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									Chiropractor In Parma, Dr. Patrick McCluskey, Provides Natural Solutions
For Back Pain Relief

North Royalton, OH, 11-MAY-2012 - Dr. Patrick McCluskey, Parma
chiropractor, offers individuals who are suffering from back pain the
safe and effective care that will allow them to function in their daily
lives without the fear of recurring pain. The doctor offers care,
education and resources that empower patients and give them the ability
to improve their overall health and wellness while increase the body's
ability to heal more quickly.

When interviewed recently Dr. McCluskey shared his commitment to
providing the care that is needed to improve an individual's quality of
life. "More people are suffering from back pain than ever before due to
changes in their lifestyle and habits. Individuals of all ages are
experiencing back pain as a result of injuries or damage sustained by
spending long periods of time in a seated position. Back pain is often
the result of many contributing factors and through the use of a holistic
approach to care I am able to providing both the care and solutions that
will give patients the mobility and function that they desire."

Dr. McCluskey uses both gentle, low-force manipulation and alternative
therapies including massage, nutritional and hot/cold therapy to address
the root cause of the pain and improve the body's ability to heal and
regenerate. Spinal adjustment realigns discs, relieves pinched nerves and
restores proper circulation throughout the spine. Massage therapy is used
to reduce swelling and inflammation in the tissues surrounding the
injured or damaged area.

The doctor may recommend changes in diet which will increase the
important vitamins and nutrients required by the body to heal, increase
stamina and improve circulation. Exercises that are designed specifically
to strengthen the muscle groups supporting the spine are also provided to
patients. Dr. McCluskey may include training the patient on the changes
they can make in their daily activities to maintain a healthy spine and
avoid the recurrence of back pain.

To get more information on the methods and techniques used by Dr. Patric
McCluskey, Parma chiropractor, to alleviate back pain using safe and
natural solutions visit today.
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