; The Alienware M11x Screams Awesomeness
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The Alienware M11x Screams Awesomeness


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									The Alienware M111x Screams Awesomeness

When you think of Alienware, several things come to mind. Words like ‘powerful’ and
‘expensive’ are on top of the list. True, Alienware has built a reputation of designing laptops that
are powerful and expensive, but certainly useful in every single way. If you are planning to sell
your laptop for this one but still thinking about it, perhaps this is what you’ve been waiting to

Alienware is consistently on top of ‘Best Gaming Laptops’ lists around the Internet. Just take a
look at their monstrous M17x and M18x laptops. They’re insanely powerful and even have data
streaming capabilities you may not even use your whole life!

But if you’re looking for an Alienware that’s powerful, small AND affordable, then you should
take a look at the Alienware M11x. It’s one laptop that will surely get your attention.


As the numerical designation in the name implies, the Alienware M11x is a gaming laptop that’s
very portable. It has a screen size of 11 inches. Can you believe it? It’s a gaming netbook!


Just like its other Alienware laptop siblings, the M11x features a chassis that has all the
signature Alienware traits. Features like the backlit keyboard with changeable colors, plenty of
lights and the imposing logo, the M11x looks like a shrunken M17x.

For an 11 inch laptop though, it’s still quite clunky. It measures 11.3 inches in width and 9.2
inches in length. It’s also 1.3 inches tall and weighs 4.5 pounds. It’s certainly heavier than the
usual netbook, but it is more powerful and you can’t disclaim that.

As mentioned before, this laptop has an 11 inch screen – 11.6 inches to be specific. It has a
standard resolution of 1366 by 768, which is very respectable, considering its size.

The display is bright and displays very sharp colors. While most companies tend to forego
quality displays on smaller laptops, Alienware doesn’t with this one. True to their promise of
making great laptops, everything displayed on this screen looks great. What’s even more
impressive is that it still has viewing angles. That means things won’t look like a rainbow when
you tilt your head while you’re having fun fragging enemies.


With the touchpad, the surface is textured. You’ll be able to feel your way around the touchpad
and know where the edges are, since it contrasts with the smooth chassis.

Under the touchpad, you’ll get two buttons for left and right clicking. Sadly, the touchpad doesn’t
support multitouch gestures like two finger scrolling. You won’t miss that feature though since
this is a gaming laptop, and you’ll be using a mouse for accuracy anyway.


With an 11 inch laptop, you’d think that keys would be cramped and narrow. Thankfully, the
M11x bashes that idea thanks to its full keyboard, complete with function keys and arrow keys.

The keyboard’s characters feel futuristic, thanks to the font used. It looks like you’re piloting an
aircraft. What makes the keyboard cooler is the ability to change the colors.
With a special program installed in the OS called AlienFX, you’ll be able to choose a variety of
colors for your keyboard. You can also fade them between two colors, or even allow it to
constantly blink.

We can all agree that the keyboard is Alienware’s most famous feature.


In the next part, we’ll take a look at more features, such as ports and the hardware used to
power the laptop.

About the Author:

I am John Vincents, writer for Cashforlaptops – where you can sell used laptop and help save
the environment by reducing tech waste. I like to thank Mr. Jeremy Bray for this guest blogging

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