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					                                                                                                                             Spring 2012

 Tidbits                                     I     t was only two
                                                   years ago that
                                                   Jennifer was
                                           pregnant and living in
                                                                                                                          Jennifer poses next
                                                                                                                         to an art project she
                                                                                                                         made with her three
                                                                                                                         young children.
Ribfest                                    fear. She had two young
                                           children at home and
On February                                was trying desperately
16th, Lorrie                                                                                                           remained determined
                                           to make a safe and                                                          to provide a positive
Brenneman                                  comfortable environment                                                     environment for her
from the                                   for them, which was                                                         three young children.
Exchange Club                              impossible because she                                                      She reports that they
of Naperville                              was a victim of domestic                                                    have adjusted well
presented                                  violence.                                                                   through the many
Glenn Van Cura, Catholic Charities’            After the birth of                                                      changes and hardships
Executive Director, with a check from      her third child and with                                                    the family has endured.
money raised at Naperville’s Ribfest.      no source of income,                                                        “I wouldn’t let myself
The $4,570 will be used to provide         Jennifer left her                                                           get down about my
counseling services for children in        apartment hoping for                                                        situation because I never
DuPage County.                             brighter days. The                                                          want my kids to feel
                                           newly single mom                                                            down,” she said. She
                                           moved her family twelve                                                     has found countless free
Valentine Bookmarks                        times over the next                                                         activities for the family
Children                                   couple of years, often sleeping                                     to enjoy together, including
at the                                     in homeless shelters and                                            art projects made with free
Bethlehem                                  sometimes in a car. While                                           and hand-me-down items she
Head Start                                 staying at DuPage PADS, Jennifer was               receives from family and friends.
location in                                referred to Catholic Charities for help.                Jennifer’s caseworker at Catholic Charities,
Joliet had fun                                 Catholic Charities immediately began           Lisa Raciak, has observed a change in
and worked                                 helping Jennifer with her basic needs.             her client since she settled into her own
hard as they                               Through Catholic Charities’ First Light            apartment. “Jennifer has become more
                                           housing program, she moved into an                 relaxed,” Lisa said. “She’s a great role model
decorated valentine bookmarks for
                                           apartment in DuPage County conveniently            for others who are struggling because she’s
special friends of Catholic Charities.
                                           located within walking distance of a train         very motivated and a great mom.”
                                           station and her children’s schools. Without             Without the help of Catholic Charities,
A Dinner Out                               a car, Jennifer and her family needed a home       it’s likely that Jennifer would still be caught
                                           in an area near other forms of transportation.     in the cycle of homelessness. It’s also possible
University of St.                          Jennifer was very motivated and quickly
Francis in Joliet                                                                             that she would have lost custody of her
                                           found a job working for a delivery company.        children, which was Jennifer’s greatest fear.
warmly hosted                              She also began physical therapy to help with       Instead, this creative young family has a
Catholic                                   back problems which cause her chronic pain.        bright and promising future and a place to
Charities’ clients                             Through all of her struggles, Jennifer has     call home.
from Daybreak
Center and
Shepherd’s Table
for a dinner on                                                                 What gift would you give to the person who has everything?
campus on March 15th. In addition to                                            How about a Gift from the Heart? Make a donation through
a big meal, the families and individuals                                        this program and it will be used to buy diapers, food and milk,
in attendance were treated to live                                              toiletries and cleaning products for low-income families and
music, raffles, and a visit from the                                            seniors. You can even make your gift in honor of someone
school’s mascot, Bernie the St. Bernard.                                        special and we’ll send them an acknowledgment telling them
                                                                                about your thoughtful gift on their behalf.
                                                                                Shop for your gifts today at
    As you know, these are
very difficult times for our
country. We at Catholic
Charities are no exception,
as we have been impacted
by events related to the
economy, particularly as a
result of federal and state
funding cuts. After prayerfully considering
the alternatives and consulting with our
Management Team and Board of Directors,
we responded to this crisis by making
some very difficult decisions. We have
implemented a plan which includes layoffs,
a hiring freeze, and four un-paid days off for
our employees.
    Please know that the Board, Management                       Wendy Chacon and Meredith Tye from Matrix with George, a resident of Daybreak Center.
Team, and I are doing everything possible to

                                                                 Makeovers at Daybreak Center
ensure the future of our Agency is strong and
will continue to be an integral part of the
community for many years to come. We are

confident that our actions taken will provide                                n a snowy
us financial stability in the future.                                        day in late
                                                                                              Haircuts are one of the in six months. When he
                                                                                                                                sat down in the makeshift
    We are celebrating our 50th year as                                      January,         first things people stop salon, he simply requested
Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Joliet.                  nearly 70 residents of                                            a “regular guy’s haircut”
During the past 50 years, Catholic Charities                  Daybreak Center and                budgeting for when and was pleased with
has been a beacon of light to those in need.                  individuals eating at                                             the results. “They did an
This light will remain strong as the steps that               Shepherd’s Table soup                  money is tight.            excellent job,” George
we are taking will help ensure our Agency                                                                                       reported.
                                                              kitchen received free
will be solid for the next 50 years. With                                                                        Wendy Chacon, a local Matrix sales
                                                              haircuts at the shelter thanks to the
God’s grace, we will continue to provide our                                                                 development manager, explained why
services. I ask for your continued prayers,                   generosity of 20 Matrix stylists from Joliet- events like these are so important to the
that we will do the work of the Lord and                      area salons.                                   homeless in our community, “Haircuts
walk always in His Light, Jesus Christ.                           The stylists transformed an area of the    are one of the first things people stop
                                                              homeless shelter into a hair salon, complete budgeting for when money is tight,” she
Best,                                                         with stylist’s chairs, a washing station,      said. “But in order to look good for a job
Glenn Van Cura                                                decorations and music.                         and feel fresh and confident, people need
                                                                  George, one of the residents at            to change their appearance. Something as
Executive Director
                                                              Daybreak Center, hadn’t received a haircut     simple as a haircut can do that.”

                                                  Catholic Charities Celebrates 50 Years in 2012!
                                                    1962                                       1976                                       1987

       t Catholic Charities, we are                 •	 Catholic	Charities	of	the	Diocese	      •		Frank	Laule	appointed	first	lay	        •	 In	Will	County,	the	Agency	operates	
       proudly celebrating our 50 year                 of	Joliet	officially	incorporated.		       director	of	the	Agency.                    programs	for	seniors,	emergency	
       anniversary in 2012. A variety of               Programs	include	foster	care,	          •		The	Agency	has	41	staff	members	and	       services,	counseling	and	PADS	(Public	
exciting events are planned to help celebrate          adoption,	and	emergency	assistance	        operates	on	a	budget	of	less	than	$1	      Action	to	Deliver	Shelter).
this landmark anniversary, including a                 funds.                                     million.                                1989
breakfast with local legislators and community      •	 Fr.	Joseph	Shimanek	appointed	first	                                               •		Transitional	Housing	Program	is	
                                                                                               •	 In	Kankakee,	case	management	for	
members and the Sweet Sunday bake sale at              Executive	Director.                        low-income	seniors	begins.                 established.
participating parishes on May 6th. If you have
a story to share about your relationship to
                                                    1973                                       1985                                       •	 The	Elder	Abuse	Program	officially	
                                                    •	 Retired	and	Senior	Volunteer	Program	   •	 Emergency	Services	Program	now	            begins	in	Kankakee	County.
Catholic Charities’ history, please contact
                                                       (RSVP)	begins.                             present	in	Lombard	and	Kankakee	        •	 The	Foster	Grandparent	and	Senior	
Maggie Snow at 815-724-1165 or msnow@                                                                                       offices.                                   Companion	Programs	begin.
              Caregiver                                                                                                                                                              ’s
            Support Group

         Caring for
     an older family                                                                          atholic Charities participated in the
     member can be                                                                            2012 First Look for Charity event
     extremely stressful,                                                                     at McCormick Place in Chicago on
     but Catholic                                                                   the evening of February 9th. This black-tie
     Charities offers                                                               event raised more than $100,000.
     a support group                                                                    Catholic Charities’ guests got the “first
     in Kankakee to help caregivers. The group                                      look” at the Chicago Auto Show and also
     meets on the first Wednesday of every month                                    enjoyed amenities of the agency’s private
     to eat a light lunch and talk about the issues                                 hospitality suite that featured hors d’oeuvres,
     they face. Some of the topics covered include                                  a specialty martini bar, a professional portrait
     exploring different respite options to reduce
                                                                                    photographer and gift bags. The event also
     caregiver stress, navigating legal issues for family
     caregivers, caregiver burnout, and choosing a                                  featured a live performance by Blues Traveler.
     nursing home. However, the most important                                          This was Catholic Charities seventh year
     function of this support group is to provide                                   as a benefactor of the elite fundraiser.
     a safe and confidential place for caregivers to
     gather and share like experiences and frustrations
     and help each other.                                                                              Thank You!
         Amanda Foltz, Information and Assistance                                       Corporate Package Sponsors:
     Case Manager, facilitates the meetings and                                         – D’Arcy Buick GMC
     explained the value of this group. “The                                            – D’Arcy Hyundai
     caregivers realize that they are not alone in their                                – D’Arcy Volkswagen
     experiences,” she said.                                                            – Panduit
         To learn more about the Caregiver Support                                      – Collision Revision
     Group in Kankakee, please call 815-933-7791,                                       – J.C. Restoration, Inc.
     extension 123.
                                                                                        Room Sponsors:
                                                                                        – Chicago Equity Partners
            Furlough Days                                                               – Demark, Inc.
                                                                                        – Edward Jones Investments, Joliet
         Catholic Charities is stretched as far as it can                               – Laner, Muchin, Dombrow, Becker,
     go and our traditional revenue sources are down,                                     Levin and Tominberg, LTD.
     especially government funding. One of the ways                                     – McGrath Office Equipment
     we are reducing costs is by closing our offices one
                                                                                        Gift Bags:
     day each month over a period of four months,                                                                                                      Top: Terry and Sue D’Arcy, Jack Ericksen
                                                                                        – H2O+
     which we began in February. Catholic Charities’
                                                                                        – L’Oreal                                                      Middle: Paul and Sue Siegel
     staff is taking unpaid furlough days and offices
     will be closed on April 9th and May 25th. Our                                      – MATRIX                                                       Bottom: Chris and Meredith Spesia
     shelters will remain open on those days.                                           – World’s Finest Chocolate
                                                                                        – Provena St. Joseph Medical Center

Make a Journey Through the Years
1990                                    1992                                        1995                                     1998                                    2002
•		St.	Elizabeth’s	Residence	for	low-   •		The	Gerard	Center	is	established	        •		Daybreak	Shelter	and	Shepherd’s	      •	 Hope	House,	formerly	known	as	       •	 Loving	Outreach	to	Survivors	of	
   income	senior	women	in	Joliet	          for	pregnant	and	parenting	                 Table	move	to	611	East	Cass	Street	      DuPage	Emergency	Shelter	(DES),	        Suicide	(LOSS)	Program	begins.
   opens.                                  teenagers.                                  in	Joliet	(their	current	location).      becomes	a	program	of	Catholic	
                                                                                                                                Charities.                           2004
•	 Daybreak	Shelter	emerges	from	       •	 The	first	Back	to	School	Fair	is	held.   1996                                                                             •	 Care	on	Call,	a	fee-for-service	
   PADS	as	a	24	hour,	year-round	
                                        1993                                        •		Gerard	Center	closes.                 1999                                       program	to	assist	seniors,	begins.
   homeless	shelter.                                                                                                         •	 Interfaith	Adult	Day	Center	is	
                                        •		The	Agency	has	170	employees	            1997                                        established	in	Addison	in	           2005
1991                                       and	a	$7.4	million	budget.               •		Administration	and	several	                                                   •	 Interfaith	Adult	Day	Center	closes	
•		The	Head	Start	Program	opens	in	                                                                                             collaboration	with	Alexian	
                                        1994                                           programs	move	under	one	roof	            Brothers	and	Prince	of	Peace	           due	to	budgetary	constraints.
   Will	County.                                                                        at	203	N.	Ottawa	Street	in	Joliet	
                                        •		Kathleen	McGowan	is	hired	as	                                                        Lutheran	Church.	
                                           Executive	Director.                         (current	location).	The	Agency	
                                                                                       has	203	employees	and	an	$8.4	        •	 National	accreditation	is	awarded	
                                                                                       million	budget.                          by	Council	on	Accreditation.
                                                                                                    Giving Back
                                                                                        teve Johnson is one of Catholic
                                                                                        Charities’ most treasured volunteers.
                                                                                        Despite not having a car, he finds his
                                                                              way to The Giving Tree (a donation center where
                                                                              Catholic Charities’ low-income clients receive
                                                                              basic needs) in Lockport three times each week
                                                                              to spend the day helping in whatever way he is
                                                                              needed. He stocks the shelves, organizes, assists
                                                                              clients who are “shopping,” and helps as
                                                                              donations are dropped off. What makes Steve
                                                                              unique among our many volunteers is that he is a
    Little Flowers Girls’ Club                                                former resident of Catholic Charities’ Daybreak
                                                                              Center and he volunteers his time as a way of
   Immaculate Conception School in Morris donated                             giving back for the help he received from Catholic
   25 sets of gloves, hats and scarves to Catholic                            Charities during a very difficult time in his life.    Steve Johnson stands outside
   Charities in Grundy County to keep our clients
                                                                                  After moving to the Chicago area from the          The Giving Tree, Catholic Charities’
   warm this winter. The “Little Flowers Girls’ Club”
                                                                              east coast to be closer to his children, Steve         resource exchange in Lockport.
   is a Catholic organization with girls from grades
   2-5. The group meets once a month for fun and                              became homeless after a series of unfortunate
   to learn about a saint and a virtue. Recently, they                        events. Plagued with knee injuries, he was unable to do the warehouse work that had always
   worked to help those in need by making scarves,                            supported him. Thankfully, Steve found Daybreak Center in Joliet, where he appreciated the
   hats, gloves and decorating gift bags for the                              clean, quiet and safe atmosphere. He participated in as much training and classes as possible
   holidays.                                                                  at the shelter, eager to improve his life.
                                                                                  When Steve moved into his own apartment, he didn’t forget about the support he
       Money Management                                                       received from Catholic Charities. After settling into his new home, he contacted his former
                                                                              case manager, Monique Pryor, and inquired about how he could help others through
    Program Seeks Volunteers                                                  volunteering. Monique had recently begun a new project as the coordinator for The Giving
                                                                              Tree and encouraged him to help her there.
      Catholic Charities’ Money Management                                        Today, Steve enjoys his time spent at The Giving Tree and said that the work gives him
   Program in Kankakee County offers services to                              purpose and helps to keep his mind occupied. “Catholic Charities helped me so much,” he
   low-income seniors who have difficulty budgeting,                          said. “Why not give back now that I’m back on my feet.”
   paying routine bills, and keeping track of financial
       The Money Management Program is currently                                                                             The Giving Tree accepts donations of new or
   seeking volunteers who are reliable, dependable,                                                                          gently used clothing, baby items, household
   and confident in helping a senior with basic money                                                                        supplies, furniture (no mattresses or baby cribs),
   management. All volunteers must pass a state and                                                                          unopened hygiene products, and gift cards.
   county background check. As a trained volunteer,
   you’ll use your valuable skills to help individuals                                                                       Donations are accepted on:
   who may not have friends or relatives to assist                                                                           Monday: 8:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.,
   them.                                                                                                                     Wednesday: 8:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.,
       If you’re interested in sharing your talents as                                                                       Friday: 1:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.
   a Money Management Program volunteer, call                                                                                (closed on holidays).
   815-933-7791 or visit
                                                                                                       3016 S. State St., Lockport • (behind Norma’s Café)

                                 Catholic Charities Celebrates 50 Years!
2006                                            2008                                            •		Kathleen	McGowan,	Executive	Director	of	           •	 The	Counseling	program	is	renamed	
•	 Area	Advisory	Boards	disband	and	            •	 Morris	office	opens	to	serve	the	needs	of	      the	Agency,	retires	after	15	years	of	service.		      “Hands	of	Hope”	and	opens	locations	in	
   Corporate	Board	of	Directors	expands.           Grundy	County	residents.                        Glenn	Van	Cura	is	named	as	new	Executive	             Joliet	and	Bourbonnais.
                                                                                                   Director.		                                        •	 New	mission,	vision	and	values	statements	
2007                                            2010
•	 St.	Elizabeth’s	Residence	and	the	Refugee	   •		Special	federal	funds	allow	many	            2011                                                     are	created	and	a	new	logo	is	debuted.		
   Resettlement	Program	both	close	due	to	         families	living	in	our	homeless	shelters	    •	 Children’s	Services	programs	including	            2012
   financial	restraints.                           the	opportunity	to	move	into	their	own	         Foster	Care,	Adoption,	and	Maternity	              •	 The	Agency	operates	on	a	budget	of		
                                                   apartments.                                     Services	close	and	are	assumed	by	another	            $18	million	with	199	full-time	and	51	part-
                                                                                                   service	provider.                                     time	staff.
            We welcome with joy
              Baby Aubry
                 January 5, 2012
                   6 lbs., 4 ozs.

               Proud new parents:
                Quintel & Bianca

         300th Baby!
   Catholic Charities’
   Expectant Mothers
   Initiative welcomes its
   300th baby! Quintel
   and Bianca welcomed
   baby Aubry on January
   5th, 2012. The
   Expectant Mothers
   Initiative assists women
   from low-income
   households during
   pregnancy to ensure
   that they receive the
   necessary health care, pre and post natal education and any
   community resources that they may need.

                   Matching Gift Program is Heaven-sent!
                                                    People in our community are in crisis in record numbers. At Catholic Charities the
                                                    requests for food and rental assistance are never-ending. For many, unemployment
                                                    benefits have been exhausted and the underemployed, who were once working in
                                                    professional jobs, are now earning minimum wage and are unable to make ends meet.
                                                    Seniors who have worked all of their lives now have to choose between paying their
                                                    utility bills or buying groceries.
These people need your help now. Will you be an angel to someone in need? For every dollar that you donate to the Angel Fund at
Catholic Charities, an anonymous “angel” will match it – dollar for dollar – up to $50,000! Be an angel to someone who will have
nowhere else to turn if Catholic Charities doesn’t answer their cries, and their prayers. Please mail your donation today or make a gift
using a credit card online at



          Please fill out this form and send it along with your donation to: Angel Fund 203 N. Ottawa Street, Joliet, IL 60432
                 For more information or to make a donation over the phone, call 815-723-3405, ext. 1140.
                 catholic                                                                                    NON PROFIT
                 charities                                                                                  ORGANIZATION
                 Diocese of Joliet                                                                           U.S. POSTAGE
 203 North Ottawa                                                                                              JOLIET, IL
 Joliet, Illinois 60432                                                                                     PERMIT NO. 349
 Administrative Office

For giving opportunities and
more information about our
programs, visit our website

           Find us on:

                                                  Save the Date!
If you have any questions or                                                                             All-day
concerns about this publication,
please call Maggie Snow at             Come and                                                           Family
815.724.1165.                        Join the Fun!                                                     Music Festival
                                                                                                       Local Bands!

    Catholic Charities

 Mission                              Sunday, June 3, 2012 • Noon – 9:00 p.m.
 We are a faith-based
 organization providing
                                     St. Joseph’s Park • 1500 N. Raynor, Joliet
                                     $5 admission to benefit Daybreak Center, the largest homeless shelter in Will County,
 service to people in need                            providing over 30,000 nights of shelter each year.
 and calling others of                             Want to be a sponsor? Call Angela for details at 815-724-1139.
 good will to do the same.
                                             Food • Beverages • Games • Raffles • More!

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