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                                                        QUEST GOOSENECK AND TAG

 Quest Tag shown with optional features.                 QUEST TAG

           ATC’s Quest Series car hauler is the absolute pinnacle
          in the trailer industry. Our most successful car hauler,
         the Quest incorporates improved features to reach
       the highest levels of quality. The Quest is available
      in many sizes and configurations and can be custom
     manufactured to your specific requests. The lightweight,
   all-aluminum design delivers higher payloads, improved
  fuel economy and rust and corrosion resistance for years
 to come. Let our engineers utilize the latest in 3D CAD
software to design and build a trailer specifically for you!

        WORLD CLASS                   PRECISION BUILT                ALUMINUM TRAILERS

                             D-ring tie-downs   48” Recessed Fluorescent light



                                                       •		7’	Interior	Height		            2
                                                                                        •		 5’	Land	Line		
                                                      •		Black	Coin	Rubber	Ramp	 •		 0	Amp	Breaker	Box		

    FASTLANE PACKAGE                                                                (
                                                     •		Black	Coin	Rubber	Floor		 •		 3)	Interior	GFI	Recepts	

   For a value priced, all-aluminum                •		 lack	Coin	Rubber	
                                                                                    	•	(1)	Exterior	GFI	Recept		
                                                    Transition Flap
  race	trailer,	check	out	the	Fastlane	                                              (
                                                                                   •		 3)	48”	Recessed	
                                                 •		 crewless	Exterior		
                                                   S                                Fluorescent Lights
 package.		It’s	got	all	the	“bling”	to	
grab	attention	at	the	track	and	a		            •		 olished	Rear	Header		
                                                                                 	•	(2)	Recessed	Halogen	
    smart layout to put you in the              A
                                              •		 luminum	Wheels	
               winner’s circle!                -	7	Spoke		                    8
                                                                            •		 ’	Upper	Cabinet	
                                            •		Aluminum	Ceiling	             	
                                                                           	•	Straight	Base	Lower	
                                             - Screwless                    Cabinet
                                          •		Aluminum	Interior	Walls	   •		Aluminum	Skid	Plates
                                           - Screwless

        WORLD CLASS                       PRECISION BUILT                        ALUMINUM TRAILERS
QUEST STANDARD FEATURES                   The Quest Series car hauler has a design that
                                         stands out in a crowd of average, traditionally
                                        built trailers. With an all aluminum, full perimeter
                                       frame, our trailers are truly unique. Other
                                      aluminum trailers have steel in their subframe,
                                     especially	around	the	axles,	but	an	ATC	trailer	
                                    features a true all-aluminum frame. In other
                                   manufacturer’s frames you will find inferior                                        LED clearance lights
                                  components such as C-Channel, Z-rail or
                                I-beams,	while	every	extrusion	in	a	Quest	
                               frame is tube, providing superior strength. Our                 LED tail lights
                              exclusive	“Full-Perimeter”	design	means	fewer	
                             welds and a stronger trailer with walls supported
                            by the main frame rails instead of relying on
                           outriggers. The Quest car hauler is different by
                          design	making	it	a	better	value	for	your	money.	

   All tube construction                                  Full perimeter frame                              Premium entry door

                                                                                             QUEST POPULAR OPTIONS
                                                                   Lighting and electrical

                                                                   Coin rubber floor

                              ATC crafted all aluminum cabinets

Aluminum wheels                                                    Extruded	Aluminum	floor

              WORLD CLASS          PRECISION BUILT                ALUMINUM TRAILERS
                                                  Have	you	looked	into	the	true	value	of	an	ATC

                                                 trailer? It’s not just about building you a trailer;
                                               it’s	about	“Quality	of	Ownership.”		It’s	all	about
                                              the time you own your trailer and how well
                                            it	meets	or	exceeds	your	needs.		At	ATC		we	
                                           pride ourselves on providing tremendous
                                         overall value. All of our trailers are built with
                                        extreme	attention	to	detail.		If	you	ever	sell	
                                       your	ATC	trailer	you	can	expect	to	get	top
                                      dollar for your investment. So, before you
                                    invest your hard-earned dollars on an inferior
                                   product that doesn’t deliver the quality you
                                  deserve,	discover	exactly	what	ATC	has	to	
                                 offer. We manufacture World Class, Precision-
                                Built trailers for discerning customers.


                    1-877-258-1445                Due to continual improvement of ATC Inc. products, we reserve the right to change material, colors, specifications and
                                                  prices at any time without prior notification. Selected photos may show optional equipment are not part of the product,
                                                  ATC Inc. assumes no responsibility for any error in type or print reproduction of specifications or color in this brochure.

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