class Procedures and Rules
    Classwork Expectations and Procedures

    1. Follow the Golden Rule: Treat others as you would want to be treated.
    2. Come to class prepared to learn: well rested with computer, pencil, paper, calculator, and
       completed homework.
    3. Use the restroom prior to coming to class. Bathroom passes will only be issued for
    4. Enter the classroom and be in your assigned seat, homework out, before the bell rings.
       Please be silent while attendance is taken.
    5. Observe one person speaking at a time. Raise your hand and be recognized prior to
    6. Remain silent during tests and quizzes until all papers are turned in.
    7. Respect the furniture and classmates; keep your feet off the furniture.
    8. Water bottles are allowed in the classroom. Otherwise, there will be no eating or drinking
       in the classroom.

    Consequences (Unless Otherwise Specified Above)
    1.    1 Offense:         Verbal Warning
    2.    2 Offense:         Move to different seat.
    3.    3 Offense:         Parents contacted. 1 session after school study.
    4.    4 Offense:         Parents contacted. 2 sessions after school study
    5.    5 Offense:         Parents contacted. Saturday School
    6.    Beyond 5, meeting with parents and administrator.

Laptop and Internet Procedures

        1. The use of laptops in this classroom is as an educational tool to enhance the
           students’ learning of algebra.
        2. Students will be expected to use laptops responsibly and for the purposes required
           by the class, no games or email. Violations will result in laptops being confiscated
           for the remainder of the block or until the next morning, at my discretion.

Homework Procedures
        1. Homework will be assigned as required to support the class.

Assessment Plan
Student assessment will be based on tests/major projects 45%, worksheets/homework 45%,
semester test 10%.

Letter grades for the course are determined by the school wide-grading scale outlined below:

96-100 A                                              76-78   C
92-95   A-                                          73-75     C-
89-91   B+                                          69-72     D+
86-88   B                                           65-68     D
83-85   B-                                          60-64     D-
79-82   C+

Grade Rounding Policy: Percentages will be rounded to the nearest whole percent with
decimals of .5 and higher being rounded up.

Make Up Work
Assignments will only be accepted on the due date/time, unless a valid excused absence is
recorded. In that case, you will have two school calendar days for each period of excused
absence to turn in make up work. Stay up to date by checking my website for assignments.

Makeup tests: The student is responsible for arranging with the teacher to make up a test missed
for an excused reason. Class time will not be sacrificed to support making up a test. Make up
tests should be completed no later than two days before the next scheduled test. Situations may
allow for a test to be taken early, although this will not be the norm.

General Information
Absences: As per the policy on pages 15-17 of the student handbook

Extra Help: 7:45 a.m., 3:15 p.m., and as mutually arranged.

State Standards

Upon completion of the Personal Finance course, students will demonstrate the Personal Finance


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