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					Lessons I Learned When I Had to Sell My Laptop for Cash

In today’s society where everything seems disposable, people are always looking for ways to get the
latest and most advanced gadgets. What may be the most advanced today may suddenly be obsolete in
a matter of a few months, as gadget manufacturers are always aiming to introduce the newest model
with more advanced features. As consumers, we may not be conscious of it, but we have this
compulsion to give in to whatever these tech companies feed us. The promise of getting a new gadget
that is faster is just too enticing. We immediately think of images of our brand-new gadget making
things convenient for us, letting us do our jobs faster, giving us more free time, allowing us more
moments with those important in our lives. But is acquiring new gadgets really effective in doing this?

But whatever the reason a person has in always getting an upgrade for the gadgets he or she has,
whether for prestige, popularity or convenience, achieving this can be a challenge. With gadgets like
laptops getting upgraded so often, unfortunately, not everyone has the financial capacity to keep up and
just get an upgrade for all the gadgets they own. Just imagine having to buy a new tablet PC, laptop,
PDA, smartphone and any other gadget all at the same time! That’s definitely going to be a huge strain
on anyone’s budget.

So, unless you have an endless supply of disposable income, the best thing to do would be to hold on to
your old laptop. Your old laptop cannot be that bad, right? You just can’t compete with everyone who
keeps on flashing their new laptops in everyone’s plain sight. I’m sure there are still a lot of things you
can do with your laptop, no matter how ‘obsolete’ they may be.

But who am I kidding? Getting new gadgets is just something people are expected to do, something
that’s almost second nature to most people these days. Besides, society’s pressures are not the only
reason why people want to get upgraded gadgets. As someone who‘s not really that tech-savvy, I still
had to get upgraded for a laptop. My old laptop was getting quite slow, and I need a faster laptop for
me to maintain my blog more efficiently. Besides, I had been using it for two years, which is quite an
accomplishment, I think. So, in order to cushion the new laptop’s impact on my budget, I decided to sell
my laptop for cash. I figured out that if I were to sell my laptop for cash, I would not only not have to
worry about how to dispose of it once I have a new laptop, I would also get a bit of cash to add to my
budget for my new laptop project.

My first problem of how to sell my laptop for cash was exactly that – how should I sell it? Should I email
my friends and contacts that I wanted to sell my laptop for cash? Should I post an ad on Craigslist that I
wanted to sell my laptop for cash? Should I put my laptop up for sale on EBay? But then, I thought,
who would be interested in a two-year old laptop anyway? Besides, when I went to these websites in
my attempt to sell my laptop for cash, I was a bit embarrassed with the competition I had – they were
selling practically brand new units.

With the idea to sell my laptop for cash through online markets scrapped, I started preparing myself to
reconcile with the fact that I might just have to leave my laptop in my desk drawer to gather dust. But
then, I came across a website that allowed me to sell my laptop for cash. I read through the process of
the company and I realized I was going to sell my laptop to the company, and they would give me
money based on the condition of my laptop while they either refurbished it or resold its parts that were
still functioning.

So, did I sell my laptop for cash with this online site? I certainly did. The process was fast and did not
require a lot of effort on my part. In a short time, I got some money credited to my PayPal account
without much hassle. I got to sell my laptop for cash, and this was cash which was quite a great help in
allowing me to purchase a new laptop (which I am now using to write this piece). While I was not
successful in my initial efforts to sell my laptop for cash online, I still ended up selling it through the

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