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									Form I-90 - Green Card Renewal Form

A Green Card is issued by the USCIS to foreign nationals as a proof of their lawful permanent
resident status in the US. It gives the holder the legal rights to live and get employed in the US.
USCIS issues lawful permanent identification card valid for a period of ten years. Hence, a
Green Card must be renewed every ten years.

Your lawful permanent resident card will expire every ten years but your lawful resident status in
the US will not expire. You will also not be penalized if your lawful permanent identification
card expires. But the US law requires you to possess a valid permanent resident card in order to
prove your legal status in the US. If you possess an expired identification card, it will not be so
easy for you to access your benefits as a lawful permanent resident in the US. You may find it
difficult to get employment opportunities in the US and you may also face difficulties in re-
entering the US from abroad.

Hence, it is recommended to always be aware of the expiration date which is printed on your
Green Card. As the lawful permanent resident card is valid for ten years, you must renew it every
ten years. You need not apply for resident card renewal too early, as it is enough if you apply for
lawful permanent identification card renewal 6 months before its date of expiration.

To renew your lawful permanent resident card, you can file Green Card Renewal Form I-90,
Application to replace Permanent Resident Card. You must file this Green Card Renewal form,
with the USCIS. You have an option to file the lawful permanent identification card renewal
application online or through postal mail.

File Form I-90 Online

You can choose to file the form online

      to replace your resident card which is lost, stolen, mutilated or destroyed.
      to apply for a change of name, if your name is changed due to divorce or marriage,
       change of address or to change other biographic data on your permanent resident card.
      to get the new version of the lawful permanent identification card if you possess an older
       version of the Green Card.

File the paper version of Form I-90

You may apply using the paper version of the form

      if you did not receive the permanent resident card that was sent to you by the USCIS.
      if your want to change the incorrect information, due to the errors made by the USCIS, on
       your resident card.
      if you apply for Green Card renewal within 30 days from your 14th birthday, where your
       Green Card will expire before you turn 16 years of age or after your 16th birthday.
The whole lawful permanent identification card renewal process will complete in three months.
If you submit the form online, you will obtain a 13 digit receipt number which verifies that your
application has been received by the USCIS. Status of your application can be monitored using
this 13 digit number.

This resident card renewal Form I-90/ renovación de green card, cannot be filed to renew a
conditional permanent resident card.

You are always required to sent completely filled forms as you can avoid delay in processing
your form. You must send the Green Card renewal form with the necessary documents and the
filing fee. Unsigned applications and applications without the right filing fee will be denied. You
can correct the deficiency and can resubmit the form. If you application for Green Card renewal
is denied, the USCIS will send you a letter with the reasons for denial. is a company that provide assistance for any immigration issues. Those
who want to process their Green card Renewal, uscis forms application easy and fast online.

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