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                 By Don Closson -

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Snoring is an affliction that lots of people have to deal with. If you snore, it affects the quality of your
sleep - and of those who sleep with you! Snoring can affect marriages. Below you'll find some excellent
tips to lessen snoring. Read on whether you are the snorer yourself or you currently live with one.

For those that snore, they need to sleep on their sides to minimize the problem. Research has proven
snoring is much rarer when people lay on their side instead of sleeping on their back. A change of
position might be something to get used to, but it is an effective way to prevent snoring.

Something as seemingly simple as snoring, can set off a chain-reaction of other health problems. You
brain can become deprived of oxygen, causing high blood pressure. This can damage the carotid
arteries, adding to the formation of plaque in the arteries that supply the brain, leading to stroke. Even if
the risk is small, this is still a compelling reason to treat your snoring.
If you happen to be pregnant and snoring a lot, much more than in previous times, you should seek help
from a doctor. Snoring during pregnancy is common, but it can sometimes have harmful effects on your
baby. Snoring can deprive your unborn baby of the oxygen it needs for development, so consult a doctor
if you have this issue.

Worried about snoring? Don't eat a large meal just before bedtime. A full stomach will push up against
the diaphragm. This has the unfortunate effect of constricting your airway, which leads to snoring.
Instead, try to put a few hours between your last meal and your bedtime.

Stopping smoking can help you to stop snoring, as well. Another possible solution is to cease smoking
each night, several hours before you go to bed. Smoking causes inflammation and swelling in your
throat, which narrows your airway. Narrower air passages mean more snoring, so if you can stop
smoking, your throat won't get inflamed as often.

Think about purchasing an adjustable bed as a way to reduce snoring. Adjustable beds allow you to
change the angle of your upper body relative to that of your legs. This position can keep your tongue
and airways from collapsing in on themselves, and keeps your snoring to a minimum.

Keep a humidifier running in your bedroom during the night. A humidifier adds a constant supply of
warm, moist vapor to the air. This will cause your nasal lining to moisten, reduce in size and allow your
airway to reopen. This can reduce the amount of snoring you do.

Consider getting nasal strips to help with snoring. Put the strips on when you are ready for bed. These
strips lift the nasal passages open, allowing more air to flow into them. This will reduce snoring.

If you snore often, you might have a serious health condition related to sleep called sleep apnea. The
symptoms of sleep apnea include difficulty breathing when you first awaken, extreme fatigue and
difficulty concentrating. Make an appointment with your doctor immediately if you experience these
symptoms. Sleep apnea will have a huge impact on your day-to-day life, as well impact your chances of
forming certain diseases that specifically target your cardiovascular system.
Hopefully you now understand what is causing your snoring, and also your partner's snoring. This article
offers some sound advice for resolving common snoring culprits, but if you worry that your snoring is
caused by a more serious issue, then your best bet is always to consult with your doctor.

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