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									Quick Tips For A Greener Household
Living a greener, more sustainable lifestyle is important not just for your immediate situation, but for
the future generations that will be affected by these choices. Conserving the Earth's natural resources
and having a minimal impact on the environment means making a better world for your children and
our grandchildren. With the following advice, you can start living a more environmentally friendly
lifestyle right away.

Driving less is one of the most significant things you can do to reduce your energy usage and save
money while helping the environment. By switching to public transportation for your daily commute,
you take another vehicle and its associated pollution and energy usage off the road. For shorter trips,
try biking or walking. The exercise benefits alone make the change worthwhile.

You may not realize just how much power a computer uses when it is left on all the time. Instead of
leaving your PC or your laptop plugged in and running at night, turn it off and unplug it before you go
to bed. Even if you put it to sleep, your computer is still using power for no reason. By turning it off at
night, your energy savings will really add up over time.

More and more energy companies are providing their customers with the option of purchasing "green"
energy from renewable sources, such as wind, solar, or geothermal. Find out if your energy company
is providing this option, and if they do, sign up for it. There may be a small premium for doing so, but
as more people switch to green energy, prices will come down as the supply goes up.

There is no reason to keep your house as hot as a furnace in the winter. Instead of cranking the
thermostat up as far as it will go, turn it down to a more reasonable level and put on a sweater.
Turning it down just a degree or two will produce savings that can add up over the course of a whole
winter. At the end of the winter, check your utility bill to see just how much you saved through a small
change in your daily lifestyle.

By washing your clothes in cold water, you can reduce your energy usage quite a bit. Since you will
not be heating the water before you use it, your water heater will not need to run as often. Buying a
front-loading, energy-efficient washing machine can save you quite a bit on both your electric and
water bills. Look for a machine that has the Energy Star label to find the most efficient model.
Instead of mailing all of your bills in, sign up for electronic statements and pay your bills online. This
way, you reduce the amount of paper that is used each month. You can also feel more secure, since
you will know that your payment has no chance of being lost in the mail or delayed in transit.

You may feel as if there is little you can do to help the environment and conserve our natural
resources, but even small changes can have a big effect when they add up over time. By making
these tips part of your daily life, you can save money while feeling good about conserving resources
for future generations.

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