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									                                    The How to Sell My Old Laptop Deal

For laptop users the question, “How does one deal with a broken-beyond-repair-laptop?” is the number
one query that must be answered. There is actually no need to be depressed about a gadget that may
be considered one’s most important companion. There are people who would gladly get rid of their
damaged laptops. One could just check online and see that a number of people are interested in selling
their laptop. One can even advertise, “I want to sell my laptop for cash,” to get some return on one’s

For some people who cannot accept the demise of their beloved gadget, it is important for them to
accept the fact that their valuable laptop broke down and it is time to replace it with a new one.

It is important to be active in choosing a new laptop. So if one is facing a similar situation, he can just
think about, “How can I sell my old laptop?”

But before one attempts to sell an old or damaged laptop it is important to check the unit. Physical
assessment is a must. A seller must consider all the parts. Are they still available or are there some
missing parts? Check the battery, screen, keyboard, camera, and other important parts. See if all are
functioning well. Also, it is important to note what kind of physical damage can be seen on the exterior
of the laptop. A detailed report should be done regarding the condition of the unit.

Being very transparent about the shortcomings of the laptops can make a transaction easy breezy.
There is no more need to invent information just to make a good sale because it would just come back
and haunt the seller. The buyer would not be interested in making future dealings with the seller and
would no longer trust them. Dealings like this should be acted on good faith since the items sold cannot
be fully assessed in a couple of seconds.

When one is finished collecting data about the unit, it is now time to assign a value to the laptop. In
doing so, it is important to note what the shape the laptop is in. A broken laptop should have a lower
value than a working one. A certain technique should be used with pricing old laptop models.

As for selling a unit, it is important to erase personal information so as not to invade people’s privacy. It
would also help if the setting of the laptop is back to the setting a few years ago. The setting should be
in the original or factory format mode.

Next on the agenda is reformatting the laptop. It is important that pertinent information not get into
other people’s hands. So erasing all information is imperative.

There are auction sites that offer to buy unused or damaged laptops. These sites are willing to pay
people money just to recycle the units. Those who are in a hurry to get rid of their old units may find
other means by finding direct buyers but this method is still considered the safest and trustworthy
among the others.

So to those who are claiming, “I want to sell my laptop for cash,” they would need to follow some simple
rules for that endeavor.

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