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									                              Desert Wind
                             Ridgecrest Activities Group           Jun-Jul
    Chapter                  Antelope Valley, California            2008
     #1665                                                        Volume 14
                          Harley Owners Group                      Issue 3
     Proudly Sponsored by:

Antelope Valley Harley
    1759 West Ave J12
    Lancaster, California
      (661) 948-5959

       June Meeting
         Jun 14 2008

       May Meeting
         Jul 12 2008

     Meetings Held at
   Charlie's in Ridgecrest

 The Desert Wind is published by
the Antelope Valley HOG, Ridge-
crest Activities Group for the use
  of its membership. Neither the
  Antelope Valley HOG, Ridge-
 crest Activities Group, Antelope
 Valley Harley-Davidson, nor the           Thunder on the Lot
   Harley-Davidson Motor Co.
 make any claims as to the accu-
   racy of the information pub-
                                           June 14th and 15th
               lished.               Some one is going to win this 08 FLHX
                                       And get to see Foghat, right Anne?
              HARLEY OWNERS GROUP #1665

                    Antelope Valley Harley Davidson
                           1759 West Ave J12
                      Lancaster, California 93536
                             (661) 948-5959

Director                                Jesse Mattox
Asst. Director                          Lynne Gentry
Secretary                               Beverly Smith
Editor                                  Richard Longworth
Ladies of Harley                        MonaLisa Sistoni
Photographer                            Manuel Omo
Activities                              Kip Goodrich
Historian                               Rick Sistoni
Safety Officer                          Leroy Coker
Road Capt. Coord.                       Jeff Bayard
Webmaster                               Alan Bingham
Treasurer                               Starr Bayard
Membership Coord.                       Ruthie McCollin

Director                                Wade Tallman
Asst. Director                          Ike Bridgeman
Secretary                               Paul Liesman
Editor                                  Tracy Ackeret
Ladies of Harley                        Barb Austin
                                        Anne Haber
Photographer                            Judy McCauley
Activities                              Mike Moore
Historian                               Susan Brandt
Safety Officer                          John Brandt
Road Capt. Coord.                       Rex Walraven
Webmaster                               Don McCauley
Treasurer                               Sandra Moore
Membership/PAO                          Josh Wilkerson

                                 Wade Tallman
                                  Wind in my Hair                     Ike Bridgeman
                                    (Wind across the                   Skate Under Tire
                                       Bald spot)

Another couple of months have zipped by. Rides
galore between RAG and AV. Make sure and look
at both activities calendars so you don't miss any-       No Report this month

By the time this goes out we will have had a "Ride
and Movie" night. Thanks to LOH for making it hap-
pen. (I will have missed due to previous commit-
I want to continue our membership push. We made
it up to the low 90's last year and I'd like to hit the
100 mark. So please tell your Harley friends what a
great group we have and send them to the website
to see all the rides. Remember: Live to ride, ride to
There is one event that I want to push, Thunder on                     Barb Austin
the Lot. First: its a charity event that supports all                       &
types of charities for children. Second: its our spon-                 Anne Haber
soring dealership who is putting it on. Lots of activi-
ties and events...Especially the Poker Run with start
at Inyo 76 from 7-10 on sun, 15 Jun. On a yearly
basis Ron has given at least a $1000 to the Ridge-
crest Boys and Girls Club. Since that is also one of
                                                          No Report this month
our charities, we are hoping to hand them a nice
check for approx $1500. For those that don't re-
member the challenge that Josh put out at the meet-
ing....he challenged anyone to match his additional
$100 donation to our charity pot. We only raised
around $700 this year and would like to make it to
$1000....I'm in...only need a couple more and we are

The 21st we are doing a ride up to Fraiser Park for
lunch. Great ride, very little freeway. A bit longer
ride, 250 miles but me and Mike did it last year and                 Rex Walraven
lots of twisties for the true enthusiast....Hope to see                 Semper Fi
you there....                                                            Oo-Rah

That's it for this edition. Remember the motto, its all
about having fun but keeping it safe. Keep the shiny
parts up and the rubber down.                             No Report this month

                                                                           Susan Brandt
                                   Mike Moore                                   “No Name”
                                     Ghost Rider

Hi HOG friends,                                         Hi Everyone!
This month my newsletter is going to read like a
magazine article (I hope) because I plan on sub-        Hope everyone is enjoying the
mitting it to HOG Tales and American Iron maga-
zines to see if they will put it in an upcoming is-     nice weather we've been hav-
sue.                                                    ing. I still would like to get a
The alarm went off at five o’clock in the morning,      group photo to put in the album
not that I needed an alarm with the excitement of       and Red Rock Canyon was sug-
what lay ahead of us, waking myself and my wife
Sandra early.                                           gested as a possible site to take
Laying there in the pre-dawn darkness a thought         a picture. However, if you have
came to us - one bike (the Silver Ghost, our 2004
Road King Custom) two people, and miles of              a different place in mind where
open road and unseen country, we had to ask             you would like us to take a pic-
ourselves, are we ready for a road trip? And the
answer was absolutely!                                  ture just let me know...all sug-
                                                        gestions are welcome! If I don't
After three years of planning and canceling the
trip the last two years for different reasons the       hear from anyone within the
day had finally come for us to leave on our nine        next couple of weeks then we
day Santa Fe, New Mexico and Four Corners re-
gion tour. With the Silver Ghost already packed
                                                        will probably go ahead and
and gassed all we had to do was put on the              schedule a morning ride down
leather, strap on the helmets, and hit the
                                                        to Red Rock.
After two years of trying and 2214 miles we had         Just a reminder: if you have any
finally completed our trip. Now we can start plan-
ning our next one until the day comes when we           photos of rides you'd like to
ask each other – are you ready for a road trip?         have in the yearbook and you
                                                        haven't given them to myself or
                                                        Don, be sure to get those to us,
                  From your Editor:
This is a tease of the article that Mike wanted me      I'd like to include as many as I
to put in here, however due to space constraints I      can!
 was not able to put the whole thing in here. Don
has posted the whole article on the website and I
 encourage everyone to go out and read it. It’s a       See ya on the rides!!
well written article that I feel everyone should take
 the time to go and read if you have not done so        Susan
                     already. Silk

                           Tracy Ackeret                                                  Don McCauley
                             Ramblings from                                                     Web Talker

                                                                                      And His Lovely
Hi to everyone again.

         Another couple of months have passed
again and I set here putting the final touches on
                                                                                      Judy McCauley
                                                                                  Show me the bugs in your
the newsletter.
         We have had quite a busy couple
months. Usually I like to put pictures of all the
rides we have done in here, however this time I        Hello!
was not able to put all them in here. I tried to
pick from all the wonderful pictures that are on       First off...every happiness to Al and Cindy who have already
the website to include in here. I probably missed      ridden off into the sunset!!!! Also to Rex and Anita who are
                                                       sticking with us!!!!! Good for us!
a lot of really good pictures so your best bet is to    There were lots of events these last two months...and many
go out to the website as often as you can to           more coming up! Come on out and ride with us! Each day you
check and see what’s new out there. Don is al-         don't ride is a day you don't ride!
ways adding more stuff to the website and its           Thanks to Susan Brandt for extra pictures on the Route 62
                                                       ride, and to Dwight Furnish (with his new bike), Thomas Ly-
well worth the trip to take a look at what’s there.    strup and Anne Haber for the Rock Inn and poppy fields.
         One of the rides that Deb and I went on        Next was the eventful fun filled Morro Bay ride. Pictures came
was the ride up to Whitney Portals, this was the       from Paul & Crystal, Josh and Susan.
first time I had been up there for several years        Marc Sanders contributed to the Bikers Blessing ride, and Don
                                                       did the BAD event at Burroughs High School without
and even though I had looked at the pictures           his "lovely co-star". Hee...hee...hee!!!!
from the last couple years Deb and I screwed up
and we both ordered pancakes. What a mistake.
They are HUGE. Neither one of us came even                                         Judy
                                                                                   "Smile...Show Me the Bugs on Your Teeth"
close to finishing them but at least the Jays had
a good breakfast. I imagine they get to eat lots                                   “Web Talker”
of pancakes from people like us that either for-
get about the size or have never had the
“pleasure” of them.
         I want to remind everyone that the ride
to Yosemite is coming up at the end of July. We
will be staying in Oakhurst like we have done in
the past and riding into the park on Saturday
morning. If you have not been there or have not
been there on a bike I encourage as many of
you as can to go along with us. The park is one
of the countries jewels and is worth the trip.                                            Sandra Moore
Even if you have been lately it’s still worth the                                           The money lady

                        Ride safe                      The treasurer’s report is provided at the
                        Silk                           monthly Chapter meeting and is avail-
                                                       able from the Treasurer upon request.

                                                Ridgecrest Activity Group
                                                Antelope Valley Chapter Meeting Minutes
                                                12 Apr 2008

                                                  The meeting was called to order at 0900 hours by Director
                            Paul Liesman          Wade Tallman at Charlie’s (Carriage Inn) in Ridgecrest.
                            Mister note-taker
                             Volleyball Dad       Director: shared biker humor, showed flyers, May 7 is
                                                  Ridgecrest motorcycle proclamation

Asst. Director Ike Bridgeman – need volunteers and supplies for car wash next Saturday

Secretary: Paul Liesman – membership at 73

Treasurer Sandra Moore - $2018.50 before collection of dues today, yard sale for Xmas party will be in June

Activities Officer Mike Moore – biker blessing after meeting, car wash 4/19, breakfast ride to Ranch House
in Olancha 4/26, need someone to lead, thanked Anne & Bob Haber for the board member tee shirts

Safety Officer John Brandt- Absent

Road Captain Rex Walraven – Absent

Editor Tracy Ackeret - newsletter is out and online, July 25 weekend is Yosemite ride, took new pics of board
members & of new (2008) members

LOH Barbara Austin & Anne Haber - vote for charities if haven't yet, October 4 is fall car wash

Historian Susan Brandt – Absent

Photographer Judy McCauley – smile

Webmaster Don McCauley - working on getting ride pics up, Corky (Albert Pokrzywa) and Cindi got mar-

Membership/PAO Josh Wilkerson - Absent

New Business: AV members rode up for biker blessing

Member/Guest Comments: Jesse Mattox - said we were doing a great job and to keep it up, Just remember
to ride safe & have fun

Old Business:
         Reminder – Next board meeting is Fri. May 9. @ Debbie & Tracy's in Cal City. Next general meeting
will be on Sat. May. 10 at 0900 hours at Charlie’s in the Carriage Inn.

Meeting was adjourned at 0917 hours.

                                         Continued on page 7

                             Meeting minutes continued from page 6

Ridgecrest Activity Group
Antelope Valley Chapter Meeting Minutes
10 May. 2008

The meeting was called to order at 0907 hours by Director Wade Tallman at Charlie’s (Carriage Inn) in Ridgecrest.

Director Wade Tallman -shared a little bike humor, looking into having a BBQ @ Pony Espresso, Ike & Josh going to
Harley POT, Thunder on the Lot is June 14-15, Foghat playing on the 14th, poker run is on the 15th starting from Inyokern
76, current balance around $2900.

Asst. Director Isaac Bridgeman – 5/17 is dinner ride to City Slickers, 5/31 is breakfast ride to Whitney Portals, leave
from Inyokern 76 @ 0800

Secretary Paul Liesman – 76 current members

Treasurer Sandra Moore - Absent

Activities Officer Mike Moore – Absent

Safety Officer John Brandt - noticed too much space between bikes on rides, cruise control should only be used by the
lead rider.

Road Captain Rex Walraven - Thanked Rollin for showing up for city's Motorcycle Awareness Proclamation. talked
about group riding, road captain's pre-ride brief, if uncomfortable speak up. BAD ride is June 8.

Editor Tracy Ackeret – will put out email for next newsletter inputs

LOH Barbara Austin & Anne Haber - 6/27 is group yard sale, today is last day for pewter raffle, planning on having a
dinner & movie night, and having a team for the Relay for Life, our 2 charities are Support the Troops and Boys & Girls

Historian Susan Brandt – asking for articles, pictures, etc. for yearbook, asked if we are having a group photo. On rides,
please email with mileage, # of riders, etc.

Photographer Judy McCauley – nothing

Webmaster Don McCauley - caught up except for 2002 Xmas party, Ranch House

Membership /PAO Josh Wilkerson - Ads were good, car wash donations were short from previous years, will donate
$100 and asking for someone to match

New Business: Guests: Russ, Steve, Mike

Member/Guest Comments Bland: witnessed accident, pointed out that all riders need to be aware of traffic.
      Dennis: Yosemite ride is 7/25 - 7/27.

Old Business:
         Reminder – Next board meeting is TBD. Next general meeting will be on Sat. 14 Jun. at 0900 hours at Charlie’s
in the Carriage Inn.

Meeting was adjourned at 0938 hours (09:38 am).

                        John Brandt                                              Josh Wilkerson
                               ?                                                          J-Dub

Hello Riders,                                 It’s a Harley Thing…

I would like to stress the importance of      Spark, camaraderie, adventure… three simple words
                                              used to describe why we became H.O.G. members.
keeping the group closer together dur-
ing our rides. Remember to follow             We all had a spark, some defining moment that led us to
about 2 seconds behind the rider in the       become part of the Harley Davidson experience and to
                                              buy that first HD motorcycle. My spark came when I least
lane in front of you. We have had sev-        expected it, I wasn’t even looking at buying a motorcycle,
eral instances on rides where we have         and then a friend of mine pulled up to my house on a
                                              brand new black and chrome Road King with the classic
had prolonged separation between rid-         Harley “potato, potato” sound of the V-Twin that just blew
ers. This may impact the safety of our        me away, and I knew at that moment “I just gotta get me
                                              one of those!” Now, how do I justify a $24k plus invest-
rides since the road captain may not be       ment that leaves me vulnerable to the elements, is per-
able to assess the situation since he or      ceived as a target for four wheel vehicles, and has no real
she may not be able to see the whole          practicality other than a potential for gas savings (at to-
                                              day’s gas prices that’s 4800 gallons of gas or roughly
group. This may also cause other vehi-        94,000 miles for the break even point as opposed to driv-
cles to be more tempted to cut us off         ing the cage the same distance.) so I guess I can rule out
                                              gas savings. It all came down to one thing; I wanted to be
when passing. One of the causes of the        part of the experience! And for those that don’t get it, well
increased separation could be the use         they just wont, it’s a Harley thing.
of cruise control. Only the lead rider
                                              The experience manifested itself in a new found camara-
should set the group's speed with cruise      derie in a group of like minded people, both internal and
control because it can be difficult for       external to H.O.G., that share a passion for Harleys. This
                                              passion is unlike any other I’ve seen in the motorcycle
others to match that exact speed.             community. I had owned imports at one time or another in
                                              my life and never experienced such devotion to the ma-
If anyone is uncomfortable riding at the      chine and those that ride them as I have with Harley
                                              Davidson. For the most part, I’ve found the import riders
speeds set by the road captain, there is      to be alone in their sport. I know there are groups for
an opportunity to express this during the     them, but they’re just not as evident or seem to be as in-
                                              volved with the community as H.O.G. Within our chapter
pre-ride briefing. The road captain will      we’ve developed new friends outside of work and other
be flexible and may even divide the           relationships, a sense of belonging to a charitable and
                                              passionate group, and not least, more riding and fun than
group into two or more groups. The            I’ve ever had on an import. From the short runs to the
safety of our rides depends on everyone       overnighters, riding with the group as enhanced our mo-
being able to control their vehicles at the   torcycling experience ten fold. And you have to admit; the
                                              extracurricular activities such as the charity fund raisers,
speeds traveled.                              anniversary picnics, and Christmas parties don’t suck.
                                              And from what I’ve heard, the Ridgecrest Activity Group is
                                              one of the best and funnest ( I know that’s not a real word
Ride Safe,                                    but it works) branches of H.O.G. to be associated with.

                                                           Continued on Page 9

                    Josh Cont from page 8

Flyers   Adventure comes with the whole package. I’ve had
         great fun riding with the group, with just one or two
         other riders, and alone. Each ride can, and is, an ad-
         venture in of itself depending on your state of mind.
         One of my most recent runs with the group turned out
         to be one hell of a ride through the winding and rolling
         hills of the central valley to the coast culminating in an
         impromptu gathering of 17 or so of us H.O.G.s at the
         hotel sharing stories, eating and drinking the gather-
         ings of fine food and wine, and just a pure belly-
         laughing good time. We even had the support of the
         local CHP and Hotel Manager! In contrast, I took a
         solo ride to Lone Pine on Memorial Day to visit a fallen
         service member. The air was cool, skies clear, moun-
         tains snowcapped, and the cemetery vacant except for
         me, my bike, and the fallen. This ride allowed me to
         appreciate the freedoms that we experience and the
         cost of that freedom. Both examples are “Adventures”
         and rate high in my book as to the possibilities opened
         up as part of the Harley thing.

         I encourage you to remember your “Spark” and why
         you became a Harley rider; embrace the
         “Camaraderie” by participating in the meetings, charity
         fundraisers, and extracurricular activities; find
         “Adventure” in each and every ride you make whether
         on your own or with the group; and above all… RIDE
         AND HAVE FUN!


Hutchens HD Yucca Valley

  Spring Car Wash 08

Morro Bay 08

       June Birthdays                   July Birthdays

Michael      Paul         John     Bruce       Joe          Tommie
 Beck        Begin       Brandt    Bartels     Law         Lawrence

 Billee      Barry        Dan      Sandra     Cheryl         Cheryl
Burchett     Hoyer       Jeffery   Moore       Polly        Tallman

 Dale         Dale       Rex                   Rich
Olmsted       Polly     Walraven             Villarreal

                                      New Additions

                                                     Bob’s New
                                                       to him

                                                        Tom and
                                                     Shanna’s 105th
                                                      Road King!!!


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