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									New Sweat Bracelet Could Identify Seizures Before
                  They Occur

The medical industry grows leaps and bounds when it comes to medical related products. This new
bracelet, aimed at detecting seizures before they occur, is just one of those advancements that could
help save or possibly change lives for the better. MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts recently came out
with a new bracelet aimed at helping seizure patients better understand when they might be about to
have a seizure. Through analyzing sweat & the skin the bracelet can identify symptoms right before a
seizure occurs.

According to

“The wristbands measure skin conductance, or how easily an electrical current can travel across the skin,
which is related to how much you sweat. It’s a useful way to measure how emotionally aroused a person
is – although it can’t tell which specific emotion is being felt – because sweat glands are activated only
by the sympathetic nervous system, which controls the fight-or-flight response. When something fires
you up or sends chills down your spine, your skin conductance goes up.”

This bracelet alone could give a person prone to seizures just enough time to take proper steps to
protect themselves right before a seizure occurs. In some cases it might give a person enough warming
to slow the seizure down or even stop it from occurring entirely.

“The sensors are wireless and comfortable, so we can do experiments in the field,” says Javier Hernandez
Rivera of the MIT Media Lab in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Rosalind Picard and colleagues at the Media Lab initially developed the wristbands to study the
emotional states of children with autism, who can’t always communicate what they’re feeling. One of
her undergraduate students brought the sensors home over winter break to test them out on his autistic

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